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The Melting Pot Project & Re-Employment Plan are America's Economy Regulator & Job's Plan! The Job's Plan that ends the aftermath stench, dangling participles of the pandemic. This Job's Plan reignites the private sector; nationally; elevating the middle class, restoring hope to the poor, and advances the wealth of the rich! A perfect picture of America's true Melting Pot.

MPP's Re-Employment Plan guarantees new jobs coast to coast, advances Small Businesses nationally, expands Big Business internationally, stabilizes the economy immediately, and brings new wealth to our Country. It also serves as an enticement for major Corporations to invest in America again. This Project guarantees impacting restoration for all Americans. MPP opens the doors for every ethnic group regardless of religion, origin, culture, faith, and political stance to become a participant in the revitalization of America. It also serves as an excellent catalyst for us to begin to work together and dialog again in a healthy way. There must a balanced move in-order to begin a financial foundational resurrection process of restoring America; the entire Country is hurting.


The Melting Pot Project’s financial structure will be built on the patriotism of all Americans.

 Talk is cheap. How much does you really love this precious Country? Is your love strong enough to set up the next 

generations; generation?

EYES MPP is the foundational security necessary to secure and sustain all previous accomplishments. 

Only Corporations & Small Business whom are American homebased and involved in USA job re-creation: 

meaning the Company’s goal is to ‘put America back to work’ too; will be eligible to participate. The endorsement of MPP’s Re-Employment Plan will be sustained by establishments whom pay minimal or no taxes. 

These establishments must be prepared to align with Apostle Spring Washington’s 10% economic handout; 5 years. The public will be asked to donate to the cause.

Seven percent of all EYES LLC profits will be donated toward putting America Back to Work 

through The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan. MPP's Focus is to advance relief of deprivation and poverty; regardless of religion, culture, faith, origin, to all unemployed US citizens; improving lives, livelihoods and lifestyles. Our vision is to work independent but in conjunction with Your Workforce & Unemployment Departments of training, development and placement & The US Chamber of Commerce. By doing so, We save jobs, and create additional ones; and make the process fair and equal for everyone..

The Melting Pot Re-Employment Fund's Purpose is to subsidize financial support to Businesses from coast to coast. Each Business must meet these specific criteria; no prejudice; hire the unemployed veterans first; including no age or gender discrimination. The funds will be used to pay employee wage differences. In other words, if a position's accurate pay rate is seventeen dollars an hour, yet the employer can only afford to pay twelve dollars an hour. The Melting Pot Project will step in and pay the difference for three years (terms and conditions apply)

This process give the employer a major opportunity to advance. It enables employers to ability to acquire the skills needed to advance their business. Pay lucrative employee salaries, not minimum wage. Awarding an opportunity for massive business expansion across the Country. Big business comes back home, and Small business come back to life.

All USA Businesses and Organizations including Churches whom pay minimal or no taxes will be requested to participate in the 7% economic handout for the same three years. Small Businesses, Organizations and citizens will be requested to donate. Only those whom give back will become beneficiaries of the national 

workplace assistance handout.

The benefits are either assistance with employee payroll or consumers investing in your products. As for Churches, when the congregation is fully employed; the tithing and offering experience becomes a prosperity movement that benefits and fulfills all the ministry’s needs, homeless, sick and shut-in, elderly, widows and other concerns. 

America supports America; clearly a landslide victory.


Seven percent, three years; why would I give my hard earned money to someone else's cause?

 I'm financially secure and so are my generations. Because the bigger picture is, it's really about the future of

The United States of America. Are you a true patriot for your Country or not? The word fare in EYES World Fare, is spelled f.a.r.e., instead of f.a.i.r. for a reason. It represents citizenship and Our debt and obligation to this Country.

 A true citizen would never take, take , take from the land of the beautiful and the free; and not, give, give, give 

back to this precious land. We need to build, rebuild, and stabilize the foundation that our forefathers and foremothers built this precious Country on; blood, sweat and tears.

Whether, your ancestors were slaves, living on a reservation, immigrants, or plantation owners; this beautiful Country

 was built on the backs of all of them. That’s right they all made major contributions and paid heavy prices for 

and through the birthing of America, the beautiful. We USA have an obligation to carry out the legacy, 

debt free. This is the land of the free. There’s no freedom in debt, that’s called hostile takeover. 

We USA are hostages, on the respirator, with death rattles. That’s right code blue, in all caps!

 Behind closed doors Our USA universal acquaintances are laughing at Us.

Respect, really, that went out the door when We USA failed to pay the debts.

And here’s what’s even scarier, most of the millennials have acquired this entitlement mindset. If this debt situation isn’t turned around now, Our USA Country will be sold for much of naught, through the next generation of leadership. Because words like; legacy, work ethic, morals, dignity, integrity, character, conscience, honor and respect, for the most part are foreign to them. They want what they want now and by any means necessary. It’s all about me, myself and I. And they’re definitely not looking out for the next person, nevertheless our ancestry. 

Well there goes Our beautiful free Country!


This one is for the adults in the room. We have got to stop holding on like we're going to be here forever. When the truth is the exit earth door is looking most of Us right in the face. It is Our responsibility to make an impact; set the next generation up for success. Sending Our children to colleges and universities without: proper job security, pay equivalent to their degrees, ability to pay off school debt is a recipe for disaster. Education is the key to and glue to the structure of this Country. If Our children are forced to work secondary jobs and remain consumed in school debt. Instead of, engaging the same exact opportunities We had; of honing Our gifts, talents and skills in the occupation befitting of Our collegiate backgrounds; then who's going to run the Country?

We have young millennials breaking through barriers and standing strong. Now is the time to secure their footing through vision preparation. By putting in place scaffolding structure of sustainability for even the generations coming behind them. When Our forefathers, foremothers retired, passed the torch or turned over the reins it was done in confidence. Confidence that immediately all the future generations could take the torch, baton, theory, idea, vision, 

and run with it. It is Our duty to meet the same exact standard. In doing so, We create a stronger America 

in honor of Our predecessor.

Putting in place the same standards for Our children and their children's children.


The Government has the Workforce Departments of Unemployment & Job Search already in place. They work in conjunction in reference to training preparation and direct placement of the unemployed. Cheers; to saving those government jobs and creating new ones. MPP will parallel financial assistance by correlating with Small Businesses to hire these individuals; starting with those who lost their benefits 1st veterans. The entire Country will finally be moving in the direction of stability at the same exact time. Everyone's integrity lives for another day.

Our vision is to work independent but in parallel contracted conjunction with; The US Workforce & Unemployment Departments of training, development and placement, nationally. By doing so, We save jobs, expand and create additional ones. There are many private sector Job Search Placement Businesses. EYES has chosen to move in Your direction because Your reputation is already established;

 You are the prototype. You are already a national branch and brand. You meet the necessary requirements to ensure that every unemployed and employed citizen is provided efficient, consistent, fair and just service. Besides if WE went outside the parameters, WE would still have to come back to You for accurate statistics of employment and unemployment information; time is money.

All unemployed able-bodied recipients (18-55 years) would be required to participate in labor force programs, 

the government’s already well-established workforce system. This is not a welfare program, 

but a “get up and on your feet” program.

Part two of Our vision is to work independent, but in parallel contracted conjunction with The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Center for Education and Workforce. This major step would ensure all Business Owners are getting a fair hand shake; when it pertains to the advancement opportunities and ability to pay employees lucrative wages in comparison to their skill set. This organization already has an established reputation, is a national branch and brand. And meets the necessary credentials and requirements to ensure all Business Owners Big & Small confidence in the process every step of the way.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is moving in the direction of the US Department of Labor & Workforce & the US Chamber of Commerce; on behalf of all Americans; in reference to The Melting Pot Re-Employment Program. The Melting Pot Project is an extended pilot. It's purpose is to put all Americans Back to Work; simultaneously. EYES is seeking Nation-wide support, cooperation and assistance in areas of training, development, and placement. 

MPP guarantees new jobs country-wide. While advancing small businesses, expanding big business, building sustainability on a new economy that has already been jump-started through Trinity EYES Showcase, Vision Quest Global - Booked Shows and EYES World Fare. A new economy generates new wealth. It also serves as an enticement for major Corporations to invest in America again.

Now the entire Country goes from Our present crisis state of turning into a Welfare Nation; to what Our fore-father-mothers bore blood, sweat, tears for; equality, liberty, and justice for all. There's a three year time-span; this Project can eventually advance; before ending into assisting welfare recipients.


EYES LLC parallel contracting with the US Workforce, Unemployment Department of training, development and placement & The US Chamber of Commerce Center of Education and Workforce; not only saves time and money; but it also serves as a catalyst for all for all parties involved. To expand; generating billions of dollars in new money opportunities for both Employers and Employees. 

Every Employer and Employee seeking assistance would be required to aligned with the process established by and between EYES LLC and the US Government. Absolutely positively no favoritism. Only Corporations & Small Business whom are American homebased and involved in USA job re-creation: meaning the Company’s goal is to ‘put America back to work’ too; will be eligible to participate.

EYES CEO is old school; character, work ethic and integrity are non-negotiable. There appears to be an indictment on old school. Which is ludicrous, old school slow walked this Country through many sustainable victories. 


The goal is to have Churches in every state’s community overseeing food, housing and clothing banks. However, their funding will be funneled though KING YAHWEH'S KINGDOM Inc-Nonprofit, not The Melting Pot Project. For example: feeding, clothing and housing the homeless; taking care of the sick and shut-in, widows, senior citizens, single parents under eighteen and the elderly. All donations will be filtered through USA Community Churches for local, national and international out-reach. Also, negotiation with local landlords and government housing project leaders 

pertaining to housing the homeless.

It is the Churches responsibility to minister to the needy, not the government. All Churches, big, medium, small; national and international; whom agree to tithe their time at EYES World Fare, will automatically become eligible for financial community assistance through Prince Yeshua's Brook terms and conditions apply. This path relieves the government of major debt pertaining to welfare.

Apostle Spring Washington is personally committed to Israel’s poverty stricken, 12 years.


The Melting Pot Project: National Job’s Fair & Re-Employment Plan is the glue that puts America back together again. The answer for the all those forgotten in the financial struggle. Because the struggle is real, from an employer and employee standpoint. Many businesses, big corporations and small businesses downsized and closed due to

the pandemic and it's unconstitutional mandates.

Other businesses went under due to unforeseen tragedies, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires and stone cold killers.

And then there's the economy which has shown its wicked side, impossible to survive without taking major losses. Many folks lost their jobs unable to recuperate, currently working two and three jobs, just to maintain. Again, because the struggle is real, am I, my brothers, sister keeper? Biblically and morally, yes!


There are several reasons the jobs category is more vacant than it should and would be. 

First being the coronavirus burnout. Folk especially essential workers are literally parked on zero. Like have at it; enough already. Second, careers were ripped away from dedicated workers; in the pipeline, fossil fuel industries. Over a figment of folks imaginative pipe dream. Imaginative because the plan lacked substance, structure or sustainability. 

They were literally putting the cart before the horse.

 Third, businesses were crushed to death by the unconstitutional nationwide mandates. 

Unconstitutional vaccine mandates that demolished America's Small Businesses, 

bulldozed lifetime citizen careers, incomes, dreams and lifestyles.

While the rich still eat steak, live in mansions, drive Bentleys and secure private planes.

Fourth, teachers unions refusing to send teachers back into the classroom, 

2 months short of 2 years. Giving parents no other option but to homeschool their children

 instead of returning to work. 

....and fifth; citizens just plain 

furious, like keep the change, kick rocks; when pertaining to the

 government's unwarranted authoritarian overreach

 into our personal lives. 


The growth employment numbers and depleted unemployment numbers are all fake news.

 For example; when a person’s unemployment funds run out, some are still unemployed. 

Yet the new unemployment numbers are upgraded as if the individual is now 

employed. When there should be a category that reflects those individuals 

whose unemployment has ended; and they're still unemployed. As well;

 the new additional job numbers don't display where those new positions

 were added. What states, what cities, and what industries?

 Overall the massive nationwide labor shortage for the most part has been caused by 

adding insult to injury. Insult; the self-inflicted wombs made by the government; 

when We were already massively injured by the pandemic..  As a direct result, America

 without commonsense measures taken; is headed on a downward 

spiral right into a recession.

The reality, there are three major issues that have stagnated Our growth and are quickly bringing it to a 

recession halt. Inflation, the supply chain debacle and worker shortages. Currently inflation is like an 

open profusely bleeding womb. Maybe if We ignore it, it will disappear. Wrong answer, food 

prices have in most cases doubled; gas is at an all time high and still rising; 

and heating whether gas or electric costs are at astronomical levels.

 ... and all three food, gas and heating are necessities. 

Inflation causes the national marketplace to suffer because no one can afford the products. 

A product remaining on the shelf, is worse than selling it for half its value. However, selling it for 

half it's value means it's owner doesn't make any money. If ain't nobody making money,

then everybody might as well close up shop; and all go home.

The supply chain shortage, how can one sell a product that can't be obtained or

 has no specific delivery date? How can a seller ensure the customer that when the product finally

 does reach it's destination it's going to be in mint condition. At this point, that profusely bleeding 

open womb caused by inflation; is now highly infectious due to the nationwide supply chain shortage.


The infection is spreading and if it can’t be contained and cured 

then the mindset becomes salvage zone. Salvage the limbs; but how can anything

 be salvage when the worker shortage is catastrophic? Now the infection has advanced into cancer.

The cancer is spreading, so here's where we're headed, depending on the stage of the cancer

and the lack of professional, mature, adult intervention.

Sell everything below market value, cars, houses, furniture, clothing, and food. 

Large and small businesses permanently closed due to the depressed economy.

 Other Companies dramatically downsized for survival sake. 

With that being said, let's keep it real, look

around folks. We are currently on the USA Titanic.

Wading in the middle of nowhere; surrounded by massive icebergs. 

 Inflation, the supply chain debacle, nationwide worker shortages. 

Democratic Leadership One Party Rule Overreach

 Progressive Unethical Standards for Lawlessness:

of protect the vilest criminals, criminalize the victims.

 National Police mistreatment of African Americans.

 Defund the Police- destroying low income, poverty and

minority communities. Death at a funeral.

 Fake News.

 Big Tech, Media Censorship.

 Government Hostile Overreach vs Parental Rights.

 Citizen Rights vs Illegal Immigrants Rights.

Border Crisis-open door to international sabotage on Homefront.

 The Afghanistan Withdrawal disaster. 

Energy dependence

The fentanyl crisis.

...and as if these gigantic icebergs aren't enough

the ship itself is on fire.

Savage, merciless, fires coming from three different directions.

Let's see; there's a ferocious fire coming from the front of the ship.

Folk are literally forced to stand outside in 20 degree weather

in long extended lines to get a covid test. Heartless!

Then, there's the ferocious fire coming up the

rear of the ship. Someone "forgot" to order More covid test

for the entire Country! Opps, My Baad! Ruthless!

Then there are the ferocious fires coming from both sides;

The distribution of therapeutics has been banned; and natural 

immunity is a baad word. Malicious

There are also massive holes in 'We the People's' quarter

 on medical and religious exemptions are nonexistent. Prejudice

Then there are the two most dangerous icebergs.

You can't miss them, those huge towering icebergs are strategically

positioned to crush the economy and keep one party rule residuals in perpetuity. 

The economy annihilator Build Back Better and the fantasy fake

Voting Rights Bill ghosting John Lewis's name. 

Build Back Better is actually Break America's Back Broken! 

Left for dead, no resurrection unless 'We The People' obey

the government's socialist, authoritarian totalitarian rule.

John Lewis Voting Rights Bill is perfecting designed to sucker punch

'We The People' minorities; again. This bill actually give the democratic government

 the authority to determine who wins elections forever. It literally silences the

voice of "We The People" and all other parties.

icebergs, raging vicious fires and gushing water holes.

...with no fireman siren, plumber, carpentry workman or engineer prevention...

We are not only surrounded, stuck but the ship is sinking

and there appears to be no way out.

...and perhaps even more egregious is the Captain

of the USA Titanic, The Commander and Chief's posture.

The one steering the ship into catastrophic disaster.







LUKE 19:13

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