The photos on the left 
are original CD shots,
 the ones on right 
are the computer generated graphics.



Imagine traveling into space and it's stratosphere, without leaving the earth. Journeying to the center of the earth without coming anywhere near a cliff, climbing a mountain or standing on the edge of a very dangerous open hole. Or witnessing new human life never even heard of or only in fantasy books; that's exists in the heart of the ocean. 

Trips that guarantee your human safety, yet take you on adventures of past, present and future life. Would you be willing to come along, take the ride, walk through and into the supernatural, the unknown. Would you? Where invisible unknown worlds become visually-visible, right before your very eyes! Where you get to see into these worlds without any fear because we're in time and these invisible worlds are in eternity.

Time and eternity are two different worlds; therefore there could never be an intrusion; there's an invisible wall between the two. No human-being could ever step into eternity, the supernatural, without becoming supernatural. Which points to The Rapture, another lesson for a different day.

No more guessing, hypothesis, theories, not just the natural facts and truths. Supernatural actual facts and truths, your witness. Illumination, revelation so extraordinary it will leave you speechless. Like, wow! Did you see that? Is it real? I need to see that again!!

Here's what's remarkable about OUR product and strategic plan, although WE open the door wide to the billionaire, millionaire, and average joe investor. Anyone whom chooses to take the adventure can; because the actual journey is made affordable and available to everybody on planet earth.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC stands alone in a league of its own. WE are the only uncompromised supernatural photography, cinematology in the entire world.

America is known in the marketplace and in every arena around the world as the paradigm leaders in new age advancement. It's time to take higher learning, the economy, the American Dream, investment, security, philanthropy and charity to astronomical levels. 
Who's coming to America? Everyone's coming to, from and around America!!!

WE are launching a fragment of one of the Signature Series; Hell's Soldiers "Enemies at the Gate". They are the photos you see on this page. Each shot is a mere portion of a gallery of photo and video file. These pictures are ancient, prehistoric, back to the future, demonic and holy. They supply many unanswered questions when pertaining to religion, history, science, paranormal and the supernatural. There are seven categories catering to the demonic, holyand  supernatural creatures which have the appearance of children's cartoons. 

 The double photo's are purposed. The one's to the left are from the original CD shots. The one's to the right are computer graphic parallels. EYES had the computer graphics generated to give you the viewing audience a clearer picture. Because it is critical for security purpose to not show actual SD photos until investments have been secured.

However the picture of the Angel of Light-Satan/Lucifer is the original. There is no computer graphic. WE will say this: Satan is not the only one in the photo; focus your eyes to the right of the shot. This shot was actually taken by Apostle Spring on October 4, 2009 and sent by the blackberry to her email at 5:39 pm.  The  information below is the actual message sent to her email in reference to the shot
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