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The photos on the left are original CD shots,

the ones on right are the computer generated graphics.




Imagine traveling into space and it's stratosphere, without leaving the earth. Journeying to the center of the earth without coming anywhere near a cliff, climbing a mountain or standing on the edge of a very dangerous open hole. Or witnessing new human life never even heard of or only in fantasy books; that exist in the heart of the ocean; without going anywhere near water.

Trips that guarantee your human safety, yet take you on adventures of past, present and future life. Would you be willing to come along, take the ride, walk through and into the supernatural, the 

unknown. Would you? Where invisible unknown worlds become visually-visible, right before 

your very eyes! Where you get to see into these worlds without any fear because we're

 in time and these invisible worlds are in eternity.

Time and eternity are two different worlds; therefore there could never be an intrusion; there's an invisible impenetrable wall between the two. No human-being could ever step into eternity, the supernatural, without becoming supernatural.

 Which points to The Rapture, 

another lesson for a different day.

A similar parallel would be a visit to an aquarium where there's a forty foot glass wall. You on one side and sharks on the other side. You have no fear because it's impossible for the sharks to break the glass. So instead you spend your time admiring everything about this dangerous mammal that intrigues you.

Time and eternity are the same. Again, no one can cross over into eternity without becoming supernatural. Eternity is forever, there is no beginning and no end. So then the question becomes ; why would any form of life want to leave forever to step into time? That would be like exchanging no limits, no end; to definitely limited and positively ending. Literally life v. death. No one wants to die, yet we're all destined for death; because we're all stuck in time.

No more guessing, hypothesis, theories, prophecies; not just the natural facts and truths. Supernatural actual facts and truths, your witness. Illumination, revelation so extraordinary it will leave you speechless.

Like, wow! Did you see that? Is it real? I need to see that again!!

WE hear you, if this is true; how come it hasn't happened before? Well the truth is, it has been happening only subtle. For many decades’ folk, have intrigued us with their accounts of UFO’s, the extraterrestrial, the paranormal, the supernatural; and The Rapture. There has never been a hidden agenda in researching and investigating possible sightings; from space crafts to strange objects in the sky. Not to say what folk claimed they saw was true. WE are simply saying the topic of discovery and pursuit of the unknown is not new.

Every scientific, historic, paranormal, educational, spiritual, biblical; experiment, investigation, hypothesis, theory and prophecy to date has actually lead to this moment in time. The world or at least the United States of America had to transition into a forum of all things reality based, naturally. Before the transition into the forum of the supernatural could unveil itself in a

 palatable way to all human-beings.

Think about it, even the adventurous fantasy stories, movies, series point to the supernatural. Star Trek, Avatar, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Shrek, The Aliens, ET, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Land of the Giants, Lost in Space, Planet of the Apes, Time Travel, Deja Vu. Our adventurous imaginations and creations have landed #1 box office fictional series. Mankind has always been curious, making movies, series, rounding up investigative teams such as: Ghost-busters, Storm-chasers, Archaeologist, Spaceships, Paranormal Search and It’s Supernatural.

Today’s genre is reality based, stories, songs, and shows. All poignantly transitioning into

 this extraordinary moment in time. 

For all who, desire to know the truth; historically, scientifically, paranormally, supernaturally and biblically; without risking their lives and livelihood in discovery. Eyes wide-open because EYES LLC is boldly and unapologetically in transition mode of unveiling hidden creation secrets to the entire world.

Eternity speaks and unveils itself right before our very eyes. Perfect timing. The search is over, the unseen-seen, the unknown-known, the invisible has now become visual-visible. Here lies all the unanswered questions. Everyone walks away saying wow “did you see that, is it real, I need to see it again?” And more importantly, no one has to risk their lives or livelihoods to see this reality experience called; Vision Photography Second-Sight Supernatural: Eternity’s Gold!

Simply; spectacular, extraordinary, phenomenal, unforgettable! 

Again, WE hear you? How are WE able to do what has never been done before! Or what exactly is Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold? WE are glad you asked; authentic supernatural photography of actual visions of the invisible worlds, visual visible, the unseen, seen, the unknown, known; of all three dimensions of the universe; air; outer-inner space, land; journey to the center of the earth and sea; underwater worlds located in the heart of the ocean.

Second-Sight Supernatural stems from a biblical gift known as the prophetic gift of miracles. It like all supernatural biblical gifts, is only awarded to saints whom willing commit to the submissive will of The Trinity Kingdom, Jehovah, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit; no matter what, inspite of; nevertheless. In other words, the saint clearly understands it ain't about them. It’s all about doing the Father’s Will, Jehovah, the same posture and position of Jesus, His only begotten Son.

Every person whom receives salvation is gifted with at least one spiritual gift. It is Jehovah God’s permissive will. 

Supernatural gifting is only received through the saint’s determination to align in obedience to

 His Will, no matter what, inspite of, nevertheless.

A person is saved whether in Jehovah God’s permissive or submissive will. The basic difference; immaturity vs maturity. One individual is chasing the things of God, permissive; while the other individual is chasing God, submissive. The person in His submissive will is not perfect, but chasing purification daily for one purpose, to see and experience intimately more of The Trinity God, Jehovah, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. All biblical gifts spiritual and supernatural are advanced through the power and the authority of The Precious Holy Spirit.

This particular supernatural biblical gift, the prophetic gift of miracles, is so advanced it not only awards the saint the ability to see into invisible worlds; visual-visible. It also awards the saint the ability to see into eternity; past, present and the future. The photography is not the miracle; it serves as evidence of the supernatural miraculous gifting.

This is not a new gift. Biblically, Elijah, Moses, Elisha, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, old testament; Peter, James, 

John and John on the island of Patmos, new testament; all had this gift.

EYES LLC President/CEO/Founder/ Apostle Spring Washington is a warrior for the Trinity Kingdom, Jehovah, Jesus

 and The Holy Spirit. She too, has been awarded through much hardship, trial and tribulation; 

the prophetic gift of miracles.

We hear you again! Is the goal of the company EYES LLC to convert folk to Christians?

We're glad you asked; no, absolutely not! Salvation, just like all other faiths is a freewill option.

Apostle Spring Washington is simply showing her commitment to

The Trinity God, Jehovah, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit

Who gave her the business, the resource and the strategy.

Moreover, this is the Trinity God's way of showing

 His unconditional love to America and Israel; No Strings Attached.

In God we trust, is on our money.

 We swear on the bible in the Courthouse 

and the bible use to be a part of Our educational system. 

 We celebrate legal holidays in His Honor. Both Christmas

 His Birth; and Easter, His Death, Burial and Resurrection.

So, in times of hardship, why wouldn’t the same God that We have and still honor, come and bless us, for our ad-will, free-will acknowledgement of Him. Are we perfect, no? Have we been loyal to Him, that’s up to Him to decide? But the one 

thing that’s a true constant; we have not fallen short of acknowledging that He exists. Anyone that encounters 

US currency, enters Our court systems, or; is around during Christmas and Easter; knows this to be true.

Even America’s National Anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner, 

written by Francis Scott Key in 1814; final chorus says:

Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,

And this be our motto: "In God is our trust":

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This song was written two centuries ago. The Star Spangled Banner is sung at

 every major event throughout the United States.

EYES will also follow suit; all EYES events will include it.

Everyday EYES Worlds Fare will open to America’s National Anthem

 and it will be sung in its entirety.

The Jewish Jesus. The nation of Israel will become a major player in EYES LLC Projects.

 Israel, unlike any other Country will be allowed to invest in every project, day one. No other Country in the world will be allowed to invest in EYES LLC, for the 1st seven years. Nonnegotiable, it's not up for debate: America 1st. Israel's invitation is biblical. For this reason; regardless of their faith, the bible clearly states Jesus Christ of Nazareth is their Messiah. The Jews are His chosen family. EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is a Jesus Kingdom Company. American Jewish citizens will be categorized as Americans'. No double citizenship advantage.

This is strictly business, no one has to be a Christian to become an investor, employee, or consumer. 

However, under no circumstance will WE shy away from Our stance; which is 100% biblical. 

Even, Jesus said; do business until He returns (paraphrased) Luke 19:13.

Here's what's remarkable about OUR product and strategic plan, 

although WE open the door wide to the billionaire, millionaire, and average joe investor.

Anyone whom chooses to take the adventurous cloud ride can; because the actual 

journey is made affordable and available to everybody on planet earth.

WE will start with the unveiling of The Creation!

 A poignant point for everyone. There is not one person on the entire planet,

 regardless of faith, race, gender, creed, origin, or political stance; whom hasn't questioned the true

 beginning of life. And thanks to scientist, historians, educators, paranormal-supernatural investigators, and 

biblical prophecies; we already have a lot of the answers. 

All of EYES photography will be presented in documentary forum.

 Documentaries; all purposed to stay the path of 100% reality based. All documentaries will contain 

biblical content. Second-Sight with clarity, explanation, and illumination of newly discovered

 truths. It's time to grow, glow, go, advance to a higher level of learning.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC stands alone in a league of its own. WE are the only uncompromised 

supernatural photography, cinematology in the entire world. Until now, no one on planet earth has ever heard of

Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity's Gold!

America is known in the marketplace and in every arena around the world a

the Paradigm Leaders in new age advancement. Well the global pandemic, Covid-19

 has awarded America's geniuses, prodigies, experts, leaders, a new challenge; an opportunity 

to raise the bar. Think outside the box. If We continue to think business as usual, 

We the USA will get trampled and left behind.

Regardless how you feel about President Donald Trump,

 the one thing no one can take away from his leadership. He raised the bar, 

when it came to putting a demand on the Coronavirus vaccine. Research states vaccine 

development in an arduous process typically takes 10-15 years to accomplish. While you might

 not agree with his method, he challenged the entire world to acquire what appeared to be  the impossible: 

what had never been done before. 

As a direct result, several Countries were in pursuit of the vigorous what appeared to be impossible task. He alone, 

predicted a Covid-19 vaccine before or by the end of the year 2020. Folk shunned, laughed at his stance, but he 

never took his pressure foot off the gas pedal. Low and behold, Pfizer, Moderna and there's a third one; launched

 the vaccines in December 2020. President Donald Trump deserves all the credit. The question; can folk put the 

hatchet down long enough to give him credit for this one thing?

America, is shook, broke, busted and disgusted; due to this treacherous pandemic; which has no respect of person. Covid visits every neighborhood, rich, middle class and poor: Caucasian American, African American and Spanish American; mansions, single homes, apartments and shelters: doctors, lawyers, teachers, high school graduates and the unlearned.

What's the point? Unless We Americans, use Our gifts, talents and skills, radical. Think outside the box; no holds bar. The disaster that you are witnessing becomes the norm without recovery. As for those whom consider themselves already set, living in mansions, bank account overflowing, a power influencer: therefore no need to become a part of the movement. newsflash. If you have product no ones buying, houses no ones buying or renting, money you can't spend. Well let's just say poverty has come to your town, looking directly at you too; face-to-face.

...and what about the nationally suppressed inflation on food, gas and heating...

The debt the USA owes to Our neighbors; seven Countries. A debt is a debt; sooner or 

later We have to pay up; one way or another. Are We going to put Ourselves in position

 to pay Our debts or remain laxed and become strong-armed by a hostile takeover?

Ultimately, it's time to find a way to agree to disagree with each other; without the hostility. Become determined 

to work together for the good of the entire Country; otherwise America is doomed. This time We have to

 help each other in order for America to rise proficiently healthy again..

Like Dr. Ala Stanford (Pediatrician Surgeon) whom started and organized Black Doctors for Covid-19 Consortium. 

Before April was over, Stanford sprang into action performing volunteer testing in minority demographics at different Church sites for free. Her mom rented a minivan, while Stanford started recruiting volunteers among the doctors, nurses and medical students in her network. She got testing kits from LabCorp, where she had an account through her private practice.

 Fueled by Stanford's personal savings and donations collected through a GoFundMe campaign, the minivan posted up in church parking lots and popped open tents on busy street corners in Philadelphia. It wasn't long before she was facing her own logistical barriers. LabCorp asked her how she wanted to handle uninsured patients whose tests it processed. "I said, for every person that does not have insurance, you're gonna bill me, and I'm gonna figure out how to pay for it later," says Stanford. "But I can't have someone die for a test that costs $200."

Then there's Dave Portnoy President of Barstool Fund. Portnoy launched the fundraising effort, using the 30 Day Fund's open-source technology, for small businesses impacted by COVID-19 earlier in December and contributed $500,000 of his own money toward the fund. His pitch: if you are a small business that needs help staying in business because of covid email us your story to

 We will try to help as many people as we can. The sports media personality has been reaching out 

directly to millionaire entrepreneurs and athletes on social media to ask them to donate to the

 fund. Portnoy has also been posting videos of his interactions with business owners who 

become teary-eyed when he informs them that their applications to receive donations

 through The Barstool Fund have been accepted.

What about Pete and Burson Snyder. The husband and wife whom founded 

the nonprofit 30 Day Fund to help communities and small businesses. The Snyders have

 pledged to donate 1 million dollars to #barstoolfund. Portnoy tweeted Thursday, adding that the Synder's 

contribution would bring the fund's total donations to $15 million.

There are many brave Americans, unknown soldiers, heroes; stepping in daily since Covid-19 rapidly showed up; without prejudice to assist in whatever capacity necessary. EYES is highlighting a few to emphasize the direction necessary to keep America the beautiful, beautifully independent.. as well maintain our status as the Paradigm Leader to the entire world.

Radical leadership, no holds bar, the best of the best: icons, idols, influencers, heroes, and unknown soldiers put 

differences aside and instead reach for the common goal. Restore, Rejuvenate, Replenish, America the

 Beautiful; Holistically. Meaning every citizen; all 50 states; is given the opportunity to Rise. The poor are

 sustained, the middle-class become economically prosperous; the rich become abundantly wealthy.

 No one left behind.....EVERYBODY WINS



WE would like to point out Apostle Spring Washington

is an independent. This is not a political statement; this opinion is

 voiced as a USA citizen.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room; the hard talk: 'the double standards that are dismantling America's democracy' on all sides. There are several critical issues that must be addressed with the determination to produce nonpartisan , unbias, resolutions. A resolve that represents every US citizen, protects democracy and forms at least a basic foundation of unity. It's okay to agree to disagree; as long as all sides benefit in some fashion, form or measure.


We The People's Voice

1. Democratic Leadership One Party Rule Overreach

2. Unconstitutional vaccine mandates demolished America's Small

 Businesses, bulldozed lifetime citizen careers, incomes, dreams and lifestyles. 

While the rich still eat steak, live in mansions, drive Bentleys and secure private planes.

3. Progressive Unethical Standards for Lawlessness:

protect the vilest criminals, criminalize the victims.

4. National Police Treatment of African Americans.

5. Defund the Police- destroys low income, poverty and 

minority communities. Death at a funeral.

6. Fake News.

7. Big Tech, Media Censorship.

8. Government Overreach vs Parental Rights.

9. Citizen Rights vs Illegal Immigrants Rights.

10. Border Crisis-open door to international sabotage on Homefront.

11. The Afghanistan withdrawal disaster. 

12. Special Counsel: Trump (Russia) vs Biden-Hunter Biden- (China-Russia)

Millions of Americans, average citizens of every ethnicity: African, Caucasian, and Hispanic 

are screaming to the top of their lungs; these scathing issues. However, those very valid voices are met with

 deaf ears; because of the destructive warzone; of one party rule; by any means necessary


We The People have a voice. How can America continue to be a Paradigm Leader of the World, 

when our Home stands on a crumbling foundation of divisive division? When folk have an unwarranted 

determination to bring it into submission of one thought, one way, one idea. 

America was built on 'the voice'. As a matter of fact, America's strength lies in the 'diverse voice'.

No matter the race, gender, ethnicity, origin, faith, religion or neighborhood. This is what makes America

 'the melting pot' and the only free nation in the entire world.

The Coronavirus has and is placing its wrath unprejudiced on all Americans; whether health, finances, lifestyles or and including death. We cannot afford a dismantling of democracy too. First of all, it would be a literal disgrace to Our forefathers-mothers! The land that each bore blood, sweat and tears to ensure democracy would keep America, the land of the free.



The only way forward is to address and resolve publicly these abhorrent matters. If there is some forum

 of innocence to any of the above mentioned double standards; then no harm, no foul. Whether a republican

 or democrat in leadership, public service is to and on behalf of; We The People. 

We The People; whom are extremely intelligent also, deserve some legal answers; 

followed up by lawful remedies. Sorry folk, the Coronavirus changed 

everything permanently.



EYES LLC CEO/Founder/Chair Apostle Spring Washington

has positioned, prepared and strategized business,

 philanthropy and charity

America 1st


Wealth without Risk, is New Money that Makes Money without Debt.


Catch Fire The American Dream! Reignite The American Dream opportunity to all USA

citizens regardless of race, color, belief, creed, faith, origin or political stance. By creating a brand-new economy, 

that demolishes the federal debt and produces national jobs. Through restoring major multi-level opportunities

 to the billionaire, millionaire, entrepreneur and the average joe investor. Securing an advanced explosion of wealth to Corporate, Small Business, Government, Churches, the Outreach Community and Philanthropy.

Ah! Finally,

The American Dream is Back!


To progressively advance the world’s knowledge of newly discovered archaic past, present and future hidden Eternity Creation Secrets within all three dimensions of the universe: land; journey to the center of the earth, air; outer-inner-space and sea; underwater worlds located in the heart of the ocean; via a historical, scientific, biblical, paranormal, and supernatural; avant-garde photographic, cinematography through advanced didactic documentaries.

WE are launching a fragment of one of the Signature Series; Hell's Soldiers "Enemies at the Gate". They are the

 photos you see on this page. Each shot is a mere portion of a gallery of photo and video file. These pictures

 are ancient, prehistoric, back to the future, demonic and holy. They supply many unanswered questions when

 pertaining to religion, history, science, paranormal and the supernatural.


The double photo's are purposed. The one's to the left are from the original CD shots. The one's to the right are

 computer graphic parallels. EYES had the computer graphics generated to give you the viewing audience a clearer picture. Because it is critical for security purpose to not show actual SD photos until investments have been secured.


However the picture of the Angel of Light-Satan/Lucifer is the original. There is no computer graphic. 

WE will say this: Satan is not the only one in the photo; focus your eyes to the right of the shot. This shot was actually 

taken by Apostle Spring on October 4, 2009 and sent by the blackberry to her email at 5:39 pm. The information below is the actual message sent to her email in reference to the shot.


mmm.smil Download (0.4 KB) Download View slide show (1)Download all as zip MMS ------Sent: Oct 4, 2009 5:39 PM Sent via BlackBerry

















Who's Coming to America?

Everyone's Coming to, From and Around The World!


All Rights Reserved

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