What's available today?
"Hell's Soldiers "Enemies At The Gate I & II" & King Yahweh's Creations"
EYES is featuring a Signature Series of Vision photography. Vision photography is the natural term; second-sight supernatural is the biblical term of Outer-space visions that Apostle Spring has the supernatural ability to see and photograph. EYES is the overseer and securer of all intellectual properties, Vision Quest Global is it's national & international distributor.

These are the actual photos of Visions that reveal  New Unknown Worlds. These pictures reveal characters and features from ancient, prehistoric, demonic, and holy extending from The Creation into Eternity. Some of it We have heard about, read about in history books and the bible; but have never been seen; at least not in Our life time. Yet all of it is amazing, phenomenal, and breathtakingly spectacular.
OUR Goal is to present these pictures through Production Filming documentaries to the World. Each shot shows clear evidence of parallel World’s existences. Each shot is phenomenal; humbling, mesmerizing, exhilarating and breathtaking. So rare, you will be checking to see if you're breathing!

There are eight Signature Series:
 Enemies at the Gate platforms The Devil & Hell's Soldiers.
The Haunted vs The Authentic clarifies the difference between Satan's magic and GOD'S miracles. Here you will actually see the invisible world. Real pictures of the invisible realm clearly visible.
 Deep Blue Crush Velvet proves there's an underwater world universe of human beings and fierce creatures; absolutely stunning!
Journey Rugged Deep- there is an unknown  world in existence in the center of the earth.
Planet of Gorilla-Apes clear shots of supernatural gorillas and apes platforming what appears to supernatural intelligence.
Child's Play is phenomenal, this one proves children exist in Heaven. Some  supernatural creatures look like real cartoons in the Sky. And those are the ones that make this pilot child safe.; simply awesome; captivating; extraordinaire.
 And finally
King Yahweh's Creations
 Day & Night who have faces & Destiny Angel has a crown full of jewels.
King Yahweh's Kingdom
Show Stopper
 Our Precious Guest of Honor
 The Messiah Jesus Christ

Focus is on it's biblical illumination only. However WE choose to allow Expert dialogue paralleling in Scientific, Historical, Educational, and Supernatural facts. While EYES posture is100% biblical; WE are open to lending other Professional Opinions a Voice; so that these Documentaries are palatable to every audience. Everything you see at the moment is in it's amateur state. But WE assure you professional-perfection is inevitable. In fact; WE intend to take the Movie Industry to a brand new dimension level in presentation alone.
The pictures you haven't seen yet have stellar picture clarity; the ones you are presently looking at are either from the CD (left) or the computer graphic (right). However the original SD's show every detail with the height of visual clarity. OUR Intent; recapture through Production Filming the actual experience: breathtakingly astounding. Everyone will walk away having had the experience, oppose to just seeing another good movie. Imagine being able to travel into the Universe while still sitting in your seat; that's what it's like.
You the Investor benefit in areas of new, fresh, and no competition. These Visions have never been seen before in the entire World. And will only be profiled in the integrity of One of a Kind. WE like to see it as foundation building; it is no secret that America's foundation is rapidly crumbling and without intervention...well...
Let's just say....WE just want to do OUR Part.
WE; Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners play a major role in securing the financial stability of Our Country. When Business is booming so are jobs, economy, and tourism. This is an adventure and opportunity of a lifetime especially for those of you who are stuck and need to grow. As well for those who are struggling to keep your Business doors open.

WE will advance internationally introducing one Signature Series "The Creation" nationally two Signature Series Hell's Soldiers "Enemies at the Gate I & II & The Creation as a prelude to The USA World's Fare. Your investment extension covers National and International Territories. The Sky Has No  Limit!
WE at EYES believe this is the finest, redefining, refining hour to pursue The American Dream. And it's not an American Dream if one's investment doesn't reach out and bless others. WE start by giving you, Our investors the best opportunity to advance financially; with stability and security consistently. And here's how....
Our Signature Series are entering The Marketplace with the same integrity of Mona Lisa, Michael Angelo, & Leonardo Divenchi original phots only; one of a kind Sky Shots. A real Signature Series is rare, original, authentic, one of a kind. Ours is more valuable than emeralds, diamonds or gold; priceless! All because this  extraordinary  exquisite photography is reality.  You are looking at Eternity's Gold! That's right eternity's secrets!
No two venders will ever have the same pictures at the same time. Your advantage; think Blue Oceans. No other competitor in your arena or area will ever have access to the same shots or time frame. With that being said, what will be available will be limited. Meaning if another investor has the shots you desire; you'll be waiting. WE negotiate; shots and  additional professional opinions.  No competition. Two: your investment with US becomes a direct investment into others.
 How; We're glad you asked!

The Bigger Picture
 OUR Investigative Discoveries unveiled a true diamond. There has never been a failed World or State Fare in The United States. So this one is a no brainer, fail proof. We also studied a World's Fare in one of those foreign Countries Statistics state six million people visited the Fare within a three month period. They were coming to see man-made products; just imagine the impact of the unknown.
A quick and easy answer to OUR very complicated problems, unemployment, federal deficit, economy,  just to name a few. This is the short term answer to what many experts are projecting will take at least a decade to turnaround. With a lot of elbow grease and everybody doing their part; this crisis can easily be over within the next three years.The Melting Pot Project covers three areas simultaneously economy, new jobs, and new wealth injecting instant resuscitation from Our present grave-yard flat-line.
MPP's core objective is to eliminate the unemployment rate of 8.2 million people and reduce the pressure on the federal deficit of 12 trillion dollars without government funding This project guarantees the creation of a nationwide job fair while simultaneously jump-starting the economy, and advancing new wealth.The USA World's Fare alone expands the doors in areas of hotel, restaurant and travel. How do you spell relief; jobs; jobs; and more jobs!!! 

MPP'S Re-Employment plan in correlation with Small Business Owners and paralleling with The Employment & Unemployment Offices places the foundation nucleus needed to reignite The American Dream!! Volunteers in areas of expertise puts THE PEOPLE'S PROJECT on the Map!! Fail-proof guarantees “new money”, new wealth”, new jobs” Now your income just broaden tremendously, because we both know every bodies coming to support a project that's geared toward their individual advancement.
There's a three year time limit on The USA World's Fare after which EYES will proceed into Franchising, Charity, and Philanthropy: full time. EYES Sky Shots at The World's Fare will be different from Vision Quest Global which brings tourism wealth back to the USA. It also gives you, the VQG investor; the ultimate advantage as well.

Made in America; not the pictures but the packaging brings all the money home!!!
Now our previous dismal projections disintegrate and develop into actual positive ones. Everybody gets up at the same time, the rich, middle class and the poor; eliminating all this unnecessary childish division. And now we move back into the arena of healthy competition. These are our forefathers foundational words. A Nation Divided Can Not Stand. One Nation under GOD Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All. We don't have to agree on anything except let's all work together as a tribute of our love for our Country.
These Supernatural Clouds are American History, Science Extraordinaire, Spiritual Visitation, Educators Gold Mine and Bible Prophecy Miraculous. America has always been the first to introduce fresh new vision, impacting innovation and originality. It's time to mann Our lead in confidence, no competition anywhere in sight. Boosting our credit rating back to it's original permanent spot AAA. Your investment return, direct profits from VQG & The World's Fare.
OUR Plan is based on generating new money, producing sustainability. The only way to jump-start the economy and create stability is to host a venue that produces new wealth. It is impossible to generate and maintain new capital with debt. This venture must be debt free at Grand Opening.There's two ways to accomplish just that: first Expert Volunteers:  America's Ultimate Home Makeover. Every Specialist lending gift, talent, skills, materials; and labor. Second investors involvement  will bring it to it's Grand Opening; the Showcase.
This Project's Purpose is to bring Us back; therefore We all should take pride in becoming willing participants in Our Recovery. It is extremely important that We all have a sense of Ownership. The congruent or essence of Our Country's core beginning; is a direct result of every ethnic group.
EYES Posture is 100% Biblical! WE will not compromise OUR Faith. However WE are not prejudice and welcome other Licensed Observations. Similar to the Vision Quest Global there will be designated space for Science, History, Education, and Supernatural Experts as well.
 This is where all the bickering stops, the rich get richer, the middle class stand in solid post, and finally the poor have a chance. This Promotional Package is so huge it literally makes The American Dream opportunity available to the average everyday citizen. Now that's The American Dream!

WE believe the greatest impact comes in the realization of OUR legitimacy. WE welcome all skeptics, that's why Our Doors are open to other Professionals in confidence. There simply is no middle: OUR Supernatural Clouds are either 100% authentic or 100% counterfeit. WE are not offended by ones disbelief, but WE are offended by one's public disrespect; and will not tolerate it Therefore WE throw caution to the wind in any attempts to defame OUR integrity, reputation, image & character.
 Any public defaming suggestions, comments that WE at EYES are promoting fraud, a hoax, an invention,
deception or scam will result in legal resolution.
WE have absolutely nothing to hide; no hidden agenda

Intellectual Property
copyright 2010.