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EYES is the financial foundation for Yahweh's Kingdom INC-Non-profit.


Host a 21 year vision of restoration

for Israel; Local, National and Universal Church & World Outreach.



WE are commissioned to equip transparent Leaders into Dominion Warriors for King Yahweh's Kingdom. Through the Salvation Power of Sir Royal Majestyk Holy Spirit in radical submission to Prince Yeshua' s Jesus Christ's Redemption in complete surrender to King Yahweh's Jehovah's Dominion Authority! The Son's of God ....Romans 8:12




in accordance to the Bible, its Principles in reference to Leadership responsibility and accountability Christ Leadership specific; eliminating any dysfunction hindering Kingdom Leadership World Outreach. Diagnose the problem and provide a prescription with resolution.




the transparent bifocal process pursuit of purification between Salvation and Glory to the Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Church leader, and Christian Leadership Community in preparation of the Promise; Supernatural & The Rapture.



To see and approach each project as personal and different. Some WE will turn into a Fish Company, some WE will teach to fish, others WE will give fish dinners to; whatever the need; the goal is: that all are made whole.




through The Holy Spirit the sanctification required through transparency for transition and transformation, into the Dominion realm of the Supernatural. Resulting in the ultimate commission; territorial trouble-shooting scaffolding reservoir resource.



To challenge the disciple in areas of transparency, internalization, conviction, repentance and conversion, when pertaining to the three faces of spiritual death: self, sin and Satan

Yahweh's focus is leadership discipleship and wholelistic healing. Prince Yeshua's Brook & Sir Royal Majestyk's XXpress are the pilot Ministries that fulfill both purposes. The Dominion Twins functions are to bring reinforcement stability to all Churches financially, naturally, spiritually, and supernaturally. Prince Yeshua's Brook is a Christ Community of Sons scaffolding Israel / Universal Church Restoration & World Outreach.

Sir Royal Majestyk's XXpress is The Trinity Holy Ghost Boot-Camp for all Christ's Leaders.

Both Ministries are open to every leader; but are not necessarily for every leader. For example: Sir Royal Majestyk XXPress is a boot-camp for those ready to go to the Upper-Level. Bethel, Table Mountain where the eagles fly; fresh supernatural air; where supernatural gifting takes flight.Isaiah 11:9. You must be prepared to bring your total person into submission body, soul and mind Romans 12:1-2. This requires the desire, the discipline, the sacrifice, the love, the dare to be different, peculiar and radical; never-the-less: without apology! It is a progressive process; it take determination and the will to move toward The Trinity Kingdom with genuine relentless passion.

Sir Royal Majestyk's XXpress: is for spirit-filled bible toting Grown-ups. Folk whom desire transparent repentant conviction and willingly; follow Jesus through the guidance of The Holy Spirit in complete submission to Jehovah in-spite-of, no matter what; never-the-less Romans 8:38. A discipleship lifestyle of process progressive purification into Jehovah's Perfected-Will daily Matthew 5:48.This training is for veterans; God Chasers; not bench-warmers; boasting about being and possessing the things of God.


He led Christ; Only God has the power and authority to lead Himself Luke 4:1. He raised Christ from the dead; God is the Only One with Preeminence to raise Himself; for that would take Total Supremacy Romans 8:11 He intercedes on our prayers, God is the Only Discerner of man's heart. For we are foolish; Only God would desire and know how to intercede on our nonsense Romans:26-27. His Leadership reveals His True Sons Romans 8:14, God's Name is Jealous; there no other that He would allow to replace His Headship Exodus 34:14. King Yahweh, Prince Yeshua & Sir Royal Majestyk are The Trinity God Exodus 20:1-3!

Holy Ghost Boot-Camp is for flesh transparent convicted-repentant souls; advanced learners; seeking consistently renewed conversion; ultimately leading to supernatural dominion commission.. There is a two years attendance instruction requirement of SRMXX and one year internship at PYB. This is a three-year crash course of twenty-one years of prophetic illumination and on the job training.1,470 SRMXX Leaders will become Overseers of Prince Yeshua's Brook for 12 years.

There is a two years attendance instruction requirement of SRMXX and one year internship at PYB. This is a three-year crash course of twenty-one years of prophetic illumination and on the job training.1,470 SRMXX Leaders will become Overseers of PYB for 12 years.

Sir Royal Majestyk's XXpress's Role: radical discipleship offering an elevated support system. SRMXX is the Spiritual-Supernatural Reservoir Restorer in areas of lack, immaturity, and naivety through Holy Spirit intervention to all Christian Overseers. Prophecy Experts, 5 Fold Leadership, Church Leadership and Christian Leadership Community; Government, Entertainment, Education, Corporations, and Medical. All Christians have spiritual gifts; these gifts are from The Trinity; and only matured through The Holy Ghost 1Corinthians 12.


True leadership doesn't come without accountability, commitment, and intimacy to the precious Holy Spirit. GOD does not give Kingdom spiritual-supernatural dominion authority to rebels. This may start out as a class but it's not a classroom; it's Christ's lifestyle led through following The Holy Spirit climbing and taking a privileged seat at Table Mountain Isaiah 11:2. Where The Messiah Himself will speak to you face-to-face. We are just Mountain Tour Guides, Lifeguards steering, leading you in the direction of Sir Royal Majestyk. We can only bring you as far as you want to go! You must be willing to die to self daily; so the supernatural you can rise into your true servant Kingdom Dominion commission.


The greatest lie ever told is; the possession of money, natural power and authority prove you're in top notch standing with God. A pulpit, lead position, or large following don't necessarily confirm your authenticity. The devil has the power to host all three, if let in the door. He just can't live a purification lifestyle nor does he have the authority required to bring The Trinity Kingdom to earth. Only the pure in heart shall see God Matthew 5.

John the Baptist had no natural assets; but was the only one allotted the human honor of the wilderness voice. His leadership discipleship was not only approved by The Kingdom; but was permitted to continue to exist after Christ's arrival and throughout His Stay. He had the awesome privilege of Christ's Holy Ghost Father's Dove Debut hosting the ultimate assignment of baptizing The Master!! His fellowship was intimate with The Holy Ghost while he was still in his mother's womb Luke 1:44.

Solomon proves that the issue is not wealth, power, and authority; for he was the riches Trinity Kingdom King, and the voice, on earth 1Kings 3:13-15. Although God's offer was unlimited; Solomon chose to chase His Masters Wisdom 1 Kings 3:5-9.That request pleased God so much; He fulfilled his request; plus made him The Richest King on Rich King Hill 1 Kings 10-15.The issue was then and is now Put ME 1st Matthew 6:31-34.

Some of you are delusional, immature, literal babies, toddlers seated in high chairs sucking pacifiers, refusing to grow-up.


Elijah lived God's illustration of the power and authority Adam lost; because of his vicious betrayal in the Garden Genesis 3:8-24. This boy was Heaven Wrath Baad! He called fire drench death down from Heaven that consumed the King's men: fifty at a time; twice 2 Kings 1:1-12. No Hell Devil Nonsense! No Fear! What! What! Now that's Hell No Holy!! And was going for a third round until God stopped him 2 Kings 1:13-18.Jesus didn't even do that! Although He could have; but because of His Genuine Love for us; dirty rotten scoundrels; He relinquished His God Authority & Power: Holy!

Let's not even discuss Elijah's private 1st class Chariot Rapture Flight; he was the only passenger 2Kings 2:10-14! A Chariot didn't even show up for our Precious Messiah Jesus Acts 1:1-10!!All proof of greater works are we called to do John 14:12! Elijah passed his training mantle to Elisha his successor 1Kings 19:15-21. No holds bar; he was not intimidated, insecure, or jealous. He also prepared Elisha for his young successors Company of Prophets or Discipleship School 2Kings 6:1-3.

Jesus Himself made disciples and commanded His disciples to make disciples Matthew 28:18-20. And here's the strangest thing; He gave them power and authority to cast out demons, cure diseases Luke 9:1-2. But He told them take nothing for their journey. He was specific no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt Luke 9:3. And to expect rejection, opposition; but shake it off and move on Luke 9:4-5.

Paul experienced atrocious opposition, and rejection from the Synagogue; when he discipled in reference to the things of The Kingdom Acts 19:8-9. Some became stubborn, rejecting his messages publicly speaking evil against The Way. So he departed from them and withdrew the disciples into the school of Tyrannus. He taught both Jew and Gentile for two years Acts 19:9-10. Now that's a preach!!

It's obvious that he had a major seat at the Upper-Level on Table Mountain; because this Boy was Heaven Miracle Baad! Paul worked unusual miracles. His handkerchiefs, aprons from his body healed the sick, the diseased, and cast out evil spirits; without him even being present Acts 19:11-12. Talk about Holy Ghost Miraculous Baad all over the Universe!!

And what about Peter The Trinity Kingdom's Trouble-Shooting Bride-Life-Guard. His assignment was two specific Rise or Fall. I said Rise Acts3:1-10. Or!! Don't act like you didn't hear me, I said lay your hell down right now Acts 5:1-10!

And then there was John Senior Executive Kingdom Trouble-shooting Bride-Life-Guard; who takes Rise or Fall to a whole nother level. After mentoring Peter Acts 3:1-10; he proves why he was Prince Yeshua's right hand man Revelations 1-4. This boy's microscopic vision of Rise or Fall had so much super on eyes natural; that he stood in Warfare Airspace of Holy Ghost Unstoppable Revelations 5-19! This Boy left us the original blueprint of Master King Yahweh's Ultimate Chess Match with the Fallen, Disgruntled, Biggest Loser Lucifer. He & his Empire Fall. We; The Bride of The Kingdom; Rise Revelations 20-22 !!! Checkmate is the only Answer!

This Boy is Holy Hell Hero Baad!!

All are excerpts of The Trinity Kingdom's Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient Response to Satan's blasphemous atrocious attack of witchcraft, sorcery, and black magic's finger flicking, switch control channels of Secret Society Brother-Sister-hoods; on the innocent victims Palms 106:37, Deuteronomy 32:17, 2Chronicles 11:15, Zechariah 11, Ephesians 5:8-14, Matthew 7:21-23, 2Thesolonians 3:1-3, Psalm 23.

We find it extremely necessary to dispel Satan's myths out there. That Gods true Soldiers are punks, wimps, chumps. Quite the contrary; clearly Heaven's Baad Boys; The Untouchables. Defense: protect and defend!! The greatest Game ever played!! All you professional chess players know; the Queen, Bishop, Rook and Horse; next to the King; are the most valuable pieces on the board. With that being said; a true Warrior will win, checkmate the Opposer with a simple pone. There's no such thing as a stalemate; not in Warrior Territory!! Last Man Standing!

The point, your prestigious power-wealth, multi-acelade earth position of; Queen, Bishop, Rook or Horse is insignificant to Heaven. King God does not need you. You are only in the Game because He chose you John 15:16. Respect the Game! Go Hard or Go Home!! Less He sit you on the sideline and win the Game with the average, ordinary; misfit; pone.

A shout out invite to all you leaders who were rejected, abandoned, seen as misfits, or refused to join the click; God Says; it's finally your time!!!


Listen there's a difference between betrayal and denial of The Trinity. The very difference between Adam and Peter. Adam intentionally, blatantly rejected God's Way. He arrogantly sat on the vanity throne of me, myself and I. He boldly took sides with the devil; after he heard what God Said. No remorse, he blamed everything on Eve; although he was the one who received the direct command Genesis 2:15-17. He's blessed that he only got kicked out of the Garden Genesis 3.

Peter on the other hand denied Christ; he didn't reject Him. He simply refused to go any further. Oh he sinned and it was negligible ugly. But it had nothing to do with his lack of love for Christ. Clearly he demonstrated his passion, love, and determination to be hip close to his Master Luke 22:31-33.He received illumination of The Truth through The Spirit, because he genuinely loved for his Master Matthew 16:17, John 14:6. Jesus You Are The Christ Matthew 16:13-16. Jesus was his Master, Savior & Lord Matthew 5:8.

Peter was chosen and privileged. He witnessed Heaven encounters second sight Matthew17:1-13. That's why Jesus called him Rock Church; Satan Un-penetrable Matthew 16:17-19. He was and remained in the inner circle of three; James, John, and him to the end Matthew 17:1-13. However; Peter was also a bag of emotions Isaiah 59:19! Emotions caused his faith to instantly catch wings and fly away Hebrews 11:1. Emotions and faith couldn't and can't walk down the same street, at the same exact time and he receive a Holy Ghost Victory 2Timothy 1:7.

Scripture states; it's impossible to please God without faith Hebrews 11:6 . Peter was guilty of leaning to his own understanding; dangerous ground Proverbs 3:5-6. Because that opened the door for Satan to manipulate his thought pattern 1Corinthians 14:33. Which caused him to experience a glimpse of spiritual death pollution of the deaf, dumb and blind demons John 10:10.He went from faith to doubt, courage to fear, in the blink of an eye James 1:8. All while standing on holy ground; looking directly at his Messiah. Immediately; we witness Jesus rebuke the devil's witchcraft, sorcery, and black magic trickery on Peter; of thought control 2Corinthians 11:14.

Jesus knew this would be an extremely hard trial for Peter to digest 2Corinthians 4:7-12. That's why He spoon fed him along the way 1Corinthians 4:8. First, He had Peter boldly proclaim he knew, He was God; in front of the disciples Matthew 16:13-16. Secondly; He told him that he was going to fall short in his loyalty; thrice Matthew 26:31_35.He warned him of his failure to follow; Luke 22:34.

Third; He told Peter the negative truth, that Satan desired to sift him like wheat Luke 22:31. Fourth; He awarded him the privilege of Heaven-earth encounters of second sight; posse of three. Fifth; He kept him close, even in The Garden Matthew 26:36-38. Peter was standing right next to Him; when Judas delivered the kiss of death Mark 14:43-45.He was so upset; he cut the servant of the High Priest's ear off, demonstrating his love for Christ Matthew 26:50-51. All emotions, still stumbling with this negligible, negative truth, little to no faith left Matthew 26:52-54. Jesus touched and healed the man's ear Luke 22:51.

Peter's cursing illustrates his frustration Mark 14:66-72. He wasn't cursing at the woman. By now he was so offended by the nasty, vicious trial; his rage was way beyond his own comprehension Matthew 11:6. He wasn't using this evil trial as an opportune time to sin. No he was perplexed, confused, heart broken, and fragile. His offense planted him in denial, defiance, and rebellious and selfish lane Luke 9:23-26.

How could God, the very One he adored, wanted to be just like; The One he left everyone and everything for; let him down Matthew 13:21? He was looking for Heaven yet was experiencing hell Romans 8:35! God; his Savior; couldn't even save Himself Matthew 27:32-50. All kinds of mixed emotions; come on, he heard God. But his refusal to accept this negative reality; made him delirious, depressed, and dysfunctional 2Corinthians 12:10. Although Jesus broke it down for him, time and time again; it just did not register Matthew 26: 34. It was over his head when Jesus told him earlier; and it was certainly out of the question now Matthew 26:35,75!

Peter was too offended to accept the Will of God Matthew 16:21-23. He wasn't being cocky or arrogant; he was too immature to endure the trial. But he had to go through the trial, in order to mature into his dominion post. The trial did cause him to stumble; but his genuine love for Christ; kept him Proverbs 10:12.He didn't go make deals with the devil; he went fishing John 21: 1-14. Despite his initial withdrawal; he came back to his senses; recognized his ferocious sin; and repented Psalm 51. The bible states he wept bitterly Matthew 26:69-74.

These revelations prove to be true; because Adam lost all his dominion rights Genesis 3: 17-24. The angel at the tomb told the women to go get the disciples and Peter Mark 16:1-8. But Peter through John's mentoring regained all his back Acts 3:1-10. He hosted the exact dominion position Christ prophesied Matthew 17:1-10.The Bride's Rock Fortress Protector for The Kingdom! Peter had the Kingdom Keys of; Rise and be Whole & Lay Your Hell Down; Right Now Acts 3:1-10, 5:1-10!


Let's have a Moses Mountain Moment Exodus 19:19-21.Oops; there's a serious problem; it's twisted. This time Moses and Aaron are guilty of worshiping idols, building golden calf's, and sacrificing to them; in secret Exodus 32:1-6. They're also luring My innocent vulnerable sheep into Brothel City, Big Death Valley 2 Corinthians 6:17. They've recruited Jezebel, Delilah and the Soldiers of Sodom and Gomorrah to host the party 1 Kings 18:13, Judges 16:1, Genesis 19:1-29. Party over here, party over there, party in secret everywhere 2 Kings 17:17! But what happens when the party's over! Mines are easily being seduced because there's a vicious drought in Mountainside Wilderness Country Job 24:19.

The drought is all purposed; because hard times always have a way of revealing your true heart Mark 4:1-20, Isaiah 58:11. I am The Heart Inspector Roman 8:27. My Eyes roam to and fro the earth; showing Myself strong to all those who are loyal to Me 2 Chronicle 16:9. Satan is the tempter 1 Thessalonians 3:5. I AM The Tester Job 2:10. Trials, tribulation, and adversity open the heart doors to both. If you are led by your flesh; vanity, lust, greed; as it appears in this particular case; then you will be seduced and succumbed by the Adler; especially after salvation Galatians 5:16-26. But if you are led by My Spirit; even when you are tempted; I give you My power to resist all the devil's advances James 4.7 Romans 13:11-14

Enough! Moses, Aaron, you have crossed the line; this one requires My Personal Response. 1 Timothy 1:20. When I AM look down from Heaven all I AM see is catastrophe. You; My Sons have triple sins on your hands. Your own, the sins of the ones, you recruited; hell's soldiers; and the sins of the ones, you seduced; new babes. 1 Corinthians 8:9. I AM will personally deal with both of you; for your repulsive, disgraceful, disgusting behavior Romans 1:18. It's extremely personal between Me and you Hebrews 12:4-11. Wide is the way to hell; and narrow is the way to Heaven Matthew 7:13-14. When I AM extended My Grace it was never for the intention of you specializing in sin; causing others to stumble Ephesians 1:3-14, Ephesians 6:23. My purpose was and is to protect you when you fall Hebrews 4:16. A righteous man falls down; but rises Job 33:26.

When I AM Said, I throw your sins into the sea of forgetfulness. I AM meant no future sin history then and I mean it now. But I didn't mean you could go dig your sin history back up, re-saturate yourself, and flaunt historical sin in My Face; afresh. As if to say; I AM, AM obligated to keep My Promise; but you have no obligation to commit yourself to holiness Ephesians 4. I could see if I didn't leave you the blueprint Revelations. You have everything you need to align yourself with The Kingdom Ephesians 5:1-21. Mercy is Prince Yeshua, My Blood; Grace is Sir Royal Majestyk, My Spirit; and Justice is Me, King Yahweh-Omni-Dominion. We are The Trinity One! Hebrews 1:1-6,Matthew 12:31-32, Exodus 34:14. No different than you have body, soul, and spirit; all different functions; of one person.

My Grace doesn't give you permission to transgress My moral standards 1 Corinthians 7:17-19 The Law is not changed by Me, Prince Yeshua's coming. I came to fulfill it; not delete it Matthew 5:17. We are One God, We are not divided on this issue Mark 12:26-34. The part of The Law that is eliminated is the ritualistic portion Hebrews 10:1-10. I want your heart; not your repetitive motion. I want you to do the right holy thing; because it is the right thing to do Exodus 19:6. Not because it looks good, people are watching; or there's a promotion involved Hebrews 12:1-2.

Allow Me to make what appears to be complex plain and simple. If you follow Me, The Holy Spirit-Grace; you are not subject to the law of condemnation Romans 8:1, Galatians 5:18 Because I give you the power and authority to resist the devil and with-stain from sin James 4:7, 2 Thessalonians 3:3. I also protect you when you do fall; because you will Exodus 19:6. When you follow self; it leads to sin, and opens the door to Satan Romans 8:5-17 Self, sin and Satan are the three faces of spiritual death Romans 2:5-11, Romans 6:23, John 10:10. My Spirit is your Umbrella of Protection from all three. Free-will allows you to go either way after salvation Deuteronomy 30:19.

For clarity purposes; you have four free-will options; after salvation. My Submissive Will which awards you wholelistic abundant life Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 22:37-40. My Permissive Will which awards you life but not without extenuating consequences Psalms 106:13-15, Exodus 20:4-7. Your Self Will walks you out of My protection and awards you condemnation Romans 1:18-32, Matthew 23:14. Without repentance you leave Me no other choice but to turn you over to Satan; in hope you might come back to your senses 1 Corinthians 5:5. And finally, Satan's Will which awards you eternal damnation Hebrews 6:1-4,10:26-31, Acts 5:1-10, Mark 14:10-11, Matthew 12:31-32. You have a free-will to proceed in either direction; you just don't have a freewill in the consequences of those very choices Romans 6:23.

Besides, it ain't about you, My purpose, your benefit Luke 9:57-62. There are some in Big Death Valley, that belong to Me John 6:44. They just don't know it yet John 15:16. So your Kingdom Conduct is their first impression and influence Romans 12:2, Ephesians 6:10-20.I AM come to save the lost; not the already saved Luke 19:9-10, Mark 2:17. That's right Jezebel, Delilah, and the Soldiers of Sodom and Gomorrah have an open Kingdom Invitation as well John 8:3-11. I AM loves them John 3:16-21. The Kingdom rejoices over one repentant sinner. Some of them are victims and casualties of generational sins. Soul ties 1 Corinthians 6:16!!

Yes, I Said; no more sins of the father Isaiah 43:25. But that means someone has got to stop specializing in sin Ezekiel 18:14-20. The street for rampant blatant, intentional sin have to become a dead-end Ezekiel 18:21-23. Then the sins of the father/mother would have no more affect.

Listen; most of My true Soldiers come from Big Death Valley. Because once I forgive and deliver them from their atrocious bondage; loyalty, gratefulness, dedication, and obedience become their first name. What about seven demon Mary? Once I touched her life; she became Sister Solder in Charge.

After My resurrection, I appeared to her first Mark 16:9! I commissioned her and placed her on the front-line! Mary go tell My Boys where to meet Me John 20:16-18. And Saul/Paul the murderer of My Christians; is the perfect example of My unconditional love Acts 7:54-60, 8:1-3. Once I forgave him; he didn't reach back into the sea of forgetfulness; re-saturate himself with his historical sin Acts 9:1-30. And because of his unwavering loyalty to The Kingdom; he became one of The Untouchables. His assignment; dirty jobs, restoration clean-up and demonic demolition eliminate Acts 19:11-13.

The devil is the one holding you hostage; by teaching you hate, bigotry, jealousy, envy and prejudice John 8:34-36, 1 John 3:10. I come; so that you may have spirit life, freedom, and liberty through unconditional love, justice, mercy and grace John 10:9-14, Hebrews 2:13-15.

Don't quench My Spirit 1 Thessalonians 5:19! That's a warning; that's not a plea! Don't get it twisted! It is extremely important for you to understand My Demeanor. My Spirit is more than considerate, empathetic, patient, and long-suffering Galatians 5:22-26. The warning; this is the last stretch of Me tolerating your flagrant, intentional, hostile, blatant, deliberate, atrocious sins. Hebrews 10:26-31.

I AM bankrupted Heaven, and laid down My Life for you Romans 5:6!!! And after all that; I AM still find you intentionally testing My Endurance pertaining to your deliverance Ephesians 4:25-32.Making all kinds of excuses as to why you can't change James 1:13-15.When I AM left you the deliverance process guideline Colossians 3. Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me Luke 9:23. Denial not only delays your deliverance; but it also produces fruits of the flesh that line right up with Satan's fellowship Galatians 5:19-21.

To think that you or anyone else can put MY Fire Out is delusional arrogance Proverbs 21:23-24. You are aligning yourself with the same fantasy illusion vanity that Lucifer had in Heaven Proverbs 16:18,25.And you see what happened to him right Isaiah 14:12-15? To open your mouth to such a defile message to others; you are putting yourself in The Blasphemy's XXPress Lane Hebrews 6:1-4! The Lane where all is lost, absolutely positively, no recovery Matthew 12:31-32.

And to place My vulnerable, naïve Sheep, that's right; I AM That I AM said; MY Sheep! In the casualty line of fire; I AM remove MY Sheep from under your treacherous greedy deception Ezekiel 34:1-10. I AM close MY Sheep's ears to your blasphemous words against The Kingdom; and take responsibility for them Myself Ezekiel 34:11-31. I AM have three words for you habitation desolate, bishop prick Acts 1:20.All who deny ME public and private: I AM Swore on Myself; restless Psalm 95:8-11! I AM Is Laughing So Hard All Three Heaven's Shake Luke 9:26!


I, King Yahweh; AM, very annoyed with Moses and Aaron Isaiah 57:13.So I AM set My Eyes on you, Zipporah Mary Anna, who spend all your time chasing Me; Papi! Numbers 12:1, John 20:17-18, Luke 2:36-38. Zipporah Mary Anna; Come up here to the top of Table Mountain Psalm 48:1, 87:1! The Mountainside Wilderness Country party is so loud, no one will miss you Exodus 32:1-6. I have heard your prayers daughter Exodus 19:19-21!! It's time to make some significant changes. I commission you; you are sent Matthew 28:16-20.My Structural Will is God, man, woman, child Ephesians 6:1-4. But My Submissive Will supersedes it by far; it's not based on gender Galatians 3;8-29. My Sons are whomever will obey Me, no matter what, in-spite-of, never-the-less Romans 8:37-39

Many souls are on the line; innocent victims, My new born babes 2Corinthians 5:17. As well; casualties; those who are guilty; only because of generational curses Exodus 34:5-7.And the oppressed; those whom haven't been awarded the privilege of choosing spiritual-life over spiritual-death Ezekiel 18:19-23. Also Leaders who are lacking some necessary truths, solid food Acts 18:24-28, Hebrews 5:12-14

You already have Elijah's dominion eyes second-sight 2 Kings 1:8-18. Now I gift you Elisha's dominion nose of smelly-helly 2 Kings 6:8-23.The supernatural ability to sniff the enemy out; especially My very own family. And his ears of dominion miracle hear 2 Kings 6:1-12. Many wish they could see what you see, hear what you hear, say what you say.

Pay attention; Z-Anna don't be afraid of rejection; it comes along with the territory Mark 6:4.Who dare conspire to touch Mine and live Psalm 105:15? You shall go to all whom I send you. And whatever I command you, you shall speak Exodus 14:12. Walk in confidence, No Fear!! I Said; No Fear 2 Timothy 1:7! I AM have put My Words in your mouth Isaiah 54:17. You are My Apostle, My Trouble-Shooting-Scaffolding-Restorer; walk; worthy of your Call and Commission Isaiah 61, Matthew 28:18-20,.

Before you were in your mothers womb I AM knew you. While you were in her womb, I AM sanctified you. I AM ordained you as My Apostle to The Nations Jeremiah 1:5. When I first saved you; August 3, 1976, you were a stubborn and rebellious person. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. That's right you were in blasphemy territory 1 Samuel 15:23. But once I AM revealed the intimate truth on September 27, 1990; Face-to-Face. And that is; you only have two options Heaven or hell, Satan or Me; you sprinted anxiously in My direction. I threw your sins into the sea of forgetful; and the rest is history.

You have spent these last twenty-one years Chasing Papi. Choosing Me; every time; in-spite of, no matter what, never-the-less Romans 8:37-39.You have suffered much heartache; you've lost a lot, but each time I find you in My Face; asking what's your next assignment Romans 8:35-36. Are you perfect, by no means? But I will say you are rare. You spend most of your time trying to figure out ways to please Me. You hate the process; but I never see you run from it; now that's rare Luke 9:23.

I send you out before The Nations to rebuild; replenish, revitalize; restore those territories Satan set out to devour, deceive, and destroy Jeremiah 1:7-10. If and when you encounter opposers, cause you will; shake the dust off your feet, and move on Luke 9:5. There's plenty of work to do; the harvest is plenty; the laborers are few Luke 10:2.I AM sending you Warriors; men and women, Bible Prophecy Experts. I AM starting you out with a circle of five Bible Prophecy Experts. They are more mature than you; but not intimidated by your post. You are more mature in the visual miraculous. They are more mature is event prophetic wisdom; a perfect mesh. People whom love Me, pure hearts, full of My Favor; and also confident in their post. When all of you play your proper positions The Kingdom moves forward; unmoved by any circumstance. Psalm 125:1-2

I AM will build 1,470 Leaders starting from the inner circle of five. This circle 1,470 will include Christ Leadership from all arenas. Starting with Prophecy Experts, 5 Fold, Government, Entertainment, Corporation, Medical. Don't concern yourself with those who oppose your rise. Some are only opposing because I didn't choose them for your job! But I didn't choose you for theirs either.

Especially Moses; he's starting to realize this is not a holsk, that I AM called and commissioned him to carry The Ten Commandments Exodus 20. But I AM called and commissioned you to carry The Ancient-Present-Future Worlds through Second Sight Revelations. Let's just say he's having a very rough night. And after all his drunken, delirious partying; this one sobers him up in One Day! He's got a huge dilemma; because he's promised folk that you would be joining the party. Yes, that you were a little shy; but would be coming out shortly. He was so confident he placed demonic wagers on it. You're his property; you'll be a full fledged participant; because he said so. I told you to look at Me; not him. You going public puts a major wedge in his promises. He's so angry; in denial and refusing to back down!

Moses, Aaron, and Miriam are mad, arrogant, cocky, selling noise; trying to bully you into joining them. Ignore them; they're not your problem. Demanding that you have to go through them; is that brotherhood-sisterhood nonsense. I commissioned you the same as I did Elijah 1Samuel 2:6-10. I AM gave you EYES, Yahweh's Kingdom & Second-Sight Inheritance as My gifts; man didn't. You are the only one I AM, AM holding accountable to Steward; Holy Proper! Just laugh; they are control freaks! Besides they are in big Devil debt! Oh, the debt, the ruins; drag them to hell debt! And Satan always comes to collect. Listen to their blasphemy toward The Kingdom! This is Judas treachery Matthew 26:14-16!!!


You can hear everything they say from up here on the Mountain. ShSh...just listen.

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It! Glutton for Punishment! Going The Distance! Me and My Dead Mother! Property Family! Teenage Witch! 2 Grooms 1 Bride! Dick ,Dick, Dick! Dicky's Home-Care! Ten Minute Training! Twelve Inch Hero! Seven Times a Day! XXTra Tender! The Devil's Ride! Auction! Final Offer! Going For The Gold! Plenty of Love and Action in Lucius Town! Deadliest Catch! Yes, Hunger Pains! Awe; Feed the Children! Love a Child! Too; Too Early!! Elephant in The Living Room! Extended Stay! Doing Time! Kuffs! Hold-em High Stakes! Mexico! No; Lock-up Abroad! Taken, Taken in Broad Daylight! I want That! Splice; Edit! Forged! Shred the Evidence! Oceans! Italian! Not A Fan! Big Rich Cowboy! Inside Information! Seriously Inside Information! The Ledger, Water-Filled Sparkler! Dark Sparkler! Inside Job! United 93; 41, 16, 8? No! I Said No! She's Way Beneath ME! Miss Somebody said; she's a nobody! Homemade! Air In The Flowers! Sketch Chasers! Clock Snatchers! XXtreme Fantasy! The Family Thing! Zanny's Porch Seat! Air Stroller!! Air Chatty! The Golden Child's Mine! Water Shaker!` The Projection Room! Huge Solution, Identical Twins! Wannabe, Overruled! Expert Mane Loss! Jade Space Snatch! Pony Express Full Throttle! Final Offer! Dewazzled! Wind in the Willows! She's out of my league! Desk Set! Continuing the Sport! Y End Y? Stalemate! TWH Black Market! Vocation Openings!


Moses, Aaron, and Miriam's Judas treachery is My Business; not yours Z-Anna Matthew 26:52-54!Tunnel vision; see Me only. Your transparent eyes, keen hearing, and wide open nostrils; are your security systems of Kingdom Protection Revelations 1-4. They keep you in perfect alignment with The Kingdom Matthew 5:48 Use them wisely; Judas is only a threat to you if you don't mann your post properly. Most Importantly, no double talking; be known in The Ministry & The Marketplace for making solid decisions Matthew 5:37. Even if it means you stand alone. And agape love Judas, he's no threat to you. He is the core of his own self demise

Matthew 5:1-12, 27:3-10.

It's time to introduce the entire World to My Culture and Faith through your Second Sight Inheritance. I AM The Great I AM That I AM Exodus 3:14. I AM Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6 I AM Ancient of Days; I AM He Whom Sits on The Throne, from the Seven Spirits; Jesus Christ, The Faithful Witness, The First Born from the Dead, Ruler Over All The Kings of The Earth, The Alpha & The Omega, The Beginning & The End. The God that Controls Time and Eternity. I AM Jehovah Jireh The Ultimate Provider Genesis 22:14I Am He Who Is, Who Always Was, and Who is still to Come Revelation1:4-8.

Every knee shall, bow and every tongue shall confess that I AM He, Unconditional Love Romans 14:11. Who washes away All Sin, In MY Own Blood; Promotion comes From and Through Me. To Me All Power, Glory, & Dominion Forever & Ever Revelation1:6 Great futures start here. Z-Anna go ye therefore and make disciples, heal the sick, mend the broken hearted, feed the poor, extend My Great Invitation; rebuild demolished territories, cleanse old and new hearts, and move purer and higher in Me; The Trinity One!

Prepare for My Return!!! I AM not coming in secret! All will see Me riding on My Horse coming in the Clouds. Even My persecutors will see Me from their graves, and all the Nations of the World. No one will be able to say an earth invasion took place. The body snatchers showed up. Aliens invaded the earth! No every eye will see Me Revelations 1:7.


If you are still selling noise, plotting, scheming, blaming the messenger, determined to run with and after evil, after all this Word illumination. It's a clear indication that Satan's Empire is a perfect fit for you. And The Kingdom ain't mad at you. The only thing God requests is that you be transparently true to your own-self. Which of the four free-will options are you presently standing in? Submissive Will Romans 12:1, Matthew 22:37-40, Permissive Will Psalm 106:13-25, Exodus 20:4-7, Self Will Matthew 23:14, Exodus 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 5:5 or Satan's Will Hebrews 6:1-4,10:26-31, Acts 5:1-10, Mark 14:10-11, Matthew 12:31-32? And are you please with your choice; if you are; God Is too!

Let's see; let's do a quick review so that you leave here knowing exactly where you stand. You're either moving forward in The Lord-Submissive Will. Starting over in The Lord-Permissive pushing into Submissive. On Cruise-control; Permissive with excess costly baggage. Self Will satisfied; I'll count the cost when and if it catches up to me. Or Satan Willed; listen party over here, there, everywhere; I ain't leaving the party! And this is the primary purpose of free-will. You have been awarded the privilege to make your own decision. At the end of the day; you're either following Satan or

The Trinity God.

Let's put a quarter in the meter; because this requires some transparent-spirit-soul searching. Are you murderer Saul/Paul or seven demon Mary? Got it totally wrong at first; repented with the wind at your back! Standing in position, ready to go to the next level; through discipleship mentor-ship? Anxious to climb Table Mountain to extend your destiny assignment!

Or are you Peter; too immature for that last trial; running for cover in your comfort zone. But sorely repentant ashamed; and ready to do the right holy thing; this time and forever!

Or Adam using your power to dibble and dabble in both worlds. Facing the adrenaline rush risk; of losing it all; generationally? You know what God Said; He didn't stutter Colossians 3, 1 Corinthians 6:9-20, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. But you are still determined to do me, myself and I; in-spite-of Ecclesiastes 2:23. Plucking out and chopping down scripture that effect your deaf-dumb-blind mission of; moving full speed ahead: with self, sin, Satan Genesis 13:13 !

Or twisted Moses, Aaron, or Miriam caught out there, smack dab in the middle; with everybody's sin on your hands! Infecting and infesting everyone in your path with your fantasy delusion of; God needs you 1 Corinthians 5:4-5. Viciously lying to yourself; acting like God has`got to put up with your blasphemous behavior Romans 1:21-32. So far in; sin conviction; repentance; what's that?

Or are you the devil's advocate; the chameleon; betraying everyone Isaiah 59:1-8. Totally in; because you're tired of waiting on God! Besides that suffering thing; it's just not for you. All that matters is you get yours.

You have a freewill to go in any direction; but you don't have a freewill in the consequences of your very choices. Consequences don't always show up immediately. But they always show up, and at the wrong time! There's only one way you can walk out your dominion destiny. Your Highness King Yahweh; Jehovah Justice Jireh must have Submissive free-will dominion of you! You must be willing to become a Table Mountain Climber and that requires letting go of most; if not all your excess costly baggage 1 Peter 2. And turning your heart completely over to Your Highness Jehovah Justice Jireh; The King of The Kingdom Matthew 22:37-40! His Wish is your command 1 John 3!!That's right it's a heart thing 1 Corinthians 13! And Love, Unconditional Love has everything to do with it John 3:16.


Jesus Said, but I tell you truly, there are some standing here who shall not taste death till they see The Kingdom of God Luke 9:27! This verse had me perplexed; until my personal encounters on Table Mountain began. My Table Mountain Upper-Level encounters in the invisible gave this verse life. I can see everything in my spirit-soul. However once my second sight illumination showed up; this verse began walking in and throughout my new life.

OK! Well can you be a little more specific? What exactly would I be committing to? What is this Table Mountain nonsense? Excellent question; glad you asked! It's a supernatural experience that takes place in your spirit-soul. An encounter with the invisible World of God. It's like being in suspended animation between Heaven and earth. A place where all worries immediately dissipate Luke 12:22-34. An atmosphere of fresh supernatural air; pure thoughts, nothing matters Philippians 4:8-9. Mt. Rush-Peace where peace beyond no mans understanding lies Philippians 4:7.

A fast-furious flood of calm, comfort, gentle, soothing, relax; in surround sound; so tranquil you can hear it's Mountain Echo Psalms 91:4. So serene you never want to leave Psalms 91:1. This is a place where only your repentant heart gains entrance

Mark 4:39.The Upper-Level Bethel; the most holy place, next to Heaven!

Only a few are invited here Isaiah 26:3.

A place where intimacy with your Master is breathtakingly breath-less; like am I still breathing! Romance, unconditional love, bum-rush you filling your entire atmosphere with His Glory Cloud! Then suddenly His Voice that normally speaks to your inner spirit soul; becomes audible Revelations 4:1. Then you realize you are actually seated at The Table of The Most High. Suddenly the invisible becomes visible Revelations 4:2-11! Wow what a spectacular, extraordinary adventure! Life has just begun.

That's when humility; untamed humiliation show up. All your hidden, secret, tucked away, skeletal closet sins are exposed Psalm 32:1-5. Let's roll back the tape. It's brutal, stank nasty, oil boil, broil exposure. It's hell hot in here Romans 7:7-25!! I feel the need to put ten dollars in the meter; right here! Because if you refuse to see, acknowledge, confess, and repent your today sins, daily in the natural James 5:16. Well let's just say you won't be awarded the opportunity to be seated at The King's Table. Because presently in this very moment; all your prayers are being counted as sin Isaiah 59:1-8. And everything following; your tithes, gifts, offerings, leadership, praises, worships, teaches, and preaches.

I'm not talking about the sheep; their babes learning John 21:17. King Jehovah's Finger is pointing directly at you! Ouch!! To much is given, much is required Luke 12:48. Don't fool yourself; the only thing that gets King Yahweh Jehovah Justice Jireh's attention is bow my hell down now Psalms 51:1-17! My, because the only thing that makes your repentance authentic; is your pure heart decision to turn your hell around and aggressively move toward holy in the natural Luke 15:11-24. A mere dress rehearsal for the supernatural Galatians 5:1. See when you take a seat at The Master's Table, Daylight; all the crack, crevasse sins are on display Isaiah 57:15, Psalm 24.

There's another thing that hinders the process. You do realize I'm talking about the process; right Luke 9:23-26? Clarity is extremely important; especially for you intellectuals. Since several of you are missing the mark; because you know too much. You are the man/woman who knew too much! You don't need any answers; not only do you have all the answers; but you got this! And all your degrees, multi-million dollar edifices, fifty thousand following, or Grand Public Office, stellar position, Business Owner, employees, mansions, brother-sister-hood connections, private jets, rolls royce, and slaying on the carpet; prove it; right! There's definitely no room for The Holy Ghost. God, The Convictor, The Instructor, The Helper, The Power, The Truth John 14:15-18, Acts 1:8, Acts 6:6, Galatians 5:16-26.


Allow me to step into your world; just for a minute!

The Holy Spirit's job is what? John 16:5-15 Tell me what to do, where to go, and what to say. Luke 12:12. Now that's completely out of the question. Acts 7:51. Really, I mean really; what role would He play? Everybody comes to me for answers to their problems. Acts 6:6. And more importantly everybody, that's somebody, has to go through me. The Rite! I got this; if it ain't broke; don't fix it! Move out the way; what; that's crazy! It's my Church, my Ministry, my Country, my State, my City, my people, my money, and my accolades. Don't you see my name up in the lights and my picture in the Sanctuary. Besides I know Greek and Hebrew so well; I can speak it better than it's natives. Have you taken a look at the title before my name on my Public Office door? I am King/Queen of the throne. Nations bow before me! Who dare challenge me? No money, nobody, nothing moves unless, I say so! All violators punished. Daniel 4:28-33, Ecclesiastes 2:17, Luke 4:5-7!

Me and Jesus, now that's different; we see eye to eye; cause He's not trying to control me. He's my personal Santa. He does whatever I tell Him what to do. I tell Him what I want when I want it; and He delivers; every time. And that sin word is not even a part of my vocabulary. Christ did it all; my job is to live off the fat of the land. Don't hate congratulate!

Question: are you sure that it's Jesus passing off Luke 4:5-7? I haven't seen anywhere in Scripture where He was manipulated outside of His Father's Will John 6:38.There's a difference between unconditional love and desperation John 14:21-22. Jesus whole mission was to glorify His Father John 14:24.Jehovah decides who meets Jesus John 6:65, John 15:16. This idea that you can have Jesus without Jehovah is unrealistic John 6:44. Jehovah is the God Head, Father; Son, Holy Ghost of The Trinity Matthew 3:16-17. Jehovah Says we can have whatever we ask for according to His Will John 14:28. And those things we receive that are outside His Will come with consequences. Psalm 106:13-15.

But Satan, is the emulator, the Angel of Light, coming to deceive, divert, tempt, pretend and imitate Jesus Matthew 4:1, He also comes to steal, kill and destroy you John 10:10. I'm just saying; food for thought Luke 4, 2 Corinthians 11:14, Revelations 20:2.

The Holy Spirit's ultimate purpose is to not to control but navigate you through life naturally, spiritually and supernaturally Romans 8:12-17. He intercedes for you on behalf of Jesus to The Father Romans 8:26-27. He introduces you to your dominion calling through wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of both invisible worlds; Satan's and His Isaiah 61, Luke 4.

I'll keep it simple for now. To kill any part of The Trinity off; is like saying you have a body; but no soul and spirit. However we both know that isn't true; even though you say it. The same is so; just because you refuse to acknowledge the entire Trinity; and His three dimension role; doesn't extinguish His existence. What it does do is eliminate your inheritance opportunity to access dominion power and authority Genesis 1:26-28.

This is the time when intellect must die in order for illumination of the revelation to unveil itself. Our thoughts are not like His Thoughts Isaiah 58:8-9. If our human intellect was the key to the adventure; Satan would be King; because he is way smarter than us. Clearly this thing is not based on intellect; because the scholars marveled at John and Peter's illumination of the revelation Acts 4:13. And they were unlearned men. Dr. Prophet Apollos had to be taught by tent-makers Acts 18:24-28. Jesus Himself told us the truth. Unless we become childlike; we shall not inherit The Kingdom. Just thought I'd provoke you to double check your reality!!

This is the place where all God's Sons are invited to meet face-to-face with Your Highness King Yahweh, Jehovah Justice Jireh Exodus 34:5-7. The place where Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, John TB, James, Peter, Paul and John all came. Jesus gave Peter, James and John a sneak preview of Table Mountain activity Matthew 17:1-13.Blessed are you, the pure in heart, for you shall see God Matthew 5:8. Blessed are you peacemakers for you shall be called the Sons of God Matthew 5:9. It is humanly impossible to make peace in a world where there is war; on prejudice, bigotry and hate; unless you've visited this place Psalms 31:20. Once you've had this pre-rapture adventure; your life will never be the same 1 Corinthians 1:26-30.

Jesus even returned to Table Mountain after His Resurrection. He told Mary not to touch Him for He had not yet ascended to His Father John 20:17. I hear you; why would Jesus need to return there? Superb question; you're a good student. It surely wasn't because He needed to hear; This is My Beloved Son Whom I AM well pleased. The King could have departed The Heavens to Say that; the same way He did it at Jesus Baptism Matthew 3:16-17. Actually Jesus alludes to the reason twice; first in The Garden at Gethsemane; then while He was on The Cross. As well Paul alludes to Jesus's reason for returning to Table Mountain. In doing so He also confirms his own visit to Table Mountain. Surely you would want to go where Jesus went; wouldn't you John 20:11-18?

This illumination requires some spirit-soul traveling Matthew 6:9-13. So you're going to need to put your mountain gear on 2Timothy 2:15. Ready you need proper shoes-prayer, suit-study, breastplate-repentance helmet-testimony and back pack-worship Luke 15:11-24. There's actually six more pieces of gear; but Papi Said; baby step you. That means only bring you to the foot of Table Mountain. Keep in mind the higher you climb, the lighter you must become. Complete transparency; the only thing weighing you down, keeping you from having a smooth transition is sin Luke 15:7. If you say you have no sin; well let's just say; you won't be able to make the trip. Ready, got your gear on; let's move out.


Listen; clearly bible prophecy had to be and was fulfilled; not one of Jesus bones would be broken John 19:36. They pierced His side; but did not break His Legs John 19: 31-35. Now if we back up for a minute; and focus on The Last Supper. He told the disciples to eat the bread in remembrance of His Body Sacrifice Luke 22:19. He told them to take the cup as a tribute to the New Covenant because of His Blood Sacrifice Luke 22:20.

And we witness His agony in The Garden of Gethsemane, My Father, My Father, if You would remove this cup; never-the-less; not My Will but; Thy Will Be Done Luke 22:41-44. Pure agony; the angels had to strengthen Him. His tears were as drops of blood. In about the ninth hour while on The Cross Jesus Cries out loud; Eloi, Eloi lama, Sabachthani. The translation My God, My God why have You forsaken Me Mark 15:34? Critical, crucial; the answer lies right here. And Paul sheds the illuminated wisdom. I'm going somewhere, are you still with me.

Let's talk about the difference between the twelve disciples and Paul. The twelve saw Jesus in the Miraculous Supernatural; Natural Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Paul never saw Him in the Natural; only in The Supernatural Spirit Miraculous. Acts 9. Peter, James, and John's had a sneak preview of Table Mountain where Elijah and Moses were talking to Jesus Matthew 17:1-11. Preparation for the crash course they had to give to the others. Jesus told the disciples to tarry for The Promise Acts 1:4-8. That didn't mean lay around, slumber, and do absolutely nothing. Tarry means hang around, linger, stay; wait on The Holy Spirit's arrival; with anticipation; don't move without Him. There's only one way to kill time; with great expectation. Seek His Face with your whole heart Psalm 27:8. Scripture states that those brothers were not only in one place; but on one accord Acts 2:1.

One accord; speaks volumes to their spiritual stature. Them brothers were on Jesus's Heart Hotline; not making requests 1Samuel 16:7. But in full fledged worship; that's right bowing down to their Messiah Revelation 4:9-11.Confessing and repenting until the stank air; became the fresh fragrant aroma that would get Papi's undivided attention Ephesians 5:1-7. Since The Holy Spirit is our prayer intercessor; then Him and Papi are always in agreement in reference to whether our mountain gear is authentic or fake Romans 8:26-27. And who do you think was in charge of ushering them up The Mountain. The ones whom had already taken the trip, Peter, James, and John. See discipleship is not what you teach, although it's taught. It's who you are; and are constantly, consistently becoming. You discipler, must always be way more advanced than your students. Your lead is through example, never lip service.

Clearly, these brothers were so transparent; Holy Spirit showed up like a Rushing Mighty Wind Acts 2:1-4. Transformed, transitioned, them on Table Mountain, seated them at The Master's Table; where they each received individual smorgasbord dominion dinners; with return life long feasting doggy bags. There was no delay! They came back down The Mountain on assignment post in full dominion power and authority and immediately addressed The Nations Acts. 2:5-14.

Peter, oh Peter; cussing, ear cutting, three times denied Christ; Peter; was appointed The Kingdom's Voice Acts 2:14. What the.....just happened? I'm talking about a full fledged long winded sermon Acts 2:14-47. Who gave him permission to take the lead; after his atrocious offense Acts 10:44-48? Jesus did; He restored him before He ascended John 21:15-16. He asked Peter three times; do you love Me; feed My sheep John 21:15-19.Three is very significant; because that's how many times; he denied Him. Christ was assuring Peter he was forgiven. Yes you chose you over Me three times; but I forgive you; all three times. Go; sin no more.

We don't see Peter do that again.

The Pentecost was the Ultimate Table Mountain; Upper-Level- Bethel; Upper Room Extravaganza Acts 2. And we know that to be true; because Peter and their miraculous supernatural lifestyle began at Pentecost. Now that's the only way to throw-down a Party!! These brothers partied from this life right through and into the next! Holy!! It's the only way to go!!

Let's take a minute to focus on Paul. Paul is the most significant character in the bible in reference to our today experience Acts 9. Just like us he didn't meet Christ in the natural. Yet in a lot of ways the dominion power and authority on his gifting was way more advanced than the other apostles Acts 19:11-12. As a matter of truth his supernatural spirit stature was so miraculously unusual, one might think he was in that Upper-Room with the eleven.

I would even go as far as to say that his dominion stature had just as large of an anointing as Peter; lay your hell down now Acts 5:1-10! James; angel break me out of prison Acts 12:5-11! And John; Chess Match, I got the blueprint Jehovah Justice Jireh's Checkmate Revelations! Who had been to Table Mountain with Jesus; The Transfiguration Matthew 17:1-11. And who's first assignment was to discipleship the remaining disciples in preparation of Pentecost. And if you venture into scripture, no one really discipled Paul. He spent the first eleven to twelve years separate; but in full Ministry Acts 9:20-31.

So here's the real question; who discipleshipped him; because he wore the name apostle, the same as the others? When he met with Barnabas he had already received Heavens Promotion Acts 9:26-27. And it's very clear that this type of Promotion could only come from a Rushing Mighty Wind; right? Ok; times up!! Maybe I'll save this part; that's right; Cliffhanger. Cliffhanger I can't and you can't afford to miss any part of the illumination revelation of Paul. Because Paul is you and I, when pertaining to Table Mountain.


Its Revival Leadership Time, family. It's the only way to determine whether you even desire to climb Table Mountain. Your freewill choice, some of Moses leaders didn't want to hear a Direct Word from God. You might be the same way. Because it cost; to meet King Boss! See there is a difference between the teach, the preach, and discipleship. Discipleship requires actual participation. And the discipler is held accountable to make sure each participant is allotted the same opportunity to not only make the trip; but experience the Ultimate Intimacy Encounter with Your Highness; Papi. I am just the Mountain Guide or Lifeguard. It's not my job to assume you got it. No I'm held accountable to make sure you get it; meaning the opportunity. God is the Only Discerner of the heart, and that's your ticket entrance 1 Samuel 16;7.

It's my responsibility to make sure you know what type of gear you need. Equip you for the hike. Meaning teach you how to put those ten mountain gear property principles on. Make sure you know how to use each one correctly and efficiently. Tour some hiking territory; and guide-scaffold-lead you until you're mature enough to begin hiking independently.

Here's the negative truth, some of you leaders really don't know what it means to be transparent. You equate telling the authentic truth with revealing private personal information. Nobody's business! When if Papi threw your sins into the Sea of Forgetfulness; one might think you have nothing to hide; right. Then why are you still hiding? Is it possible you've dug them up again; and re-saturated yourself. And are enjoying yourself more this time than the last? Sin is always better, the second time around; almost like day old spaghetti. Better to your flesh; but comatose death to your soul.


Prince Yeshua's Brook: is the ultimate flesh transparent Community Outreach for Christian Overseers; the 5 Fold, Church Stewards and Christian leaders that God has placed strategically throughout the World. Our role is that of a financial, spiritual, supernatural, reservoir restoration support system in all areas of Church lack, deficiency, Local, National, and International. PYB's primary purpose is to replenish, restore, revitalize the Churches economical status, unveil new spiritual mysteries, and empower supernaturally. Our mission is for every Church to have and maintain the ability to sustain our Community. Which secures our commission in impacting the World in unconditional love; through charity, philanthropy, and soul winning.

The Church is commissioned to be the power-magnet of integrity, care, and love to all humanity; go ye therefore Matthew 28 However that's impossible unless we first become a strength sustained to our own Society. When our Churches are fragile it hinders the stability of out-reach to all humanity. The present recession should not have any impact on any Church. We are suppose to be in position at all times to respond to any deficit, crisis; financially, spiritually, and supernaturally as the reservoir restorer on earth the same as it is in Heaven Matthew 6:10. When a Church is strong secure all Nations, Local, National, and International benefit.

Prince Yeshua's Brook Overseers must be graduates of Sir Royal Majestyk's XXpress. It requires two years of attendance instruction of SRMXX and one year internship at PYB. However all Churches can be recipients of PYB without being a student of SRMXX. As well Prince Yeshua's Brook & Sir Royal Majestyk's XXPress's core objective is charity, philanthropy, first to Israel, The Universal Church, then to all Communities extending into World Outreach. This is an explosive plan; twenty-one years of brainstorming; and it all comes down to this extremely significant hour.




12 Sons

& Panel of Christian Experts

National/International 5-FOLD Leadership


Church Overseer's Community Unity

Superlative Restoration for


Global Church

& The World

1,470 SONS

70+70+70 x 7=1,470 Overseers

Moses 70 disciples

Israelite's 70 years exiled

PRINCE YESHUA'S 70 disciples

7 days leading into Rapture/Tribulation

60 men + 10 women = 70 disciples

1300 men+ 170 women = 1,470 Overseers

Romans 8:14

Galatians 3:28-29

Umbrella Extension of National/International Leadership

2 Kings 7:1

Luke 9:16

Numbers 27:1-7


Brook Healing


12 years


The United States of America & America's National Church!!!

In a lot of ways the United States and America's National Church are in the same position. We have diligently supported others in areas of food, clothing, housing and security; but in doing so in many areas have neglected ourselves. It's truly time for restoration on our home-fronts so we can continue to do what we do best; help; assist others around the World.

My personal and professional goals are to play a major role in whatever areas of restoration my Holy Spirit commission assigns for my generational family, the Universal Church & America reaching into the uttermost parts of the world.. go ye therefore. Isaiah 61 Mark 16 Acts 2

Perhaps my triplex vision appear to be extreme dreams. It's because they are. That is they are too excessive for you. First of all theses are not dreams, but rather vision assignments. I can do all things through Christ Jesus Whom strengthens me Philippians 4:13. It wouldn't be a God Assignment if it was easily imagined, pursued, and attained.

EYES & King Yahweh's Kingdom are twenty-one & half years in the making. If there's one thing I personally learned from The Untouchables!! God expects us to; Go hard or go home!!! What did Mary, His mother say; just do whatever He tells you to do John 2:5

This one is not for spectators, bench-warmers, arm-chair bandits. But designed especially for you whom have the desire to supernaturally see and receive your supernatural gifting as well! Welcome into God's World where future visions are today's reality! Just do it! All aboard!!!


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