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EYES Worlds Fare will be a three-tier adventure. 

There will be three gates, the entrance gates into EYES World Fare begins with Planet Earth. 

The second gate reveals , The New Jerusalem, Jesus's Holy City, the City of Gold

The third gate unveils, 

KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM, Jehovah God's Heaven

The Trinity King’s Throne; the Palace & EYES The Windows of Heaven Theatre.

The adventure will start with the gates opening to Planet Earth. 

A walk-through Planet Earth will lead to Jesus's Holy City, The New Jerusalem.

 A walk-through The New Jerusalem will lead to Jehovah God's Heaven, 

KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM, The Palace; The Trinity’s King’s Throne;

 & EYES The Windows of Heaven Theatre. 


Planet Earth will represent the futuristic world. 

Everything futuristic, buildings, landscaping, merchandise

and man’s most extraordinary accomplishments. 

The best of the best; pertaining to landscaping, buildings and products.

 The marketplace capital of the world. The buildings will house clients, investors, venders; 

 tenants can be Christian and non-Christian

Some tenants will have buildings to themselves; 

others will share. Planet earth's presentation will be entirely futuristic, it's going to be 

fabulous, beautiful, breathtakingly gorgeous.


The New Jerusalem, WE will pull this one straight out of the Book of Love, 

The Bible; Rev: 21:10-21, John 14:2. Illustrating a preview of the New Jerusalem, 

the holy city, the city of GOD, the city of gold. Jesus's city of unconditional love, 

where there’s no more sickness, death or pain.

 Beautiful mansions, gold paved streets, royal diadem walls. The universal marketplace. Gorgeous

 mansions like none ever seen on earth. the mansions will house the clients, investors, venders.  

All tenants must be Christians. 

It is going to be fabulous, beautiful, breathtakingly gorgeous; like nothing that anyone has ever seen before.




will be the perfect replica of the biblical blueprint.

 Not just any Kingdom but the one uniquely described in the Book of Love, 

The Kingdom of Heaven. Demonstrating and illustrating every form and facet of 

Christian culture. Spotlighting, Jehovah God, The Trinity King’s Throne and The Palace housing 

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC & KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM Inc-Non-profit.


The theme 'a walk in the clouds'.

Everyone will have the opportunity to take a walk in the clouds.

It is here where the customers will get to experience the Christian culture

 and the grand finale Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold. 

A clear look into invisible worlds, visual-visible. Land, journey to the center of the earth, 

air, outer-inner space and sea, underwater worlds. A breathtaking encounter 

into these newly discovered unknown invisible worlds, visual-visible.

Clarity is extremely important. 

Those working in any areas between the entrance gates; 

Planet Earth leading up to The New Jerusalem, the holy city, do not have to be saved. 

Again, buildings housing investors, clients, tenants and venders on

 Planet Earth; do not have to be saved or Christians. 

The separation of the three; hosting different requirements is proof that

 EYES LLC is not attempting to change or challenge anyone’s faith.

 WE don’t want to offend anyone. The transparent reality is many people are not familiar with bible truths. Business is business, OUR goal is only to educate not manipulate. Beginning EYES World Fare with Planet Earth allows clients, investors, venders and customers to publicly represent their faiths as well; in a respectful manner.

Moreover, for the sake of authenticity, true conviction as well. Everyone working from the second gate The New Jerusalem, Jesus’s Holy City through to Jehovah God, KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM, The Trinity Throne; the Palace Gates and beyond, must be savedIn other word, each individual must believe that

 Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save their soul.

 Calling all saints from; churches, government, entertainment, businesses,

 and ordinary men, women and children.

A popular myth is that biblical gifting is only given to those whom stand

 behind the pulpit. Not true, every person whom receives salvation

 inherits biblical gifting. Maturity in the processional walk through salvation

 awards one the privilege to witness their revelatory gifting in action.

This will not be the usual church event. 

This is next upper level; a KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM,

 Kingdom of Heaven experience, celebration. 

WE come to celebrate Jehovah God, in the same manner 

Jesus acknowledged and celebrated His Father. Which leads to universal church 

revitalization restoration. The world of unbelievers will be educated. The believers; church, 

government and entertainment will be illuminated, rejuvenated with restoration.

OUR vision; is to authenticate the natural, spiritual and supernatural aromatic paradise experience depicted of Heaven; in the bible. A true replica of the holy city in the natural. Beyond the Palace Gates where WE celebrate Our Trinity Jehovah God, will exude HIS Presence for all, the saved and the unsaved; to witness naturally, spiritually and supernaturally. 

The key to this extraordinary World Fare is an experience like none other, 

exhibited through exemplary beauty like none other.

Beyond The Trinity Kingdom’s Palace Gates are; KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM Inc, Non-profit which represents the Father; Jehovah or Yahweh, & EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC, which represents the Son; Jesus Christ or Yeshua. Hosted 

by The Trinity Kingdoms Disciple Warriors displaying the fruits of the Spirit: love, peace, kindness, gentleness,

 long suffering encompassing an atmosphere that represents 

Sir Royal Majestyk or The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. All three are The Trinity God

Every inch of EYES World Fare will be a sight to behold. Beauty beyond anyone’s imagination. Mesmerizing, fascinating, flawless glamour, stunningly gorgeous; surrounded by unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness and long suffering. WE want everyone to experience a taste of heaven according to the biblical blueprint, the bible King James version; naturally, spiritually and supernaturally. No one will want to leave. Everyone will come back, bringing new witnesses.

God’s Precious Gems, the children, ages 1-15. The New Jerusalem will host children and teenagers, with bible story tellers, biblical games, classes, rides, nurseries and short plays, children’s church, bible study, and a mini EYES amphitheater. We don’t anticipate displaying ‘Child’s Play’ until the 2nd year.

Everyone is going to walk away knowing they’ve experienced a natural, spiritual and supernatural encounter like none ever. 

The Greatest Show ever on Earth. Unstoppable, phenomenal awesome simply extraordinarily spectacular! The natural

 glamour and glitz will serve as the strategic vast intimate door that leads to the The main event;

Vision Photography Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold!

WE will not tolerate anyone attempting to compete or challenge OUR faith, culture and belief. 

Every employee and independent contractor must be willing to respect this events education is solely based on The Trinity God: Jehovah-King Yahweh, Jesus-Prince Yeshua & The Holy Spirit-Sir Royal Majestyk, the King James Bible version; only. 

EYES Worlds Fare Structure


The vision for Planet Earth is 100% futuristic.

It’s extremely important to think outside the 

box on all things pertaining to Planet Earth. 

Because The New Jerusalem; well let’s just say

 there hasn’t been any mimicked comparison 

on earth. 

Therefore, Planet Earth has to be the next

 level of earth redesign, representing 

the future now. Everything futuristic, 

from landscaping, to buildings, to presentation.

Gate one: the outer court walls will be tall 

and garnished with all manner of precious 

royal diadem gem stones; with entrance 

gates that have all of God’s Names written

 in the most brilliant stones. 

For Jehovah God has many names. 

Everything belongs to Him, including 

planet earth Psalm 50:10-12. 

The landscaping must be immaculate.

There will be 6000 ultramodern buildings.

Structures so avant-garde inside and

 outside, every American will want to partake,

 whether investor, client, vender, independent contractor, employee, customer or patron. 

No matter the race, origin, creed, religion 

or political stance. The key to unity is building 

something everyone can be proud of and want

 to be a part of.

The New Jerusalem, Jesus Christ's Holy City


Gate two: the outer court walls will be tall and garnished with all manner of precious royal diadem gem stones; with entrance gates that have all of God’s Names written in the most brilliant stones. The inner court will be pure gold leading up to the most fabulous mansions anyone has ever seen. These beautiful mansions will house the clients, investors, tenants and venders. Some tenants will have mansions all to themselves, others will share. There will be 6,000 avantgarde mansions.

These gates will open to character role play of the historical side of the bible. Mini excerpts: Adam, Eve the snake and

 the apple. Moses departing the red sea. Elijah calling down fire from heaven. The woman at the well. Satan 

trying to tempt Jesus. Jesus chasing the money-changers out of the temple with whips. Gethsemane, the

 three men on the crosses. Peter being freed from prison by the angel. Just to name a few. Each year 

WE will either change the presentations or bring additional characters and scenes to life;

old and new testaments.

To the right will be a section for God’s Precious Gems; the children: playgrounds, games, rides, mini EYES theater, bible storytellers, biblical characters, songs, children's choirs, bible study and children’s church.

Children mean everything to Jesus, Matthew 18:6. The theme; learning is fun.

To the left an amphitheater hosting the introduction of all 66 books of the bible King James version only. There will be at least 66 movies, miniseries of different artist, producers, directors and production studios from around the country.

To the right will be a gospel phenomenon. An amphitheater where folk can enter and enjoy a gospel music from artist from around the country and world.

Gold paved streets leading from the outer gates through the inner court mansions to 

The Waterfall of Life, John 7:37; a beautiful waterfall that leads to The Palace Gates through to the Palace. 

This gorgeous waterfall will have extending fountains that people can drink from. There 

will be no selling beyond these gates.


Gate three: the outer court walls will be tall and garnished with all manner of precious royal diadem gem stones; with entrance gates that have all of God’s Names written in the most brilliant stones. Jehovah God, KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM, The Trinity King's Throne and the Palace. The gates will open to a spectacular stroll through the Palace outer and inner courts. 

In the center of the Palace Court will be The Trinity King’s Throne Revelations 4. There will be intercessors, real prayer warriors, representing the 24 elders; apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelist and teachers, nationally and internationally. It’s here where the public can place their prayer request on the alters for the warriors to intercede on their behalf.

This is also a place where the public can come and pray for themselves. There will be steps leading up to the Trinity King’s Throne that people can kneel on to pray for themselves. Each step will be lit up with words like, confession, forgiveness, repentance, obedience, sacrifice, prayer, praise, fellowship, fasting, unconditional love, study, give and tithe; the

 invariable principles of God, that lead to holiness. Holy communion will be given to all those whom have 

backslidden and want to return to Christ.

There will be evangelists around the foot of the Throne; witnessing and presenting salvation through the power of The Holy Spirit to all whom choose to receive. There will also be open baptisms at the foot of The Trinity King's Throne.

Not too far from The Trinity King’s Throne there will be choirs singing, praise and worship, praise dancers, and scripture readings; for GOD inhabits the praises of His people.


The Palace will be behind The Trinity King’s Throne. It will be made of pure glass, trimmed in gold, with golden scriptures and crosses engrave in the glass; seated on moving clouds. At night, the engraved scriptures and crosses will light up the sky. Enhanced by stars, hanging like chandeliers from the ceiling.

 The Palace will be huge and extremely tall, folk will be able to see it 

outside the entrance gate to EYES World Fare.

 The words; King Yahweh, Prince Yeshua & Sir Royal Majestyk; The Trinity Kingdom

 and or Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit; The Trinity Kingdom 

will be encased in the most beautiful royal diadem gems spinning on the roof of the Palace.

 The scripture engraved over the entrance doors to the Palace will be: 

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done, in earth as it is in Heaven Matthew 6:10! 

The theme: A Walk in the Clouds!!!

The doors will open to plush white thick carpet as to continue the theme of clouds. 

There will be a coat and shoe check. All visitors will exchange shoes for slippers upon entrance. 

They will now be standing on holy ground. All the guest will see outside the glass 

building are clouds. It will appear as though they have left the earth. 

The miraculous flight natural into the supernatural has begun.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC will be on the right and KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM Inc-Non-Profit 

will be on the left; both will met in the middle by red carpet steps leading into the Heavens..


EYES LLC building will be two of the most elegant blinking EYES anyone could ever imagine. The EYES will be moving and have lashes. The lens will share messages for example: the fruits of the Spirit, 

peace, joy, happiness, love, patience and scripture as food for thought. The corneas will 

change colors. These EYES will look real and so huge it will strike a chord, so

 paranormally intriguing, the only response will be wow!!!

The EYES will sit on what appears to be moving clouds. The public will walk through the pupils to enter the building. Just like the iris contains muscles that allow the pupil to become larger open up or dilate and smaller close up or constrict. EYES pupils will reflect the same, expand when customers are entering the EYES and contract or shrink once the EYES are full to capacity.

The EYES will look humanly real in every sense of the word and so gorgeous it will be very hard to resist entering the pupils. Welcome into the adventure and venture of the supernatural! WE want everyone talking about the EYES. The suspense that leads to Vision Photography Second-sight Supernatural, Eternity’s Gold, the Showstopper!


KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM Inc-Nonprofit will be made of pure gold inside and outside. 

It too will be seated on moving clouds. Huge and tall in stature, thick white carpet throughout.

 It will be open 7 days a week.

There are three major divisions: King Yahweh’s Court, and the Dominion Twins: 

Sir Royal Majestyk’s XXpress and Prince Yeshua’s Brook. 

King Yahweh’s Court is the sanctuary with the seating capacity of at least 600,000 people.

 Sir Royal Majestyk’s XXpress is leadership discipleship bootcamp; preparation with 

exaltation of the Sons of God. 

Prince Yeshua’s Brook is the overseer and distributor of

 all donations, locally, nationally and internationally. Any donations collected on the 

Sabbath Day observance or during any faith-based conference will be used for local, 

national and international out-reach. 

All representation of KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM Inc will be strictly volunteer. 

However, all leaders whom choose to volunteer automatically become eligible for

 outreach distribution, locally, nationally, and internationally.


is the only part of EYES World Fare that requires Christ warrior discipled leadership

KYK will be run and hosted by Trinity faith believing warriors only; but open to the public. 

There will be KINGDOM, praise, prayer, worship, fasting, giving, confession, unconditional love, repentance,

 fellowship and bible study. Sermons, conferences, discipleship classes and biblical workshops. 

There is no obligation to attend or participate, a freewill option. 

Any and all freewill offerings will be turned over to Prince Yeshua’s Brook

 to be used for local, national and international world outreach.

King Yahweh's Court will also have The Trinity King's Throne. The sanctuary will be structured in a way that every feature of staging will be facing the Trinity King's Throne. The seating for the congregation will be mini thrones. There will be culture symbolism representing the old and new testaments. Jehovah and Jesus are old testament, The Holy Spirit is new testament. And since Jesus is Jewish, the Jewish culture will be included also.

Prince Yeshua's Brook is the business administrator of all things


The administrative offices will be under it's umbrella.

 Sir Royal Majestyk’s XXpress has four facets, 

Conviction Hall, Discipleship / Counsel Way, Healing Chamber & Service Quarters.


EYES World Fare will be open Sunday through Thursday 8am to 11pm. 

Friday will be closed for cleanup in preparation of the Sabbath Day Observance. 

The Sabbath Day, Friday 6pm to Saturday 6pm the site will remain open for the entire 24 hours to

 the public. It will also have staged lighting during the night hours to project in such a way

 as 24 hours of daylight.

Apostle Spring Washington reserves the right to observe

 National / International Worship Day, the Sabbath Day. The Sabbath

 Day is the holiest day of the week and will be observed; non-negotiable. 

Although, the Sabbath Day Observance will end on Saturday at 6pm. 

EYES World Fare will remain closed until Sunday 8am.


EYES World Fare will be closed on the Sabbath Day, but the site will remain open to the public. 

The Sabbath Day will be strictly observed for Worship Friday 6pm thru Saturday 6pm 

hosted by KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM Inc-Non-Profit. It will be open for the entire 24 hrs. 

 There will be no financial cost to the public. The individuals receiving the tickets to enter on the Sabbath will have been previous visitors. In other words, Sabbath Day free tickets will only be distributed Sunday thru Thursday to 

EYES Worlds Fare customers.

There will be no selling on the Sabbath Day Friday 6pm-Saturday 6pm. It is the holiest day of the week and will be observed. Instead there will be free giveaways. All tenants and venders have the option to remain open or closed for the day. Any and all operations choosing to remain open would automatically become participants of the free giveaways.

For example: all food will be free, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Free bibles, souvenirs, music; 

clothes, shoes, food vouchers and certificates. WE will literally open the door to the public’s needs. Those venders whom chose to remain open will be sole decision-maker of their free giveaways. Unconditional love, philanthropy and charity will be the only focus on the Sabbath Day Observance. And of course, a Kingdom celebration hosted by KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM Inc, Non-profit. There will be preaching, praise and worship throughout the entire Fare on this special day. 

People of all faiths and beliefs are welcome.

Sir Royal Majestyk’s XXpress will host faith-based conferences; leadership discipleship classes, singing and preaching. 

The 66-book mini-series. Any and everything pertaining to The Trinity Kingdom via the bible will be on display on the

 Sabbath Day. KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM Inc-Nonprofit will be open to the public every day. But will be the

 main operation open on the Sabbath Day.

Again, there will be no financial cost to the public. Any donations collected during any faith-based activity will be used for national and international out-reach. For example: feeding, clothing and housing the homeless; taking care of the sick and shut-in, widows, senior citizens, and elderly. All donations will be filtered through USA Community Churches for local, nationa

and international out-reach.

Apostle Spring Washington is personally committed to Israel’s poverty stricken, 12 years


KING YAHWEH’S KINGDOM-Non-Profit will oversee all disbursements through Prince Yeshua’s Brook. People of

 all faiths and beliefs are invited. Every Church leader, national and international; whom chooses to tithe time, 

talent and spiritual gifts to KYK automatically becomes recipients of outreach. The outreach is for every

 organization that wants to show love and compassion to their neighbor no matter the faith or belief.

The goal is to have Churches and organizations in every state’s community oversee food & clothing banks. As well negotiation with local landlords & government housing project leaders pertaining to housing the homeless. . It’s 100% Ministry, no person left behind. More so, We want all recipients to walk in pride, reaching for their next level of advancement.

KYK is not seeking any government funding. EYES LLC is its Parent and 100% financially responsible. Fifty percent of all EYES LLC profit will be tithed to KYK. Those funds will be distributed between KYK’s Twins: Prince Yeshua’s Brook & Sir Royal Majestyk XXpress. Prince Yeshua’s Brook will oversee all ministry outreach funding distribution. Sir Royal Majestyk is The Holy Spirit’s Leadership Discipleship Boot-camp.

EYES World Fare projected life-span is three years.




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