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 These are hard times for plenty Americans through out the USA due to unemployment, natural crisis, and unforeseen tragedies. And unfortunately some folk like to use these trying times to scam others. I, Apostle Spring Washington personally want to assure you that EYES LLC is not one of them. As well WE will not participate in the scam of someone else either. No one has the authority to make any deals, arrangements, schedule appointments, or make promises on behalf of EYES LLC or Yahweh's Kingdom Non-profit except me, Apostle Spring. My Son's are second in command; but until EYES possesses it's small Workforce all decisions will come through me; only.

EYES is in the process of putting in place a small tactical team to fulfill the roles necessary to become professional efficient. But until then I, Apostle Spring am the direct chain of command. Allow me to be very clear; unless you speak directly to me; no deal. EYES will not be responsible for others acts of con or rip-off.


I, Apostle Spring, Founder/Chairman/CEO of EYES LLC & Yahweh's Kingdom Non-profit am not interested in becoming apart of politics, joining any brother or sisterhood, forming clicks, or taking sides. The only side that I am on is The Trinity Kingdom's. The only stance I'm interested in is following the laws of the land and my right to vote.

EYES Mission: do Our part in eliminating pain, and restoring lives and livelihoods to all mankind; regardless of race, color, creed, faith, religion, or political belief. WE are not prejudice or closed minded. WE welcome diversity and are interested in aligning Ourselves parallel is an independent with other Businesses, Organizations, Government, Churches and Ministries for the purpose of restoring America and The Generational American Dream.

I hear you, how can My Small New Business carry out such a large task? WE are pure beginners, amateurs. Furthermore this looks like an obsession with fake bogus images; although brilliant. A woman owner, single, picture that! And what's this Jesus Kingdom Business stuff; keep it real? Who does she answer to? And even if the photography is real, it's a cult and her motives are wrong. Let's go back to the drawing board.

Thanks for allowing me to tap into your thoughts for a moment. My response; oh you know these photo's are not fake. I have been displaying them since 2010; enough time for all of America's experts to confirm them as real or counterfeit. To-date I welcome the challenge for anyone to prove otherwise. Besides if these were invented pictures I would just promote them the same as Avatar, Harry Potter or any other fictional brilliant venture.

Cult that's funny; again three years is enough time for the experts on both sides cult and Church to support or reject my claim. The truth is I am either a witch or an apostle; evil or holy; there is no middle. And while none of it has anything to do with business; since it's a major topic of discussion; I will boldly declare my position.


Allow me to start by revealing a family secret; my great grandmother was a witch; and wore her position with loyalty, dignity and pride. She was Cherokee Indian, dark with gorgeous hair down to feet. She danced on a stage coach; they called her black beauty. The family secret is she was a full fledged sorcerer delving in black magic; voodoo and grave-side chats, heck the devil's wife. Her husband my great grandfather was French Creole and a Pentecostal Preacher; he took one glimpse at her beauty and just had to have her. Like most folk he thought he could change her. It is said black beauty was so dominating he had little to no impact. Most of my relatives say he was actually scared of her. She ran the household, money and him. They had one child my grandmother who was an Evangelist. However there are many hush; hush stories about her sorcery participation.

Perhaps the greatest secret of all is; how all these demonic family secrets were kept from me. No family member has ever had the talk. As a matter of fact whenever I was in the environment every conversation automatically became a whisper. I always felt like the outcast although the center of my mother's; the Ministry Mobile Queen's attention.


It was the precious Holy Spirit that began to unravel the family demonic mysteries once I became dedicated to studying the bible. Then the evidence confirmed itself as one by one they started coming to me through astro-travels. And the rest is history. To-date my family is severely spiritually divided most of my blood relatives have secretly taking the side of the sorcerer. Secretly; because they pretend to be Jesus lovers; but behind closed doors; dancing boldly with the devil. Oh there's much more but I'll save it for my tell all books "The Witchcraft Didn't Work"; "Fit Me" If You Can!!; "Wanted" Alive or Undead & The Greatest Grief "The Thorn"!.

As for me the proof of Who's side I'm on is in the spiritual evidence. Ask, the Experts; Sorcerers, Witches, Wizards; the real questions. Has anyone ever seen me walking the black water ledge, swimming in the dark deep; walking to the end, on witch mountain, in the chair, gambling with the box, grave talking, fading to black, astro traveling, mirror gazing, in Candy-land, bowing down to king owl on the pinnacle, partying in magic city, or making blood sacrifices; just to name a few. No one hangs out with Satan; reaps his benefits without becoming a participant; there are no exceptions. Whether you party with him publicly or private it's his mandate.

The answer every time is a resounding; no! The Experts know who & Who's I am. Moreover, your experience is my confidence, that the original shots are breathtaking and the three-way plan is brilliant. And the truth; God always uses ordinary people to do the extraordinary. For this reason alone, He specializes in bringing Glory to Himself.

As for my blood relatives I'm not mad at them, The Trinity Kingdom has given every individual on earth the free-will to choose to serve whom or whatever; we just don't have a choice in the consequences of those choices. Galatians 6:7 So if God ain't mad who am I. Our relationship is severed because our choices are completely opposite; like oil and water; no blending. Just like me; they stand 100% in their convictions, radical as to who's side their on; two different paths. The only thing I am perplexed about is their secret posture.

Moreover greater than the grief of losing my family to death; is losing them to hell; eternally! Talk about a thorn in my side; Satan uses this raw reality in an attempt to torture me!!! There's only one comfort; one compensation; one relief; sit on Big Pappe's Lap; King Yahweh! It's Him or them! Absolutely nothing to think about; my choice every time is Big Pappe'!!!

Once His Glory Cloud appears all my worries, concerns, ferocious agony and pain dissipate!!


Now from a professional perspective I see myself as an expert; at least in this particular area. I have spent 22 years secretly brainstorming the introduction of these amazing historical discoveries to the World. There isn't any evidence of anyone else on the entire globe, in my position. EYES debut alone is going to change the Movie Industry; History, Paranormal, Education, Science, & Bible illumination.

Moreover the original photographs are going to change the Planet. If this photography doesn't produce Global Peace nothing will. This one is truly bigger than life itself. Talk about game-changer to become aware that there are other planets full of life, with supernatural presence is not only mind boggling but comatose humbling. really who saw this coming; I know I didn't.

You haven't seen anything yet. I haven't seen anything scientific, historical, paranormal, that can even come close. No one could pull these shots out of their fondest imagination. I am actually on pins and needles anticipating the initial debut The Trinity EYES Showcase.

Let me take a moment to address the bogus, fake image obsession, opinion. Anyone whom personally knows me; will tell you how flamboyant I am when pertaining to apparel and hair styles. I come from a family of generational fashion designers. I won Top Model in the Philadelphia Hair Show. And I have been in the limelight, front-line, the majority of my life.

I intentionally dressed down for the infomercial. Totally Plain Jane; let's not talk about the 70lb. overweight factor; so that I could obtain my audiences undivided attention. I had to put my emotions aside and look at the bigger picture. My presentation has to be raw authentic. My message and the photo's are so rare and uncommon, one would have to think out-side the box to even capture, receive and accept the truth, every shot is authentic. And you haven't seen the original shots with absolute picture clarity yet. I have to slow walk this thing because my goal is not to produce fear but to provide an advante-gard education pertaining to new realities.



see this 30 minute infomercial for more details

Besides an invention needs a patent, photography can only be copy-written. The Copyright Office of The United States of America approves all copyrights. EYES Vision Photography 2010 copyright. A computer graphic picture requires layers of flooring to change an angle, color, add or take away from a shot. All the experts know every additional action can be stripped to determined whether a photo is authentic or counterfeit. The photos on the left are original CD shots, the ones on right are the computer generated graphics. Strip the layers off the graphic ones and you'll find both shots are identical.

EYES DOOR is open to other experts; because I have absolutely nothing to hide. Besides it protects my venture from thieves who desire to steal, reformat and make claim. There was absolutely no one standing with or near me when I took theses shots. Therefore it would be literally impossible for anyone to make such claim. Anyone claiming to have taken the same exact shots, whether from same angle or different will be legally challenged. The only shots that will ever be shown on the internet are Hell's Soldiers.

Contrary to the noise, I am not desperate, if I were I surely wouldn't attach Christ's Name to my Business, talk about controversy, contradiction, and challenge. He gave me the prophetic gift of miracles, second-sight and the authority to take the pictures. Therefore He will receive the credit publicly; without apology. I am simply attempting to do what's right; be a blessing to all whom are hurting.

Moreover the more I work on this Trinity Kingdom assignment The Holy Spirit unveils His wisdom knowledge and understanding (speed thought). When I first made the amateur infomercial I thought I had the right to sell these photos. However as I began to mature in my supernatural experience He began to reveal that a true Kingdom inheritance is not only for earth's purpose but for Heaven's as well. In other words this inheritance will follow me and 4 generations of promise into my eternity rapture.

Therefore the only thing I have a right to on this side; earth; is to allow you to share in my experience spiritually, educationally, historically, supernaturally, and financially. At the sake of appearing pitch contradictory; I am bringing clarity; the photos are not for sale.


Second-sight is my prophetic gift of miracles; the photos are The Trinity King's personal inheritance gift. They are proof of His eternal covenant promise confirmation to me and my generations. I am not obligated to show, or share opportunity. I could preserve them for my eyes only; and Jehovah would be perfectly fine with it. Or I could market it in a way that preserves me and mines, and there actually wouldn't be anything wrong with that, either. It is I that ask Him how I could use this gift to bless others. And He gave me the strategy for the resource through EYES.

I am being led to elaborate once more in reference to my gifting. The photo's that you see on this Site are all a direct result of second-sight. Second-sight is my prophetic gift of miracles. It is the supernatural ability to see through the EYES of The Trinity God. And the spiritual authority to see and bring the invisible into the natural; so that others can see what I see. My gift is not as a result of channeling, or astro-traveling. I have never channeled or astro-traveled. I am not interested in either. My gift didn't come from the third eye.

It's the same exact gift that Peter, John and James received on Mt. Transfiguration. When they saw and heard who Jesus saw and was interacting with Moses and Elijah Matthew 17:1-13.And Jesus saw and interacted with everyone His Father Jehovah saw and interacted with, through the Power of The Holy Spirit John 10:30.

The Trinity

King Yahweh

Jehovah Jireh Justice,

Prince Yeshua

The Messiah-Jesus Christ,

Sir Royal Majestyk

The Holy Ghost-Holy Spirit;

The Trinity One

Is the Gift Giver

1Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4:7-16, Hebrews 2:4.

God evidence that silences the atheist & skeptics. God evidence that identifies Who He Is!

Trinity One Jehovah-Jesus-Holy Spirit The One & Only God! To God Be All The Glory

And the most beautiful thing of all is free-will; even after this awesome unveiling of King Unconditional Love; Jesus Is God, The Trinity Kingdom. And experiencing The Kingdom's Unconditional Love, no strings attached. The entire World still maintains the right to free-will. His introduction is for one main reason: The Revolution of Unconditional Love. Everybody deserves to be unconditionally loved.

Moreover I am privy to the contradiction; there are Christian Leaders whom say Jesus Name should not be mentioned in the Marketplace. It's just not politically correct; but I say hogwash nonsense. It was He Whom gave me the resource, strategy, and Business therefore He Alone will get all the credit. Jesus didn't eliminate Himself, He said; do Business till I come Luke 19:13.Jesus Himself did Business, He paid Caesar taxes, and He produced a miracle to do it. He had Peter retrieve the funds out of the mouth of a fish Matthew 17:24-27. He also had a treasurer, Judas John 13:29.


And then possibly the most appalling thing for some of you is that EYES Owner is a woman. Ok a saved, sanctified, saturated, souled out to Jesus; happy to be an independent, single woman. Hooray, thank You Jesus! And that's the saddest reality; women; we definitely are not respected at the same level as men in most professional arenas; secular or spiritual. And single women earn no respect. We are viewed as desperate, incompetent of leadership without male instruction, untamed or always coming with some forbidden hidden agenda.

It's still a man's world; gender bias is way larger than it should be in 2018. There are more women in this world that are head of household than men; whom are doing a phenomenal job. Yet women are still held to an unfair standard that suggests we lack the intelligence to host the lead in any major territory; without male over-site.

And perhaps the greatest insult now being said, is a woman can't raise a boy; because she not a man. When the truth is raising an individual has nothing to do with gender; it has everything to do with character, morals, values, standards, and faith. And the truth is, most men were raised by their mothers even when their fathers were in the household. And that's the secular side of it; I'll hold back the preach for now!


With all due respect men, intelligent men, top scholar brilliant, Harvard, Princeton, Yale University, Columbia University, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Dartmouth College, Northwestern University, John Hopkins University, Washington University St. Louis, Brown University, Cornell University, Rice University, Vanderbilt University, University of Notre Dame, Emory University, University of California Berkley, Georgetown University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles, Rutgers University, Penn State University, graduate Bachelor, Master and Doctorate men have the majority lead in Government, Business, and Marketplace. Yes, these elite intellectual scholar men are the ones whom have led Our Country into suffering this financial hardship of unemployment, invisible economy and devastating deficit, not the women.

With all due respect men, holy men, married men, Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, Pastors, Evangelist, Teachers, Westmont College, Pepperdine University, Covenant College, Whitworth University, Houghton College, Oklahoma Baptist University, College of the Ozarks, Calvin College, Baylor University, The King's College, The Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, Biola University, Vanguard University, Gordan University, Cedarville University, Oral Roberts University graduates, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate men have the majority lead of the pulpit yet: marriage has the highest divorce rate ever; dysfunctional families are at an all time high; and Church is so commercial/business there's very little distinction between It and the Marketplace.

I personally haven't seen anywhere, in any study, where men are more intelligent, better leaders, or more efficient than women. But then again I haven't studied at one of these prestigious Institutions. This is not an emasculation service. I do believe women feel more secure when men are on the front-line. Except when they're being jerks. male chauvinist pigs, control freaks, insecure, wimps or big boys walking around in men's pants. Yes, the attraction does have to do with intelligence, leadership and efficiency. But it has even more to do with security, protection, rescue, romance and love.


And then there are some women like myself, whom absolutely, positively, enjoy, love being independent, outspoken and single; without apology. Amazingly though, my secure confidence seems to keep me in hot water, of really being misunderstood. Especially amongst those viewing from a distance, I'm either looked upon as being defiant, rebellious, low self esteem, or drama queen; all non-applicable. So I've learned over the years, that the most important thing is to remain true my God and myself.

Does it mean women can do a better job? Not necessarily; but it does mean we deserve, have earned the right, and should be availed the same exact opportunity; without the politics. Especially when the evidence proves the process or plan is more than sufficient, and is just as phenomenally brilliant.


I realize I am like Noah building this Ark all by myself. It's all apart of Jehovah God's Plan. Holy Ghost Boot-Camp; the maturing process; comes along with the territory. Voice training; it's quiet now; I have to be able to hear His clear instructions once it get's noisy. Cause it's gonna get noisy!

It's a total Victory for The Trinity God. His Purpose; my benefit. The less people believe the pictures are real, the greater the phenomenal impact when the indisputable truth is unveiled. Coming soon: Trinity EYES Showcase I the greatest Showcase on earth.

The education and history factors alone make it phenomenal. Seeing people, creatures, features and things, we've never seen before, make it exceptional. And the actual shots are flawless. There are really not enough words to express the experience. However you will walk away knowing you had an encounter and traveled beyond this world.

The walls and roadblocks around EYES Projects have not hurt but matured and illuminated my insight. It really has shown me how desperate others are to control what doesn't belong to them. When you hold a person down, you hold yourself down, but what happens when exhaustion forces you to let go. You find the only one you hurt and held down was yourself.

So here's what this is coming down to, whether or not America desires to see my inheritance the way I choose to present it. Reap the benefits by investing today Vision Quest Global , Trinity EYES Showcase, EYES World Fare & The Melting Pot Project and EYES Franchising. Or I close my doors and use it to personally advance my generations.

I do have a Plan B that's strictly prosperity personal. Once I close my doors, to this phenomenal opportunity I will not reopen them. And if I don't show the photo's, no one else will either. EYES LLC will survive, my Family Plan B is just as brilliant. Plan B is actually the original scope.


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