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1 February 22 thru   22


As a radical disciple for Christ,

relentless warrior for Jehovah God

and a toddler student of The Holy Ghost ;

I feel compelled to speak out, let my voice be heard.

It's a dirty, dangerous job, but somebody's gotta do it!

Since I'm on Trinity Kingdom assignment,

I might as well

Go for Broke;

No Fear, Never Back Down; Over & Out!!!

Good Trouble!!!

…Justice must prevail…


For the record, I'm not attempting to meet anyone's standards,

be politically correct; or be sparse with my words. Let me

establish that I'm not a republican or democrat;

I'm an independent. Allow me to also

establish the only side I'm on is

The Trinity Triune One,

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit

The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit


King Yahweh, Prince Yeshua, & The Holy Ghost


I AM THAT I AM, The Messiah, & The Comforter


It’s time for me to step into the Warrior’s lane.

Where I see myself as bulletproof; where whatever I say,

I better mean it; because I can’t take it back;

and I don’t intend to. Where, I’m looking the assassins 

directly in the face; two fingers at you; eye to eye. LOL



Psalm 2: 1-12

Absolutely, positively No Fear, I’m Built for this!!

31 years of preparation for Such a Time as This!

Coming to America

ALL The Money in The World

Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural

Eternity's LIMITLESS Gold


This is real personal; current and future generations are at stake.

Besides; I got what they want, what they secretly claim to be theirs.

What they’ve already plotted to steal.

The Gold, Eternity’s Gold.

The Priceless Limitless GOLD that has no expiration date.

Oh, they know about the Gold.

My 6 internet babies have been on public display since 2010.

EYES Website, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace

More importantly, my photography was copywritten by 

the Office of Copyright, Code 17; Copyright of

 The United States Code. in 2010.

There is no other Supernatural Cinematography in the Entire World.

Which makes me the RICHEST person ON PLANET EARTH.

An Italian Job, Oceans, and Hustlers Special.

Marching Orders: steal, swindle, manipulate, bully, snatch; then kill.

Heck; do whatever it takes and by whatever means necessary.

Just don’t come back without it.


You know greed-mongers, control freaks, always want what they 

can't have; other folks stuff: but some how that thing always

comes back to shoot itself in the foot.


...and then there are the recruiters, the bounties; the soul snatching

perverted blood sucking PREDATORS. The witchcraft, black magic

sorcery, voodoo, treehouse masters, warlocks, valley of the ugly dolls; ghosts,

animals, kettels, digs, golden needles, graveside chats: didn't work..

The Devil's Rejects: five words:


...Catch Me If You Can...

I keep hearing Satan say two-words..

…Useless Humans...

…and here’s the unadulterated truth; you scavengers are hearing him say it too. Because

he’s saying it directly to you. Hello!!! I know you’re shook, because you can’t believe I 

actually heard and am hearing what Satan said and is saying to you; you useless pile of crap.

But you forget, you ‘channel astral’ dragged me, sleeping on 

The Rock; Jehovah God; that you’re gnawing at; into

the core of your BELLY BEAST race. 


Satan’s Candyland:

voluptuous, luscious, landscaped; luxurious, flesh tantalizing, vampire’s thirst: his irresistible

bedchamber of perversion pleasures. You soul snatching, recruiters, hunters;

 bounties, bloodsucking scavengers: when I was fast asleep. 

I awoke only to see the race’s sign;

hanging over my head.


..and perhaps the most painfullly egregious is me waking up and seeing some of my very own relatives; standing with the strangers. Folk that I loved hard; in aggressive pursuit of Spring. Talk about

 twisted! Wow I'm all mess up! Wow, really fam; family secrets! I literally had no clue!!! Wow!

You are about to be exposed; no-holds-bar!! You come for me; I'm coming for you!

No longer family; I forgive; but could, neither would; ever trust you again!!

 You're thirsty, dehydrated, and about to lose everything, power, money and position.

That's right, Satan is seconds away from taking it all back. Yup, give all that you've spent decades

earning; sweat, death and tears: to the next generation of self-entitled ingrates; bebes. In your face! 

He likes to call it his wealth transfer. You fail on your assignment, you lose everything.

Your assignment: now that's a given; soul snatching; through perverted sexual pleasures.

Oh The Vampire Thirst is Real!!!

You're desperate, you need fresh flesh, the innocent, uncharted territory. 

Man, woman, child and baby, no holds bar; everyones up for grabs.

Mother, father, sister, brother, wife, child, grandchild; everybody!

See I know you know this already; but let me spell it out for those who don't. Perverted Sex in Satan's world automatically opens the doors to his demonic spirit realms of leadership. 

Perverted sex; for example: masochist, sadist, swingers, orgies and annul sex are

 Satan's Throne Masters. '


Annul sex is Satan's Crown Jewel. 

 Annul sex, is what Satan considers his personal branding; 

his right to ownership. From his perspective; annul sex consumates

a marriage between you and him. Now you belong to him.

All preparation for the Devils' ride.

For he has the biggest kielbasa and meatballs, 

they're so huge; like literally humanly unfathamable,

literally like the land of the giants

The kielbasa requires a demonic stretch, I saw it and heard the screams;

the mountain echo hollars.

The screams, the hollars, well lets just say, it can get pretty loud!

It all comes down to Him having annul sex

 with you; whenever he wants!!

Man, woman, child; after all you belong to him.


Once consumation takes place; Satan agrees to reward you power and authority 

over portions of his demonic spirit brigade. His demonic spirits must follow your orders..

No sweat, channeling is how he keeps you soldiers in line;

 one thought, one action; 100% control. 

There's no conflict of interest; when it's comes to your orders to his army. 

Because it's really him, using your channeled vessel. He always need a vessel.


Leadership is optional, you do have a choice. 

But he's slick, he studies his prey. He knows exactly what you 

like and he uses it as a pone of enticement to reel you in.