My name is Apostle Spring Washington. I am Founder/Chairman/CEO of EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC. EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC (start-up) is a Signature Series Wholesale Distribution Company. Because EYES is Wholesale Distribution and will sell a variety of products; there’s a subdivision that manages the Signature Series separately. Vision Quest Global oversees EYES Signature Series. The Signature Series; Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold: is an avant-garde photographic, cinematography supernatural education of; newly discovered past, present and future hidden eternity creation secrets within all three dimensions of the universe: land (journey to the center of the earth), air (outer-inner space) and sea (underwater worlds). This photography legitimately represents at least six different categories; education, history, science, bible, paranormal, and supernatural. The Greatest Show on Earth, The Event of The Century!  EYES Cinematography literally puts America back on the Map!

What exactly is Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold? Authentic photography of actual visions of the supernatural. The invisible, visual visible, the unseen, seen, the unknown, known; of all three dimensions of the universe; air (outer-inner space), sea (underwater worlds) and land (journey to the center of the earth). Where does it come from? I'm glad you asked? Second-Sight Supernatural stems from a biblical gift known as “the prophetic gift of miracles” which awards me the ability to see into invisible worlds; visual-visible. The photography serves as evidence of my supernatural miraculous gifting.  

For many decades’ folk, have intrigued us with their accounts of UFO’s, the extraterrestrial, the paranormal, the supernatural; and The Rapture. Well, this decade EYES LLC is officially unveiling a mere portion of Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold: to the public, confidently validating those claims

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is a Jesus Kingdom Company. Jesus gave me; the business, the resource and the strategy.  Therefore, Jesus will receive all the credit; publicly. All documentaries will include biblical content. However, it’s my goal to make EYES Universal presentations reasonably palatable for everyone without compromising my faith. So, I have decided to allow the history, science, education, paranormal, bible and supernatural experts to parallel their professional opinion in each documentary: cold hard facts, no confrontational material allowed (terms & conditions apply).  

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC (Camden N.J.) intends to roll-out this Signature Series (documentary platform) through five different investment ventures within seven years. 1) Trinity EYES Showcase; which is a sneak peek preview to the World and investors of EYES value package via one showing. 2) Vision Quest Global is the overseer of all Signature Series investments, local, national and international. 3) USA World’s Fare; one location, advances the economy by attracting local, national and international tourist, venders and investors; which will in turn expand the hotel, travel and restaurant industries: three years. 4) The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & The Melting Pot Re-Employment Plan is a three-year project with one purpose: Put America Back to Work. 5) Franchising sustains and increases the five-year economic growth expansion established through the other four investment ventures (national and international). 
All EYES projects will be ‘debt free’ from the start of each venture; setting the transition in place for ‘new money’. Wealth without risk is ‘new money’ that makes money without debt. Investor returns will begin distribution in the 3, 4 and 5 years. The only way to ensure investors secure returns on investments is to stay free of impending liabilities.

Every true investor knows the best time to get in on a lucrative investment is at the Ground Floor.
This Skyscraper  has Five Towering Floors &  the Sky's the limit.

On the other  hand; this particular investment is unique in the sense it requires ones ability to think outside-the-box. If you can see Universal Soldier, Deuce, Black Hawk,  Thug Angel, & Angel of Light (Lucifer); then  supernatural is already on your eyes. Because the CD's don't have the same clarity as the SD's. That's why WE had graphic parallels done to enhance the visual. Our Decision not  to unveil the SD's protects US and you; the investors. While every SD photo is stunningly flawless, the revelation realities are all new. And the supernatural is actually experienced as you witness this new unveiling historical moment in time.

If you're not adventurous then perhaps this venture while extremely prosperous just might not be for you.
However if you are adventurous you get to witness and experience first hand ; ancient, past, present and many new worlds to come; secrets unveiled right before your very EYES. As well be the very first to play a major role in  introducing  these new founded illuminating truths to the entire world.
The Greatest Intergalactic Universe Show on Earth!!!

Trinity EYES Showcase  
2nd Floor
Vision Quest Global
3rd Floor
The Melting Pot Project
4th Floor
MPP's Re_Employment Plan
5th Floor
 EYES Franchise

The beauty of this venture is every Floor requires a different type of investor;
but doesn't exclude anyone
for example:

Trinity EYES Showcase
1  American Investor

Investor's Exclusive

Vision Quest Global
National & International Investors

The Melting Pot Project
American Investors

MPP's Re-Employment Plan
American Investors

EYES Franchise


EYES is a wholesale distributor. EYES is a supplier of a variety of products. Vision Quest Global Productions is the architect for all special projects. VQG will unveil and introduce EYES extraordinary Signature Series via photographic education. This series can be categorized as historical, scientific, paranormal, supernatural and biblical. 

The objective: launch five ventures, two phases.  Phase One: Vision Quest Global Productions will parent product. Phase Two: Franchises will parent product. The strategy: VQG will book investor productions opposed to sell the merchandise because it keeps the vision and mission on point. As well awards vast opportunity for growth and expansion in America’s overall economy. EYES special projects are Blue Oceans; investor focused. Seven percent of all revenue will be donated to re-employ U.S. citizens nationwide. EYES is purposed to parallel services with any law abiding entity with same goal, reigniting The American Dream. EYES believes Government, Corporations, Small Business,  Entrepreneurs and Church are America’s paradigm leadership community quarterbacks of guaranteed achievement victory and triumphant generational success. 

What is Vision Photography/Second Sight Supernatural? Vision Photography/ Second Sight Supernatural is an avant-garde photographic education of the past, present and future hidden eternity creation secrets within all three dimensions of the universe land (core-center earth), air (outer-inner space) and sea (deep dimension water). Photographs of actual visions seen through biblical gifting (second-sight). . The gift is not the photograph. Second Sight is eternity vision  travel. The gift is the ability to see the invisible-visible, unseen-seen, and unknown-known. These are worlds that are impossible to see through the natural eye without supernatural gifting.The photograph is the evidence and awarded privilege to show others.
 Eternity’s Gold

 Reveal a new avant-garde photographic education of past, present and future hidden eternity creations within all three dimensions of the universe; land (core-center earth), air (outer-inner space) and sea (deep dimension water), to the entire world. These are worlds that are impossible to see through the natural eye without supernatural gifting.

 Short term: launch Signature Series for the purpose of jump-starting the economy, generating national jobs, advance Corporate wealth, ignite Small Business, rejuvenate the Churches ability to invest in USA Community  Outreach, and restore opportunity to the Entrepreneur and Investor. Advance The American Dream for everyone.

 Long term:  push America out of the impoverish path of loans, debt and deficits.  Stellar credit, total independence, reclaiming status, Leadership redemption.  America must become the wealthiest Country in the world again.  America takes care of everybody else, it’s time for The USA to take care of itself. The paradigm leader of the world introduces a hidden history, hidden science, hidden paranormal, hidden supernatural, and hidden bible truth. EYES CEO is an American, therefore EYES LLC represents The USA.   The United States of America, The Beautiful is the Worlds Paradigm of Excellence; Leadership, Security and Outreach. Its time to reclaim, regain, recover Our rank, status, position. The USA is The Specialist at being the 1st in everything.

Reignite and advance The American Dream to all USA citizens regardless of race, color, belief, creed and political stance. Launch merchandise for purpose of jump-starting the economy, generating national jobs, advance Corporate wealth, ignite Small Business, rejuvenate the Churches ability to USA Commnity Outreach and restore opportunity to the Entrepreneur and Investor.  
Advance the American Dream for everyone

The Goal: encompass the investment interest of Government, Corporate Business, Small Business, The Church,  Entrepreneurs and Investor. It is impossible to generate new wealth and erase deficits unless a venue is created that produces new money. EYES LLC is that venue; it's Five Sky Scraper Scaffolding Floors  guarantee the jump-start of the economy, creation of national jobs, and the generation of new wealth; immediately and consistently.

 Wealth without risk is the only direction for EYES LLC.  EYES LLC will not become a participant of any loans. While WE don't see Lenders as a negative, in this particular Vision/Mission Path they just wouldn't prove to be an asset.  A substantial sustainable impact on the economy can not be made creating new debt. Wealth without risk is new money that makes money without debt. With each venture  being debt free on opening day every investor is financially safeguarded and host the ability to make money; free and clear.

EYES LLC Signature Series can be categorized as historical, scientific, paranormal, supernatural and biblical.  EYES LLC stance is 100% biblical/historical, non-negotiable. However We recognize the Investor might have a different view. Therefore We have chosen to take a broader approach by allowing parallel Expert Opinion. The parallel Expert Opinion is an Investor option. Parallel  in terms of comparison; meaning non-confrontational  (terms & conditions apply).

The Investor Advantage; Blue Oceans: No two Investors will ever have the same photographs at the same time. With the exception of the Internet Babies; Universal Soldier, Deuce, Black Hawk , Thug Angel and Angel of Light will be included in every package deal. Your advantage; think Blue Oceans. No other competitor in your arena or area will ever have access to the same shots or time frame. With that being said, what will be available will be limited. Meaning if another investor has the shots you desire; you'll be waiting. WE negotiate; shots and  additional professional opinions.  No competition!

 Five Investment Ventures; Trinity Eyes Showcase ( & Private Investor Showing), Vision Quest Global (Investor Booking), The Melting Pot Project (USA World's Fare),  MPP’s Re-employment Plan (National Job Fair),  and EYES Franchise. 
Trinity EYES Showcase ( & Private  Investor Showing ) year one, Vision Quest Global  (Investor Booking) year one  & indefinite, The Melting Pot Project (USA World's Fare) year two through year five, MPP’s Re-employment Plan (National Job Fair)-year three through year six and  EYES Franchises year seven.

The Josephine Report
 It's impossible to save legacies, inheritances without investing in generations.

Research shows the following: Government: statistics confirm that the economy and job growth nationally display significant signs of improvement. However this jolt unfortunately has not made any impact on the advancement of the middle class and those in impoverish communities. Corporate Business: wealth growth is presently astronomically thriving. However, the next five to seven years are critical. Corporations generally generate additional secondary wealth from the middle class. Consumers make up 70% of the economy’s stability. Without the ability to do so most definitely guarantees a sudden prosperity crash. Small Business: is already plummeting into nonexistence. Lacking the ability to hire and generated income they will become extinct.  Entrepreneurs: unless the innovation is geared toward a specific investors with the financial capabilities to purchase the product and the venue to sell it: useless.  Blue and white collar workers:  both are headed toward poverty lanes without intervention; within next five to seven years, ten at best.

 Solution: a prosperity venue that supports everyone’s needs. EYES two phase, five projects economic scaffolding resuscitator will be in full motion between five and seven years. Every project is purposed to reignite the sloth  economy, address the professional individual’s aspirations and simultaneously put America back to work.  Trinity EYES Showcase year one, Vision Quest Global (Investor Booking) year one  & indefinite, The Melting Pot Project (USA World's Fare) year two through year five,  MPP’s Re-employment Plan-year three through year six and EYES Franchises year seven.

Persistence in gathering  information and data relevant to accomplishing vision. Focus- understanding the needs of the business as a sustainable entity; its strategic direction, identify initiatives that will assist growth. Identify strengths and weaknesses. Strategy Formulation- review information gleaned from completing analysis. Current resources that define goals and objectives. External resources business and economic situations are fluid, prioritize. Each year is another opportunity to analyze and identify any part of the exhibition that warrants improvement.  Competition is not an issue. Quality is essential in the production, because the original merchandise speaks dimensions.

 Intellectual Properties essentially don't possess iron-clad legal security guarantees, therefore a major concern.  EYES has taken extra safeguard measures of protection. The most significant course pertains to the original (SD) photographs. The (SD) photos will never be seen publicly, with the exception of  thus said tendered legal contracts .  Secondly the (SD) photos will only be unveiled through Vision Quest Global.  This path not only secures the product, but also protects the investor.

The six (CD) photos on display are for Commercial purposes only. And even theses (CD) shots can't compare to their original (SD) shots. All purposed to maintain legal protection from theft, fake copies, and impostors. The public will never see their original (SD)  shots or any other portion of the Signature Series on the internet. The (SD) photographs are breathtakingly clarity flawless.

EYES Focus is to knock out all security glitches before The Melting Pot Project (USA World's Fare). First the goal is to re-hire unemployed veterans this time to secure the Country. Who can better protect Us than Our very own. Remember the World's Fare purpose is to reignite the economy and eliminate the National Debt. National and international tourist would send this Country into a financial explosion. Hotel, restaurant, travel, commercial and e commerce spending advances jobs, jobs, and more jobs. 

 Secondly but just as significant; protect the product. All deals before the USA Worlds Fare can be a limited contract of  one month or contractual up to twelve months. For security purposes no contract will extend beyond 12 months or one year at any given time.

Security, security, security resources are the proactive task of investment focus on process improvement. Security with the appropriate haven of protection for the product. Safety measurements, consistent review of internal and external issues and making corrective actions when necessary, defining the parameters to be measured. Making sure at all times the parameters are concurrent with each individual goal. It will take at least five years to tweak security.

Identify, analyze and improve proactively existing business processes internally and externally for optimization. Must meet new standards of quality. Strategy Implementation- If the overall safety strategy, current security structure does not work, a new structure will be upgraded at the beginning stage and consistently continuously until appropriately secured at all levels, national and international. Essential, market research, customer lists, financial model, resumes of employees, contracts with clients, customers or suppliers, etc.