EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is approaching Your Administration of Supervision; on behalf of all Americans; in reference to The Melting Pot Re-Employment Program. The Melting Pot Project, EYES projected USA World's Fare, has an extended pilot; MPP's Re-Employment Program. It's purpose is to put all Americans Back to Work; simultaneously. EYES is seeking Nation-wide support, cooperation and assistance in areas of Your expertise; training, development, and placement. MPP guarantees new jobs country-wide, advances Small Businesses nationally, expands Big Business, jump-starts the economy immediately, and brings new wealth to our Country. It also serves as an enticement for major Corporations to invest in America again.

MPP's Focus is to advance relief of deprivation and poverty; regardless of religion, culture, faith, origin, to all unemployed US citizens; improving lives, livelihoods and lifestyles. Our vision is to work independent but in conjunction with Your Workforce & Unemployment Departments of training, development and placement. By doing so, We save jobs, and create additional ones.

The Melting Pot Re-Employment Fund's Purpose is to subsidize financial support to Businesses from coast to coast. Each Business must meet these specific criteria; no prejudice; hire the unemployed 99ers first; including no age or gender discrimination. Then the entire Country goes from Our present crisis state of turning into a Welfare Nation; to what Our fore-father-mothers bore blood, sweat, tears for; equality, liberty, and justice for all. There's a three year time-span; hopefully; this Project can eventually advance; before ending into assisting welfare recipients.

The Melting Pot-Re-Employment Fund could easily be directed toward the private sector; and is Our second option. There are many private sector Job Search Placement Businesses. EYES has chosen to move in Your direction because Your reputation is already established; You are the prototype. You are already a national location. You meet the necessary requirements to ensure that every unemployed citizen is provided efficient, consistent, fair and just service. Besides if WE went outside the parameters, WE would still have to come back to You for accurate statistics, unemployment information, and time is money.

President Obama's democratic vision is that the government should play a viable part in rejuvenating the economic recovery; and reestablishing Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters and Construction Workers. He has a legitimate point; but how can that be accomplished without using supplementary government funds? His  vision is fulfilled because this pilot project allows the government to be a major player without placing any additional direst on the 17 trillion dollar deficit.

The republican vision is that the private sector should take the lead on job regeneration which will boost the economy; legitimate point as well. Their valid vision is fulfilled because this pilot project allows the private sector to be a major player, Big & Small Business, without placing any additional direst on the 17 trillion dollar deficit.

The Rich; Wall St., Fortune 500, & The One%, don't want to support the unemployed. Their perspective is any additional payout is a welfare handout. On the other hand the hardworking Middle Class don't deserve to be to seen as some lazy welfare recipient. The Poor just want to live to see another day, be given another chance, for a better life. This pilot project accommodates, supports, respectfully everyone's diverse perspective. It is extremely important to entertain each point view in a manner that maintains integrity, character, enhancing equality advantage for all. The very core of America; the melting pots principle, purpose, and promise .
Congresswoman Maxine Waters, The Black Caucus, Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West; are true pioneers. Each have toured this Country's hardest hit Cities and have earned a right to speak! America listen; EYES believe the black and minority communities have and are suffering the most in this recession. Their unemployment rate is the higher than any other group. Statistical evidence support their extremely valid claims.

 This Project secures impacting restoration to all Americans. MPP opens the doors for every ethnic group regardless of religion, origin, culture, faith, and political stance to become a participant in the revitalization of America. It also  serves as an excellent catalyst for Us to begin to work together and dialog again in a healthy way.

EYES is prepared to submit a proposal and follow all procedures. Feel free to cruise Our Site to learn more about Us.
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