My name is Apostle Spring Washington. I am Founder/Chairman/CEO of EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC. EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC (start-up) is a Signature Series Wholesale Distribution Company. Because EYES is Wholesale Distribution and will sell a variety of products; there’s a subdivision that manages the Signature Series separately. Vision Quest Global oversees EYES Signature Series. The Signature Series; Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold: is an avant-garde photographic, cinematography supernatural education of; newly discovered past, present and future hidden eternity creation secrets within all three dimensions of the universe: land (journey to the center of the earth), air (outer-inner space) and sea (underwater worlds). This photography legitimately represents at least six different categories; education, history, science, bible, paranormal, and supernatural. 
The Greatest Show on Earth, The Event of The Century!  EYES Cinematography literally puts America Back on the Map!

What exactly is Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold? Authentic photography of actual visions of the supernatural. The invisible, visual visible, the unseen, seen, the unknown, known; of all three dimensions of the universe; air (outer-inner space), sea (underwater worlds) and land (journey to the center of the earth). Where does it come from? I'm glad you asked? Second-Sight Supernatural stems from a biblical gift known as “the prophetic gift of miracles”. Which awards me the ability; by the prompting of The Holy Spirit; to see into invisible worlds; visual-visible. The photography is not the gift; the photography serves as evidence of my supernatural miraculous gifting.  

For many decades’ folk, have intrigued us with their accounts of UFO’s, the extraterrestrial, the paranormal, the supernatural; and The Rapture. Well, this decade EYES LLC is officially unveiling a mere portion of Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold: to the public, confidently validating those claims.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is a JESUS Kingdom Company. JESUS gave me; the business, the resource and the strategy.  Therefore, JESUS will receive all the credit; publicly. WE will unveil Our Signature Series through documentary platform. Therefore staying the course of 'education of the supernatural'. Aren't You bored, I know I am ? We've been learning and teaching the same things for centuries now. It's time to learn something we don't know and introduce it to the entire world. 

All documentaries will include biblical content. However, it’s my goal to make EYES Universal presentations reasonably palatable for everyone without compromising my faith. So, I have decided to allow the history, science, education, paranormal, bible and supernatural experts to parallel their professional opinion in each documentary: cold hard facts, no confrontational material allowed;
 (terms & conditions apply).  

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC (Camden N.J.) intends to roll-out this Signature Series (documentary platform) through five different investment ventures within seven years. 1) Trinity EYES Showcase; which is a sneak peek preview to the World and investors of EYES value package via one showing, by invitation only. 2) Vision Quest Global is the overseer of all Signature Series investment Show bookings, local, national and international. 3) USA World’s Fare; one location, advances the economy by attracting local, national and international tourist, venders and investors; which will in turn expand the hotel, travel and restaurant industries: three years. 4) The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & The Melting Pot Re-Employment Plan are a three-year project with one purpose: Put America Back to Work, while allotting Employers the ability to pay fare wages. 5) Franchising sustains and increases the five-year economic growth expansion established through the other four investment ventures (national and international). 

All EYES projects will be ‘debt free’ from the start of each venture; setting the transition in place for ‘new money’. Wealth without risk is ‘new money’ that makes money without debt. Investor returns will begin distribution in the 3, 4 and 5 years and the investor will decide the year of investment return.. Of course the longer the wait, the higher the percentage return. The only way to ensure investors secure returns on investments is to stay free of impending liabilities.

I; Apostle Spring Washington am sole proprietor of  EYES LLC; and am not seeking any partnerships.
My vision is to work independent but in parallel conjunction with any portion of the Government,  an Organization , Church, or Business, whose mission is to put America Back to Work, and bring The American Dream Back.
  EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is and will remain; a family owned private business.  
I know if anyone can respect my posture on family only business, it's You. 

I am  reaching out to You, Mr. President; for several reasons. One Your goal is to make America Great Again. My goal is to bring back The American Dream, and Put America Back to Work now. In my opinion You can't make American Great Again without restoring the American Dream. Everyone should have the opportunity to advance; the rich, the middle-class and the poor; men and women, young and old, rural and urban, all citizens of America. Regardless of race, creed, faith, religion or nationality.

Our other common ground: Put America 1st. I truly believe it's time to take care of Home first, non-negotiable. While Our methods are totally different; I believe as Bosses we can respectfully agree to disagree; yet still work parallel for the same common purpose.

While Our economic growth looks good on paper, if we're being brutally honest it really doesn't reflect 95% of the households in America; and that's a major catastrophe. There are more jobs, but smaller wages. Most Americans whom  are employed are forced to work two jobs just to survive. That's clearly not The American Dream; nor is it the path to making America Great Again. And let's not talk about College graduates whom are stuck with a ton of debt; 1.2 billion dollars to be exact; and still not working in their fields. Or in their field for minimum pay, because the Employer can't afford a compatable salary. Atrocious!!

For the record, I'm not looking for any political gain, simply not interested. I'm not a democrat or a republican, I am an independent. 
I know my lane, Ministry, , Family Business, education and philanthropy. And now, mums the word, I simply want to talk business. 
Isn't that why America voted You into the presidency; because You're considered the Top Businessman in America. Well let's talk business that pertains and results in action; in making this massive vision; that We collectively see: come true. Make America Great Again, Bring Back The American Dream, Put America Back to Work, and Put America 1st. You would agree when it comes to the vision We're on the exact same page' right?

Let's talk about THE WALL that You think is the best security for America. I simply have no opinion either way. But I do see where the Government paralleling with EYES can get Your Goal accomplished without shutting down the Government or causing financial duress  to any States. EYES has five Towering Floors; the first Floor 'Trinity EYES Showcase is projected  to generate 
$11, 350,000,000, one Show, invitation only. Why not negotiate with Congress on allotting a certain amount of taxes toward Building The Wall. That way nobody is out of pocket, directly. Between Trinity EYES Showcase , Vision Quest Global,  EYES World's Fare, and The Melting Pot Project there's at least a seven year advance of economic growth. 

 EYES Franchising will begin the 7th year; and all purposed to sustain the economic growth and navigate permanent financial security. There are very few things in America that aren't taxable.  Again; You could negotiate that a certain percentage of the taxes that the Government receives would go toward building The Wall. It just makes good business sense, everybody wins.

Stroke of a Pen
What's in it for me, I hear You, Mr. President? I'm glad You asked?  EYES is a start-up that needs proper funding; 600,000,000 at minimum. However; I'm really aiming for one tenth of Trinity EYES Showcase income projection of $11,350,000,000 one Show.
 I am a professional and perfectionist. Everything connected to the unveiling of EYES LLC  must be superb, extraordinary, extravagant, authentic and delivered at its ultimate expertise. Even more significant, the intellectual properties require the best security. With the exception of the copyright, there are no real legal securities put in place for photography. Therefore I must ensure and secure my own; and that will require significant funding. 

For example, what does it take to secure the US Mint. The President's Budget for the US Mint (2017-2016) is $2,956,207.
Every supernatural photograph is priceless, which makes it ching-ching. I'm not worried about thievery of the supernatural, it simply can't be stolen. In other words if an SD is stolen the thief will not be able to see what's on it. Or the thief might see something they clearly don't want to see. I don't know how GOD would respond; it's HIS Inheritance Gift to me. Any attempt to steal it would be an attempt to steal from GOD. Anybody feeling froggy go ahead and leap; I personally am going to be hiding. I don't have to protect the supernatural vision, visual visible, because no one can steal a GOD given miracle gift. It's GOD job to protect my inheritance. The photography is not the gift, it serves as evidence of my miraculous gifting.

 I need to secure the natural, the SD, CD; protect them, for the purpose of building my collection for redistribution. If stolen,  I would be out of that particular SD or CD.  My goal is to build a vault for my product, its a National Treasure.  Based on Your US Mint budget 2017, I believe I would at least need 3,000,000, to secure the intellectual properties, building, vault and manpower security. I see it as a modest start toward the best security.

The point; I'm either going to acquire the funds needed through one American investor or a grant. I have been weighing my options lately and I'm leaning more toward the grant. It just make excellent business sense. It doesn't mean I won't coordinate with an investor, it just means my pendulum is leaning strongly toward the grant. It aligns with EYES LLC Wealth Vision: All EYES projects will be ‘debt free’ from the start of each venture; setting the transition in place for ‘new money’. 
Wealth without risk is ‘new money’ that makes money without debt.

 My minimum request is 600,000,000.  However; I reserve the right to pursue one tenth of Trinity EYES Showcases estimated income, based on EYES LLC Business Plan financial projections.  Trinity EYES Showcase is set to generate more than 11, 350,000,000 with one showing. Vision Quest Global Investor Booking the 1st year, well lets just say the 'sky's the limit', which all lead into EYES World Fare ( 3 years ).  American  & Israel investors, only first five years.  Everybody's coming from around and to America. Let's not forget about jobs, real jobs, with real salaries. Economy explosion, what federal deficit?

To be honest with You, I paid a specific grant writing Company to handle this for me; unfortunately, I was scammed. They took my funds and refused to answer my calls and emails. It's a little more to it, but I'll spare You the details. As a result I feel compelled  to cut through the red tape and come directly to 'The Man with the Pen in His Hand'. You, Mr. President are just a stroke of a pen away, from Making America Great Again,  Putting America Back to Work, Putting America 1st, and bringing Back The American Dream. You, I and everybody get exactly what we want. American Justice!! Yeah, we're spoiled, but that's who we are! And as long as we're willing to work for what we acquire, than we've earned it.

You're probably saying, the security requirement is a bit much, or maybe even too much. I beg to differ, think about it.  Expertise in every area required guarantees ultimate success. I am a perfectionist and You are too. I refuse to settle for anything less than the best. 
There are a lot of significant factors that surround launching this Five Tower Seven year Love Project successfully. For example: national manpower security, intellectual properties security, different types of investors (ie) billionaires club, millionaires club, entrepreneurs club and investors club.  Unless I start with solid and secure financial 'debt free' backing I'm doomed from the start, never-the-less the finish.

 Vision Quest Global will only do investment business with America and Israel  the first five years. My decision is not an indictment on any other Country. My decision is based on two things, putting America 1st, we extend Our hand to everyone; it's time to take care of ourselves. Second; is simple, Israel is JESUS Chosen Family, that's a no brainer. I know this causes a major discrepancy amongst most views. And that is, most Jews do not recognize or acknowledge JESUS as their MESSIAH. True, but the bible says HE is their MESSIAH. My posture is to make sure 'my hands are clean in that Great Day'. Their freewill choices are the same as mines and between HIM and them, it has nothing to do with me. The goal: rebuild America with massive sustainability and a lot Israel the resources to continue to protect itself from poverty,  hurt, harm or danger. 

Finally our veterans will have an opportunity to recover. After being on the front-line defending Us. We finally get to defend them when they return. No veteran whom chooses to work, will be without a job. Every veteran should be able to retire gracefully. No senior citizen should be deprived from retirement or force to work or to live in deplorable conditions.

I would also be open to NASA being a part of EYES World Fare. Both NASA & EYES are authentic, real and adventurous. The difference NASA's vision is science natural and EYES's vision is GOD supernatural. There is no conflict because our Visions are totally different, but Our Goals are exactly the same new discovery. Of course Our presentations would be separate. The point I'm trying to make, is EYE LLC has no intention of challenging any other Space program. It's all real the natural and the supernatural. WE would welcome NASA or any other Space Program to become tenants of EYES Worlds Fare. 

I listened to Your Inaugural Speech and the one thing that stood out in my mind. Your eager openness to explore Outer-Space again. EYES is not coming with the traditional adventure, but that's what actually makes America; the Paradigm Leader to the World. It's all new  and I'm unapologetic. Everybody needs to get over it. There's a New Sheriff in Town when it pertains to education, history, science, bible, the paranormal and the supernatural. Get over it! EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC, is a boldly proclaimed JESUS Kingdom Company! Get over it! This time a woman is in charge of a major project for America. Get over it! And perhaps the most controversial poignant point of all; 'I'm an African American, single woman, mother, grandmother'! Get over it! This is 2017 and I am unapologetic!!! This is a twenty-seven year prophetic strategy, that's being birth through a lot of heartache and pain. It's not only brilliant;  it's fail proof. EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is in a league of its own. And I'm extremely unapologetic!!!!

Contrary to many opinions this Country was built on many diverse cultural backgrounds. My ancestors played their part in the advancement of America from slavery to elite professionals. I am determined to continue to build the legacy of my family and leave a legacy for my children's children, because that's what the bible tells me to do. Here's the beauty for me.  I don't have to leave it all behind, like we do with material wealth. With the exception of what part of this inheritance I decide I want to leave behind to my family. When I die, the rest goes with me into the next world; The New Jerusalem; because it's mines. Talk about theft proof! 
Who wouldn't want an eternal gift?


You are a straight shooter and so am I. This really comes down to a simple yes or no. Before You answer think about it. Either We as Americans pull Ourselves out of the muck and mire; that we created; some man made and some natural catastrophe. Therefore We're not indebted to anyone but Ourselves. Or We continue to take out loans and wagers from foreign Countries. Which not only places Us in dire debt to them; but also makes Us vulnerable to their demands and commands.  All of our fore-fathers and mothers are unrested in their graves, because all their hard work appears to be in vain. This Free Melting Pot Country. is starting to become contaminated with many versions of slavery and opression, all because outsiders are subtly starting to dictate Our path,  due to debts owed.  As a Boss You know the worst thing You can do is become servant to the lender.

You only have four years possibly eight, to make an impact. On the other hand, with all due respect, My Project will happen regardless, because it is a GOD IDEA; and no one on the planet earth can stop GOD. Any intentional delays, interference, sabotages are allowed by HIM for the maturing of me. You know HIM, the Republican Party adamantly stands for the principles of GOD's biblical structure, culture, in marriage and abortion. Your Party fights hard and tough for Your beliefs. 

Question; do You all believe in Love? Because GOD Says of all the gifts the greatest is Love. We ought to Love thy neighbor as we love ourselves. It's really not about the money, its about the Love. But it's going to take the money to put Us back together again; in Love. Because this time we have extended ourselves beyond ourselves. American Citizen Family real talk..

EYES LLC is unveiling five Love Projects without discrimination that will award all willing able bodied citizens the opportunity to Get-up, again! It's about the citizens. The rich get richer, the middle-class get wealthy and the poor become sustained. The widows, sick and shut in, elderly can now be properly taken care of through the national Church that always extends its Open Door.  I know my purpose, I've waited patiently, sometimes horrifically for this moment; 27 years to be exact.
 I'm not looking for any accolades, I'm just seeking to do GOD'S WILL. 

I'm even thinking about  Educational TV, as an option to mature others into their biblical gifting; because GOD is not discriminatory. HE is no respecter of person. Meaning if HE illuminated my gifts, HE'S ready to do the same for others. Only to prove one thing, this is not a Spring idea, it's a GOD Idea. All those whom are interested in learning what their biblical gifts are and how to operate in them; should be awarded the privilege. While much of the world stands for hate, poverty, and relentless oppressive control. America has always been the Country that stands for GOD. OUR most valuable possession, money says " In GOD We Trust". Our Government Walls use to say "In GOD We Trust". We place our hand on the bible in the Court House. Our Schools use to include GOD. America was way more secure when we stuck to our core values, while extending freewill ad-will.

Q & A
I am prepared to answer several questions. Allow me to start answering a few right now. The first is probably; am I mature enough to execute the entire Five Towering Floor, Seven year Plan? I'm mature enough to know I need a Dream Team of experts to secure perfection in every facet of The Plan. I'm mature enough to know I won't allow anyone to come in and attempt to deviate from The Plan. I'm mature enough to know I won't allow anyone to take over The Plan. I’m mature enough to know I only need individuals that know how to think big, outside the box, to be participants in elevating The Plan. I’m mature and secure enough to see The Plan through from beginning to end. I’m mature and secure enough to not care about what people think about The Plan. 
 I'm mature enough to know; All or Nothing is my Plan. 

 Can I take criticism, I welcome all constructive criticism, I will not tolerate destructive criticism?  My forte in business has been building powerful Dream Teams. No dead weight! Am I open to advise? Of course I am, as long as it doesn't deviate from The Plan. I'm not open to changing the foundation, but I am open to building the vision. If someone is a better expert in something, my door has a welcome mat. My leadership style is that of a delegator. I don’t need to do everything, and I don’t have any desire to micro-manage anything. Expertise is the core factor to success. I just need to make sure my oversight is thorough, tunnel-vision clear and precise.. 

Does one have to be a christian to become a part of the Dream Team, absolutely not. How ever they must have a proven record of expertise in the area or industry requirement. They must be self-starters with the passion to it takes to see the vision: The American Dream, America 1st, Put America Back to Work, and make America Great Again.

                                                                          FROM ONE BOSS TO ANOTHER BOSS

 Allow me to boldly state: I'm not seeking Your permission to advance EYES Vision for America or even suggesting that You should agree with any part of EYES Mission. I'm simply saying as Bosses with similar visions for America, I believe we can parallel professionally to accomplish both Yours and mines. Opening the doors through the requested grant, opens the door in vast ways for Your Vision for America, the beautiful. And while clearly many of Our personal views are distinctly different. I believe we can professionally agree to disagree, yet still parallel business for the same common goal. Let's do Business, the US Government and EYES LLC. 

The Melting Pot Project & Re-Employment Plan are America's Economy Boost & Job's Plan!  This Job's Plan reignites the private sector; nationally; elevating the middle class, restoring hope to the poor, and advances the wealth of the rich! A perfect picture of America's true Melting Pot.  MPP's Re-Employment Plan guarantees new jobs coast to coast, advances Small Businesses nationally, expands Big Business internationally, jump-starts the economy immediately; all while bringing new wealth to our Country. It also serves as an enticement for major Corporations to invest in America again; without feeling under direst to do so. 

This Project guarantees impacting restoration for all American citizens. MPP opens the doors for every ethnic group regardless of race, religion, origin, culture, faith, and political stance; to become a participant in the revitalization of America. It also serves as an excellent catalyst for Our entire nation to begin to work together and dialog again in a healthy way.

Our vision is to work independent but in parallel contracted conjunction with; The US Workforce & Unemployment Departments of training, development and placement, nationally. By doing so, We save jobs, expand and create additional ones. . There are many private sector Job Search Placement Businesses. EYES has chosen to move in Your direction because Your reputation is already established; You are the prototype. You are already a national branch and brand. You meet the necessary requirements to ensure that every unemployed and employed citizen is provided efficient, consistent, fair and just service. Besides if WE went outside the parameters, WE would still have to come back to You for accurate statistics of employment and unemployment information; time is money.

Part two of Our vision is to work independent, but in parallel contracted conjunction with The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Center for Education and Workforce. This major step would ensure all Business Owners are getting a fair hand shake; when it pertains to the advancement opportunities and ability to pay employees lucrative wages in comparison to their skill set. This organization already has an established reputation, is a national branch and brand. And meets the necessary credentials and requirements to ensure all Business Owners Big & Small confidence in the process every step of the way.. 

EYES LLC contracting simultaneously with the US Workforce, Unemployment Department of training , development and placement & The US Chamber of Commerce Center of Education and Workforce; not only saves time and money  but it also serves as a catalyst for all for all parties involved, to expand; generating billions of dollars in new money opportunities for both Employers and Employees. Every Employer and Employee seeking assistance would be required to aligned with the process established by and between EYES LLC and the US Government. Absolutely positively no favoritism; I'm old school; character, work ethic and integrity are non-negotiable.


EYES The Windows of of Heaven LLC qualifies for grants in these specific categories; education, science, history, religion, female, minority, and Small Business Owner; just to name a few.


 The Business Concept
  Market Opportunity
  Product and Service Offerings
Company Structure 
Mission Statement

Target Market
Marketing Strategy
Competition and Competitive Analysis

Operation Plan
Management Team

Initial Cash Requirements Statement
Profit and Loss Statement, Year1 
Profit and Loss Statement, Year2 
Balance Sheet

        ANY QUESTIONS?          

Mr. President from a business perspective your budget has to be shot, like dead in the water. Come on Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria,  Las Vegas Massacre,  and California's Firestorms.  Wildfires in Rosa, Napa and Sonoma Counties.  Florida, Texas, California, Nevada and Puerto Rico all lay in disaster lane; from deaths, to homelessness. There are still many families without water and electric.   Keep in mind a vast amount of our 1st responders are also victims of these massive tragedies.
Seriously, what's the plan? Who's going to foot the bill? Will Insurance Companys cover the loss? Is the Government totally responsible? Can we raise enough donations?  With our current economic crisis can the Government alone really bring things back to a sustainable normal?  So many disasters I wonder how You sleep at night with all these heavy burdens. Do you want America or even just these five States to become wards of the State, indefinitely? Is it even fair for all the 1st responders to be forced to become wards of the State, because there realistically is no other financial solution to make everybody whole asap.

I believe we're in the rob Peter to pay Paul stage. The truth without some form of major intervention everybody takes a sweltering hit. The rich, the middle class and the poor .  I personally don't ever recall this many catastrophes in America at one time in my lifetime. America is comatose; flat-ling; economic crisis, no real jobs, natural catastrophes, mass murders, severely divided government leadership. We need jobs, with all due respect; despite Your new unemployment numbers, there are still 12 million people out of work. Poverty is at an all time high, Small Businesses are forced to closed their doors. The Middle Class have resorted to entry-level minimum wage or Welfare; while nationally the pay scale has lowered with much more required. And then there's the sequester; folk force to take pay cuts, senior citizen's losing Meals on Wheels, and children no longer able to attend nursery and head-start programs.
America is in debt  to 9 Countries; 9. Hong Kong, 8.Belgium, 7. Luxembourg, 6.Russia 5.Switzerland, 4.Taiwan, 3.Brazil, 2.Japan, 1.China. Any minute these Countries will own  the US; this one takes a miracle. 

This is a  historical moment; the ultimate paradigm shift. 
This one separates the men from the boys; the women from the girls. This one eliminates gender inequality. 
Oh heck you mean a woman could actually have the answer that restores America to its height of riches.
EYES LLC to the rescue. The Love Project that makes everybody whole by covering every facet of lack and gain. from investors to the inclusion of Government, Aerospace Competitors, Big & Small Business, Churches, Venders, Employers and Employees, and a little philanthropy. Seriously, does the Government, Business or any other Organization have any Projects that can even compare to EYES? The answer is a resounding  'NO'! it's time for everybody to grow up and stop acting like cry babies because you can't have your way. Instead, do what our forefathers/mothers would want us to do. Put all our difference aside and work together for the betterment of the entire Country. You can't immediately rebuild lives, homes, schools and businesses without the financial ability to do so. Your vision; Make America Great Again, you don't appear to be an individual to make broken promises. 

Face-to-Face with
 Invisible Worlds visual-visible
Vision Photography
Second-Sight Supernatural


Apostle Spring Washington