EYES The Windows Of Heaven is a Jesus Kingdom Limited Liability Company. OUR Company Vision began in 1990; when it became apparent that Apostle Spring Washington had the miraculous ability to share with the world her supernatural experience in the natural. However EYES wasn't established as a Limited Liability Company until November 2001.
Because EYES main feature Vision Photography is an actual resource Made In Heaven; and never even heard of before; the experience; at least not in our lifetime. The real challenge became the introduction of it. Then the tragedy of September 11, 2001; elevated OUR Purpose. This needed to become OUR resource to restore lives and livelihoods. And then the recession, and now unexpected tragedies and natural catastrophes have confirmed OUR Objective. Ultimately, this Love Project brings healing back to a lot of broken hearts and souls. Survivors of the wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes and murderous plots on family, friends and neighbors. 


What exactly is Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold? Authentic photography of actual visions of the supernatural; the invisible, visual visible, the unseen, seen, the unknown, known; of all three dimensions of the universe; air (outer-inner space), sea (underwater worlds) and land (journey to the center of the earth). Where does it come from? We're glad you asked? Second-Sight Supernatural stems from a biblical gift known as “the prophetic gift of miracles” which awards one the ability to see into invisible worlds; visual-visible. The photography serves as evidence of the supernatural miraculous gifting.    

For many decades’ folk, have intrigued us with their accounts of UFO’s, the extraterrestrial, the paranormal, the supernatural; and The Rapture. Well, this decade EYES LLC is officially unveiling a mere portion of Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold: to the public, confidently validating those claims

WE have spent the last seventeen years secretly trying to figure out the best ways to market it. WE started out calling OUR Vision Photography; Supernatural Cloud Art. Because OUR first thought was; the presentation must be palatable. Then it became obvious that the word Art; diminished the reality. The truth is these are authentic sky shots of another world or many world existences.
After much brainstorming, WE have decided to make OUR Vision Photography first and foremost an educational tool. Therefore focusing on facts, particulars, details, surrounding historical biblical truths; as well Holy Spirit revelatory illumination. OUR Professional Posture is 100% Biblical; UN-Compromised. Jesus, The Trinity Kingdom gave US the Business, resource and the strategy; therefore He will receive all the credit; publicly.

  However WE recognize each shot is also scientific, historic, paranormal, educational, supernatural, and spiritual. Therefore WE are introducing it in the form of documentary. And allowing all the different venues to parallel their views. In other words, OUR Doors are open to cold hard facts from scientist, historians, educators, paranormal, supernatural, biblical and spiritual experts, perspective. 
Terms & Conditions apply.


WE like to see this as the finest, redefining, refining hour of possibility, probability, prosperity options; for Family, Business, Church, Government  and Country. America has always been and still is; the melting pot land of opportunity. Restoration for Family! EYES Primary Focus is that of family generational legacy. EYES LLC Chairwoman is determined to a create a venue of opportunity for her children as well her g,rand-children. 
The Bible states WE ought to leave an inheritance to Our children's children Proverbs 13:22.
WE will be officially Open for Business;  at OUR Debut Trinity EYES Showcase; coming soon. 
WE would like to feature this Show in California Texas, Atlanta, Florida or New York.

WE are presently unveiling OUR extraordinarily exquisite, authentic, rare, gems, of Vision Photography- Second-Sight Supernatural; through Vision Quest Global. It is a conglomeration reality of prehistoric ancient Vision Photography of Eternity through The Creation through Eternity; the Future.. There are Seven Signature Series. WE also support charity and philanthropy. Apostle Spring Washington will support Israel's poverty stricken for twelve years.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC (Camden N.J.) intends to roll-out this Signature Series through five different investment ventures within seven years.
1)     Trinity EYES Showcase; a catered affair, a sneak peek preview to the World and investors of EYES value package via one showing. 2) Vision Quest Global is the overseer of all Signature Series investments, local, national, international, 5th year advance. 3) EYES USA World’s Fare; one location, advances the economy by attracting local, national and international tourist, contractors, venders, investors, while expanding hotels, travel and restaurants; 2 year; for three years. 4) The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan is a three-year project with one purpose: Put America Back to Work. 5) EYES Franchising adventure begins in the 7 year. Guaranteeing the sustainability and explosive financial results. Complimenting the five-year economic growth expansion established through the other four investment ventures.


To progressively advance the world’s knowledge of; newly discovered archaic past, present and future hidden Eternity Creation Secrets within all three dimensions of the universe: land; journey to the center of the earth, air; outer-inner-space and sea; underwater worlds located in the heart of the ocean; via a historical, scientific, biblical, paranormal, and supernatural; avant-garde photographic, cinematography of advanced didactic documentaries. 

Catch Fire The American Dream! Reignite The American Dream opportunity to all USA citizens regardless of race, color, belief, creed, faith, origin or political stance. By creating a brand-new economy, that demolishes the federal debt and produces national jobs. Through restoring major multi-level opportunities to the billionaire, millionaire, entrepreneur and the average joe investor. Securing an advanced explosion of wealth to Corporate, Small Business, Government, Churches, the Outreach Community and Philanthropy. Ah! Finally, The American Dream is Back!

OUR Visionary Apostle Spring Washington Founder/Pres/CEO has a strong history as a skilled Operations Manager with solid experience. She is award winning, business savvy; and client focused. Diverse venues include Corporate Market Network, Promotional Advertisement, and Financial Services Management.  Here are some of her accolades: Top Manager/10 trophies Top Trainer/over 50 certificates Top Area Manager, Manager of the Quarter, Manager of the Month  Volume over 200% (3 times). Recently recognized by Biltmores Whos? Whos? & Strathmores Whos? Who?She has studied at Rutgers University School of Business Accelerated Supervision/ /Quality Management, Career Minds-, LAEDA  Entrepreneur School, Associated Business Careers , Antioch School of Biblical Studies, & The Bible Institute-Evangelism Explosion. She is also the Overseer  of KING YAHWEH'S KINGDOM Inc-Non-profit (26 years).

OUR Vision Photography  have not been seen before anywhere on the face of the planet. It is a conglomeration reality of Eternity through The Creation through to Eternity;  the Future. From demonic to holy featuring OUR Show Stopper; The Messiah Jesus Christ! All of Our supernatural clouds are a direct result of visions given to Apostle Spring through the Power of The Holy Spirit. Once a vision has transitioned from spiritual to supernatural it is now known as second-sight. Second-Sight awards a human-being the ability to capture a mere glimpse of the supernatural through the
 Eyes of The Trinity.
All Christians have spiritual gifts. In biblical-terms she has the prophetic gift of miracles 1 Corinthians 12:28. Her second-sight is so phenomenal she is able to capture on camera all that she sees. She will be the first to express though; there's a three-fold parallel. While the gift appears to be glamorous; as well demonstrating 100-fold return: the actual  balance is much hell persecution. In other words there is a heavy price to pay for this particular gift.; because this  one  exposes  and  provokes  Satan's demonic realm 2 Corinthians 10:3-6.
However; there's beauty in the brutal! The beauty a tremendous glory cloud aroma  atmosphere  with The Trinity Triune, Jehovah, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. She says it's like being in  suspended  animation caught-up between Heaven and earth; surrounded by Peace Be Still.  Tranquility; where there's absolutely, positively no worries, no fear; nothing matters. So humbling you never want to leave the atmosphere; but His Voice is whispering it's not time yet. This magnificent experience is the actual paralleled balance to all the warfare encounters. And then there's the 100-Fold Return Manna Inheritance :actual proof; confirmation of the miraculous adventure! Mark 10:30
 The Trinity has labeled this incredible adventure known as an uncommon harvest 100-Fold Return Inheritance: Manna!
In the Old Testament; Manna was the source of wilderness survival. In the New Testament and today Manna Is Jesus Christ; The Ultimate Resource!! The 5000 and 7000 were fed through intercession of Jesus Christ to His Father King Yahweh, The Kingdom! It is through The Messiah by the Power of Sir Royal Majestyk, The Holy Spirit that we reach for The Kingdom, King Yahweh to supply all our needs. 
Jesus Christ Is The Eternal Manna!  John 6:47-51


Listen, as an Apostle for The Kingdom have worked Faith-based Ministry with no income for more than fourteen years, my choice. Ministry is the hardest working job on the planet; but next to God, my first love. I love to witness lives transform. I have paid folks mortgages, rents, groceries, fed and clothed the homeless. There is no greater rejuvenating experience than to watch someone's life transition from agony and pain to rest relief. 

As a discipler for Christ most of my students have been men. Women are emotional and men are analytical and both can play a major part in hindering the process. Discipleship can prove to be a grueling process; because it's geared toward breaking you out of all your comfort zones. It definitely requires you to see pass your emotions and intellect. It also requires your willingness to be self-will broken. Your desire to acquire an appetite to be completely led by The Holy Spirit. And this can only be accomplished by gradually learning how to love God. Really love God; more than people, places, things; here's the hardest one; more than yourself.  It's a six step process of maturing in The Word; hear, listen, receive, retain, become, becoming! By learning how to walk in ten biblical principles. Love is an action word and God Is The Heart Inspector. When you become child-like transparent with Him; supernatural extraordinary adventures begin face-to-face. The undeniable evidence............


It is OUR Goal to broaden the world's awareness in reference to the truths WE know and expand it when pertaining to the truths; WE don't know. The double photo's are purposed. The one's to the left are the original CD shots. The one's to the right are computer graphic parallels. However the picture of the Angel of Light Satan Lucifer is the original shot. WE will say this Satan is not the only one in the picture; focus your eyes to the right of the shot. and you will see the demon; looking directly at him.
Please note Apostle Spring is not a professional photographer; neither can she draw. This shot was actually taken by Apostle Spring on October 4, 2009 and  sent by the blackberry to her email  at 539pm. The information below is the actual message sent to her email from the blackberry attached with the shot. This Satan posing in the form of the Angle of Light. He wants us to think he's Jesus. 
 mmm.smil Download (0.4 KB) Download View slide show (1) Download all as zip MMS ------Sent: Oct 4, 2009 5:39 PM  Sent via BlackBerry 

There are Seven Signature Series: Enemies at the Gate demonic. The Haunted vs The Authentic earth. Deep Blue Crush Velvet underwater universe. Gorilla-Apes-supernatural intelligence. Child's Play children's cartoons. King Yahweh's Creations Day & Night have faces, Destiny Angel is wearing a crown of jewels.
King Yahweh's Kingdom; The Messiah!!!


Enemies at the Gate
 platforms The Devil & His Soldiers.
The Haunted vs The Authentic;
 this series clearly clarifies the difference between Satan's magic vs God's Miracles on earth. You actually see Satan's ghosts,
and God's invisible soldiers, no clouds.
Deep Blue Crush Velvet
is an underwater world universe. Where human beings and fierce creatures exists.
Gorilla -Apes
 appear to have supernatural intelligence. 
 Child's Play
 creatures that look like cartoon clouds; simply awesome; captivating; extraordinaire!
 King Yahweh's Creations
 featuring Day & Night; Day & Night have faces. Then there's Destiny Angel.  Destiny Angel is wearing a crown of jewels.
King Yahweh's Kingdom
Show Stopper
The Messiah Jesus Christ
The SD shots are phenomenal;  humbling mesmerizing, 
exhilarating and breathtaking: like am I still breathing!!!

Would it be safe to say that; I AM A Jealous God, The Great I AM That I AM, Sir Omnipresent Everywhere, Omnipotent All Power, and Omniscient All Knowing: knew in Eternity before HE created Lucifer in Heavens Glory, that he would become the outcast-ed treacherous evil enemy of The Kingdom? Would it also be safe to say; if God Infinitely knew Satan would reach beyond The Glory: to the point of no return: perdition. And He still created him anyway;  He definitely knew that He was creating evil. Finally would it be safe to say displaying His appalling creations, the wicked He knew He was creating; only proves that all things including and especially the horrific also bow-down to Him Whose Name Is Jealous: Is A Jealous God?
I'm just saying.......
Apostle Spring
Isaiah 45:7   Exodus 34:14    Proverbs 16:4


Suppose there really is a God Who created all things; would it be safe to say that He or She would desire at some point in our lives to reveal Him or Herself? Would it also be safe to say He or She would desire to reveal some portions of all sides of Creation and not just some portions of one side of Creation?
Finally would it be safe to say that He or She would want to prove His or Her Brilliance far surpasses ours? 
I'm just saying...
Apostle Spring
Isaiah 45:7    Psalm 24   Isaiah 55:8-9    2 Peter 3:8


 Is A Equal Opportunity Employer
You don't have to be a Christian to become an employee of  EYES LLC. 
But WE are seeking individuals of good character, morals, integrity, values 
hosting demonstrated respect for co-workers.