The photos on the left 
are original CD shots,
 the ones on right 
are the computer generated graphics.



Imagine traveling into space and it's stratosphere, without leaving the earth. Journeying to the center of the earth without coming anywhere near a cliff, climbing a mountain or standing on the edge of a very dangerous open hole. Or witnessing new human life never even heard of or only in fantasy books; that exist in the heart of the ocean; without going anywhere near water. 

Trips that guarantee your human safety, yet take you on adventures of past, present and future life. Would you be willing to come along, take the ride, walk through and into the supernatural, the unknown. Would you? Where invisible unknown worlds become visually-visible, right before your very eyes! Where you get to see into these worlds without any fear because we're in time and these invisible worlds are in eternity.

Time and eternity are two different worlds; therefore there could never be an intrusion; there's an invisible wall between the two. No human-being could ever step into eternity, the supernatural, without becoming supernatural. Which points to The Rapture, another lesson for a different day.

A similar parallel would be a visit to an aquarium where there's a twenty foot glass wall. You on one side and sharks on the other side. You have no fear because it's impossible for the sharks to break the glass. So instead you spend your time admiring everything about this dangerous mammal that intrigues you.

Time and eternity are the same. Again, no one can cross over into eternity without becoming supernatural. Eternity is forever, there is no beginning and no end. So then the question becomes ; why would any form of life want to leave forever to step into time? That would be like exchanging no limits, no end; to definitely limited and positively ending. Literally life v. death. No one wants to die, yet we're all destined for death; because we're all stuck in time.

No more guessing, hypothesis, theories, prophecies; not just the natural facts and truths. Supernatural actual facts and truths, your witness. Illumination, revelation so extraordinary it will leave you speechless.
 Like, wow! Did you see that? Is it real? I need to see that again!!

WE hear you, if this is true; how come it hasn't happened before? Well the truth is, it has been happening only subtle. For many decades’ folk, have intrigued us with their accounts of UFO’s, the extraterrestrial, the paranormal, the supernatural; and The Rapture. There has never been a hidden agenda in researching and investigating possible sightings; from space crafts to strange objects in the sky. Not to say what folk claimed they saw was true. WE're simply saying the topic of discovery and pursuit of the unknown is not new.

Every scientific, historic, paranormal, educational, spiritual, biblical; experiment, investigation,  hypothesis, theory and prophecy to date has actually lead to this moment in time. The world or at least the United States of America had to transition into a forum of all things reality based, naturally. Before the transition into the forum of the supernatural could unveil itself in a palatable way to 
all human-beings.

Think about it, even the adventurous fantasy stories, movies, series point to the supernatural. Star Trek, Avatar, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Shrek, The Aliens, ET, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Land of the Giants, Planet of the Apes, Time Travel, Deja Vu.  Our adventurous imaginations and creations have landed #1 box office fictional series. Mankind has always been curious, making movies, series, rounding up investigative teams such as: Ghost-busters, Storm-chasers, Archaeologist, Spaceships, Paranormal Search and It’s Supernatural. 

Today’s genre is reality based, stories, songs, and shows. All poignantly transitioning into this extraordinary moment in time. For all who, desire to know the truth; historically, scientifically, paranormally, supernaturally and biblically; without risking their lives and livelihood in discovery. Eyes wide-open because EYES LLC is boldly and unapologetically in transition mode of unveiling hidden creation secrets to the entire world.

Eternity speaks and unveils itself right before our very eyes. Perfect timing. The search is over, the unseen-seen, the unknown-known, the invisible has now become visual-visible. Here lies all the unanswered questions. Everyone walks away saying wow “did you see that, is it real, I need to see it again?” And more importantly, no one has to risk their lives or livelihoods to see this reality experience called; Vision Photography Second-Sight Supernatural: Eternity’s Gold!  
 Simply; spectacular, extraordinary, phenomenal, unforgettable!

Again, WE hear you? How are WE able to do what has never been done before! Or what exactly is Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold? WE're glad you asked; authentic supernatural photography of actual visions of the invisible worlds, visual visible, the unseen, seen, the unknown, known; of all three dimensions of the universe; air; outer-inner space, land; journey to the center of the earth and sea; underwater worlds located in the heart of the ocean.
Second-Sight Supernatural stems from a biblical gift known as the prophetic gift of miracles. It like all supernatural biblical gifts, is only awarded to saints whom willing commit to the submissive will of The Trinity Kingdom, Jehovah, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit; no matter what, inspite of; nevertheless. In other words, the saint clearly understands it ain't about them. It’s all about doing the Father’s Will, Jehovah, the same posture and position of Jesus, His only begotten Son. 

Every person whom receives salvation is gifted with at least one spiritual gift. It is Jehovah God’s permissive will. Supernatural gifting is only received through the saint’s determination to align in obedience to His Will, no matter what, inspite of, nevertheless.
A person is saved whether in Jehovah God’s permissive or submissive will. The basic difference; immaturity vs maturity. Usually one is chasing the things of God, permissive; while the other is chasing God, submissive. The person in His submissive will is not perfect, but chasing purification daily for one purpose, to see and experience intimately more of The Trinity God, Jehovah, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. All biblical gifts spiritual and supernatural are advanced through the power and the authority of The Precious Holy Spirit.
This particular supernatural biblical gift, the prophetic gift of miracles, is so advanced it not only awards the saint the ability to see into invisible worlds; visual-visible. It also awards the saint the ability to see into eternity; past, present and the future. The photography is not the miracle; it serves as evidence of the supernatural miraculous gifting.

This is not a new gift. Biblically, Elijah, Moses, Elisha, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, old testament; Peter, James, John and John on the island of Patmos, new testament; all had this gift.

EYES LLC President/CEO/Founder/ Apostle Spring Washington is a warrior for the Trinity Kingdom, Jehovah, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. She too, has been awarded through much hardship, trial and tribulation; the prophetic gift of miracles.

We hear you again! Is the goal of the company EYES LLC to convert folk to Christians?
 We're glad you asked; no, absolutely not! Salvation, just like all other faiths is a freewill option. 
Apostle Spring Washington is simply showing her commitment to
 The Trinity God, Jehovah, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit 
Who gave  her the business, resource and strategy.

Moreover, this is the Trinity God's way of showing His unconditional love to America and Israel; No Strings Attached. 
In God we trust, is on our money. We swear on the bible in the Courthouse and the bible use to be a part of Our educational system.  We celebrate legal holidays in His Honor. Both Christmases, His Birth; and Easter, His Death, Burial and Resurrection.

 So, in times of hardship, why wouldn’t the same God that We have and still honor, come and bless us, for our ad-will, free-will acknowledgement of Him. Are we perfect, no? Have we been loyal to Him, that’s up to Him to decide? But the one thing that’s a true constant; we have not fallen short of acknowledging that He exists. Anyone that encounters US currency, enters Our court systems, or; is around during Christmas and Easter; knows this to be true.

Even America’s National Anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key in 1814; final chorus says:
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust":
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
This song was written two centuries ago. The Star Spangled Banner is sung at every major event throughout the United States. 
EYES will also follow suit; all EYES events will include it.
 Everyday EYES Worlds Fare will open to America’s National Anthem and it will be sung in its entirety.

As for Israel, regardless of their faith, the bible clearly states the Jews are Jesus's chosen people. 
He is their Messiah. They are His chosen family.

This is strictly business, no one has to be a Christian to become an investor, employee, or consumer. However, under no circumstance will WE shy away from Our stance; which is 100% biblical. Even, Jesus said; do business until He returns (paraphrased) Luke 19:13.

Here's what's remarkable about OUR product and strategic plan, although WE open the door wide to the billionaire, millionaire, and average joe investor. Anyone whom chooses to take the adventure can; because the actual journey is made affordable and available to everybody on planet earth.

WE will start with the unveiling of The Creation! A poignant point for everyone. There is not one person on the entire planet, regardless of faith, race, gender, creed, origin, or political stance; whom hasn't questioned the true beginning of life. And thanks to scientist, historians, educators, paranormal-supernatural investigators, and biblical prophecies; we already have a lot of the answers. All of OUR photography will be presented in documentary forum. Documentaries; all purposed to stay the path of 100% reality based. All documentaries will contain biblical content. Sight with clarity, explanation, and illumination of newly discovered truths.
 It's time to grow, glow, go, advance to a higher level of learning.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC stands alone in a league of its own. WE are the only uncompromised supernatural photography, cinematology in the entire world. Until now, no one on planet earth has ever heard of 
Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity's Gold!

America is known in the marketplace and in every arena around the world as the paradigm leaders in new age advancement. It's time to take higher learning, the economy, the American Dream, big business, small business, the government, the Church, investment, security, philanthropy and charity to astronomical levels. 
Who's coming to America? Everyone's coming to, from and around America!!!

WE are launching a fragment of one of the Signature Series; Hell's Soldiers "Enemies at the Gate". They are the photos you see on this page. Each shot is a mere portion of a gallery of photo and video file. These pictures are ancient, prehistoric, back to the future, demonic and holy. They supply many unanswered questions when pertaining to religion, history, science, paranormal and the supernatural.  

 The double photo's are purposed. The one's to the left are from the original CD shots. The one's to the right are computer graphic parallels. EYES had the computer graphics generated to give you the viewing audience a clearer picture. Because it is critical for security purpose to not show actual SD photos until investments have been secured.

However the picture of the Angel of Light-Satan/Lucifer is the original. There is no computer graphic. WE will say this: Satan is not the only one in the photo; focus your eyes to the right of the shot. This shot was actually taken by Apostle Spring on October 4, 2009 and sent by the blackberry to her email at 5:39 pm.  The  information below is the actual message sent to her email in reference to the shot
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