EYES LLC is unveiling Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity's Gold for the first time ever to the World. Vision Photography is the natural term, Second Sight Supernatural is the biblical term for photographs of supernatural
OUTER-INNER-SPACE visions that I see.
OUR Introduction is coming through three venues Franchise, Vision Quest Global Investor Booking &The Melting Pot Project USA Worlds Fare 3yrs. WE are confident that VQG will prove to be the best investor Blue Oceans opportunity in the Market Place globally. VQG is geared toward lucrative financial investment advancement. It's guaranteed to lend substantial impact to Our economy as well.
The World's Fare will serve three major purposes; immediate jobs, jump-start the economy, and deficit buster. The Re-Employment Plan is the foundation builder to ensure sustainability. It will also instantly expand jobs in areas of hotel, restaurant, travel and vending. The recession is over, the resources are available; real sky shots. The Greatest Show on Earth!! 
The Melting Pot Project is EYES projected USA World's Fare; with a pilot extension;  MPP Re-Employment Plan. MPP is America's Job's Plan, Economic Boost, & Deficit Buster. The Re-Employment Plan is a proposed melting pot of donations that will be used to parallel with Small Business Owners to put America back to work coast-to-coast, simultaneously.

EYES focus is to advance relief of deprivation and poverty; regardless of religion, culture, faith, origin, to all unemployed USA citizens; improving lives, livelihoods and lifestyles. Our desire is to work in conjunction with Workforce & Unemployment Departments of training, development and placement. By doing so, We save jobs, and create additional ones.
The Melting Pot Re-employment Plan's purpose is to subsidize financial support to Small Business  in all fifty States. Each Business must meet this specific criteria of showing no prejudice; hiring the 99ers & veterans first; including no age or gender discrimination. Then the entire Country goes from Our present crisis state of turning into a Welfare Nation; to what Our fore-father-mothers bore blood, sweat, tears for; equality, liberty, and justice for All.
As America's top investors all of You are quite aware that our economic situation has brought much pain to many hard working individuals who have played a major part in maintaining what our fore fathers-mothers built. Detroit's recent bankruptcy is a perfect example. Detroit was one of America's top economic cities between the life of the automobile  and the music industries. 

Now it stands in a pile of ruins; at least without any intervention. The reality; there are 11 other fragile States in jeopardy of the same exact fate. What's even more significant You probably live in one of them: Illinois, California, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  Any minute You too can walk outside Your beautiful mansions with Your 10 car garage and be accosted with a pile of rubble. It's time for action; Our Country is in shambles!
And then came the natural disasters; right now this very moment the historical landmark of Yosemite Park is in harms way! And if We look out of Our peripheral vision the horror of Hurricane Sandy created a disaster areas in parts of New Jersey and New York that only a financial miracle can fix. With Our current economic crisis can the Governmental one really bring things back to a sustainable normal? Let's not discuss all the other natural catastrophes California wildfires, five Mid-west States under flood water, as well the Texas & Louisiana explosions. Murder massacres are at an all time high Sandy Hook, New-town, Chicago and Boston.
There's only one way to get this economy flourishing vibrantly again; and that's through creating a venue that produces  the consistent flow of new money. The wonderful thing about this particular moment in time; despite the hardship, trial, and agony tribulation; this truly is a brainstorming opportunity. The majority of Our Country's greatest financial explosion took place during some form of recession/depression.
The beauty of this Project is in the diverse ways You can become an asset and contributor. You can invest, there's VQG & MPP & coming soon The Franchise. Or You just might decide to donate, there are 12 million job seekers and 607,000underemployed. Think about the impact You will have in putting America back to work through MPP's Re-Employment Plan. Or perhaps You're just plain hands on; what about America's Dream Team? Moreover You can become an active participant of everything; Your choice.
EYES will donate 7%of all it's earning to this worthy cause. Just think; a vibrant Country flourishing again; advances You in to unimaginable heights. A million dollars in America today is only worth about six hundred thousands. If the economy gets any worse. Well, need I say any more.

America is in debted to 9 Countries; 9. Hong Kong, 8.Belgium, 7.Luxemburg, 6.Russia 5.Switzerland, 4.Taiwan, 3.Brazil, 2.Japan, 1.China. Any minute these Countries will own US; causing Our democracy to move in the direction of dictatorship. This one takes a miracle.
This is a historical moment; the ultimate paradigm shift. This one separates the men from the boys; the women from the girls; the dreamers from the game changers. This one eliminates gender inequality. This time a woman has been given the privilege and the honor of unveiling the answer, the game changer that restores America to its height healing and financial riches.
Listen, as an Apostle for The Kingdom have worked Faith-based Ministry with no income for more than fourteen years, my choice. Ministry is the hardest working job on the planet; but next to God, my first love. I love to witness lives transform. I have paid folks mortgages, rents, groceries, fed and clothed the homeless. There is no greater rejuvenating experience than to watch someone's life transition from agony and pain to rest relief.

As a discipler for Christ most of my students have been men. Women are emotional and men are analytical and both can play a major part in hindering the process. Discipleship can prove to be a grueling process; because it's geared toward breaking you out of all your comfort zones. It definitely requires you to see pass your emotions and intellect. It also requires your willingness to be self-will broken. Your desire to acquire an appetite to be completely led by The Holy Spirit. And this can only be accomplished by gradually learning how to love God. Really love God; more than people, places, things; here's the hardest one; more than yourself.  It's a six step process of maturing in The Word; hear, listen, receive, retain, become, becoming! By learning how to walk in ten biblical principles. Love is an action word and God Is The Heart Inspector. When you become child-like transparent with Him; supernatural extraordinary adventures begin face-to-face. The undeniable evidence...........
 Trinity EYES Showcase
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