PRINCE YESHUA'S VAULT BANK

Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural, Eternity’s Gold is a National Treasure. EYES Eternity’s Gold is the only uncompromised accurate camerawork of the supernatural face-to-face: land, air and sea; past, present, & future; hidden eternity creation secrets: on planet earth.
It’s a known fact that photography has limited legal protection. There are no patents for photography and copyrights can prove to be fragile in legal battles. Therefore, consistently placing Our intellectual properties in harm’s way and legality risk.
OUR Plan is to invest in a bank. Prince Yeshua’s Vault  will be a bank and tourist site. It will obtain the same manpower safety as The US Mint. It is the modest start toward the best security. Prince Yeshua’s Vault will serve three purposes; security for all EYES intellectual properties, a bank, and a tourist site.

EYES LLC will take every necessary precaution to secure the natural; guardian protection of EYES Intellectual properties. The SD and CD protection is paramount to ward off fake copy redistribution, and thievery.
WE are mandated to protect Our intellectual properties on every level, locally, nationally and internationally. WE are determined to protect EYES LLC, the investors, and the USA’s financial freedom. Awarding Our intellectual properties, the ultimate security protects all parties involved.

There are two major concerns theft and black-market distribution. Prince Yeshua’s Vault Bank eradicates all theft. We are currently investigating all options that prevent illegal distribution. Securing these two protect all investments. Which is the reason why Prince Yeshua’s Vault Bank is the best option.

Prince Yeshua’s Vault Bank will serve as the ultimate security for all EYES LLC’s intellectual properties. As a bank, the ultimate security of all revenue secured by both EYES LLC & KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM INC, Non-profit. As a tourist trap; it automatically strengthens marketing and promotional advertisement; without any additional funding or effort. WE like to see it in the same equivalent status as The US Mint, a national treasure.
Likely considerations for Prince Yeshua’s Vault Bank location are Philadelphia, PA and Manhattan, NY. Philadelphia has a population of 1.568 million people and is one of America’s greatest tourist traps, featuring the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Franklin Institute. Manhattan has a population of 1.645 million people. It’s among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. It’s the heart of ‘the big apple’, featuring the Empire State Building, Times Square and the theaters on Broadway. WE are also considering California, Atlanta, Florida, Vegas and Texas; for they are also know and host high ratings for reoccurring consistent tourist.


Year One We will be preparing for year seven EYES Franchise collection. If stolen, EYES LLC would be out of that specific SD or CD.  As a result, WE need a portion of the requested grant to build Prince Yeshua’s Vault Bank which guarantees the protection of the intellectual properties.
After all, EYES LLC 5 tier, seven-year Project host confident projections of making billions with its very 1 tier, Trinity EYES Showcase, 1 Show, invitation only. Prince Yeshua’s Vault as a bank, protects the intellectual properties and the revenue. As a tourist site, creates additional advertisement for all projects and events .