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What's with this volunteer nonsense?

 Good question; glad you asked. Listen; our head is barely above water. 

We are 30.9 trillion dollars in federal debt. By 2032, the gross federal debt of

 the United States is projected to be about 45 trillion U.S. dollars.

Our economy shrunk for two straight quarters. 

Which officially means we're in a recession. 

We have an inflation rate of 8.2% that was as high as 9.1% earlier this year.

We unfortunately, have become energy dependent on foreign communist dictatorships

due to a tone-deaf administration. Whom by their own admission is determined to transition

America, into The Liberal World Order; at Our 'We The People's' expense; 

no matter what; or how long it takes. 

The purchase of groceries, gas, heating, and rent for 79% of Americans has become a hardship. 

There are 37.4 million people living in poverty; with 3.4 million being children. The highest being  African Americans 19.5% and Hispanics 17%. In 2021, there were about 326,126 homeless 

people living in the United States. That number could have easily doubled this year. 

...and now we're carrying the weight of unvetted illegal immigrants and terrorist 

from more than 160 Countries and Afghanistan. 

The only ones getting fat off the hog, are those small, mini-might tin soldiers

with the big mic in their hands. They eat 'We The People starve to death". 

At least that's the plan, without serious intervention.

Now while EYES LLC, The Mother Yacht, is here to save the day. The truth is the disaster,

the USA Titanic; that was deliberately created as a result of what appears to be the 

ultimate betrayal; sabotage of America and It's citizen's independence

by the Biden-Harris faux regime; will require all hands on deck in order to properly

and appropriately put the ship back together again. 

We're willing to do our part. The question is are you willing to do your part.

The word 'fare' in EYES World Fare, is intentionally spelled that way.  All purposed to suggest,

every American citizen owes a debt to the USA. The greatest Country in the entire World. 




It is impossible to erase a deficit; unless a venue is created that generates new money.

EYES Motto

Wealth without risk, is new money that makes money ;without debt.




MPP is the charitable, philanthropy portion of this 5 Flights -up, 7 year project. This one sustains struggling employers and employees. It also platforms patriotism. Are We going to continue to take from this Country and not give back? Especially when giving in this particular situation makes the Country stronger.


MPP, The World's Fare & Vision Quest Global are the scaffolders or structures of vast financial growth. And MPP Re-Employment Plan is the foundational security needed to secure all Our efforts. But WE individually and collectively must put in the elbow grease to make it successful. No debt on Opening Day awards clear and free ching-ching for all of US.


And that's where volunteering comes in; here's Your chance to give back. That's right give-back to a Country that has given so much to You. Play a major role in turning the Country around. Retain generational bragging rights as a major player for good. Your participation becomes the voice and the financial bread winner for Your family. And that's The American Dream; the opportunity for even the average Joe/Jane to a make generational financial impact.


If you are not a Game Changer step aside, because America's XXtreme Home Make-Over doesn't need any extra dead weight. If you're not the type of person that finishes what you start despite contradiction, opposition, or rejection ; then this is not the arena for you. However if you love this Country, Our fore-fathers-mothers accomplishments, and your generational legacy; join US! WE will give you more details in the very near future about how you can volunteer in this momentous moment of America's XXtreme Home Make-Over!!!


Leadership character bar-none takes a grandstand bow as the entire World watches Us The United States of America collectively turns our financial crisis around! The USA is and has always been the Trailblazing Pioneer Show Case of Paradigm Leadership to the World. Just do it! Let's do what We already know how to do, philanthropy, charity for Ourselves. The world is watching! We can once again be a healthy, wealthy, Nation.

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