The Melting Pot Project is America's Greatest Extreme Home-Makeover, a fresh-start; win-win for everyone. And that's important; this Country was built from the core of diversity, different nationalities, origins, religions, and political views. It is also an opportunity for Us to begin working together; dialoging in a healthy way. 

The Dream Team will consist of a panel of twelve experts, master-minds, and role models. Are you one of America's quarterbacks? With extended leadership; recruiting volunteers in all areas of; expertise, gifts, talents, resources, donations and skills. Will you become a volunteer?

What's with this volunteer nonsense? Good question; glad you asked. Listen; our head is barely above water. We are 15 trillion dollars in federal debt. We have an 8.6% national unemployment rate. There are 12,700,000 out-of-work. There are 5,800,000  women unemployed. There are 5,400,000  long term unemployed. There are 17% black community unemployed, highest rating in the Country. And there are 46 million people living in poverty.

It is impossible to erase a deficit; unless a venue is created that generates new money. MPP is that venue; it's guaranteed to jump-start the economy, create national jobs, and generate new wealth; immediately. Wealth without risk is the only direction for MPP. An impact on the economy can not be made creating new debt. Wealth without risk is new money that makes money without debt! If MPP is debt free on opening day everyone has the ability to make money; free and clear.

MPP The World's Fare & Vision Quest Global  are the scaffolders or structures of vast financial growth. And MPP Re-Employment Plan is the foundational security needed to secure all Our efforts. But WE individually and collectively must put in the elbow grease to make it successful. No debt on Opening Day awards clear and free ching-ching for all of US.

And that's where volunteering comes in; here's Your chance to give back. That's right give-back to a Country that has given so much to You. Play a major role in turning the Country around. Retain generational bragging rights as a major player for good. Your participation becomes the voice and the financial bread winner for Your family. And that's The American Dream; the opportunity for even the average Joe/Jane to a make generational financial impact.

If you are not a Game Changer step aside, because America's XXtreme Home Make-Over doesn't need any extra dead weight. If you're not the type of person that finishes what you start despite contradiction, opposition, or rejection ; then this is not the arena for you. However if you love this Country, Our fore-fathers-mothers accomplishments, and your generational legacy; join US!

Why Should You Invest, Volunteer, Donate? 
WE at EYES believe this is the finest, redefining, refining hour to pursue The American Dream. And it's not an American Dream if one's investment doesn't reach out and bless others. WE start by giving OUR investors the best opportunity to advance financially; with stability and security consistently. And here's how: Vision Quest Global is entering The Marketplace with the same integrity of Mona Lisa, Michael Angelo,& Leonardo Divenchi originals only; one of a kind 100% REAL Sky photography!
No two investors will ever have the same pictures in their possession at the same time. Your advantage; think Blue Oceans no other competitor in your arena will ever have access to the shots and time frame WE negotiate. No competition!! Two: Your investment with Us becomes a direct investment into others. How; We're glad you asked!

EYES Sky Shots at the World's Fare will be different from you private investors; making this venture a phenomenal jump-start for everyone. The World's Fare produces state local jobs. The Re-Employment Plan produces national jobs. Made in America; not the pictures but the packaging brings all the money home!!! The World's Fare only seen in America; three years bring international tourist. MPP's Re-employment Plan builds the financial foundation needed to turn the federal deficit around.

 It is OUR Goal is to broaden the world's awareness in reference to the truths WE know; and expand it when pertaining to the truths WE don't know.  OUR supernatural clouds are scientific, historical, educational, supernatural, and biblical. This is not a slide show Vision Quest Global captures moment by moment. 

You say, it's Science not Biblical. That's good; no sweat other Professional Opinions will be included. EYES maintains it's biblical posture. However We will allow the insertion of other Expert Opinion with Vision Quest Global & The World's Fare. How can anyone be assured of their beliefs unless a non prejudice open door of dialogue begins! Wow! America's Talking Again!!
subject to terms & conditions
WE are looking forward to advancing OUR supernatural clouds for the purpose of restoring America! Won't you join US! Really how can you resist Everybody Wins! The Only Game in Town, Country, & the World!!! Join US, bring others; in reigniting The American Dream! There will always be new updates to OUR Website. There's much more to come!

 America's Dream Team
Advisory Board 12
 Professional Volunteers
All States USA
 America's Dream Team