The photos on the left 
are original CD shots,
 the ones on right 
are the computer generated graphics.

WE are launching a fragment of one of the Signature Series; Hell's Soldiers "Enemies at the Gate". They are the photos you see on this page. Each shot is a mere portion of a gallery of photo and video file. These pictures are ancient, prehistoric, back to the future, demonic and holy. They supply many unanswered questions when pertaining to religion, history, science, paranormal and the supernatural. There are seven categories catering to the demonic, holyand  supernatural creatures which have the appearance of children's cartoons. 
 The double photo's are purposed. The one's to the left are from the original CD shots. The one's to the right are computer graphic parallels. EYES had the computer graphics generated to give you the viewing audience a clearer picture. Because it is critical for security purpose to not show actual SD photos until investments have been secured.
However the picture of the Angel of Light-Satan/Lucifer is the original. There is no computer graphic. WE will say this: Satan is not the only one in the photo; focus your eyes to the right of the shot. This shot was actually taken by Apostle Spring on October 4, 2009 and sent by the blackberry to her email at 5:39 pm.  The  information below is the actual message sent to her email in reference to the shot
mmm.smil Download (0.4 KB) Download View slide show (1) Download all as zip MMS ------Sent: Oct 4, 2009 5:39 PM  Sent via BlackBerry

MPP' s core objective is to eliminate the national unemployment rate of 7.4%.  And  reduce the pressure on the federal deficit of 12 trillion dollars without government funding. This project guarantees the creation of a nationwide job fair while simultaneously  jump-starting the economy. It guarantees the production of new money, new wealth, new jobs.  MPP is a national, unity, community effort; meaning no person, no family, no church, no business left behind!!! It is the People's Project! The Melting Pot Project's core focus is coast to coast unity community participation. It is not a Church project. The World's Fare will only be featured in the USA. For one main purpose; tourist; yes the world will have to come to America to witness the grand finally'. WE will host full distribution in mini-series (booking format) nationally & globally.

 It's very clear that this Project guarantees the creation of a nationwide job fair and jump-start the economy. How do you spell relief; jobs; jobs; and more jobs!!! WE would love to resurrect It in North Jersey, therefore catering to New York as well. This would probably the best option since both States were recently hit with devastation due to natural disaster.  EYES is the intellectual properties proprietor;  Vision Quest Global is the photography distribution venue. There are seven Signature Series.  However Vision Quest Global will only be launching three at this time Hell's Soldiers "Enemies at the Gate", The Creation, & King Yahweh's Kingdom.  Each mini-series will different, blue oceans philosophy, and limited to ensure our investors the best opportunity to secure
The Generational American Dream.
After many years of brainstorming WE have decided to use OUR Signature Series as an educational tool. This product is rare, unique, and controversial. As well folk fear, attack and reject the unknown. And since EYES stance is100% biblical controversy and contradiction accompany OUR path to trailblazing growth. However education creates an open door policy to every walk of life, all views, cultures, religions, and ethnic groups. WE are offering an advante-gard education into pre-existing new realities. In other words these realities have always existed we just didn't host the knowledge. America is known for being the trailblazer to the world in all major discoveries.
Although EYES educational stance is 100% biblical.  WE recognize each shot is also scientific, historical, paranormal, supernatural, and spiritual. That's why each mini-series will be introduced in documentary forum. This automatically opens the door for scientist, historians, educators, paranormal, supernatural, and spiritual experts to parallel their view with cold hard facts. WE will save the best of all three series for The Melting Pot Project. The Melting Pot Project will exist for three years.  It is the grand finale before WE move into franchising. MPP #1 Purpose is to, replenish, and restore The USA back to imaginable
possibilities for reaching our Generational American Dream!
Without a vision we the people perish! The Melting Pot Project will be 100% debt free; Opening Day. Although our races, cultures, origins, faiths, opinions, and political stanzas; may differ: that's exactly what makes America; the melting pot! It is the greatest Country in the entire World.

MPP has a pilot extension The Melting Pot Re-Employment Plan. This is a donation pool specifically set a side to put all Americans back to work. WE will correlate with Small Business Owners in paralleling the melting pot donations and OUR 7% to begin a nation-wide rehiring process simultaneously. Re-Employing from coast to coast automatically jump-starts the economy, reduces the federal deficit and places the foundation nucleus needed to reignite The American Dream!! It requires a National Expert Engineers Dream Team. There will be a panel of twelve experts with the extension of volunteer leadership throughout the Country.  EYES is committing 7% of all incoming revenue toward reemploying America starting with the unemployed stranded 99ers. All of you who lost your benefits first. WE believe you make up a substantial portion of the hard working middle class. And Our Focus is to provide the catalyst mobile that rejuvenates your careers.  
OUR Supernatural Cloud Sky Shots are history in the making. They are the only authentic shots on the entire Planet. The photos are a conglomeration reality of The Creation through Eternity from ancient, prehistoric, demonic to holy. And if that's not phenomenal spectacular. The photo that you are looking at on the right is not Jesus. It is Satan, Lucifer, The Angel of Light. The proof lies in scripture. Ezekiel's & John (Patmos) description is totally different from what has appeared Ezekiel 1:26-28, Revelation 1:9-20. And while even their accounts are not the same; the one thing that is clear; Jesus is not only The Light; He is surrounded by Light. This shot is a perfect example of Satan's deception. Even moreso Satan is not the only one in this shot. Awesome its shots like this that prove Apostle Spring's work to be authentic. Only the originals will reveal the entire atmosphere. There are Seven Signature Series. The photo's on this page display Enemies at the Gate; Hell's Soldiers. They are fallen angels and demons.  Enemies at the Gate are on the
internet for promotional advertisement purposes only. The rest of the series

will never be seen on the internet. The Haunted vs The Authentic clarifies the difference between Satan's magic and God's miracles on earth. This series doesn't contain cloud shots. You will see shots of actual ghosts, and God's invisible world made visible on earth. Deep Blue Crush Velvet is an underwater world universe of human beings and fierce creatures. Space Chimps are Real Gorilla-Apes. This is going to sound strange; but they appear to have an intelligence greater than ours. Child's Play; WE are exceptionally excited about what appears to be real supernatural creatures that actually look like child cartoons; in the Sky simply awesome; captivating; extraordinaire. God has jokes!King Yahweh's Creations featuring Day & Night & Destiny Angel. Day & Night have human faces and features. Destiny Angel wears a crown full of jewels. And finally;

King Yahweh's Kingdom
Jehovah's Show Stopper
Our Guest of Honor:
The Messiah Jesus Christ.
These shots are phenomenal; humbling, mesmerizing,
 exhilarating and breathtaking:
 like; am I still breathing!!!!

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