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23 January 21

As an American citizen, I find like no other, we are living in such

egregious times, an individual will kill another over a bag of potatoe chips.

This is truly the era of gross entitlement; every man for him or her self.

...and now that the Coronavirus Wrath is plowing through our lives, seemingly unending.

As such, some will even reduce themselves down to scavengers in order to get what they want.

These are perilous times,

and if you don't see it, you will. Because it's in close proximity, no matter where or how you live.


I've come to the conclusion when you mature, the realization of EXIT,

becomes more relevant than exist. ..and that EXIT breathes more clarity than

ever before; because the timeclock makes it inevitable. The EXIT is unavoidable,

everyone on the face of the earth must EXIT.

Therefore, there's only one thing left for me to do; GO FOR BROKE, OVER and OUT.

Make peace with EXIT and move through ENTER.

Penetrate every door that host an opportunity to make a difference.

I'm in perfect health, zero issues. What better time to be of humble service to others; than now.

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In contrast, maturity has also catapulted me into the Express Lane of

NO Tolerance for Nonsense, NO FEAR, and NO Filter Unapologetically.

I'm in my own lane, ministry and business.

Jehovah God, created these lanes specifically, for me.

My allegiance is to HIM,

The Trinity King

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit;

and HIM alone.


EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC.

I remember being in business school and one of the instructors stating in front of the entire class.

Who would be stupid enough to name their business; EYES the Windows of Heaven?

Business school teaches, the company name should be relative to the product you're selling.

Although his statement was publicly offensive and brazenly embarrassing.

I didn't respond; because I knew he obviously didn't see my vision.


The same is so; if you don't see my vision:

Catch Fire The American Dream!

Reignite The American Dream opportunity to all USA citizens regardless of

race, color, belief, creed, faith, origin or political stance.

By creating a brand-new economy, that demolishes the federal debt and produces national jobs.

Through restoring major multi-level opportunities to the billionaire, millionaire, entrepreneur and the ordinary investor. Securing an advanced explosion of wealth to Big Business, Small Business, Government, Church and the average joe.


or my mission:

To progressively advance the world’s knowledge of;

newly discovered archaic prehistoric past, present and future hidden Eternity Creation Secrets

within all three dimensions of the universe: land; journey to the center of the earth,

air; outer-inner-space and sea; underwater worlds located in the heart of the ocean;

via a historical, scientific, biblical, paranormal, spiritual and supernatural;

avant-garde photographic, cinematography of advanced didactic documentaries.

It's time to take higher learning, the economy, the American Dream, big business, small business,

the government, the Church, investment, security, philanthropy and charity to astronomical levels.



I encourage you not to move toward this Mother Yacht.

Who knows I might not want to do business with you, either.


if you're moving toward it with ulterior motives;

again, I employ you to stay away.

For example: theft, carbon copy, or hostile takeover; even hostage

....and of course I wouldn't exclude the possibility of an assassination plot.

Not because of any other reason than malicious entitlement.

One seriously believing that what I have belongs to you.

All delusions of grandeur.

Take the horrific walk for several decades; in my shoes:

of Tortured for Christ’s Namesake,

then come holler at me.


The product is supernatural.

Who could possibly steal the supernatural?

We live in time; the supernatural has the ability to crossover into time.

Time doesn't have the ability to crossover into the supernatural.

On the other hand, why would The Trinity God allow anyone to steal

an inheritance that was given strictly to me.

An inheritance awarded based on my obedience, not perfection; but loyalty.

It was my idea to share it with the world.

I've spent the last twenty-three years digesting The Trinity God's Blueprint.



My gift; Second Sight Supernatural Eternity's Gold

is illuminated through the prophetic gift of miracles.

This gift has been in existence since the beginning of time.

Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, John, Peter, James, Paul

and John on the island of Patmos, all had this gift.

Moses saw the Lord’s hind parts on the mountain.

Exodus 33:19-23

Elijah passed the mantle to Elisha.

Elisha saw the chariots of fire and horses take Elijah up into heaven in a whirlwind.

2 Kings 2:1-12

Elisha prayed the Lord would ‘open the eyes’ of his servant to see heavens army;

‘chariots of fire’ around Elisha, whom was surrounded by the enemy.

2 Kings 15-23

Daniel saw the Ancient of Days.

Daniel 7:9

Isaiah saw the Lord sitting upon a throne.

Isaiah 6

Ezekiel: the entire book illuminates second-sight supernatural

between heaven and earth.


Peter, James and John, witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus.

Matthew 17

Paul saw the Light from heaven and heard Jesus’s voice on the road to Damascus.

Acts 9

John on the island of Patmos: the entire book illuminates second-sight supernatural

between heaven and earth.


My experience is closest to Ezekiel and John on the island of Patmos.

The only difference, I’ve been awarded an inheritance.

The photography is not the gift; it’s the inheritance.

Upon my EXIT, so goes my inheritance.

Unless, I'm instructed by Jehovah God to pass the mantle; the torch.

The same as Elijah was instructed to pass the torch to Elisha.

2Kings 2:11-14




Here are HIS Instructions to me.

My Joyy the inheritance belongs to you.

Upon incapacitation or death; leave a small portion to your sons.

Put it in your will, it's your inheritance not theirs.

Eternity's Gold,

with minimal exception 'the meager portion’ left to your sons

is useless.

Upon any form of incapacitation or death.


The Great I AM THAT I AM will honor your request.

You My Joyy take no losses.

You'll be passing through to the other side. 2 Corinthians 5:1-6

No more sickness, death or pain Revelations 21:4

Where there are thrones of rulership waiting for you.

Matthew 19: 27-30


Jehovah God has no respect of person.

1 Peter 1:17

There are many saints awarded 'the prophetic gift of miracles'.

Some are aware, some are not.

All Christians

Who believe Jesus Christ died on The Cross to save their soul

are awarded at least one spiritual gift.

John 3:16

Trinity Kingdom inheritances are supernatural.

A supernatural inheritance is awarded based on

obedience, not perfection, but loyalty to The Trinity Kingdom.

A life lived out loud, unashamed.

No matter what: people, places or things.

In-spite of: friends and family.

Nevertheless: self, sin and Satan.

Luke 9:23-27


I want to point out, I’m speaking to two different audiences;

the world; and the Christian or saint; my family.

Some things I reveal will sound ludicrous, crazy to the world; as in it doesn’t make sense.

Like how can one-man dieing on The Cross make a difference to the entire world.

Like save man’s soul from eternal death, destruction and hell.

It simply doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

There’s only one thing that brings confirmation and clarity to the entire situation

‘the salvation process’.

Without salvation:

it is impossible to understand, comprehend, digest or even fathom

a hidden spiritual or supernatural; truth, a rare experience or encounter with

The Trinity God.

But to those Christians and Saints, whom believe, receive and confess

Jesus Christ died on The Cross to save their soul; revelation is given.

…and to those who freewill chase holiness; not perfection but purification;

Jehovah God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding is illuminated.

It is to them; He unveils the mysteries of The Kingdom.

Matthew 5:8 Matthew 13:10-11


I’m not seeking anyone’s approval, nor attempting to be politically correct.

As a matter of fact; radical is my comfort zone.

I am a warrior for Jehovah God,

a revolutionary disciple for Jesus Christ

and a submissive student of The Holy Spirit.


My goal is to educate the world.

Expound, inform, explain and illustrate through upper-level instruction.

Not convince or coerce; but share; noting freewill is always the number one option.

You have the freewill to listen or not.

My only obligation is to communicate The Trinity Kingdom’s truth.


My assignment is to illuminate the saints.

It’s a dirty, stinking rotten job, but somebodies got to do it.

The truth is in a lot of ways we’re stuck.

All words-no lifestyle; more fake-than real; more common than peculiar;

more helly than holy: from the pulpit to the door; from the ceiling to the floor.

Caught up in the world’s new thing; instead of Jehovah God’s new thing.

Indulging in all of Satan’s filthy pleasures and then marching that stank nasty into the holy place

Am I judging you, I sure am; I’m judging your fruit. Matthew 7:10-20

Two options; there is no middle.

Keep running toward hell with gasoline clothes on with the lighter in your hand.

Or make a 100 degree turn around; confess, and repent

moving toward your Savior with the same tenacity.

Jesus Christ is coming back for a spotless and blameless Church:

The Rapture.

If He returned this very moment 99.9 percent of the Church, globally; would be left behind:

The Tribulation.

If the Coronavirus is not a wakeup call in your household;

you’re part of the 99.9 percent. Matthew 7:13-14



I’m 100% a soldier for The Trinity Kingdom.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I ran harder toward hell, after salvation than before.

However, once The Holy Spirit made it clear my path was headed toward eternal destruction;

I confessed and repented. Through submission; I made that 100 degree turn around and never looked back.

Am I perfect, by no means.

I fall-down, I get right back up, because I’m loyal.

From a maturity perspective, I’m standing in ‘nevertheless’, all or nothing.

It’s either All about HIM or all about me: nonnegotiable.

Believe it or not the hardest battle, is the battle against self.

However, I’ve come too far to turn around now.

I’m either going to chase ‘holy or helly’.

I have fallen in love with He; Who is Holy.

Be ye holy, for I AM Holy

1 Peter 1:13-16

Chasing Him through

confession, repentance, fasting, prayer, praise, worship, study,

testimony, unconditional love, giving, tithing, and fellowship;

not only produce a natural and spiritual cleansing

but it also invokes the precious Holy Spirit

to spontaneously usher in peace beyond no man’s understanding.

Then suddenly I’m mesmerized by the Glory Cloud hovering my environment.

…and then I hear

I AM’s Voice

It’s so intimate and humbling, like burst out in waterfall tears.

I feel so unworthy, yet my conviction reminds me; it’s all because of The Blood.

I could never be obedient or loyal enough to enter into such a holy place.

The Trinity God’s Holy Realm.

It’s only happening because of Jesus Christ’s bloody sacrifice on my behalf.

He and He alone is the propitiation between man and Jehovah God.

I’m captivated, mesmerized; as if a little girl sitting on her Father’s Lap

watching Him rule all the universes.

…and visions begin transforming before my very eyes…

It’s literally like being in animated suspension between heaven and earth.

Humanly, incomprehensible, spiritually overwhelming,

supernaturally miraculous.

An experience so beautiful, I never want to leave.

But I hear I AM say, My Joyy it’s not time yet.



There’s only one thing left to do, unveil my evidence, the inheritance.

Roll it out ‘red carpet’ to the world.

Undeniably, the poignant point of everyone’s curiosity is ‘the creation’.

How, where, when; did life begin?

EYES ‘Signature Series’ Second Supernatural Eternity’s Gold’s

supernatural photographic cinematography documentary forum’s purpose;

is to educate the world, and illuminate the saint

about hidden eternity secrets; archaic prehistoric pass, present and future.


Imagine traveling into space and it's stratosphere, without leaving the earth.

Journeying to the center of the earth without coming anywhere near a cliff,

climbing a mountain or standing on the edge of a very dangerous open hole.

Or witnessing human life never even heard of or only in fantasy books;

that exist in the heart of the ocean; without going anywhere near water.


Trips that guarantee your human safety, yet take you on adventures of past, present and future life.

Would you be willing to come along, take the ride, walk through and into the supernatural, the unknown. Would you?

Where invisible unknown worlds become visually-visible, right before your very eyes!

Where you get to see into these worlds without any fear because we're in time and these invisible worlds are in eternity.

Time and eternity are two different worlds; therefore, there could never be an intrusion;

there's an invisible wall between the two. No human-being could ever step into eternity,

the supernatural, without becoming supernatural.

Which points to The Rapture, another lesson for a different day.

A similar parallel would be a visit to an aquarium where there's a twenty-foot glass wall.

You on one side and sharks on the other side. You have no fear

because it's impossible for the sharks to break the glass.

So instead, you spend your time admiring everything about this dangerous intriguing mammal.

Time and eternity are the same. Again, no one can cross over into eternity

without becoming supernatural. Eternity is forever, there is no beginning and no end.

So, then the question becomes ; why would any form of eternity life want to leave forever

to step into time? That would be like exchanging no limits, no end; to definitely limited

and positively ending. Literally life v. death. No one wants to die, yet we're all destined for death;

because we're all stuck in time.

Whether for education or illumination or both everyone is guaranteed to be in awe.

Like wow, did you see that? Wow, I need to see it again!




Professional Posture is 100% Biblical; UN-Compromised.

This is a Jesus Kingdom Company.

Statistics show the bible is the #1 read book in the world.

WE will unveil these mysteries, via the holistic bible; King James version only.

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, & The Holy Spirit: The Trinity Kingdom One;

gave Apostle Spring Washington; the Business, resource and the strategy;

therefore, He will receive all the credit; publicly.

After much brainstorming for decades, as CEO, I’ve decided to unveil

Vision Photography Second-Sight Supernatural as an upper-level educational tool.

Focusing on facts, particulars, details, surrounding historical biblical truths;

as well Holy Spirit revelatory illumination. I’m compelled to share

what I know to be authentically true based on my faith, my gift,

Trinity Kingdom illumination and photographic evidence through didactic documentary.

My objective; represent The Trinity Kingdom authentically.

The audience has the freewill to accept or reject its history.

However, Second-sight Supernatural, Eternity’s Gold cinematography is indisputable.

It is historical, scientific, paranormal, extraterrestrial, biblical, educational, supernatural and spiritual.



Since this is an educational moment, allow me expound a little.

Many people hear about Jesus Christ, rarely does anyone hear about His Father, Jehovah God.

WE are introducing revelatory; The Trinity: The Father, I AM, Jehovah God or King Yahweh,

the Son Jesus Christ, The Messiah or Prince Yeshua and The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit or Sir Royal Majestyk.

The Trinity: The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit are supernaturally

three Persons, three Positions, three Personalities, three Purposes; One Spirit.

What makes Them, The Trinity; is Neither has the ability to operate

beyond the capacity of the Other.

All three are One God, The Trinity God.

The Father, I AM, Jehovah or King Yahweh,

is the God Head; hosting the Supreme Power & Authority.

He has the ultimate say on everything. In other words,

Jesus the Christ and The Holy Spirit fulfill the will of The Father.

All of Heaven, bow-down to Him.

He is Omniscient: All Knowing, All Seeing

Omnipotent: All Power, Invincible; and

Omnipresent: Ever-present, Everywhere at the Same Exact Time.

Isaiah 46:10-11, Hebrews 1:3, John 10:17-18.

A similar trinity parallel in the natural is; each person has a body, soul and spirit.

The body needs a spirit and a soul. The soul and the spirit need a body.

All three have different functions yet incapable of operating one without the other.

A vast difference the body in the spirit realm is supernatural.

The body in the natural realm is physical.



Also, The Kingdom of Heaven has a government.

The same as the United States of America, or any other Country.

Just like all government officials have titles attached to their positions;

that are publicly worn with responsibility and accountability; starting with the President.

The same is so for The Trinity Kingdom: The Father, Son & the Holy Spirit.

The Trinity Kingdom’s government official’s titles are:

apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, teacher, and disciples; new testament.

Old testament exclusive, judge priest. The judge priest is not similar to today’s priest.

A judge priest in the Trinity Kingdom host the highest human authority, supernaturally on earth.

These are not just title, but significant positions, offices; hosting responsibility and accountability to

The Trinity Kingdom, The Kingdom of Heaven.

Contrary to many folks’ perceptions, these positions are not just in the Church.

The Church is just a building, a huddle for instruction, edification, and compassion.

Most importantly it’s the ‘emergency ward’ for the flock.

Christians awarded these titles and positions can be found in the Church,

government, businesses, entertainment and just plain ordinary people.

Ephesians: 4-11

Jehovah God is The Heart Inspector. He has no respect of person.

He specializes in using ordinary people to display His extraordinary supernatural

Trinity Kingdom platform.

Also, an extremely popular myth is biblical gifting is

only given to those whom stand behind the pulpit. Ludicrous, simply not true.

The Church is not the building. Any individual whom receives salvation

becomes the Church. Every person whom receives salvation is awarded biblical gifting.

Maturity in the processional walk-through salvation awards one the privilege to witness

their revelatory gifting in action. There are many Trinity Kingdom disciples; apostles, prophets,

pastors, evangelists, teachers, and judge priests: in Church, government, entertainment, business,

as well ordinary, extraordinary, amazing people around the world.



For such a time as this!

Politics is not my lane; thank God!

But as a US citizen, I might as well GO FOR BROKE!

America’s leadership is MIA, Missing In Action!!! This is a hot mess!

Are there any adults in the room? Everybody, all sides pointing fingers, vengeance,

vindictiveness, hostility and detest are ‘open mic’ action words.


Let's talk about the elephant in the room; the hard talk:

'the double standards that are dismantling America's democracy' on all sides.

There are several critical issues that must be addressed with the determination

to produce nonpartisan , unbiased, resolutions. A resolve that represents every

US citizen, protects democracy and forms at least a basic foundation of unity.

It's okay to agree to disagree; as long as all sides benefit in some fashion, form or measure.



We The People's Voice

1. Democrats vs Republicans: Warzone Destructive: Both Parties

2. Fake News: Atrociously Biased to Democratic Party

3. Legal Standard for Lawlessness: Atrociously Biased to Caucasian Americans

4. National Police Treatment of African Americans: Atrociously Biased

5. Voter Fraud: Atrociously Biased to Democratic Party

6. Special Counsel: Trump (Russia-conspiracies) vs Biden-(Hunter Biden-laptop)

Atrociously Biased to Democratic Party

7. Big Tech Censorship: Atrociously Biased to Democratic Party

Millions of Americans, average citizens of every ethnicity:

African, Caucasian, and Hispanic are screaming to the top of their lungs;

these scathing issues. However, those very valid voices are met with deaf ears;

because of the destructive warzone; again, both parties.

We The People have a voice.

How can America continue to be a Paradigm Leader for the World,

when our Home stands on a crumbling foundation of divisive division?

Unity is an action word. Unity finds a way to meet in the middle.

Can we eliminate the elephant in the room, by honestly tackling all

of these issues; not one or two; but all?

Otherwise there needs to be third-party consideration.

Is there a third party for me to consider?

This is a disgrace; our forefathers-mothers are turning over in their graves.

One big brawl; fist to cuff! One would think these are lifetime appointed positions;

like king and queenships. Whatever happened to UNITY?

Suddenly, there’s a new arrogance; stench in the air coming from the winning side through the media.

Blame everything on Trump; demolish his accomplishments and refer to his 75 million voters as a cult.

These individuals are incapable of thinking for themselves, they need to be deprogrammed.

The conservative voters must be silenced, shutdown any dissent resistance, marginalize their voices;

we must vilify the other-side.

Can it get any more offensively inhumane than this?

As an independent, I’m gaging all sides; Donald Trump cannot be held responsible

for what took place at the Capitol building. It was a combination of all the hate

spruing from both party’s mouths; democrat and republican.

The bias news reporting; channels literally refusing to show anything pertaining

to the opposing party; unless it’s detrimental. ..and censorship party bias.

Shsh… be quiet and roll back all the tapes.

It’s one thing to win; but it’s another thing to trample the opponent’s view.

The media, government officials, and big tech are literally condemning conservative

Americans for practicing their 1st amendment rights.

Like seriously, the push to strip folk of their degrees, lifetime achievements;

for supporting their belief within the confines of the law.

It’s ludicrous …and it’s unconstitutional!

New rules forget the laws; rules supersede the laws.

Has there been an invasion of the body snatchers or something?

The winners are the ones acting the most irrational. I was expecting to see excitement, exhilaration;

a welcome invitation; that would prove to be irresistible to the opponent’s side.

But instead, I’m looking at communistic thinking. Think as we do; otherwise, you’re the enemy.

It’s frightening; disheartening and definitely unamerican….

There’s literally no rational thinking, no critical thinking, no democratic thinking,

only hostile thinking. Let’s discuss leadership; every time, I see Nancy Pelosi interviewing,

she’s aggressively hostile; even against members of her own party.

As if to suggests, no one better not ever defy her.

She surely didn’t win my respect when she tore up President Trump’s speech, on live television.

In the chamber that’s supposed to host the most respect for any president.

Regardless of the circumstances, a true leader always leads by example.

As the voice for the party; it’s disappointing.

I’m watching the newbies follow in her footstep; be flagrantly disrespectful to the other side.

As long as one party is telling another party to shut-up and sit-down;

otherwise, life consequential penalties; none of us will survive.

Battle of the bobble heads; everybody appears to be stuck on stupid.

America was not built on one voice, one party, one people, one idea.

America is and has always been ‘the melting pot’ a conglomeration,

a combination, a compilation of citizen representation.

America was built on free-speech, civil liberties, and justice for all.

Whatever happened to agree to disagree; but let’s find some common ground.

When did securing an election mean the champs get to beat

the challengers and their constituents into submission?

I’m an independent, I have voted in presidential elections for both democrats and republicans.

What I’m witnessing; I could never align myself with the winners.

I imagine that’s exactly how Trump voters feel too.

There is no welcome mat. The only thing on display is a declaration of war.

War, because infringing on a citizen’s freedom of speech, civil liberties, constitutional rights,

voter privilege, and thought patterns; is destine to catapult America’s voters into the warzone.


Then there are the republican officials, whom have absolutely no spine.

There seems to be an identity crisis.

Despite Trump’s arrogant posture; his accomplishments were outstanding.

There are 75 million staunch republicans whom truly believe the election was stolen.

Who were denied something as simple as an investigation.

An investigation that was requested by democrats in previous elections.

How can a constitutional procedure be totally legal for one party;

but totally illegal for the other party? See the double-standard here.

Heck, I must admit, this election looked extremely shady to me; too.

Who are being brutally admonished by the democrats for their skepticism.

Sit-down, shut-up and suck it up, or else; censorship style via the media!

Threatening folks livelihoods and lifestyles for noncompliance.

…and they’re not even being consoled by their own party leaders.

Of the 75 million republican constituents

80,000 showed support to Pres. Trump on 6Jan21;

at best 500 actually stormed the Capitol building.

Everyone else was a peaceful protestor.

Yet, all 75 million are being snubbed by their party leaders.

No words of encouragement, inspiration, hope.

How can any leader sleep at night, look in the mirror?

Knowing they’re holding their own party hostage?

Innocent folk hostage!

Mitch McConnell is moving like a slinky; zero spine.

Instead of him, displaying support for his cabinet and supporters; he’s still

publicly raging over Trump. Did he switch sides; is he a democrat now?

How can any party survive when it’s leader doesn’t defend and console them?

Clearly, the party is divided over Trump, but what about the constituents?

The democrats announcement is speaker surround sound public.

They’re not pulling any punches: no hidden agenda.

Eliminate the conservative voice; permanently.

By any and all means necessary, strip degrees, blacklist from jobs,

Censor every venue of voice; deprogram the cult.

…and the republicans are standing around as if punch-drunk in the ring;

No fight, doom gloom; as if already eliminated.

Everybody appears to be stuck on stupid; invasion of the body snatchers.

Battle of the bobble heads…



..and where are the pastors, reverends, bishops, drs,

apostles, prophets, evangelist, teachers, disciples, life coaches?

Are we playing a game of hide and seek?

Why haven’t you sold your plane, mansion, bentley; television slot:

to feed, clothed or housed the flock; in those 10,000-50,000 people edifices?

If your flock whom have supported you, tithing, offerings, giving and gifting

for decades; are not receiving any dividends; directly from you! Woe!!!

For such a time as this!

You’ve spent 25 years in the pulpit; talk is cheap!

Some of you have been spruing hate from the pulpit too!

The bottom-line; Jesus is LOVE!

LOVE is an Action Word.

Oh, where oh where; is my brother’s keeper?

Somewhere, sucking on a pacifier, sitting in a highchair!!!

It’s disgusting; a disgrace!!!

This is where the Church is supposed to take the lead.

Oh, I’m sorry you thought all those decades of

collecting tithes, donations and gifts were for you and your family.

Wrong answer! Think reservoir!

It was bought to you; to bring through you; for such a time as this!

You may not have known about the Coronavirus plague;

But Jehovah God knew about it in eternity!

The Church.

The Church that’s stagnant in financial growth, mega, big or small;

is forced to rely on the Government for assistance.

The Church and the Government can achieve great accomplishments together

as long as each navigates in its own lane; separate; but parallel.

In other words, the Church should not be financially dependent upon

the Government for assistance. If a Shepherd has sheep depending on the Government for assistance;

then the same reflection is of that of the Shepherd; from Jehovah God’s, The Holy Trinity Kingdom perspective.

When Moses led the Israelites in the wilderness, and they ran out of the food

they bought from Egypt. Jehovah God did not send the Israelites back to Egypt

or into neighboring cities. Neither did he allow them to starve.

Through the prayers of their Shepherd Moses, Jehovah God fed them supernaturally

for 40 years while wandering in the wilderness. Exodus 16

When Jesus’s 5000 followers were hungry, He didn’t send them away;

at the advice of his disciples. He didn’t tell them go ask King Herod.

He prayed to His Father Jehovah God, The Holy Trinity Kingdom;

then miraculously fed His sheep in smorgasbord fashion with doggy bag leftovers.

Matthew 14:15-21.

After Jesus Christ’s ascension into heaven, not one believer lacked.

For all who were possessors of land or houses sold them and brought the proceeds

of the things that were sold and laid them at the apostles’ feet.

The apostles distributed to each as anyone had need. The Church’s leadership took care of

the Church’s followers. To ensure no one from the house of Jehovah God

was neglected, especially not the widows. The apostles even appointed seven men

of good reputation to oversee the distribution process.

Acts 4:32-37, & 6

Any Shepherd whom hears Jehovah God’s Word and bears no conviction

to heed and sustain His flock, does not know Him, Jesus or The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Trinity One. It only proves these Shepherds are lovers of themselves

and not of Jehovah God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit, The Holy Trinity.

Jesus’s words: My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

Jesus words to Simon Peter: So, when they had dined,

Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me

more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee.

He saith unto him, Feed my lambs.

He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me?

He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee.

He saith unto him, Feed my sheep. He saith unto him the third time,

Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved

because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me?

And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee.

Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.

Feed My Sheep, naturally, spiritually and supernaturally.

John 21:15-17

Jesus: “Then the King will turn to those on the left and say,

‘Away with you, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons.

For I was hungry, and you didn’t feed Me.

I was thirsty, and you didn’t give Me a drink.

I was a stranger, and you didn’t invite Me into your home.

I was naked, and you didn’t give Me clothing.

I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t visit Me.’

“Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see You hungry or thirsty

or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help You?’ And He will answer,

‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these My brothers and sisters,

you were refusing to help Me. And they will go away into eternal punishment,

but the righteous will go into eternal life.

Matthew 25:37-46

If the Church’s Shepherd is incapable of fulfilling its purpose,

then the burden falls into the hands of the Government.

EYES LLC will not open its doors for Shepherds to greed themselves.

To do so would make US co-conspirators to a Holy Trinity Kingdom violation;

the same as Ananias and Sapphira! God forbid!

Acts 6


It all belongs to Jehovah God!!!

HE owns all the gold and the silver, the cattle on a thousand hills.

The world is His and everything in it.

You are only a steward of His people, places and things!

One thing is for sure, and two things are for certain.

Jehovah God always has a neophyte in the trenches

warming up to take your place.

Psalm 50:7-12 Ezekiel 34


What does any of this have to do with the price of tea in China?

Nothing; it has everything to do with the ten’s of millions of Americans

whom have become casualties of war.

Victims due to the recklessness of USA leadership whom have gone rogue.

Democrats, republicans, news media, big tech, and the Church.

As if the Coronavirus isn’t enough


America’s law-abiding citizens, adults; hard working, taxpayers;

are in fetal position; trying to figure out how to survive.


The United States is in catastrophic crisis, but what do you care?

The steak is still on your table; your Mercedes, Bentley, private plane;

are still parked out front; the maid is still cleaning your house;

the butler is still answering your door; your bank account is still advancing; your stock are plenty.


The Coronavirus has changed everything.

Wake up!

America is tore up from the floor up:

between the coronavirus victims; vaccine handout debacles;

States in full quarantine; businesses shutdown; threatening evictions;

starving families; millions jobless; thousands homeless, overworked frontline workers;

racial deprivation vs white privilege; police brutality toward African Americans;

looters, rioters burning businesses down; questionable voter fraud;

fake news; government leadership dictatorship-not practicing what they preach.

The Capital building trampled; vicious: democrat-republican warzone;

blaming one man for the incitement of a mob that both parties ignited;

folk proclaiming unite; but their words and actions say fight;

voters being scolded and condemned for their citizens right choices;

…and big tech discriminatory censorships.

The transparent question becomes; can We ever recover?

If there’s ever a time to put America 1st, it would be now.

United We Stand; Divided We Fall.

Even when We rebuild America; life will never be the same.


I’ve spent 23 years, digesting Jehovah God’s blueprint.

A blueprint that supersedes the entire world’s comeback.

All the money in the world, comes to America.

But, it looks like I need to wait a little longer.

Perhaps, two to four more years.

I watched the inauguration of Pres. Joe Biden.

It alone confirmed my reservation to patiently wait.

I have made my agenda transparent; which is Jehovah God’s agenda.

America 1st & Israel.

The Jewish Jesus.

The nation of Israel will become a major player in EYES LLC Projects.

Israel, unlike any other Country will be allowed to invest in every project, day one.

No other Country in the world will be allowed to invest in EYES LLC, for the 1st seven years.

Nonnegotiable, it's not up for debate: America 1st.

Israel's invitation is biblical.

For this reason; regardless of their faith,

the bible clearly states Jesus Christ of Nazareth is their Messiah.

The Jews are His chosen family.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC is a Jesus Kingdom Company.

American Jewish citizens will be categorized as Americans'.

No double citizenship advantage.

It’s all about people, humanity; community.


As sole proprietor, I'm not seeking any partnerships.

My vision is to work independent, but in parallel conjunction with any

Organization, Government, Corporation, Small Business or Church whose

mission is to reignite The American Dream, Put America 1st, Put America Back to Work

Make America Safe Again, Disintegrate the Federal Debt, and Create a New Economy, too.

EYES LLC is and will remain a debt-free family owned private Company.

President Biden’s agenda is totally opposite of mine.

He put three policies in play to confirm our visions are different.

1. He ended the building of the border wall;

with 11 million immigrants about to charge it; in the middle of a pandemic.

Placing American citizen’s in ‘harm’s way' from a health, economic and job recovery perspective.

2. He restored the Muslim travel ban;

with the Coronavirus trampling through America;

24.5 million cases and 405 thousand deaths; with limited vaccine. That alone, speaks volumes.

3. He ended the Keystone Pipeline;

costing 11 thousand American jobs; in the midst of this vicious epidemic.

…and then, there’s the 2nd impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

that appears to be more of a vicious vendetta of Nancy Pelosi than anything else.

I listened to the speech, there was nothing Mr. Trump said;

that would incite grown folk to climb the Capital, break windows and force their way into the building.

The real question perhaps; where was security?

How could a crowd of majority unarmed tyrants consume the building

with little to no resistance? Isn’t that Pelosi’s oversight?

Are we being hoodwinked?

..are we looking at a smokescreen here?

The bottom-line, that insurrection was caused by all parties,

the democrats, the republicans and the fake news media.

All the vicious vindictive propaganda coming through

news media channels and social media on behalf

the presidential candidates.

Everybody spitting venomous blood at each other again,

on behalf of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

If anything, everyone has blood on their hands.

One word of authority; from President Biden deadens

what has many law-abiding citizens in civil unrest.

President Biden claims he’s the president working for all people;

yet his words clearly don’t coincide with his vision; his policies.

He’s the president; his vision represents his constituents; as it should.

But, he ran on the promise of inclusion;

So far, his policies day-one dictate exclusion.

With that being said, I refuse to compromise mines.

I could be selfish, move in the entitlement realm; the same as I’m witnessing.

All I need to do is take one step; and me and mines are set for life;

with perpetuity residuals. But then, I would become what I see.

Every man, women for him or herself, forget about everyone else.

When it’s all about the citizens; public service!!



So, instead, I’m going to push the pause button.

Give folk an opportunity to either come back to their senses or

wait for the inevitable; a changing of the guards.

Scripture says, be anxious for nothing. Philippians 4:6-7

Politically, I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do.

But I will not shy away from my citizen opinion. …and as disciple for Jesus Christ,

I’m 100% accountable to be a voice for Him in the wilderness.

An apostle is the restorer, a scaffolder.

My assignment is to see what heaven sees is the problem, naturally, and spiritually.

Become the scaffolder as long as there is no resistance. Fix, restore, renew, remedy,

repair, all that is broken, dysfunctional, inhabitable and move on.

In this case there is major resistance coming from all sides.

Since all sides are operating like they have everything under control;

democrats, republicans, big tech, the media and the Church.

Despite the disastrous catastrophe that lay before us.

I say let em have at it.



I’m going to wait to see if America’s leadership is going to

do the right thing: work together to heal we the people.

Or are the democrats and big tech going to continue down

this vicious destructive communistic path of one thought, one path,

one voice. While the republicans stand in the lane like a wet noodle; useless.

..and finally, the Church; don’t even look in EYES LLC’s direction;

if you don’t plan on feeding, clothing and housing your sheep; in this dior hour.

Oh, EYES LLC will feed, clothe and shelter them, WE just won’t feed you.

After all, your plate is already full; from decades of collection plates.

Talk is cheap!


We need leaders not in love with money; but in love with justice;

not in love with publicity; but in love with humanity.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I’ve patiently waited 23 years; I can surely wait 2 to 4 more.

Actually, it will give me time to perfect my presentation; Fort Knox

my intellectual property in the natural; and establish EYES LLC with solid concrete footing.

Either way I have a special surprise for the investors.

I will be debuting two supernatural realms I have yet to reveal.


There are Secrets in the Snow!



There are Secrets in the Trees.

Private showing; investors only!!!


In case any of you are wondering

‘who do I think I am’.

I am she, who was chosen by

The Trinity Kingdom

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit

For Such A Time As This!!!

He specializes in raising up a nobody,

the misunderstood, overlooked,

the underdog

who came from nothing

who would never be considered

for such an elite task!

I am the mini-might; sole owner of the Mother Yacht.

EYES The Window of Heaven LLC

Vision Photography Second-Sight Supernatural

Eternity’s Gold

The King of The Road.

The Only Game In Town, Country and World.

This Gold Supersedes Man’s Gold; It’s Priceless!!

All The Money in The World

Coming to America

Who’s Coming to America?

Everyone to, from and around America

Brilliant! Unstoppable! Spectacular!


EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC




1. Trinity Eyes Showcases I, II, III, IV

2. Vision Quest Global-Investor Booking

3. EYES World Fare

4. The Melting Pot Project’s

National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan.

5. EYES Franchises


EYES LLC five towering Floors of elevation,

Trinity EYES Showcase 1st year, Vision Quest Global 1st year, and EYES World’s Fare 3rd year,

will cause the economy to immediately flourish by attracting local, national and international

tourist, venders and investors; which will in turn expand the hotel, travel and restaurant industries.

The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan, 4th year advance;

is a three-year project with one purpose: create a new economy that Puts America Back to Work.

Franchising the 7th year sustains and explosively increases the five-year economic growth expansion

established through the other four investment ventures. 7th year Vision Quest Global

universally advances placing a cushion under the new economy. The international communities

will have access to the product in the 7th year. However; for security purposes and retention of

America’s prosperity, the distribution will be five years behind.

The gist, the world will still have to come to America to see and experience

the newest products on the market. As well protects Our product and investments

as WE accelerate into the global marketplace.

Our growth accelerates through the strategic progressive expansion

of all 5 tier projects. Every year a new/next level adventure capital venture.

Year One: Trinity EYES Showcase- Investor & Consumer Sneak Peek

Year One-Two: Vision Quest Global-Investor Booked Shows

Year Three-Four: EYES World Fare- Coming to America

Year Four-Seven: The Melting Pot Project-National Jobs Fair & Re-Employment Plan

Year Seven-International Investors- Trillion-Zillion Dollar Marketplace

Year Seven-Eight: Franchising-From Here Into Eternity

EYES The Window of Heaven LLC

Vision Photography Second-Sight Supernatural

Eternity’s Gold

The King of The Road.

The Only Game In Town, Country and World.

This Gold Supersedes Man’s Gold; It’s Priceless!!

All The Money in The World

Coming to America

Who’s Coming to America?

Everyone to, from and around America

Brilliant! Unstoppable! Spectacular!


Apostle Spring Washington’s

Personal Commitment / Philanthropy-Charity

Israel (Poverty Stricken 12 Years)

USA Senior Citizens (90 Years & Up- Live Alone)

Education (College & University Scholarships- Students of Single Parents)

African Americans (USA Born Citizen Reparations)

Children with Birth Defects



Coming soon my books

The ‘Salvation’ Process

Discipleship ‘The Hell’ Out The Devil

Heaven or Hell “Your Choice”

The Trinity Kingdom

Family Secrets

The Witchcraft Didn’t Work

Catch Me, Fit Me; If You Can?

The Thorn ‘My Greatest Grief'

Dedicated and In Loving Memory

of the Late

Rev. Milton Neville

My Great Grandfather

Evangelist Elvira Taylor

My Grandmother


Ministry Mobile Mrs. Iantha May Johnson

My Mother


Lifetime resume,

management, supervisory and trainer.

I’m a master multitasker, meaning I can chew gum and walk at the same time.

Delegation is my style, building 'dream teams' is my reputation.

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