The Federal Deficit
The federal deficit rose to $782 billion for fiscal year 2018, the Congressional Budget Office estimated Friday, the largest shortfall since 2012.The deficit easily eclipsed 2017's $666 billion. At just under 4 percent of gross domestic product, the fiscal year 2018 deficit marked the third straight year that the deficit increased as a share of the economy.

The deficit grew in 2018 because revenues were about flat while spending rose 3 percent, according to the CBO.
Modern Conservatives: Sir Roger Scruton. The CBO, Congress' nonpartisan group of budget experts, anticipates that the government's finances will only deteriorate in the years ahead. It expects the annual deficit to rise to $981 billion next year, or about 4.6 percent of GDP, and then eclipse the $1 trillion mark the year after that.

The deficit is the difference in one year between spending and revenues. Accumulated deficits increase the debt.
The total federal debt held by the public is currently around 76 percent of GDP. The CBO expects the debt to rise to around 96 percent of GDP in the next decade, in absence of major congressional changes to taxes and spending.

What is the current US debt 2018?
At the end of FY 2018 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $21.48 trillion, according to the FY 19 Federal Budget.

What is the current national debt?
The U.S. debt is the sum of all outstanding debt owed by the federal government. It exceeded $21 trillion on March 15, 2018. The U.S. Treasury Department's "Debt to the Penny" shows the current total public debt outstanding.

How much is the federal debt?
Right now, US public debt is about $19.84 trillion and may reach $20 trillion by the end of 2017. As you can see from this chart, US debt is up 115% in in the last decade. Nov 8, 2017

What country has the most debt?
The 10 Countries With the Most Debt United States$14.6 trillion 92.7 China $5.7 trillion 19.1 Japan$5.4 trillion 225.9 Germany $3.3 trillion 75.36 more rows

Who is national debt owed to?
We owe a big chunk of the money — about $5 trillion — to the Federal government. So if there ever were a default (hopefully there won't be) the government would also be stiffing itself. We owe about $5 trillion to other countries, including China. The total debt to China is only $1.3 trillion. Oct 11, 2013

How much debt does the US owe China?
As of September 2014, foreigners owned $6.06 trillion of U.S. debt, or approximately 47% of the debt held by the public of $12.8 trillion and 34% of the total debt of $17.8 trillion. As of 2018, the largest holders were China, Japan, Ireland, and Brazil.

How much debt does the US have?
As I write this article, the federal government has accumulated $18.2 trillion of debt. In the following chart we can see how much the “public” debt has risen since 2004. In 2004, the federal debt was $7.3 trillion. This rose to $10 trillion when the housing bubble burst four years later. Apr 24, 2015

The Concord Coalition
The Concord Coalition is currently stating; The US National Debt $21,055,498,294,426 is on an unsustainable path. This debt growth will damage our economy, undermine our standard of living, and leave our children and future generations worse off. Procrastination only makes the problem more difficult to address. The sooner we deal with this $21,055,498,294,426 debt, the better.  https://www.concordcoalition.org/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_ZCf_-vh2gIVHLjACh1J_A2EEAAYASAAEgKjp_D_BwE#id-13829

What is the difference between the national debt and the federal deficit?
In simple terms, a budget deficit is the difference between what the federal government spends (called outlays) and what it takes in (called revenue or receipts). The national debt, also known as the public debt, is the result of the federal government borrowing money to cover years and years of budget deficits.

How the federal deficit affects the debt?
How the National Debt Affects the Deficit. The debt affects the deficit in three ways. ... That's because the deficit, as reported in each year's federal budget, does not include all of the amount owed to the Social Security Trust Fund. That amount is called off-budget.
March 19, 2018

The New York Times
The New York Times states the Federal Budget Deficit is projected to soar over a $1,000,000,000,000 in 2020. Despite healthy economic growth, these are new projections released from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The National Debt is projected to soar to 33,000,000,000,000 by 2028. 

The fear among some economists is that rising deficits will drive up interest rates, raise borrowing costs for the private sector, tank stock prices and slow the economy, which would only drive the deficit higher.
The tax overhaul, which includes permanent tax cuts for corporations and temporary ones for individuals, will increase the size of the economy by an average of 0.7 percent from 2018 to 2028, according to the budget office. But that added economic growth does not come close to paying for the tax overhaul, which the budget office said would add more than $1.8 trillion to deficits over that period, from lost tax revenue and higher interest payments. And if the temporary tax cuts for individuals are extended past their scheduled expiration at the end of 2025, the price tag for the tax overhaul would be even greater.

Fortune by Bloomberg
Fortune, by Bloomberg spotlights the recent military request of $686,000,000,000 by President Donald Trump. The truth; there is never a good reason, not to grant funding, to improve and advance; Our military. Yet even though the request is legitimate, it adds to the towering debt; and is very costly in the deprivation of other major substantial areas of obligation.


The Hill
The Hill focuses on President Donald Trump’s more than $23,000,000,000 request for border security and immigration enforcement, including funds for a wall along the US / Mexico border. Although, this request has folk divided, proper negotiation has a way of giving everybody what they want.


How Much Is America worth?
All the land in the United States, including Landscape Arch in Utah's Arches National Park, is worth an estimated $23 trillion, according to a new report. Americans tend to have a good handle on how much their house is worth. Apr 22, 2015


How much money does China owe the United States?
America again owes more money to China than any other nation. China's vast holdings of U.S. government debt jumped $44 billion to $1.15 trillion in June, according to U.S. Treasury Department data. Aug 16, 2017


How much debt does the average American have?
The average American household carries $137,063 in debt, according to the Federal Reserve's latest numbers. Yet the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the median household income was just $59,039 last year, suggesting that many Americans are living beyond their means. Nov 18, 2017

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World 2018
  1. United States. The United States is the most powerful country in the world.
  2. Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world by area, entirely covering Northern Asia and the majority of Eastern Europe. ...
  3. China. China is the most populous nation in the world. ...
  4. United Kingdom. ...
  5. Germany. ...
  6. France. ...
  7. Japan. ...
  8. Israel. ...

America's International Debt
Courtesy of Quora
Here are the top 10 countries that the US owes the most money to:
1.     Japan $1.11 trillion
2.     China $1.05 trillion
3.     All Other Countries $416.0 billion
4.     Cayman Islands $260.2 billion
5.     Ireland $259.8 billion
6.     Brazil $249.5 billion
7.     Switzerland $228.7 billion
8.     Luxembourg $221.8 billion
9.     The UK $216.5 billion
10  .Hong Kong $192.7 billion


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The point, The United States of America is stagnant, it’s in a death spiral between the entitled and the impoverished. There’s no balance, without stability; it’s impossible to move forward. The onward advance is what our forefathers and foremothers laid down their lives for. The torch is for every citizen, not a certain few. The American Dream doesn’t eliminate, nor does it contain prejudice, discrimination, deprivation or partiality. Therefore, brilliantly displaying its beauty; not excluding any group whether entitled or impoverished.
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This Love Project brings Corporate Businesses back home again. America becomes, The Home of The Gold. WE no longer have to strive to be the richest Country in the World, again. Let’s just say, China has nothing on Us, all debts paid. As well the other 9 countries WE currently owe. America has become servant to the lender. America, land of the free, is a bound and chained slave to debt. The Love Project causes Corporate Businesses to come running back home. The 1st major step toward prosperity. The only way to save and get out of debt is to put all the money in the bank and invest. The Bank is America, the Beautiful. The investment is a no brainer EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC, 5 skyscraper projects, 5 flights up! The sky's the limit! 
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We understand for the sake of our image USA all roads lead to; the economy is flourishing. But, real family talk, with the exception of a fortunate few, WE are all broke, busted economy and disgusted. Unfortunately, a problem can’t be fixed if it’s not even acknowledged. Just because, piece meal hasn’t walked in your household yet, doesn’t mean it’s not coming to your city, down your street and to your front and back door. Natural catastrophes have no respect of person.
As well; it doesn’t matter if one has the product supply, if there is no demand. And if 70% of America can’t afford the product, there is no demand.  So, the plan is to keep relying on Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, July 4th, and Labor Day to boost the economy; really? All fake, because statistics say that at least 40% of those products are returned.
 Ok, even better, keep spending money as if We USA don’t have federal debt. Correct; continue to write blank checks and or I owe yous; robbing Peter to pay Paul. Or better yet, robbing Peter, not knowing when Paul will get paid; just stall. Here’s a beauty, just get another loan from our USA international friends. At some point We’re USA are going to have to show those global helpers Our USA most precious prize hidden possessions to secure the advance. No need for national security, they get to walk straight through the front door. Deathtrap!!! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it’s all a recipe for disaster.
We USA need a plan that not only jump-starts the economy but benefits the entire USA family. A plan that builds, rebuilds, and stabilizes the foundation that our forefathers and foremothers built this precious Country on; blood, sweat and tears. Whether, your ancestors were slaves, living on a reservation, immigrants, or plantation owners; this beautiful Country was built on the backs of all of them. That’s right they all made major contributions and paid heavy prices for and through the birthing of America, the beautiful.
We USA have an obligation to carry out the legacy, debt free. This is the land of the free. There’s no freedom in debt, that’s called hostile takeover. We USA are hostages, on the respirator, with death rattles. That’s right code blue, in all caps! Behind closed doors Our USA universal acquaintances are laughing at Us. Respect, really, that went out the door when We USA failed to pay the debts.
And here’s what’s even scarier, most of the millennials have acquired this entitlement mindset. If this debt situation isn’t turned around now, Our USA Country will be sold for much of naught, through the next generation of leadership. Because words like; legacy, work ethic, morals, dignity, integrity, character, conscience and respect, for the most part are foreign to them. They want what they want now and by any means necessary. It’s all about me, myself and I. And they’re definitely not looking out for the next person, nevertheless our ancestry. Well there goes Our beautiful free Country!
Question, do We USA continue to borrow, rob Peter and stall Paul, write blank checks, and compile debt on top of debt? Or do We become open minded to the solution that has presented itself? It might not be the solution that everyone was looking for, but it is a real solution. A solution that solves all of Our Country’s liabilities. EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC.

Can the small majority USA let go of territorial control long enough, to free the entire land? The death rattles may not have hit your household yet, but they’re coming. This Titanic, the economy is sinking; and without intervention; all is lost. If 70% of Americans lose, the other 30% lose too. Instead of America remaining empowered We become impoverished.
CEO/Founder/Chairman Apostle Spring Washington is not seeking approval for her products, mission, vision or Company. There’s only one thing she is seeking; grant funding approval. EYES LLC will meet every mandate required to secure the capital. Her mission; bring back The American Dream with a vengeance! Puts America 1st, Puts America Back to Work, Make America Safe again, and Make America Whole again; today! Without apology! Five Towering Floors, seven-year strategy, vision focused forward! She’s prepared to face her critics and answer a few questions. Why not get started with a couple of answered questions right now?

Q & A


 Her own words: She’s mature enough to know she needs a USA Dream Team of experts to secure perfection in every strategic part of The Plan. She’s mature enough; to not allow anyone to deviate from, The Plan. She’s mature enough; to not allow anyone take over The Plan. She’s mature enough; to know she only needs people who think big, outside the box, to be participants in elevating The Plan. She’s mature and secure enough; to see The Plan through; from beginning to end. She’s mature enough; to not care about what people think about The Plan. She’s mature enough to know all or nothing is her Plan.


She welcomes constructive criticism? She will not tolerate destructive criticism. Destructive criticism won’t benefit her, the team or the seven-year Project.

 Of course, as long as it doesn’t deviate from The Plan. She’s not open to changing the vision, but she is open to building and expanding the vision. Her forte in business has been building powerful Dream Teams. If someone is a better expert in something, her door has a welcome mat.
Her leadership style is that of a delegator. She doesn’t need to do everything and doesn’t have the desire to micro-manage anything. Expertise is the core factor to success. She needs to make sure oversight is thorough, tunnel-vision, clear and precise.   

Absolutely not! However, they must have a proven record of expertise in the area or industry requirement. They must be a self-starter, self-sufficient, a United States citizen, with a passion to see the vision. The American Dream, America 1st, Put America Back to Work, Make America Safe Again and Make America Whole Again!
Here’s the good news, EYES LLC doesn’t owe any debt, will not open its doors to any debt and will never take on debt. Therefore, every venture of the Five Towering Floors is liability free. America is now on the path to freedom, today, right now!

Most College graduates host a ton of debt and are not working in their fields; or severely underpaid. The education debt presently stands at 3.1 million dollars. Most Americans with a work ethic are challenged to work two or more jobs just to sustain the basics. Presently, Companies like Uber and Lyft are their best 2nd job option. Uber & Lyft are awesome interventions, especially for the comatose middle class. And great examples of The American Dream particularly when it pertains to the Owners. As well proof that The American Dream still exists. Just imagine the entire USA family being free to not only dream again; but to experience those very dreams come true.
There are a several reasons for this calamity. We USA have not really recovered from the 2008 recession, truth be told. The growth employment numbers and depleted unemployment numbers are all fake news. For example; when a person’s unemployment funds run out, they are still unemployed. Yet the new unemployment numbers are upgraded as if the individual is now employed. As well; the new additional job numbers are based on entry level, minimum wage or below poverty level wage positions. So, there’s no real advance, because either way; both have transitioned closer to poverty level.

Reality, We USA are placing a band-aid on an open womb. Maybe if We cover it up, it will disappear. Wrong answer, We risk infection and are susceptible to major harm. Now the marketplace is forced to bring the prices down, because no one can afford it. A product remaining on the shelf, is worse than selling it for half its value. The infection begins spreading and if it can’t be contained and cured then the mindset becomes salvage zone. Now cancer is spreading, sell everything below market value, cars, houses, furniture, clothing, and food. Large and small businesses permanently closed due to the depressed economy. Other Companies dramatically downsized for survivals sake. Big Corporations transitioned and reassigned a substantial amount of jobs overseas. The point, America is in survival zone, functioning on a respirator.
 We need a heart transplant. One full of love. It’s time to love ourselves again. America the beautiful 1st.  The Love Project, EYES Melting Pot Project gives the injection of oxygen with resuscitation needed to bring the entire Country back to life.

We USA have the best homeland security. Even so We need a security plan. America needs to be treated like it’s an international treasure, because it is! No one should be denied citizenship, but the path to it, must be strategically thorough. Otherwise We put ourselves in position for the enemy to walk right through the front door and leave with our most precious possessions.
EYES LLC’s plan pushes the envelope on reevaluating the US’s present national security. A brief evaluation concludes that We should invest more in preventative safekeeping. EYES LLC’s Five Towering Floors, seven-year Love Projects places America in a vulnerable position unless We stand boldly in security preparedness.
EYES LLC plans to hire the best, retired, active, reserve, and unemployed veterans. Whom better to protect Us than those whom have been around the world protecting others. Already professionally trained to spot the enemy and take them down or out, without apology.
It’s going to take army, navy and air force protection to narrate and navigate EYES LLC Projects without incident. The best of the best; all eyes on deck, alert, aware, attentive and prepared to secure and protect always; by any means necessary. This venture floodgates the Us with tourists, local, national and international. Tourists boost the economy, but also put the Country at risk or in harm’s way for terrorist. This is not the time to walk in fear, but instead thorough fortification.
EYES LLC will hire its own security for every affair. However; better planned homeland safety measures should be taken at major check points. Airports, train stations, bus stations, not just during main events, but every day. Putting the proper and appropriate amount of security in place secures citizens, jobs and economic growth. America should be an impenetrable vault to all other Countries. We need to be known for Our high alert, best tech, defense. EYES LLC’s ventures are guaranteed to elevate Americas prosperity to support the salaries required to address and appropriate next level National Homeland Security.

And then there are the ruins, Texas Hurricane Harvey $125,000,000,000, Florida Hurricane Irma $64,008,000,000, California Wildfires $2,005,000,000 / Mudslides $421,000,000, Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria $91, 006,000,000, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, Hawaii Volcano lava spurs and recently North Carolina’s hurricane. Paradise Lost! This doesn’t include the loss of lives. Can’t talk about it, focus on it, because it’s too overwhelming, especially when there is no immediate resolution.
Let’s all close our eyes, change the subject, ignore the fact that even first responder’s lives lay in devastation. The present mindset, every man for him-herself. How can America help others when it can’t even help itself? At least not without robbing Peter to pay Paul and then stalling Paul. Just in case you didn’t hear the verdict earlier, and at the risk of being redundant; family real talk! The negative truth; America is broke! 

It’s impossible to talk about, publicize, and broadcast daily, the disasters, that We have recently encountered in Florida, Texas, California, Puerto Rico, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Why concentrate on calamities We have the inability to financially fix? Let’s pretend just for a moment, it didn’t and isn’t happening. Then folk won’t realize how many Americans are still living in the shelters and poverty? Or how many lives, homes, schools, businesses, cities, towns, churches and government structures were lost.
Yes, let’s forget about all the lives sacrificed. Hurricanes, firestorms, mudslides, tornadoes, gas explosions with subtle threats of a pending earthquake. People’s lives have been destroyed, without intervention. Yet, it’s no longer the topic of discussion, as if to say every man for him or herself. Of course, there are charities behind the scenes on their post. But the real question is; are We financially stable enough to rebuild entire towns and cities, several, right now; this moment?
Our USA present situation is like living in a house that desperately needs plumbing, heating and electricity overhauling; while scraping to make ends meet, because there’s nowhere else to go. When suddenly, the roof caves in, and the front of the house crumbles; what now? Not only is there no money in the bank. We are all tapped out from previous loans that We still owe. We temporarily cover the roof and the front of the house with tarp. But We’re days away from a major snow storm, that’s being called the Nor’easter of the century. We can’t ask Our neighbors for help, because they’re in a worse situation than Us. There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!
There are positive and negative results when unexpected disasters, show up. Of course, the negatives have to do with the ruins. But the positives have to do with the growth. Prejudice, entitlement, barriers, differences, economic variances, cultures, age, gender; all meet at the same address, with the same exact phone number. Let me help you! Ok, let me help you too.  It’s almost like everyone that’s affected becomes one big family. The true Melting Pot is boldly on display, nothing trumps unconditional love.
Our Country was built on love, In God We Trust is on Our money! God Is Unconditional Love! America desperately needs to be unconditionally loved and to learn how to unconditionally love again. The common denominator for everyone rich or poor is unconditional love.
EYES Love Projects put us back together again, in and through unconditional love. Everybody has an opportunity to get-up! No one left behind! It’s a win-win for every person! It’s time to rebuild families, houses, buildings, towns and cities, simultaneously and without debt! America, the beautiful, let freedom reign!!!



America has always been the World’s gift giver from the heart of the nation. We see a need, We fulfill it, no strings attached. We are known for solving major World Relief Disasters through philanthropy and charity. Today, America is on a budget, robbing Peter to pay Paul and desperately stalling Paul. That kind of budget simply means very few debts are paid on time, most are paid late, or just write a blank check. Therefore, impossible to stand fervent in the philanthropy zone.
As well, America has at least five major catastrophes of its own; that need and deserve immediate government intervention. Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and California; all suffering from natural disasters. The government is involved but from a no-frills standpoint. We’re doing the best We can under the existing circumstances. If We continue to put up a good front and keep the visuals out the media, everything will be just fine. It will take time, but We’ll rebuild again. We’ve done it before, We’ll do it again.
That’s not a bad way to look at things, because We really didn’t see this one coming. Therefore, didn’t have time to prepare for it. The problem is, except for one percent of the hundred; the rest of Us are broke. There it is, that’s it, face it.
On paper everything is everything. However; the reality equation aligns Our economic status with the unemployment stage, minimum wage intake, very close to poverty level. Like a person whom has a savings account, but just lost their job. The savings account was originally being set aside for the future. But now, the future is short lived, because those funds already have phone numbers and addresses on them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see We are sinking and fast. We’re on The Titanic, folks, with limited life rafts. The Titanic was a beautiful ride, before it started plummeting.
We can’t afford to experience another natural disaster or tragedy. We can’t stop them either, the Jewish Synagogue, the night club, the hospital and Paradise lost. Neither can We afford to wait until Our savings account is completely depleted before other options are considered. The best investors are taken advantage of in dior situations. Nobody can take care of its home better than its own caretaker. First, We were looking at the debt, now We are looking at the debt and the ruins. There are going to be some hefty prices to pay, if an outsider has to come in to save Us from Ourselves. Because without appropriate intervention, everybody is getting off the Titanic or going down with it.
The USA Titanic is comprised of the federal debt, dismal economy, lack of lucrative investments, college debt, foreclosures, natural disasters, unforeseen tragedies, minimum wage jobs, education deficiencies, poverty, homelessness, big business downsizing, small business closures, threat of government shutdowns, stock market provisional plummets, and dysfunctional leadership, republicans and democrats. Therefore, nothing is getting done.

Nothing happens without a plan. At the moment there isn’t one plan on display that puts the USA Titanic back together again. There are several temporary plugs in the holes.  A lot of promises being made with no real evidence. Keep in mind; it’s the scholars from Princeton University, Harvard University, University of Chicago, Yale University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, just to name a few. Whom have been in charge, that got Us in this mess; in the first place.
To add insult to injury, We American citizens haven’t been given a strategic plan, that gets Us out of it. All talk, gibberish, dead air coming from both sides, the democrats and the republicans. Folk more concerned about party lines than holistically putting our beautiful Country back together, again. Intellectuals, genius leadership whom procrastinate; are going down with the ship. Because the rafts are limited, and the holes are sealed through patchwork.
Finally, the answer to the turnaround is here; EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC.  We can all choose to get on this little mother yacht called EYES LLC. A yacht that has 5 family cruisers, not only built to last, but to weather any storm. An opportunity that’s guaranteed to save everyone on the USA Titanic’s huge ship. This is not a desperate plea, but rather a welcome mat, an invitation.
Talk about sustainability. Everybody can pile on to this mother yacht named EYES LLC, that’s made of steel; no debt, aluminum failsafe; proof and concrete; guaranteed wealth forward advance. It has five family cruisers, Trinity EYES Showcase, Vision Quest Global, EYES World Fare, The Melting Pot Project & EYES Franchise. This mother yacht is ready to align and prepared to make different trips hosting top capacity seven years to secure America. Hosting features, investments and accommodations; revenue for the entire nation. Hello, EYES LLC’s mother yacht just let go of its anchor, has set sail, ready to rescue all those on the USA Titanic. Everybody wins.
Otherwise; masterminds, geniuses, prodigies; if there is a different strategic plan, what is it? We’re all adults, let’s make it happen. We’re out of time!!!! And the moneylenders are sizing Us up, ready to seize the moment!!!