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EYES LLC Five Towering Floors of elevation, Trinity EYES Showcase, Vision Quest Global and The USA World’s Fare will cause the economy to immediately flourish by attracting local, national and international tourist, venders and investors; which will in turn expand the hotel, travel and restaurant industries: five years. The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan, 4 year advance; is a three-year project with one purpose: create a new economy that Puts America Back to Work. Fifth year, Vision Quest Global internationally advances placing a cushion under the new economy. Franchising the 7th-year sustains and explosively increases the five-year economic growth expansion established through the other four investment ventures.


A Vision Quest Global experience is different from any other. EYES LLC documentaries are advanced through each reality experience. Every individual will walk away knowing they just had an encounter with another world. This will not prove to be just another nice movie. But instead an experience and encounter like never before. An encounter that’s not scary, but instead, amazingly, phenomenally, brilliantly awesome.


The pictures you haven't seen yet have stellar picture clarity; the ones you are presently looking at are either from the CD (left) or the computer graphic (right). However the original SD's show every detail. OUR Intent; recapture through production filming the actual experience: breathtakingly astounding. None of Our debuts will take place in movie theaters, but instead in major closed domed stadiums, arenas, universities and mega churches. Everyone will walk away having had an encounter with another world, oppose to just seeing another good movie. Imagine being able to travel into the Universe while still sitting in your seat; that's what it's like.





Trinity EYES Showcase; a catered affair, a sneak peek preview to the World and investors of EYES LLC's value package via one showing. 2) Vision Quest Global is the overseer of all Signature Series investments, local, national; international, 1st year advance. 3) EYES USA World’s Fare; one location, creates new economy by attracting local, national and international tourist, contractors, venders, investors, while expanding hotels, travel and restaurants; 2nd year; for three years. Fifth year international advance, trillion dollar marketplace. 4) The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan is a three-year project with one purpose: Put America Back to Work. 5) EYES Franchising adventure begins in the 7th year. Guaranteeing the sustainability and explosive financial results. Complimenting the five-year economic growth expansion established through the other four investment ventures.






Americans investors only, the 1st five years, sustains EYES LLC's mission statement: “The American Dream is Back”! Israel Citizens are included for one reason alone; the bible proclaims Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. This doesn’t mean that Vision Photography will be available to the Country of Israel immediately. It simply means they will be allowed to invest and make a profit the same as American investors, in America the 1st five years. However; Israel will be the 1st Country to display Vision Photography, outside of the USA after all the appropriate securities have been put in place.


WE hear you, what if a Jewish person has dual citizenship or how does this apply to Jews in America. Simple there will be no double standards. The investor will either apply as an American or Israeli. This five-year in-house plan strategically expands tourists; especially internationally; everyone’s coming from, around and to America. There will only be five Showings before EYES World Fare.Vision Quest Global’s five-shows while extraordinary; are just the prelude to the unveiling of EYES World’s Fare (3 years). Hotel, restaurants, travel; business expansions, vending, security, and jobs, immediate jobs. EYES reserves the right to add more shows, before EYES World Fare, bases on investor and consumer response.


No investor deal (show) will expand beyond one year. This will open the door to multiple investors as well protect EYES LLC intellectual properties. Any repeat showings generate additional revenue without a ceiling. EYES LLC visualize these financial projections as ‘chump change’ compared to actual capital potential. The possibilities are simply endless.






WE at EYES believe this is the finest, redefining, refining hour to pursue The American Dream. And it's not an American Dream if one's investment doesn't reach out and bless others. WE start by giving you, Our investors the best opportunity to advance financially; with stability and security consistently. And here's how....


Our Signature Series are entering The Marketplace with the same integrity of Mona Lisa, Michael Angelo, & Leonardo Divenchi only instead of art, these are photos. Not just any photo, one of a kind supernatural photos, air, land and sea.

A real Signature Series is rare, original, authentic, one of a kind. Ours is more valuable than emeralds, diamonds or gold; priceless! All because this extraordinary exquisite photography is reality. Not just any reality, but reality that has only been read about, never seen in our lifetime. And even more intriguing most was the majority of the photography has never been heard of, nevertheless seen. Simply priceless!!!

Hidden eternity creation secrets! Eternity's Gold!



Your advantage; think Blue Oceans. No other competitor in your arena or area will ever have access to the same photos and or presentation. First come, first served, OUR blue Oceans theory is guaranteed to cater to the valued client. With that being said, what will be available will be limited. Meaning if another investor has the photos you desire; you'll be waiting. WE negotiate; photos, presentation and professional opinions. None of Our debuts will take place in movie theaters, but instead in major closed domed stadiums, arenas, universities and mega churches. Imagine 30,000 customers coming to you showing. Imagine having 30,000 customers coming to three of your showings. The sky's the limit, the revenue is endless; because there is no glass ceiling.


Apostle Spring Washington never wants her backers to be in the dark about their investments. Therefore, each year EYES LLC will host a Trinity EYES Showcase unveiling new product options for the incoming year. There are several different types of investor opportunities. The Billionaires Club, The Millionaires Club, The Entrepreneurs Club, The Investors Club, and The Experts Club.

Each club name is self explanatory.


The Vision Quest Global investor and EYES World Fare investor photos will be totally different. Therefore every investor has the same opportunity to make money free and clear. Every VQG show includes the 6 internet babies, Universal Solder (2 angles), Deuce, Black Hawk, Thug Angel, and Satan (Angel of Light), free of charge. Each investor will be awarded the opportunity of deciding which characters are in their showings. For example; for a 12-character show, the investor would choose from 15 characters (not including internet babies). This would give each investor an opportunity to show something different. Every EYES World Fare character showing will be different each year. The photos from the previous year will be used for private showing. Again allotting every investor the opportunity to make money free and clear.


You the Investor benefit in areas of new, fresh, and no competition. These Visions have never been seen before in the entire World. And will only be profiled in the integrity of One of a Kind. WE like to see it as foundation building; it is no secret that America's foundation is rapidly crumbling and without intervention...well...

Let's just say....WE just want to do OUR Part.



WE; Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners play a major role in securing the financial stability of Our Country. When Business is booming so are jobs, economy, and tourism. This is an adventure and opportunity of a lifetime especially for those of you who are stuck and need to grow.

As well for those who are struggling to keep your Business doors open.





All of EYES packages are 100% biblical, however every investor will have the option to parallel other professional views at an additional expense. Those opportunities will be extended to scientist, historians, paranormal, education, and bible prophecy experts to play a part in this wealth transition. Each expert will serve as independent contractors for their observational fact-finding presentation. Strictly facts, truths, no confrontational views allowed ( terms and conditions apply). Each expert will be paid for their observational fact-finding presentation.


The investor would bare the option of hiring each expert. The cost or payment to each expert will be determined by the expert. The expert would pay a negotiable percentage to EYES LLC. These experts will not be included in any of EYES LLC original package.

For example; the investor would determine which expert or expert’s perspective he or she would like included in their package deal. EYES LLC Executive Team will oversee all negotiations, including final approval. Therefore, protecting all parties involved, the investor, the expert and EYES LLC. As well ensuring that the original path is stayed in every transaction. New money that makes money; without debt.


EYES LLC bares no financial responsibility for additional fact finding; investor requested. All expert fact finding must be approved through EYES LLC. EYES LLC will not approve any contradictory, confrontational, or opposing fact finding of the bible. All expert findings must be on record at EYES LLC to qualify. This way fare game opportunities are open to all experts as well.


Each expert will be allowed to assess their own financial worth. The investor will bare sole cost of such choice and preference. The investor may choose to pay up-front or those costs can be taken out of the investors gross monetary compensation; before final payment disbursement by EYES LLC. If the investor chooses the latter, he or she must pay the expert an additional percentage. The investor package will determine the number of experts opinions allowed.


WE are opening the door to broaden insight into these new supernatural ancient, archaic, pass, present and future discoveries for holistic purposes. WE will not allow anyone to condemn OUR Faith The Trinity Kingdom nor anyone else’s. No investor deal (show) will expand beyond one year. This will open the door to multiple investors as well protect EYES LLC intellectual properties. Any repeat showings generate additional revenue without a ceiling. EYES LLC visualize these financial projections as ‘chump change’ compared to actual capital potential. The possibilities are simply endless. No expert observation will exceed 15 minutes. No package will exceed 120 minutes. No investment will exceed 1 year.





EYES welcomes investors and tenants at EYES World’s Fare. A special invite to its competitors, NASA, Space-X, Golden Spike & Virgin Galactic, just to name a few.. WE have the ultimate respect for these phenomenal space programs. The adventures are all authentic; yet totally different. The difference, the natural -vs- the supernatural.


OUR view, the inclusion of the natural with EYES LLC's supernatural of course is strategic. The strategy is to encompass both, yet separate presentations, in a way that would make folk whole in their understanding of the unknown, natural and supernatural. Actually WE welcome every forum of tenant and vender for Planet Earth & Jesus's Holy City The New Jerusalem. Planet Earth's marketplace is for the non-Christian. The New Jerusalem marketplace is for the Christian. The distinct separation of the two is proof that EYES LLC is not attempting to change or challenge anyone's faith. WE don’t want to offend anyone. The transparent reality is many people are not familiar with bible truths. Business is business, OUR goal is only to educate not manipulate. Beginning the Fare with Planet Earth allows clients, investors, venders and customers to represent their faiths as well; in a respectful manner. With that being said, everyone must respect this and all EYES LLC projects are 100% King James bible based. WE will not tolerate any challenge, disrespect, or conflicting behavior. see...EYES World Fare for more details...






The 5th year; Our doors open to international investors, but not before the close of EYES World Fare. The international investments will always be several years behind. First and foremost security; it protects the intellectual property. Second, the strategy stays the vision, America 1st. Folk will still have to come to America to see the next new unveiling. That alone keeps the new economy flourishing. Third, it paves the way for a smooth transition into EYES Franchising.


If Americans, choose not to take advantage of this momentous moment; it will prove to be to their disadvantage. Because EYES President/CEO/Founder Apostle Spring Washington plans to move full speed ahead without apology.





OUR Goal: make sure every consumer sees each character, in a breathtakingly spectacular way. Imagine 50,000 people all coming to see your Showing. In terms of actual investment, different stages of The Creation. "Satan's Soldiers "Enemies At The Gate I & II" & King Yahweh's Creations"! Actual photos of supernatural visions that reveal new unknown worlds. These pictures reveal characters and features from ancient, prehistoric, demonic, and holy extending from The Creation in eternity, through past present and future hidden eternity creation secrets. Some of it, We have heard about, read about in history books and the bible. Yet have never been seen; at least not in our life time. Yet all of it is amazing, phenomenal, and breathtakingly spectacular. Documentaries of higher learning where each shot shows clear evidence of parallel world existences. Each shot is phenomenal; humbling, mesmerizing, exhilarating and breathtaking. So rare, you will be checking to see if you're breathing! Satan's Soldiers Enemies at the Gate I (6 internet babies) will be included in every package free of charge.





WE offer a quality line of all products, competitively priced, guaranteeing investor and customer satisfaction. The ultimate objective is to establish long term relationships with suppliers, venders, investors and franchisees. EYES LLC is a billion, trillion, zillion dollar startup. No matter which direction WE choose to accelerate; money chases US. No matter how many obstacles, delays are guaranteed to generate even more currency. Every project is geared toward enriching the entire Country. This advanced photographic supernatural education of God’s Invisible World is guaranteed to have everyone walking away stunned, speechless, mesmerized by the supernatural encounters. Wow, did you see that, is it real, I need to see that again. The Greatest Show on Earth. Put your money where you your mouth is! No one on planet earth will be able to say, I saw that before!!!






‘No green screens’ actual footage of the invisible worlds; visual-visible: from reel to real. EYES LLC has the only uncompromised camerawork of the supernatural on planet earth. EYES LLC's Supernatural World Cinematography stands in a league and lane of it's own. WE have nothing to prove. Again; EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is clearly in a league and lane of its own; without apology.





All EYES projects will be ‘debt free’ from the start of each venture; setting the transition in place for ‘new money’. Wealth without risk is ‘new money’ that makes money without debt. To ensure debt free, EYES LLC will only be accepting wire transfers from investors; non-negotiable. This is not an indictment on any investor, this path just completely stays the path of money free and clear. Making every new next project a transition smooth.


Investor returns will begin distribution in the 3rd, 4th and 5th years. The only way to ensure investors secure returns on investments is to stay free of impending liabilities. The investor makes the determination as to which year the desired return. The 3rd year warrants a 5% return, 4th year warrants a 6% return, 5th year warrants a 10% return. This process keeps EYES LLC debt-free the 1st three years.


Most successful businesses don’t become financially stable until or around the 5th year. EYES LLC guarantees financial stability from day one. If a venture encounters or requires debt to succeed or fulfill its contract; WE reserve the right to with-stain from contracting with that venture. No matter the financial projection, if the venture doesn’t guarantee debt-free status from day-one, no deal. Including all 5 facets of EYES LLC seven-year span from Trinity EYES Showcase, Vision Quest Global, EYES World Fare, The Melting Pot Project and EYES LLC Franchising. Wealth without risk, is new money without debt.


The delay in allowing international investors to participate is for one reason, America; the beautiful. It’s truly time to take care of home 1st; non-negotiable. No more debt, poverty, the middle-class is not only back, but rich; and the rich get wealthy. While money is not EYES LLC #1 focus for the Country, healing is. This time it’s going to take financial security to bring substantial healing to most Americans. Due to the economy, deficit, unforeseen disasters and natural catastrophes.


The truth is most of the rich are only rich on paper, because Americans are too poor to purchase their products except on special occasions. It all comes down to supply and demand. Little to no demand diminishes the need for supply. No demand on supply, constipates the influx of revenue.






EYES Vision in a perfect world without any glitches; would be to roll every project within a seven-year span. However; in forward thinking; even if there are delays in between each venture; the financial capability and capacity only advances. For example, two Trinity EYES Showcase of I, II III & IV instead of one presentation would automatically supersede our monetary consumption result.



Expanding Vision Quest Global to ten different shows instead of five; before EYES World Fare; well let’s just say ching-ching. What about extending the EYES Worlds Fare to five years instead of three? What USA national deficit; economy downturn? America is immediately thriving again. Re-Employment Plan 4-year extension instead of 3 years. Jobs, jobs, jobs, now America has more positions than can be filled. Franchising; talk about sustainability, there’s no stopping us now. Look Up! Get Up! The American Dream is Back!!


EYES LLC’s goal is to stick to the seven-year expansion, not one day more. However, any postponements in the middle would and could only lead to double even triple profitability for all parties.  

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There are eight Signature Series:

Enemies at the Gate platforms The Devil & Hell's Soldiers.

The Haunted vs The Authentic clarifies the difference between Satan's magic and GOD'S miracles. Here you will actually see the invisible world. Real pictures of the invisible realm clearly visible.

Deep Blue Crush Velvet proves there's an underwater world universe of human beings and fierce creatures; absolutely stunning!

Journey Rugged Deep- there is an unknown world in existence in the center of the earth.

Planet of Gorilla-Apes clear shots of supernatural gorillas and apes platforming what appears to supernatural intelligence.

Child's Play is phenomenal, this one proves children exist in Heaven. Some supernatural creatures look like real cartoons in the Sky. And those are the ones that make this pilot child safe.; simply awesome; captivating; extraordinaire.

And finally

King Yahweh's Creations


Day & Night who have faces & Destiny Angel has a crown full of jewels.

King Yahweh's Kingdom


Show Stopper

Our Precious Guest of Honor

The Messiah Jesus Christ

original (8).jfif

WE believe the greatest impact comes in the realization of OUR legitimacy. WE welcome all skeptics, that's why Our Doors are open to other professionals in confidence. There simply is no middle: OUR Supernatural Clouds are either 100% authentic or 100% counterfeit. WE are not offended by ones disbelief, but WE are offended by one's public disrespect; and will not tolerate it Therefore WE throw caution to the wind in any attempts to defame OUR integrity, reputation, image & character.


WE are opening the door to broaden insight into these new supernatural ancient, archaic, pass, present and future discoveries for holistic purposes. WE will not allow anyone to condemn OUR Faith The Trinity Kingdom, Jehovah, Jesus & The Holy Spirit.


Any public defaming, suggestions, comments that WE at EYES are promoting fraud, a hoax, an invention, art,

deception or scam will result in legal resolution.

WE have absolutely nothing to hide; no hidden agenda.




Intellectual Property copyright 2010.

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