EYES Franchising is the securest way to protect the intellectual properties, the investor and the advancement globally. Eventually, EYES LLC will build its own properties for ‘booked shows’ and product advancement, throughout the Country and around the world. Not only will this goal stay Our Vision of Franchising, and remaining debt free; it also places the ultimate security on all intellectual properties. As well creates permanent jobs throughout the Country and eventually internationally.

EYES Franchising will not take place before seven years and definitely not until after EYES World Fare. 

                                                                                             No Green Screens

‘No green screens’ actual footage of the invisible worlds; visual-visible: from reel to real. EYES has the only uncompromised camerawork of the supernatural on planet earth. EYES Supernatural World Cinematography stands alone. WE have nothing to prove. EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is clearly in a league of its own; without apology.

WE offer a quality line of all products, competitively priced, investor and customer satisfaction. The ultimate objective is to establish long term relationships with suppliers, venders, investors and franchisees. 
EYES LLC is a billion, trillion, zillion dollar startup. No matter which direction WE choose to accelerate; money chases US. No matter how many obstacles, delays are guaranteed to generate even more currency. Every project is geared toward enriching the entire Country.

EYES will only “book shows” through investors; wire transfers only; non-negotiable. EYES LLC will never sell or rent its intellectual properties. First because it is an inheritance given to Apostle Spring; from her Savior Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah. And secondly; it would divert from the long-range vision; EYES Franchise LLC in seven years. EYES Franchising will begin The United States, expand to Israel and then capture the entire international marketplace. 
WE will build Our own edifices for Showings during this to protect the product