I, Spring Washington am disciple for Christ Radical Warrior Living Life Loud through The Word in the Now Second-Sight Miracles!  I am subject to the authority of The Truth, King Yahweh, Jehovah Jireh under radical submission through The Blood, Prince Yeshua, Jesus Christ by the power of Sir Royal Majestyk, The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit.  Commissioned to go ye therefore in dominion  post: a servant to Heaven;The Kingdom; The Trinity One! My post EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC & King Yahweh's Kingdom Non-profit. EYES is the catalyst foundation support for Yahweh.

 Equip transparent Leaders into Dominion Warriors for The Kingdom by the Power of Sir Royal Majestyk through radical submission to Prince Yeshua in complete surrender to King Yahweh. 

Prepare the Apostle Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, and Teacher to stand in dominion post in preparation of the Promise; The Rapture. These Kingdom Positions are not sustained to the Church. Apostles, Prophet, Pastors, Evangelist, Teachers are positioned in all seven pillars of leadership; Government, Entertainment, Corporations, Education, Medical, Communications and The Church. 

   Challenge the disciple in areas of internalization, conviction, and conversion, when pertaining to the three faces of spiritual death; self, sin and Satan.
     There's a transparent bifocal process pursuit of purification between Salvation and Glory; The Rapture in accordance to the Bible and its principles in reference to Leadership responsibility and accountability. Jehovah made every Christian righteous at no cost. Yet Jehovah commands holiness.
 Be ye holy for I AM HOLY

Leadership without, accountability, responsibility, authenticity, transparency, tranquility, humility, sustainability, lacks the character and stamina necessary to man-post; Servant-hood Kingdom Dominion Leadership. Accountability without responsibility, is not worthy of the commission of  Servant-hood Trinity Kingdom Dominion Authority.

 Holy Ghost alignment, perfected will, radical submission, purifies the heart, mind and soul: which enables Him to illuminate, develop, and elevate the gift of miracles for one purpose The Trinity Kingdom's assignment.

Sir Royal Majestyk XXpress
Superlative Restoration for Leadership,
 National/International 5/fold Overseers 
 Church Leadership 
 Christian Leadership Community
Government, Entertainment, Education, Corporations, Medical, & Communications

Prince Yeshua's Brook!!
National/International 5-Fold Only
Church Overseer's Community Unity Outreach
 Superlative Restoration
 Church & World
12 Years
70+70+70x7=1,470 Overseers
Moses 70 disciples
Israelite's 70 years exiled
Prince Yeshua's 70 disciples
7 days leading into Rapture/Tribulation
61 men + 9 women = 70 disciples
1301 men+ 169 women = 1,470 Overseers
 Umbrella Extension of National/International Leadership
2 Kings 7:1
 Luke 9:16
Numbers 27:1-7
Requires National/International
 5/Fold Church Leadership
1 Corinthians 2:6-16

The Church host Pulpit Celebrities.
The Kingdom has One Voice The Trinity.
The Church seeks the world's approval.
The Kingdom is so peculiar it is almost always misunderstood.
The Church demands ownership of the things of this world.
The Kingdom maintains Overseer Stewardship of Detached because
 He knows He's only a Sojourner passing through.
The Church chases the things of The Kingdom.
The Kingdom chases King Yahweh.
The Church ignores its exposed boobs and booty shaking.
The Kingdom covers up even His Face out of total reverence to
The Trinity King.
The Church is lead by intellect, power, clicks, connections, and position.
The Kingdom is lead by Sir Royal Majestyk, The Precious Holy Spirit.
The Church love itself more than The Trinity King.
The Kingdom sees, witnesses, and experiences love for and through
The Trinity King.
The Church is shaking in its boots, hiding in the trenches, at any sign or hint
of warfare.
The Kingdom simply mans it's post on the front-line, prepared to die.
The Church runs in the opposite direction at any hint of suffer.
The Kingdom knows it's an honor, besides The Trinity King Is Worth It.
The Church allows its children to dictate their own path; I don't want to
go to Church, or read the bible. OK maybe next week!
The Kingdom demands the course, alignment assignment, not optional.
The Church is dysfunctional, one big social club, party over here;
and Leadership is totally responsible.
The Kingdom moves straight forward, never breaking rank,
never jostling each other.
The Church travels from State to State, Country to Country.
The Kingdom tramples the entire Universe.
The Church calls the world's new thing; its new thing. If the world has it;
its not, the new thing The Trinity King is talking about.
The Kingdom's new thing is not always easily human digestible, palatable.
The Church mumbles and ridicules the messenger.
The Kingdom knows the messenger speaks the Heart Of
The Trinity King.
The Trinity Kingdom will never bow-down to The Church.
But The Church will bow-down to The Trinity Kingdom.
The Kingdom has come to transition The Church in preparation of the rapture
while reaching for the world; through supernatural unconditional love.
The Church Can I trust God?
The Kingdom Can God trust me?
The Church isn't ready: would tell Prince Yeshua in Flight; go away come
again some other day.
The Kingdom would ask Prince Yeshua what took you so long?
Leadership without, accountability, responsibility, authenticity, transparency, tranquility,
humility, sustainability, lacks the character and stamina necessary to man-post;
Servant-hood Trinity Kingdom Dominion!!
Romans 6 Colossians 3