EYES VQG is the first to introduce Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural to the entire world. Vision Photography natural term; Second Sight Supernatural biblical term are actual photos of reality visions that reveal many new unknown worlds. These pictures reveal characters and creatures from ancient, prehistoric, demonic, and holy extending from The Creation into Eternity. Some of it We have heard about, read about in history books and the bible; but have never seen; at least not in Our life time. But all of it is amazing, phenomenal, spectacular.

EYES LLC five towering Floors of elevation, Trinity EYES Showcase, Vision Quest Global and EYES World’s Fare, will cause the economy to immediately flourish by attracting local, national and international tourist, venders and investors; which will in turn expand the hotel, travel and restaurant industries. The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan, 4 year advance; is a three-year project with one purpose: create a new economy that Puts America Back to Work. 5th year Vision Quest Global universally advances placing a cushion under the new economy. The international communities will have access to the product in the 5th year, however for security purposes and retention of America’s prosperity, the distribution will be five years behind. The gist, the world will still have to come to America to see and experience the newest products on the market. Franchising the 7th-year sustains and explosively increases the five-year economic growth expansion established through the other four investment ventures. As well protects Our product and investments as WE accelerate into the global marketplace.
Blue Oceans theory increases all investors ability to pursue new wealth; without any competition. If there are three Shows going on in the Country or around the world, all three investors will be displaying different photography; cinematography and or different presentations. There will only be 5 different Shows before EYES World’s Fare. However; based on investor and consumer interest; those Shows can be displayed multiple times; before EYES World Fare. For example, the 5 Shows that are being presented on the West Coast, can now be seen on the East Coast; and vice-versa. EYES also reserves the right to add more shows bases on investor and consumer response. The advance of Trinity EYES Showcase & Vision Quest Global through Blue Oceans theory increases all investors ability to pursue new wealth; without any competition.  

EYES LLC’s vision in a perfect world without any glitches; would be to roll out every project within a seven-year span. However; in forward thinking; even if there are delays in between each venture; the financial capability and capacity only advances. For example, two Trinity EYES Showcase of I, II III & IV instead of one presentation would automatically supersede our monetary consumption result. Expanding Vision Quest Global to ten different shows instead of five; before the EYES World’s Fare; cha-ching, extending EYES World Fare 5 yrs instead of 3 yrs; new economy, what national debt or deficit. The point, any delays simultaneously turn to progressive prosperity.

Our growth accelerates through the strategic progressive expansion of all 5 tier projects. Every year a new/next level adventure capital venture.
Year One: Trinity EYES Showcase- Investor & Consumer Sneak Peek
Year One-Two: Vision Quest Global-Investor Booked Shows
Year Three-Four: EYES World Fare- Coming to America
Year Five-Six: The Melting Pot Project-National Jobs Fair & Re-Employment Plan
Year Five-Six-International Investors- Trillion-Zillion Dollar Marketplace
Year Seven-Eight: Franchising-From Here Into Eternity

EYES LLC growth strategy is transparent; five debt-free projects, seven years. To ensure sustainability WE are limiting the advance internationally the first five years. Each project is piggy backing onto the next securing cutting-edge advancement. The truth that Our product is everything that the entire world is inquisitive about; guarantees a consistent audience. Five shows only before EYES World’s Fare allots a vast opportunity for Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural, Eternity’s Gold to be introduced to, through and around the Country. In addition, generating international tourist advances hotel, restaurant, travel and vending.
WE are not only confident about Our launching, but patient. One project at a time. Each venture must exude precision perfection, non-negotiable. Any delays between ventures encompasses additional opportunities to increase revenue. All ventures will be debt-free from start to finish, clearly a win-win for everyone.

EYES LLC Goal is to present these reality pictures through documentary to the World. WE have the only real pictures of Jesus and those photos are simply breathtakingly indisputable; it really is Him! Each shot shows clear evidence of another world’s existence; to say the least, there is definitive proof of a parallel universe. Clearly a different culture, everything, person and creature appear to be supernatural, most of nothing We have ever seen before.
Although there are seven Reality Signature Series; EYES will only be releasing one God's Creations for public view at this time. Education and security are OUR major concerns. First; WE recognize folk fear, attack and reject what they don't understand. So WE desire to roll this historical dynamic out gently accompanied by elementary facts and truths easy to digest.


There are two major concerns theft and black-market distribution. Prince Yeshua’s Vault Bank eradicates all theft. We are currently investigating all options that prevent illegal distribution. Securing these two protect all investments. Which is the reason why Prince Yeshua’s Vault Bank is the best option.

Prince Yeshua’s Vault Bank will serve as the ultimate security for all EYES LLC’s intellectual properties. As a bank, the ultimate security of all revenue secured by both EYES LLC & KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM INC, Non-profit. As a tourist trap; it automatically strengthens marketing and promotional advertisement; without any additional funding or effort. WE like to see it in the same equivalent status as The US Mint, a national treasure.

EYES Intellectual Properties 2010 copyright. WE are 100% legally secured under all copy right laws; security of OUR Product is non-negotiable.  However unfortunately photography can not be patented; and legal copyrights don't necessarily provide the same ironclad protection. So WE will spend the first few years exploring as many additional legal options as possible to prevent impostors from stealing, repackaging and hosting legal claims.

As a secondary precaution measure of Our merchandise's integrity, EYES LLC will always only display one-of-a-kind. Universal Soldier x2, Deuce, Black Hawk, Thug Angel and Lucifer-Angel of Light are being shown on the internet for commercial advertisement purposes only. No other photos will ever be displayed on the internet. These are the only ones EYES will have used parallel graphic design photos as well.  WE will for the very first time expose Enemies at The Gate's original SD shots. The one you see of Universal Soldier left is the original CD shot; right computer graphic. The CD shot is a suggested requirement of Our Attorney to maintain legal protection from theft and  impostors.

None comparison; the picture clarity is so stunning SD you actually witness supernatural intelligence on every creature. There's no doubt in your mind that the shot of Universal Soldier is that of a real person the thing that will have you mesmerized is that he is ancient. Suddenly it hits you; these are not just shots this is a new fresh weird but true reality. Then the spine tingling question becomes; are those who live centuries before us alive in another world? The attachment comes in the visualization; they all possess some form of human feature and appear to be posing for the picture.
Again the original SD can be seen with the utmost picture clarity. This will eliminate any fake shots surfacing with claims from impostors stating shot was taken from a different angle. This strategy increases all investors ability to pursue new wealth; without any competition Blue Oceans. In other words; no investor will ever be showing the same pictures or presentations at the same time. If there are three shows going on in the Country, all three will being displaying different pictures or presentations. No competition!

All Productions will include biblical dialog, content, and script. However; it is Our goal to make Our Universal presentation reasonably palatable to everyone without compromising Our Faith. So WE have decide to allow the Science, History, Paranormal, Supernatural and Educational Industry to offer their parallel professional opinion. Christian and non-Christian certified experts will be awarded the opportunity to present cold hard scientific, historical, paranormal, supernatural, educational and biblical truths. Healthy dialogue; only, no confrontational content will be allowed.Each shot is mesmerizing, intriguing, stunning; a smorgasbord for scientist, historians, paranormal, biblical, and supernatural research. As well a vast venue of education for skeptics, naysayers, atheist, and believers.
 terms & conditions apply
EYES strategy is to produce a new economy nationally simultaneously. VQG is a revenue advance for America, Israel & International Marketing . WE provide the ultimate opportunity for investors to make money. Every Entrepreneur, Business Owner, 5 Fold Leader, heck even the average Joe; can financially advance easily, substantially and immediately. EYES's CEO/Founder/Chair's  main focus is family, Church and America. However WE are extending the economy boost opportunity through VQG  around the world.  And the financial return; well let's just say there are millions, billions , trillions; at stake for all parties. Wealth without risk; is new money that makes money without debt.