America’s Dream Team
The Masterminds
America's XXtreme Home Makeover. 
The most strategic way to elevate this 5 Flights Up Vision to Reality successfully: 
Trinity EYES Showcase-Sneak Peek, 
Vision Quest Global-Booked Shows, 
EYES World Fare-Planet Earth / The New Jerusalem / King Yahweh's Kingdom
 The Melting Pot Project, Re-Employment Plan,
 & EYES LLC Franchises.
Would be to formulate America’s Dream Team of experts; the masterminds:.
Without a vision the people perish. There is a vision; it's time to take up the vision and run with it.
This Team of masterminds will represent all Americans, to ensure that American's are getting more than their money’s worth.


The strategy circumference is perfection in every area. America’s Dream Team will be held accountable to perfecting every facet of EYES LLC’s vision. WE are in pursuit of flawless precision excellence. Apostle Spring Washington is a perfectionist, visionary; with the leadership style of delegator.  From a biblical perspective, as apostle; she is the scaffolder, fixer, repairer, perfecter. In other words, before each tier is brought into fruition or execution by EYES LLC, America’s Dream Team will have strategized all moving parts to the point of brilliance. Presenting their professional  recommendations.
Including demographics, buildings, architecture, territory, population, costs, safety, structures, revenue advantages, period or length of stay, proximity, materials, design, slogans, logos, pitches, social media campaigns. Each Project must be fail-proofed. There are millions, converting into billions, trillions of dollars at stake, failure nor anything less than superior is simply not an option. The territories We are delving into are all familiar and have been done successfully by others. The only thing new is the product and presentation. The product speaks for itself, the presentation must be immaculate.
We hear you, isn’t that EYES LLC, Company’s job, yes and no! EYES LLC job is to execute every Project with and through perfection. Do We need a Dream Team to execute perfection, no? This is all a part of Apostle Spring Washington’s strategic vision of including America’s liberty voice. America was built on the backs and voices of many races, creeds, origins, nationalities, political stances and beliefs. When America has a liberty voice, unity, dignity, trust and honesty become Our essential impenetrable strength solid foundation. Building bridges for teachable moments for all mankind. It also breeds unity and dissipates division. We learn how to respectfully disagree; yet stay the course, the ability to still work together. It takes ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

There will be monuments of tribute strategically placed throughout EYES World Fare; Planet Earth of the following Americans whom have demonstrated their love for GOD, this Country and family values. In sequence, America’s Dream Team is being built in honor of these American Patriots. When EYES World Fare is over, each state will be awarded the opportunity to resurrect these monuments of heroism in their state.




All 911 Responders Are Heroes & in Honor of Luis Alvarez
Fierce Advocate for 911 Responders / Jon Stewart
Naval Force / In Honor of Senator John McCain
Hero / ATZ Slayton Saldon
Hero / PFC Brandon Jay Kreischer
Hero /SFC Michael Isaiah Nance
Hero /SGM James G Sarttor
Hero / SGT William Edward Friese
Richard Arvin Overton
Lawrence Brooks
Hero / PFC Brandon Jay Kreischer
Hero /SFC Michael Med
Air force
Medal of Honor SGT William C Knight
Medal of Honor Vincent Carter
Medal of Honor David Denlinger
Medal of Honor Ryan Nabel
Medal of Honor Brian Rolfes
Medal of HonorJeremy Campbell
Poet / Civil Rights Activist Maya Angelou 
President George H. W Bush
Author / Civil Rights Activist Coretta Scott King 
Astronaut / Marine Corps Aviator John Glenn 
Female Activist Gloria Steinem
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
NASA / Mathematician Katherine Johnson
Civil Rights Activist Rev. Al Sharpton
Astronaut Neil Armstrong
Aviator Amelia Earhart
Civil Rights Activist Rev. Jessie Jackson
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
Assist. Secretary of Labor / Vice-Chair Pres. Com. Esther Petersen
President John F Kennedy 
Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks
 Dr. Martin Luther King 
Astronaut / Physicist / Engineer Dr. Sally Ride
Associate Justice of Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor
Civil Rights Activist Congressman John Lewis
Advocate for Women's Rights / Attorney Gloria Allred
Philanthropist Bill Gates
Advocate of First Responder Relief Ellen Degeneres
Advocate of Young Ex-offenders Judge Greg Mathis
Philanthropist Melinda Gates
Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory
Advocate of Hurricane Victims Iconic Country Singer Dolly Parton
Rev. Franklin Graham
Mattress Mack / Sheltered Hurricane Harvey Victims /Jim McInvale
Women's Equality Ruth Bader Ginsburg
President John F. Kennedy
Advocate of Youth Reform Judge Glenda Hatchett
President Jimmy Carter
Civil Rights Muhammad Ali
Philanthropy / Charity Warren Buffet
Harriet Tubman
Aids Advocate Magic Johnson
Advocate For Fallen Officers Families / Blue Line Bears Meghan O'Grady
Philanthropy / School For At Risk Youth Lebron James
The DNA King / Maury Povich
Philanthropy- Charity / Aubrey Drake Graham
Civil Rights Advocate Harris Wofford
Advocate For Protections Against Sex Trafficking Demi Moore
Civil Rights Activist Stokley Carmichael
Advocate For Criminal Justice Reform Meek Mill
Free Food For Furloughed Government Workers Wilkinson Sejour
Advocate For Protections Against Sex Trafficking Ashton Kutcher
Civil Rights Ralph David Abernathy
Advocate For Criminal Justice Reform NE Patriots Owner Robert Kraft
Advocate For Protections of Children Against Sexual Predators Steve Wilkos
Civil & Human Rights Ella Josephine Baker
Civil Rights / Godmother of Soul Aretha Franklin
NAACP & Civil Rights Activist Medgar Evers
Free Food For Furloughed Government Workers Jose Andres
American Activist Football Quarterback Colin Kaepernick
Civil Rights Dr. Bernice King
Advocate For Criminal Justice Reform 76ers Co-Owner Michael Rubin
Major General Marcelite J. Harris
Civil Rights Activist NAACP Horace Julian Bond
Advocate For Prison Reform Kim Kardashian West
US Ambassador to The United Nations Andrew Young Jr.
Civil Rights Activist Bayard Rustin
Purchased 20 Hotel Rooms For Homeless/ Chicago Candace Payne
Prison Reform & Criminal Justice / White Senior Advisor Jared Kushner
America's Most Wanted & The Hunt / John Walsh
Feed the Homeless / Lorena Gaston
WWII Veteran  James McQueen
Volunteer Firefighter 50 Years / Charles Kendra
Feed the Homeless Chef Roberto Mendoza
Charity / Percy Robert Miller
WWII Veteran Clarence Smoyer
Police Officer Meghan McGrady
Manhood Enforcement Advocate Judge Joe Brown
Charity / Percy Romeo Miller Jr.
Congressman John Dingell
Charity-Philanthropy / Matt Vecere
America's Pioneer of Prodigy, Genius, Mastermind Quizzing / Alex Trebek
Me-Too Founder-Tarana Burke
Philanthropy / Tyler Perry
Creating Safe-havens for Girls / Katrina Taylor
Iconic Rapper & Son Writer /Ermias Joseph Asghedom
Donated 200 Pairs of Shoes to Nebraska Flood Victims / Addison Tritt
Volunteer Fire Fighter / Dave Smiley
Civil Rights- President John F. Kennedy
Random Acts of Kindness to Classmates / Azzie Robinson
Congress Woman Maxine Waters
Prison Reform & Criminal Justice / President Donald  J. Trump
Good Samaritan pays for meals at Waffle House, Gainesville, Florida / Craig Brewer
Student saves teacher Heimlich Maneuver / Hero Zoe McLain
Fought gunman, Charlotte, NC / Hero Riley Howell
Haircuts for the homeless / Brennan Jones
Spends $10,000 feeding the homeless  / Rapper Kid Cudi
Community Activist (95 yrs old) / Ms. Nancy Dawkins
Rescues abducted girl / Hero Pastor Jeff King
Saves brother from fire / Hero Tatiana Wilson
Pledged $40 million eliminating Morehouse Graduates (2019)  debt / Robert F. Smith
Pledges more than 1/2 of her billions to charity  / McKenzie Bezos
Rescued newborn baby from dumpster / Heroes John Pedebone & Troy Cooper
Virginia Beach massacre / Hero Ryan Keith Cox
Church wipes out medical debt of 900 families $1.9 million / Revolution Annapolis / Pastor Kenny Camacho
Feeds family of hungry children / Officer James Riley
Liberty Medal / Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
Paid-off 3rd grade classmates lunch debt with allowance money / Ryan Kyote
Four Teens save woman (90 yrs old) from fire / Heroes Wyatt Hall, Dylan Wick, Seth Byrd, Nick Byrd
Man saves woman from predator / Hero John Bishop
Boy (7 yrs old) saves drowning sister (20 yrs old)  / Hero Aiden McCullough
Feeds homeless 500 meals  / Eagles Desean Jackson
Road rage incident family saved by three young men / Heroes Desmond Davis, Marquis Brown & Jason Butler
13 yr Old Bakery Owner gives to homeless / Michael C. Platt
Pizza delivery man rescues little girls from rape & sexual abuse of father / Hero Mark Buede
Offered internship to 114 Harlem High School graduates / Pharrell Williams
Sneakers for Soldiers / John & Deborah Hausladen
Feeds 400 underprivileged families / Malcolm Jenkins
Pays $22, 467, 76  in donation to Wyoming Valley School for families lunch debt / CEO Todd Carmichael
Prison Reform / Kanye West
Saves brother (4 yrs old) / Hero Savannah Andrews (7 yrs old)
Saves family from fire / Hero Jayden Espinoza (5 yrs old)
The Frog, mobility for disabled children / Taylor & Amy Moreland
Saves dad, 911 call / Hero Savannah Hensley (5 yrs old)
Saves sister (2 yrs old) during earthquake / Hero Ormando Suarez (11 yrs old)
Community donation of children's, shoes (1500), backpacks, books / Carrie Jernigan
Pays for funeral of Emma Valentina Hernandez / Bill Pulte
Buys Fast Food Worker a dress and gift card / Lamiyah Jabbar
Snatched kidnapper / child predator from truck / Angel Perez
Buys chicken sandwiches for every customer at Popeyes (LA) / Tristan Thompson
Sheroes / Marytrs for the Cause MASK/ Andrea Stoudimire & Chantel Grant
Boy (6) gives up Disney birthday trip to feed Dorian Hurricane evacuees / Jermaine Bell
Pays crying mom to take day off and gifted an additional check / CEO Bernie Refkind
Philanthropy / Danny Thomas
Philanthropy/ Azim Premji
Philanthropy / George Soros
Philanthropy / Pierre Omiyar
Philanthropy / Carlos Sims
Philanthropy / Michael Jackson
Philanthropy / John Huntsman Sr
Philanthropy / Michael S Dell
Philanthropy / John Rockafella
Philanthropy / Pricilla Chan
Philanthropy / Paul David Hewson
Philanthropy / Paul Allen
Philanthropy / Angelina Jolie
Philanthropy / Milton S Hershey
Philanthropy / Arpad Busson
Philanthropy / Cari Tuna
Philanthropy / Howard Hughes
Philanthropy / Bill Ackman
Philanthropy / Al-Waleed Bin Talil
Philanthropy / Belinda Stranich
Philanthropy / David Koch
Philanthropy / Cliff Richard
Philanthropy / Abdul Sattar Edhi
Philanthropy / Alagappa Chettiar
Philanthropy / Kiley Jenner
Saves baby in trapped car / Hero Danny Trejo
Bouncer saves lives in Dayton shooting / Hero Jeremy Ganger
Rescued 13 children in El Paso shooting / Hero Soldier Glenden Oakley
Gave kids backpacks North Philadelphia / Kyle Lowry
Save woman in wheelchair that rolled off cruise ship / Heroes Randolph Donavan & Kashief Hamilton
Boy (5) saves 13 people from house fire / Hero Jayden Espinosa
Boy (8) dies but not before saving 6 relatives from fire / Hero-Martyr Tyler Doohan
Oregon school coach disarms & hugs gun weilding student / Hero Keanon Lowe 
Hands out 100 lunches to kids in poverty / Champale Anderson
Pays for 30 Clark Atlanta students  / Pinky Cole & Stacey Lee
Gives a veteran a wheelchair / Toby Keith 
Buy clothes for bullied classmate / Antwaun Garrett & Christopher Graham 
Gives a mother a $200 gift card / Manuel Franco
Legendary Journalist, Author & Television Personality / Barbara Walters
Restaurant Owner gives proceeds to Central Bucks School / Joel Zazyczny
Saves babies from fire, dropped out of window / Hero Hakim Laws
Television Broadcaster, Anchor / Robin Roberts
School teacher of youth for 50 years / Barbara Bangliam
Journalist / White House Corespondent / Dan Rather
Broke racial barriers Johnson & Johnson / Joan Johnson
Takes care of elderly neighbors / Romenlion Mitchell (15 years old)
Icon Media Mobile gives 13 million to Morehouse College; totaling 25 million / Oprah Winfrey
Saves children from burning building  / Chanaye Brown
Covers Mammograms fro 500 women  / DeAngelo William
Killed protecting sister / Hero Khyler Edman
Legendary Journalist & Political Journalist  / Cokie Roberts
NBA Icon / Wilt Chamberlain
Journalist  / Leslie Stahl
Finds two lost children / Chyanne Thomas
Raises 3 million dollars for Children's Hospital  / Carson King
Chief International Anchor / Christiane Amanpour
Pioneer Actress who broke barriers / Diahann Carroll 
Gives employees $10,000 pay raise / CEO Dan Price
War-zone & Natural Disaster Journalist (Photo) / Anne Curry
Donates 7 million to health Clinic / Michael Jordon
Saves neighbor pinned under car / Zac Clark
Journalist, Anchor, Commentator / Andrea Mitchell
Gives $1000 to homeless woman with child / Jonathan Lyndale Kirk
Iconic Opera Singer  / Jessy Norman 
Journalist, Anchor / Diane Sawyer
Paid for funeral of Atatiana Jackson / Harrison Barnes & Malik Jackson
Martyr Atatiana Jefferson


Because these individuals demonstrate and demonstrated both their love for family, friend, stranger, this Country and Country unity. Even if it meant or means working alongside those they didn’t or don't always agree with. WE will reach around the Country seeking the best experts in every field to build America’s Dream Team. In honor of them. Those chosen to become a part of America's Dream Team will be  individuals whom host proven leadership of their love for this beautiful Country, big, little and small, the same as those being honored..

CEO/ Founder/ Chair/ Apostle Spring Washington wants to make very clear with great emphasis. Her position is not political and never will be. She is neither democrat or republican, she is an independent. To sum things up, politics is not her lane. Ministry and business are her paths of destiny. Her radical sole and soul position is with The Trinity God, Jehovah, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.
EYES LLC is not attempting to upstage anyone. EYES LLC is only seeking to advance through alliance, the efforts of all Americans whom are trying their best to make America whole, again. If anything, her view is, this is an opportunity to create a massive open door for unity.

Even more significant, that’s exactly what The Trinity God Jehovah, Jesus, and The Precious Holy Spirit; want America to return to, human basic ethics; holistic love and unity. America was built on In God We Trust. 

In God we trust, is on our money. We swear on the bible in the Courthouse and the bible use to be a part of Our education system.  We celebrate legal holidays in His Honor. Both Christmases, His Birth; and Easter, His Death, Burial and Resurrection. So, in times of hardship, why wouldn’t the same God that We have and still honor, come and bless us, for our ad-will, free-will acknowledgement of Him. Are we perfect, no? Have we been loyal to Him, that’s up to Him to decide? But the one thing that’s a true constant; we have not fallen short of acknowledging that He exists. Anyone that encounters US currency, enters Our court systems, or; is around during Christmas and Easter; knows this to be true.

Even America’s National Anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key in 1814; final chorus says:
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust":
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
This song was written two centuries ago. The Star Spangled Banner is sung at every major event throughout the United States. EYES will also follow suit; all EYES events will include it. Everyday EYES Worlds Fare will open to America’s National Anthem and it will be sung in its entirety.
Fare is purposely spelled this way instead of Fair, because all responsible Americans owe our ancestors the honor and respect to put this beautiful Country back together again. Whether your ancestors were slaves, slave owners or immigrants, America the beautiful was built on the blood, sweat and tears back of all three. No one race, culture or creed can take credit for this. The phenomenal results; a Country that’s free, beautiful, and the melting pot of many nationalities.
The one thing that’s missing is America’s core strength. We are so divided Our stances have become a detriment to Our own well-being. One side is causing regressive thinking back to the negative way things used to be. The other side is forcing their views down Our throats disrespecting folk’s faith. A house divided cannot stand. Whatever happened to negotiation, compromise, respect, integrity, the ability to agree to disagree without inflicting intentional pain on one another.
The truth is, unless We go back to the basics, love, peace, respect for one another, true integrity and the ability to work together while We agree to disagree We’ll never truly recover. Leaving Our beautiful Country vulnerable for anybody to invade and takeover. Wake-up, times up, it’s time to put America back together again, all sides coming together for the greater good. EYES LLC five tiers, seven-year Love Projects strategically opens a vast door for Americans to work together again, talk again, help again, smile again, grow again.
This is clearly a legacy moment.