EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is a 'Jesus Kingdom' Signature Series Wholesale Distribution Company. EYES as Wholesale Distribution will sell a variety of products. Therefore, it has a subdivision that manages and oversees the Signature Series separately; Vision Quest Global. VQG is the subdivision that manages the Signature Series;
 Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold.

Vision Photography, Second Sight, Eternity's Gold: is an avant-garde photographic, cinematography supernatural education of; newly discovered archaic past, present and future hidden eternity creation secrets within all three dimensions of the universe: land journey to the center of the earth, air outer-inner space and sea underwater worlds located in the heart of the ocean. This photography legitimately represents at least six different categories; education, history, science, bible, paranormal, and the supernatural. 
Intellectual Properties Copyright (2010).


What is Second-Sight Supernatural, Eternity's Gold.
Second-Sight Supernatural stems from a biblical gift known as the prophetic gift of miracles which awards one the ability to see into invisible worlds; visual-visible. The photography serves as evidence of the supernatural miraculous biblical gifting.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC (Camden N.J.) intends to roll-out this Signature Series through five different investment ventures within seven years. 1)    Trinity EYES Showcase; a catered affair, a sneak peek preview to the World and investors of EYES value package via one showing; invitation only. 2) Vision Quest Global is the overseer of all Signature Series investments, local, national, international, 5th year advance. 3) EYES World’s Fare; one location, advances the economy by attracting local, national and international tourist, contractors, venders, investors, while expanding hotels, travel and restaurants; 2nd year; for three years.
 4) The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan is a three-year project with one purpose: Put America Back to Work. 5) EYES Franchising adventure begins in the 7th year. Guaranteeing the sustainability and explosive financial results. Complimenting the five-year economic growth expansion established through the other four investment ventures. 

Our growth accelerates through the strategic progressive expansion of all 5 tier projects.
 Every year a new/next level adventure capital venture.
Year One: Trinity EYES Showcase- Investor & Consumer Sneak Peek
Year One-Two: Vision Quest Global-Investor Booked Shows
Year Three-Four: EYES World Fare- Coming to America
                                                 Year Five-Six: The Melting Pot Project-National Jobs Fair & Re-Employment Plan
                                                              Year Five-Six-International Investors- Trillion-Zillion Dollar Marketplace
                                                                             Year Seven-Eight: Franchising-From Here Into Eternity



To progressively advance the world’s knowledge of newly discovered archaic past, present and future hidden Eternity Creation Secrets within all three dimensions of the universe: land; journey to the center of the earth, air; outer-inner-space and sea; underwater worlds located in the heart of the ocean; via a historical, scientific, biblical, paranormal, and supernatural; avant-garde photographic, cinematography through advanced didactic documentaries.  



 Catch Fire The American Dream! Reignite The American Dream opportunity to all USA citizens regardless of race, color, belief, creed, faith, origin or political stance. By creating a brand-new economy, that demolishes the federal debt and produces national jobs. Through restoring major multi-level opportunities to the billionaire, millionaire, entrepreneur and the average joe investor. Securing an advanced explosion of wealth to Corporate, Small Business, Government, Churches, the Outreach Community and Philanthropy. 
Ah! Finally, The American Dream is Back!



Wealth without risk is new money that makes money without debt.
All EYES Projects will be and remain ‘debt free’ from start to finish; of each venture; setting the transition in place for new money. New money automatically creates a new economy. . Investor returns will begin distribution in the 3, 4 and 5 years. The only way to ensure investors secure returns on investments is to stay free of impending liabilities. WE at EYES LLC stand by OUR financial moto: wealth without risk is new money that makes money without debt.
 America 1st, which includes Israel! Regardless of Jewish faith, the bible states the Jews are Jesus's chosen people. He is their Messiah. They are His family; grosse point blank.  Therefore,  EYES LLC's doors are open to Israel. EYES LLC will not open its doors to international  investors, for the 1st five years or until the end of EYES Worlds Fare. America and Israel 1st. 

For many decades’ folk, have intrigued us with their accounts of UFO’s, the extraterrestrial, the paranormal, the supernatural; and The Rapture. Well, this decade EYES LLC is officially and unapologetically, unveiling a mere portion of Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold: to the public, confidently validating those claims.
EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is a Jesus Kingdom Company. Jesus gave Apostle Spring Washington; the business, the resource and the strategy.  Therefore, Jesus will receive all the credit; publicly. Our goal is to educate the world through documentary platforms. All documentaries will include biblical content.

However, it’s Apostle Spring Washington’s goal is to make EYES LLC universal presentations reasonably palatable to everyone without compromising her faith. So, she has decided to allow the history, science, education, paranormal, bible, supernatural and archaeologist experts parallel their professional opinion: cold hard facts, no confrontational material allowed; terms & conditions apply. 

Apostle Spring Washington as sole proprietor is not seeking any partnerships. Her vision is to work independent but in parallel conjunction with any Organization, Government, Corporations, Small Businesses, or Churches whose mission is to reignite The American Dream, Put America 1st, Put America Back to Work, Make America Safe Again, Disintegrate the Federal Debt and Create a New Economy, too.. EYES The Windows LLC is and will remain; a debt-free family owned private business.

 EYES Limited Liability Company is The Catalyst Financial Foundation Parent  of  KING YAHWEH'S KINGDOM Inc-
  Non-Profit. Therefore EYES Doors are Open; 1st. WE Welcome other Company's, Government, Organization, Church or Ministry to Parallel; Work Side-by-Side With EYES LLC or KING YAHWEH'S KINGDOM Inc-Non-Profit; as Unified Independents.
 These are hard times for plenty Americans through out the USA due to unemployment, natural crisis, and unforeseen tragedies. And unfortunately some folk like to use these trying times to scam others. EYES LLC is not one of them. As well WE will not participate in the scam of someone else.
No one has the authority to make any deals, arrangements, schedule appointments, or make promises on behalf of EYES LLC except,
 Apostle Spring Washington.

EYES LLC Head Quarters will be located in Camden, New Jersey. Our near future vision is to become a Triplex.  EYES LLC & KING YAHWEH'S KINGDOM Inc-Non-Profit will remain separate, however exist on the same Site. 


 Is A Equal Opportunity Employer
You don't have to be a Christian to become an Employee of  EYES LLC
 One must be of good character, morals, integrity, values hosting demonstrated respect for co-workers ; regardless of faith, religion, origin, ethnicity, color, creed or political stance.. 

Sunday thru Thursday
8AM -8PM