The Melting Pot Project & Re-Employment Plan are America's Economy Boost & Job's Plan! The Job's Plan that ends the recession. This Job's Plan reignites the private sector; nationally; elevating the middle class, restoring hope to the poor, and advances the wealth of the rich! A perfect picture of America's true Melting Pot.

EYES three way vision Franchise,The Melting Pot Project "USA World's Fare" & Vision Quest Global "Investor Booking" are Apostle Spring's ten year strategic vision. The natural part of the MPP'S Vision was birth on 11 Sept. 2001. When Our precious Country was invaded and many Americans lives changed overnight.
That's when her twenty year experience of seeing spiritual supernatural visions became a strategic resource in the natural for restoring lives and livelihoods. However she says she wasn't mature enough to make it happen. And she surely didn't have tough enough skin to endure the critics. People attack what and who that they don't understand. 

 MPP is EYES projection of a USA World's Fare . The World's fare is the second phase of introducing EYES reality vision photography to the world. The first phase is coming through Vision Quest Global; Investor Booking. And the final phase will come through Our ultimate goal Franchise. This The World's Fare brings substantial promise to all Americans. It instantly boosts the economy when pertaining to hotel, restaurant, travel, vending, entrepreneurship and Businesses in the City/State it is resurrected. These supernatural cloud shots of prehistoric, present and future universes that have never been seen before. Yesterday and Tomorrows worlds; Back to the Future. Every shot is spectacular, phenomenal, amazing and

MPP's Re-Employment Plan guarantees new jobs coast to coast, advances Small Businesses nationally, expands Big Business internationally, jump-starts the economy immediately, and brings new wealth to our Country. It also serves as an enticement for major Corporations to invest in America again. This Project guarantees impacting restoration for all Americans. MPP opens the doors for every ethnic group regardless of religion, origin, culture, faith, and political stance to become a participant in the revitalization of America. It also  serves as an excellent catalyst for us to begin to work together and dialog again in a healthy way.
There must a balanced move in-order to begin a financial foundational resurrection process of restoring America; the entire Country is hurting. EYES would like to see The World's Fare resurrected in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania. All three States host  three of the highest unemployment ratings; especially amongst minorities, and single parents and veterans.

Hotels, restaurants, businesses, airports, trains, buses, and venders; become immediate expanded territory for jobs; generating a great economy jump-start for the East. While simultaneously starting the National Job-Fair in West and Central America 1st; displaying fairness to everybody. Then there's The Trinity EYES Showcase (Sneak-Peak) the most prestigious affair of the century. It will be held in West or Central America. Our choice would be California or Texas. WE are attempting to make it fair to everyone, all three events will generate major revenue. The World's Fare (east) Job's Fair (west) The Trinity EYES Showcase (central) or vice-versa. As well the Investor Shows will be strategically place throughout the Country.
The Government has the Workforce Departments of Unemployment & Job Search already in place. They work  in conjunction in reference to training preparation and direct placement of the unemployed. Cheers; to saving those government jobs and creating new ones. MPP will parallel financial assistance by correlating with Small Businesses to hire these individuals;starting with those who lost their benefits 1st (99ERS) and veterans. The entire Country will finally be moving in the direction of stability at the same exact time.  Everyone's integrity lives for another day.

 Leadership character bar-none takes a grandstand bow as the entire World watches Us The United States of America collectively turns this crisis around! The USA is and has always been the Trailblazing Pioneer Show Case of paradigm leadership to the World. Just do it! Let's do what We already know how to do, philanthropy, charity for Ourselves. The World is watching.
EYES is  pointing out, making very clear, if all parties agree: The Government Workforce & Unemployment Departments, Wall St, Fortune 500-The One% and EYES are independent entities who would be paralleling contrasting services to put America Back to Work  National simultaneously; without any additional government funding. Workforce & Unemployment Departments will provide training & placement starting with the 99ers.
Wall St, Fortune 500, One%; and EYES donations will be the catalyst for Small Business connections to start this massive hiring process. As well all Americans are encouraged to give, give,and give some more; gifts, talents, skills, resources; so We can once again be a healthy, wealthy, Nation.