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What exactly is Vision Photography-Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold? Authentic supernatural photography of actual visions of the invisible, visual visible, the unseen, seen, the unknown, known; of all three dimensions of the universe; air outer-inner space, land journey to the center of the earth and sea underwater worlds located in the center of the ocean.

Second-Sight Supernatural stems from a biblical gift known as the prophetic gift of miracles. It like all supernatural biblical gifts, is only awarded to saints whom willing commit to the submissive will of The Trinity Kingdom, Jehovah, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit; no matter what, inspite of; nevertheless. In other words, the saint clearly understands it ain't about them. It’s all about doing the Father’s Will, Jehovah, the same posture and position of Jesus, His only begotten Son.

Every person whom receives salvation is gifted with at least one spiritual gift. It is Jehovah God’s permissive will. Supernatural gifting is only received through the saint’s determination to align in obedience to His Will, no matter what, inspite of, nevertheless.

A person is saved whether in Jehovah God’s permissive or submissive will. The basic difference; immaturity vs maturity., Usually one is chasing the things of God, permissive; while the other is chasing God, submissive. The person in His submissive will is not perfect, but chasing purification daily for one purpose, to see and experience intimately more of The Trinity God, Jehovah, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. All biblical gifts spiritual and supernatural are advanced through the power and the authority of The Precious Holy Spirit.


This particular supernatural biblical gift, the prophetic gift of miracles, is so advanced it not only awards the saint the ability to see into invisible worlds; visual-visible. It also awards the saint the ability to see into eternity; past, present and the future. The photography is not the miracle; it serves as evidence of the supernatural miraculous gifting.

It is the ability to see the Spiritual-invisible; Supernaturally-visible. Proof of the truth; that many Unknown Universes of Life exist peering into clear evidence of Eternity Genesis 1, John 1:1-5. Proof of the truth; that Jesus Christ Is God 1 Chronicles 16:31.Christ walked the earth in the position of God/Apostle/Prophet for one purpose total redemption of all man-kind Colossians 1:14. He came to prove Himself as God; reintroduce Himself to His family ;the Jews; while simultaneously illustrating our supernatural life calling and destiny Romans 1:16. He is The Trinity Kingdom's illustration of redemption in every area of salvation as well He exampled humanity's true supernatural lifestyle. John 3:16.

Scripture refers to Jesus as the second Adam; because He came to illustrate the supernatural life that was on the first Adam. The original lifestyle that Adam lost in the garden Genesis 3:24. Adam is totally responsible because he is the only one whom God spoke to directly Genesis 2:15-17.Eve received her instructions through word-of-mouth; nonetheless both received the consequences for their sins Genesis 3:16-19. Leaving all future generations crippled in reference to our true calling, and destiny.


Jesus entrance was for holistic purpose, to offer us free-will salvation freedom through conviction, repentance, conversion, and commission; naturally, spiritually, and supernaturally; the same on earth as it is in Heaven Matthew 6:10, 2Peter 3:9, Luke 13:3.Second-sight is the prophetic gift of miracles that reveals this indisputable truth. Once a vision has transitioned from spiritual to supernatural it is now known as second-sight. This gift unveils new revelation and illumination of prehistoric, present and future mysteries 1 Corinthians 2:6-9. Second-sight awards a human-being the ability to see a mere glimpse of the supernatural through the Eyes of The Trinity God: Jehovah/Jesus/The Holy Spirit Matthew 3:16-17.

My prophetic gift is not the photograph; it is the ability to see the spiritual-invisible, supernaturally-visible. The photos are my inheritance. My inheritance is the gifted privilege God has awarded me of capturing my experience through the lens. A biblical inheritance is rewarded through one's submissive obedience and at much cost.


Quick lesson in reference to the supernatural. Again my spiritual gift is not the photography; the photography is as a result of my gift. My spiritual gift is "second-sight supernatural". In other words the ability to see the supernatural vision is the gift. The ability to take pictures of all that I see is an extended privilege that the Trinity Kingdom has awarded me called "inheritance".

There's more to this precious gift; the supernatural wisdom, knowledge and understanding illumination. It's called "speed thought". "Speed thought" is an immediate rush of information so profound it must be written down in order to grasp, digest, and retain. It is just as extraordinary as the vision.. "Speed thought" awards me the supernatural education and explanation. It actually solidifies the entire experience. There's more; however enough for now!

Two perfect illustrations of second-sight supernatural and speed-thought would be The Transfiguration and Lazarus and the beggar. Peter, John and James watched the interaction of Jesus, Moses and Elijah and surely those two were no longer members of the earth. And they heard Jehovah's Voice "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him" .Matthew 17:1-13

Secondly the beggar in Abraham's bosom and Lazarus in hell. Even Lazarus was able to see, hear and converse with the holy realm (Abraham) from hell. He just couldn't crossover because his destiny had already been determined. Luke 16:19-30


Salvation is free; Christ paid the entire debt Ephesians 2:8-9. However submission to Jehovah's Kingdom for the purpose of conviction, repentance, conversion, commission; comes at a heavy price Mathew 13:18-23 & Matthew 19:27-30. There is no conversion without conviction/repentance; and there is no commission without conversion. The Holy Spirit is The Convicter, The Converter, & The Commissioner John 16:12-15. Our thoughts are not like The Master's Isaiah 55:8-9

All true Warriors for Christ Leaders are not only held responsible to be followers, but accountable to become holy mature enough to represent The Kingdom in dominion power. It is impossible to be Leadership Christlike and not walk in the exampled footsteps of the New Testament Apostles Mark 16. These Apostles performed miracles just like Jesus, yet were humans just like us Acts 2.The only difference between them and us; is they obeyed God wholeheartedly. The human torture that Peter, Paul, and John endured didn't effect their determination to do God's Perfected Will; UN-compromised; no matter what, in-spite of, never-the-less! What better examples are there next to Jesus?


Immaturity and naivety have some Church Overseers today confuse having a large following, with being in right standings with Jesus; as well believing it proves their His True Warriors. All hogwash; one is not a reflection of the other. Otherwise Jesus Himself would have recruited more disciples when the majority of them deserted Him John 6:66-70. Instead He drew close to the remaining twelve; even knowing that one of them was a devil; Judas. Heck, He only took Peter, John, and James with Him on the mountain of The Transfiguration Matthew 17:1-9.

Many might ask the question; why would Jesus still make traitor Judas His disciple? I would consider that an excellent question. Two reasons; proof of free-will and proof He wishes that none would perish2Peter 3:9. Scripture states Jesus knew He was fellowshipping with the enemy. He made it a matter of public record John 6:70. Yet despite this detestable negative truth; Jesus kept Judas in the same circle of fasting, prayer, study, and miracles, as the eleven. Proving that He didn't with-hold His unconditional love, grace, mercy, peace, glory and power from him.

Judas had the same exact access to Christ as all the rest. As proof of His genuine love He even gave Judas the most powerful earth position. He made him the treasurer of the Ministry. That's right; put him in charge of all money, silver and gold John 13:29. Judas held the natural keys to Heaven's vault. I mean really who does that?

This was God's way of proving how close He was to Judas; despite his evil plotting, despicable, calculating, atrocious offense toward The Kingdom! Come on; you wouldn't give your most vicious enemy the keys to your safe with your life long savings in it; would you? And you surely wouldn't extend him the privilege of collecting debts owed to you; would you? Yet that's exactly what Jesus did!

There are some significant reasons why Jesus extended Himself in every direction, naturally, spiritually; and supernaturally; offering Judas His Best. One; free-will; Judas decision to betray or follow Jesus needed to be his decision and his decision alone. God's only influence was to share His Best with him.

And two; Jesus wanted to give Judas one last chance to change his own hell fate destiny; because He wish that none would perish Luke 13:3.He told the disciples publicly that He knew one of them was the enemy John 6:70-71. This was Judas prime opportunity to confess and repent; his evil was no longer a secret Matthew 26:20-30. But unfortunately for Judas; he did not make the right choice Matthew 26


The same is true today; so many are moving through life with your own agenda; based on lust, greed, covetousness and vanity; not even realizing that Christ is actually closer to you than even His most loyal servants. All He wants to do is give you His Best Romans 9:22-25. There's only one thing standing between you and Him; your free-will choice to accept it. It must be your heart decision; and yours alone. Scripture; as a man thinketh in his heart; so is he Proverbs 23:7. Where your heart is; so your treasure lies Matthew 6:21.

Second; there wouldn't be so many large Churches lacking; the same exact need of spiritual supernatural intervention; as the small Churches. The truth; each Leader has a significant calling: some are called to steward small, some medium, and some large. But We are all called to an UN-compromised path of holiness Romans 8:38. No Overseer moves in holy conquer dominion realm until God is 1st in your life.

Contrary to popular opinion Jesus is not Santa Claus. The purpose of salvation is not so we can make demands from an entitlement perspective. But so we can inherit all that was awarded us as heirs to The Throne; in eternity. But just like with any Kingship or government; there is a proper order Psalm 19:7-8, 1John 3:2. The Kingdom's order is a process of progressive deliverance from the three faces of death self, sin and Satan. Jesus is our Propitiation; however we still possess the free-will to demonically indulge in lusts of our flesh liberally Galatians 5:16-25


Discipleship is the ultimate process of purification; learning, retaining; becoming. The process is a painful flesh stretch; of put Him before people-places-things no matter-what; friends and family in-spite-of; and self never-the-less Luke 14:25-35. To acquire and maintain a pure heart is bondage for some of you. To allow arrogance, piety, haughty and selfish to control your heart is flesh freedom. The flesh and the Spirit are contrary one to the other. Only one can be free while the other enslaved. Freewill allows each one of us to decide to walk in the Spirit or the flesh Galatians 5.

As for today's 5/Fold Leaders who state God is not operating miracles the same in this dispensation; gibberish. Clearly they are extremely naïve, immature; it's not their calling; or they don't know The Master & Commander. The Jesus that I serve is the same yesterday, today, and forever Hebrews 13:8, Psalm 46:10 .Jesus said; greater things will we do than even Me! The bible says Christians have access to the same Power that raised Christ from the dead Ephesians1:19. It doesn't come from a College degree; it comes from The Holy Spirit Acts1:8. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the Sons of God Romans 8:14. Surely a degree is a precious asset; but not necessarily a commission requirement. The bible states that Peter and John were unlearned men; yet the scholars marveled at their illuminated wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and holy stature Acts 4:13.


Apollos was an elite scholar of the bible, if he lived in today's time he would had several doctorate degrees plastered on his Office walls. He was an eloquent man and mighty in scriptures. He was also fervent in spirit, spoke and taught accurately the thing's of the Lord, specifically the baptism of John. However, The Holy Spirit appointed Priscilla and Aquila, two tent-makers to illuminate his wisdom on the truths he lacked. He humbled himself received the additional truths and elevated in warrior stature pursuing his destiny more valiantly Acts 18:24-28. Although this brother was thorough he could not teach; what he didn't know. It all comes down to The Holy Spirit; it is His Anointing that places revelatory illumination on Heaven's wisdom, knowledge and understanding1Corinthians 2:13-16.

The Global Churches stagnant ability to walk in miracles all comes down to cost and flesh transparency. Only a mere portion are willing to pay the cost of true Leadership. It ain't about you! Jesus said 'deny yourself; take up your cross; and follow Me Luke 9:23. Deny; means become completely flesh transparent: cross means; suffer, hardship, trials, tribulation. Follow Me; means submissively obey The Holy Spirit; The Comforter John 14:15.Jesus is seated on the right side of Jehovah Matthew 22:44. Everything we need to know is being revealed through the power of The Holy Spirit 1Corinthians 2:9-12.

Jesus also says: for who ever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for My Namesake, the same shall save it Luke 9:24. If you are ashamed of Me, when I return I'll be ashamed of you Mark 8:38. Precious in the sight of God is in the death of His Saints Psalm 116:15.True victory comes in not loving our lives so much that we are afraid to die Rev.12:11. But sadly still; the fear of death cripples many Saints feet; when it shouldn't because death for us is simply passing through from this life into the best life; eternity 1Thessalonians 4:13-18.


Unfortunately suffer is a part of the grace victory dispensation, New Testament. But the next life promises no more suffering, pain, death; or poverty. A servant is not better than his Master. When Jesus chose to leave The Trinity Kingdom to become our propitiation; He gave up His royal atmosphere in exchange for suffer, pain, death and poverty. Any separation from His Father Jehovah is a poverty death sentence. You say that was Christ! Well the Apostles fulfilled their great commission; they were flesh transparent, they suffered with exemplary endurance, and they followed The Holy Spirit un-compromised. What better illustration that we are equipped enough to fulfill ours?

Leaders who state God has not called Christians, especially Overseers into the suffer equation, see this thing through juvenile eyes. To much is given; much is required. I want to be very clear; not suffering because of sin; but suffering for righteousness sake; for injustices1Peter 4:1-2. It's all a part of the process; one must go through the process of the promise; in order to receive the prize. Scripture; its an honor to suffer shame for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Acts 5:41-42.

Fiery trials are to be expected as proof of our partnership with Christ's sufferings. If we partner in His suffering; we will also partake in His Glory 1Peter 4:12-14. Count it all joy when you fall into various trials; knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience James 1:1-3. We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body. 2 Corinthians 4:8-10.

Enduring hardship, trial and tribulation purges sin and builds character. Suffering doesn't feel good and in a lot a ways doesn't make human sense. But when endured properly through the guidance of The Holy Spirit it produces discipline, obedience, self control, humility, love, long suffering and peace. God is not trying to change our personality; but He is determined to enhance His character gems in us; better known as the fruits of the spirit Galatians 5:22.God is the Only One that can cut our heart and heal it, demolition and restoration simultaneously Hebrew 4:12.


We often become offended, upset, insulted; lacking discernment on the perspective of those who inflict the torture; and His timing when pertaining to their consequence. It always seems as though the culprit is getting away with the crime. And the devils taunts don't help: how can God be in control and He let that happen you? Where is your God now? God is not in control; you are; do something! The one thing that he's right about is God is not in control. God Is Control Revelations 19:6!

Satan can't do anything without God's permission Job 1:6-12, Zechariah 3.You haven't been abandoned; its just that God never reacts to any of Satan's attacks. No He just acts! The devil uses reverse psychology during these flaming trials to paint God as a punk. He is the ultimate emulator; he's desperate; you need to see him as the greater strength. But the truth is Baal is on Jehovah'\s time clock! He already knows what day, hour, down to the very millisecond; He will avenge His Own Psalm 37:34-38 .He never makes His move until Satan is at his height of attack Psalm 9:12. Jehovah put the W in Satan's wicked; its called Wrath1Samuel 2:6! So when your trial is out of control; rejoice; it means the devils at his end; and God's just getting started.


God is King Love Unconditional 1John 4:7-11, John 3:16! There's only one thing He refuses to do: share His Throne Revelation 4! Thou shalt have no other gods before Me Exodus 20:3. He means exactly what He says I AM a Jealous God; My Name Is Jealous Exodus 34:17.I AM share everything with you in My Kingdom; except for MY Rank, Status, Post! He's not stuttering; non-negotiable; permanent, predetermined Eternity Executive Decision!

That's what got Lucifer ousted Isaiah 14: 9-17. There will be no more Lucifer's Luke 14:12. All whom willing choose to cross the line; without repentance have been sentenced to the same eternal life of demonic torture; hell, fire and brimstone, the abyss lake of fire; without apology Deuteronomy 32:22, Psalm 9:17. Let's be very clear; repentance is not confession. Repentance is a heart conviction determined to move in the opposite direction of your offense to God Psalm 51:17, 2Chronicles 7:14.

No Cross; No Crown! No Guts; No Glory! No Tribulation; No Triumph!


This miracle is a complete illumination of bible prophecy. The Trinity God promises to unveil the mysteries of His Kingdom, unknown to this World through the Power of The Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 2:6-8.He also says that this type of gifting is rare even to Church Leadership Mathew 13:16-17. Although this particular prophetic gift is uncommon; all Christians have spiritual gifts. And if we're led by The Holy Spirit un-compromised; these gifts will soar in the depth of their maturity of the supernatural realm.

Jehovah God is no respecter of person Acts 10:34.

The truth that I have the ability to capture on camera all that I see is for several reasons. One the prophetic office leader is not respected today; the same as during biblical times. The Book of Revelation is relevant because the saints believed everything John told them he saw and heard. The same is not so in today's times.

For me to relay what I saw and see; without proof; could land me in an insane asylum.

Second God is not trying to scare us; but introduce His World to us as He promised 2 Corinthians 2:10.He's the Master at meeting us where we are. What better way to meet us the world where we are: then in this massive era of technology. After all it was He that gave us the intelligence required to invent all the technology we use. While most leaders are doing a phenomenal job at presenting Jesus to the world. Who better could represent and present Himself; but He Himself? Some of this is just common sense; why wouldn't God communicate to us through the same technology He gave us the brains to invent?

Third; the best evangelism tool today is the World of Photography, Motion Picture, Radio and Television. These phenomenal tools have the ability of reaching the entire world at the same time though in different time zones. It actually puts another notch in His Belt as proof He is God to the unbeliever. What a stellar witness!!! JESUS LIVE!!!


All of EYES supernatural clouds are a direct result of visions given to me through the Power of The Holy Spirit. When I experience visions, I don't see pictures; I see life; people; male, female, children, giants, creatures, angels, demons, Satan, Jesus, and what appear to be cartoons. Every time my second sight advances I know I'm looking at some form of eternity; because everything I see, no matter how ancient, normal, strange or weird, shows a form of supernatural intelligence and life.

For example: when I saw Universal Soldier although his ancient descent stood out; he was alive. When he began appearing before me; my first thought; woe.. that's a man! He kept growing; my second thought; woe... that's a giant! I zoomed my lens; my third thought; woe.. he's ancient! By now I am beside myself in complete awe and fear; about to shake in my boots. See when he and the other visions appear; they take up a major portion of the sky. A real airplane looks like a speck of pepper next to them. The only thing keeping me together is this awesome peace presence of The Glory Cloud being escorted in by The Holy Spirit.


My most intriguing discovery is that each time I see a new vision the characters appear to represent their own individual worlds. There doesn't seem to be a direct connection to the previous vision. Which leads me to believe that I am looking at many different Worlds or Universes; opposed to just one. With the exception of Jesus; His appearance is bigger than life; and breathtaking. Like am I still breathing; no fear, each time I'm caught between being mesmerized and pure humility. Who am I that He would even desire to pay a personal, private Visitation? Cover me with surround sound supernatural love like nothing I've ever experienced before. Then give me a sinner saved by grace; after all I have done to disgrace Him and His Kingdom; the honor and privilege of taking His Picture. I am still in shock, stunned, and humbled! For a long time I couldn't talk about it! It was and still is like I'm humanly paralyzed; but spiritually supernaturally free.

The other thing that's rather fascinating is some of them appear to be posing for the shot. For example Deuce; who is two demons. The one in the front resembling a smurf has his side view to the camera; but the weirdest looking one is looking directly into the lens. He looks like he's looking directly at me take the shot.


Now I didn't see Deuce while taking the picture; I only saw clouds. I discovered him when I was reviewing the footage later. I had the graphic artist put eyes on him in the parallel shot (right) to prepare the audience for what's about to come. Once I'm in position to unveil the SD original shot; you will see his large piercing eyes are looking directly at Us. And perhaps the most captivating is there seems to be a form of intelligence larger than ours; almost like they know about us; we just don't know about them. It's as if he saying: 'what took you so long to discover me'? I've been looking at you all along! Now that was scary and freaky.


I am not a professional photographer, therefore have no knowledge of how to transfer a shot from a SD to CD and capture the same picture quality and clarity. The shots you're looking at are from the CD's; important measures taken to provide security of all properties. My second sight is not as mature as the bible characters as of yet. GOD explains my visions after I've seen them. In bible times He and His Angelic Warriors walked and talked each individual through each vision. Books like Revelation, Daniel, and Ezekiel display excellent examples of this prophetic gift of miracles.

The Transfiguration is also a perfect example of Peter, John, and James second sight experience Mathew 17:1-9. Paul on the road to Damascus had the ultimate second sight experience that led to his salvation, conviction, conversion and warrior pursuit through The Holy Spirit submissive commission to and for others. Saul/Paul, the Christian's executioner; is the perfect example of Jehovah God's love for us despite our vile acts toward Him and His Kingdom.

His desire is not to condemn us but to save, convict, convert and commission us Acts 9.

Cloud visions are very common in the Old Testament and New Testament. Scripture promises all Christians a glorious cloud exit. Jehovah stood on the clouds and spoke to Moses at Mt. Sinai Exodus 34:1-5. Elijah was taken up in the clouds and Elisha witnessed the entire transition. The vision earth interaction came in the form of the chariots of fire appearing through the clouds rapturing Elijah into the ride of his eternal lifetime 2 Kings 2:11.

Jesus Himself ascended into the cloud. And when He had spoken theses things; while they beheld; He was taken up; and a cloud received Him out of their sight Acts 1:9. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet The Lord in the air 1Thes.:4:17

Clearly all this evidence prove there's another dimension to this thing. Because their second sight experiences actually connected interaction between Heaven and earth. Mines so far is a display of eternity's existence; however my pictures will warm the world up to the inevitable; the sight connection; and finally interaction. The truth be told we are brilliant in our intelligence; but babies sucking breast milk in our spirit supernatural soul illumination. Therefore Jehovah GOD has got to take us through major baby steps.


My second-sight is so phenomenal I am able to capture on camera all that I see. I will be the first to express though; there's a three-fold parallel. While the gift appears to be glamorous because its rare; as well demonstrating 100-fold return: the actual balance is much hell persecution. In other words there is a heavy price to pay for this particular gift. Because it illuminates the difference between the truth vs the lie; the supernatural vs the super-demonic; evil vs holy, the miracle vs the magic; the devil vs God.

Satan is the ultimate soul snatcher and Christ is the ultimate Soul Redeemer. The revelation of these indisputable truths expose the devil and his true intention and ultimately cost him souls. His plan is to consistently appeal to your natural fruit flesh appetite; seduce you into greed, lust, covetousness, jealousy, stubbornness, rebellion, idolatry and vanity Galatians 5:16-17. Then offer you a mere portion of those desires; while snatching your soul into eternal damnation as his disciple 1Samuel 15:23 & John 10:10.

Second sight exposes and provokes Satan's super-demonic realm Leviticus 19:31 & 20:6. It reveals his invisible super demonic powers of witchcraft, sorcery, black magic coming in the forms of confusion, depression, deception, devour, diversion, hate, bigotry, perversion, emulation, control, fear, hunt, hunted, lie and channel. The one thing the devil desires to do is continue to make his existence appear to be an illusion. His goal is to make the end time promise by God; to eliminate all evil through eternal fire, flames, damnation, hell and the abyss lake of fire; appear to be symbolic, a delusion; a fantasy; not reality. Hilarious!!


Satan's Fusion

Control Channels

Gravediggers Chat-Ancient Secrets: shsh..The Family Thing!

Satan's so desperate he's luring people into interaction with the world of the dead. He's claiming it is a forbidden secret; not true Bible Loud! Saul had the sorcerer call Samuel back from the dead.1Samuel 28:


Switching Channels:

Hand Mirrors, Hills Have Eyes, Fade to Black, Stand on The Square, Beat The Goat, Pig Stye, Belly Fat Vicious/ Horses Elephants-Giraffes-Mothras, Bow to King Owl, Magic City, Dark Shadows, Witch Mountain, The Thirst, Black Water Ledge, Third Eye, I Said; March, Paris Prai, Revolt of the Slaves, Ride the Dingo , Walk The Plank, Tree City Man in the Chair, Failure=Blood Sacrifice, Pigs in the Blanket, P-Bow, Touch Your Toes & Count to 100,000, B-ball, Candy-land, Kid-Warmers, The Brotherhood, The Wall, The Sisterhood, Little Giants, The Bounty Because I, Satan, Lucifer, Baal, Angel of Light Said So! Romans1:18-32!

Breaking The Magicians Code!



My point; calling up the dead is not new nor a secret; but it is a detestable, abominable sin Deuteronomy 18:10-11. He's making false promises of his own future world after the Church is raptured. After the Church folk are gone; astro-traveling some of you into his fantasy, illusion. Caution its a black magic flight of his imagination nation; if you've ever been astro adventurous; it's his reality while you're in it; psych. The earth will belong to him; he's really funny.

Is Satan real? Yes! Is his power real? Yes! However there's are glitches. He can only elevate his power through your participation. Yes his astro travels are real once you become the main ingredient. That's where free will comes in your desire to follow holy or helly before or after salvation. He has one agenda; to drag you to hell! James 4:7 Luke 22:3132 John10:10

This one requires a thought pattern of common sense. Why didn't God give Satan his own world when He ejected him from The Kingdom Isaiah 14:9-17. He let him leave with enough stuff to award him his own home Luke 4. Instead He suspended him in the air, second Heaven, with an eviction notice Zechariah 3,Job 1:6-12,2Corinthians 10:3-6. Answer; because there is no new world coming for him Revelation 20:1-3. And if you buy into his most ferocious lie; his fake imagination nation ; you too will be forever doomed too. Hellfire and brimstone forever doomed. Your choice!

2Kings 10:23.


The Black Magic Flight of Satan's Imagination Nation: Psych!




Us Bible-toters know although God kicked Lucifer out of the1st Heaven; He allowed him to leave with riches, gold, silver, super-demonic power, one-third of 1st Heaven angels, and territory. He was also given the privilege of recruiting those whom choose to follow him on earth. He boldly approached Jesus in an attempt to recruit Him; taunting Him with the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye; and the pride of life. Jesus being full of The Holy Ghost rejected all his advances Luke 4. Imagine how much more Satan's seductions are toward us. If Jesus needed forty days and forty nights of fasting: The Holy Spirit's protection from the devil; how much more do we?

The Devil has no problem giving you the car, house, fortune, power, and fame; especially you Christians, because that instantly locks you into debt owed. Now He can make threatening demands; Step into the Black! Walk the Plank Ledge Edge! Man in The Chair, Now! Get on the Road; until Human Voices....Get to Steppin, a Long Swim Good Nite! Time Machine, Pitch-Black, Lost in The Dark! Shut Up! You're in The Army! Do it or Else!

There Will Be Blood!


God forbid if you get caught out there addicted to the Strongest Drug; Sex! Now you are seated in the best room in His house; Baal's bedroom! He is the Master of Perversion; any and everything goes; no holds bar! Exactly where he wants you; once you taste his flesh fruit appetizers; there's slim chance of you ever leaving. Trapped! Cornered; very few escape his wicked wiles; including and especially the Church!

Listen up, family!!!

Some of you have acquired twisted views pertaining to how far we can go. When God says the marriage bed is undefiled; He's expecting His big boy; you; husband to come to Him seeking explicit instructions. After all He is the Only One Whom created sex for procreation and pleasure Genesis 1:27-28! However profoundly many of you say the last thing you want; is God in the mix of the moment; ludicrous!

Instead my brothers; a number of you head straight for Candy-land. Baal's playground, pleading with him to show you his best; porno's, strip clubs, shsh...speak-easy quiet; the more perverted demonic; the better! Scandalicious; stank nasty; trifling; brothel hell fire flame dangerous, running toward hell with gasoline draws on; with the lighter in your hands! Yet finger licking good; sin abominable detestable, yes jaw dropping delicious!

Luring; enticing, seducing Sapphira into your guilty pleasures Ananias Acts 5:1-10.

On the other hand Adam, you heard what The Great I AM that I Am Said Genesis 2:15! Why are you allowing Eve to beguile you with Hell's Magic Bullet Kitchen of Three's Company, Dark Alley Deep and Kid Warmers Genesis 3:1-7? Your justification is felonious; now the serpent's wiles become holy in matrimony! What The! And if there is any condemnation it's all Eve's fault.

I have one question: did you ask Jesus? Did you ask The Great I AM that I AM what to do? Was The Holy Spirit your travel Guide? Here's a clue; if you're not looking at those gold pave streets and experiencing the glory cloud when you two are at your glorious height; then you're going in the wrong direction.

No matter which way you put a spin on it, you can not turn super-demonic perverted-lusty sex into holy luscious lovely supernatural sex. Jehovah/Jesus/The Holy Spirit is the God of holy supernatural miraculous. The truth be told Only The Trinity God knows how to tickle your pleasure fancy cravings. He Alone is the Author of the spirit-supernatural-soul-tie union of marriage.


The devil is never aiming to please you; only tease you! He's the Master Illusionist, keep you coming back to the fantasy; never satisfied. Never Satisfied is the gun; that host the bullets of immorality, vanity, and lusty. And the machete with the jagged edge of perverted, twisted, warped, and frustrated. Welcome to the universal pimp of men, women, children and babies beautiful abode. The devil's luxurious fabulous master bedroom. The very place of french kiss twist slow death; where real slaves are made, birthed, and born. Most whom come here, die here, very few escape!

Supernatural sex is the only holy righteous path The Trinity Throne created for us! What.. sex for the Christian marriage is supposed to be supernatural? Shut the front-door!! That's right; Jehovah God Is Spirit-Supernatural. He created sex for holy pleasure; His delight; marriage, and family. He pulled Eve out of Adam's rib supernaturally. He said what He put together let no one put asunder Genesis 2:21-24.Fasting is the only thing that should separate a husband and wife, less Satan tempt you 1Corinthian 7:1-5.

Wow; that scripture rather concludes the matter. God created sex for perfect enjoyment without

Baals enticement, persuasion, influence. Holy supernatural sex is the glue that consummates two soul-mates into one. You say, but we are no longer under the law, all things are permissible 1Corinthians 6:12.True; from the perspective of free-will. But should you intentionally sin because you are no longer under the law; but under grace Romans 6:15?

If you allow perverted lust to seduce you; then you become the Perverted Lust Master's slave Romans 6:12-16. And Lucifer only has one goal in mind, that is; to drag you to hell! You definitely have a free-will to choose which way you desire to go. But you don't have a free-will in the consequence of those very choices. Romans 6:23

The permissive-will, means God is allowing you to do what you want inspite-of. It certainly doesn't mean He agrees with your preferences? And proof of that, is that, it comes with a grueling price Psalms 106:13-15 God makes known His submissive will; but allows us to make our own decisions; especially after salvation Romans12:1-2,1Corinthians 6:7-11. Besides intentional sin extend into and throughout generations: it's just not all about you.

I'm not telling you what to do; I am merely pointing out the difference between holy luscious lovely supernatural sex, and lusty fantasy super demonic sex. Jehovah God's Plan for us vs the devils plan; the miracle vs the magic, one leads to eternity spirit life; the other eternity spirit death. Freewill, you decide! Perhaps the greatest kept secret, or perhaps; not a secret at all! It's Bible Loud! I won't elaborate any further because some stuff is for Grown-ups; tricks are for kids!!

Trinity Marriage




The beautiful thing about GOD is He's not trying to force us to follow Him. He's extending His unconditional love; with the option of freewill choice Galatians 5.He doesn't dangle material things as a gimmick to join Him; because He owns it all Haggai 2:8, Psalm 24. More importantly He wants us to love Him for Him and not His Stuff. Yes, love Him with all your heart, soul and mind Matthew 22:37.

All the finest riches on earth are but the ghetto in comparison to our final destination with Him. The mere streets are paved in gold; with wall's and outer gates covered with royal diadems Revelations 21. Every house is a mansion; then there's the supernatural new bodies; and Kingdom ruler-ship throughout the Universes John 14:2, 1Corinthians 15:50-54.

Who could ask for anything more?

God's ultimate plan offers the world freewill choice to escape of the wrath to come. He's not asking for our approval; He's simply offering us the best; our inheritance an eternal paradise; no more sickness, death, or poverty Acts 26:18. Our final destinations Hell and The New Jerusalem were created in eternity; way before our existence. The more we ask for, is the entitlement of having our cake and eating it too; right now Luke 15:11-32. Perfect psychological moment for the devil to capitalize on our very own self indulgence, envy, greediness, jealousy and conceit. He's is the specialist of throwing the sin party at the best dimension 1John 3:7.


In my twenty-seven years of Discipleship Ministry, I've concluded; that there are four types of people. First: there's the individual who is flagrantly sin filthy and desires to remain polluted. Second; there's the individual who is sin filthy; but wants desperately to be made clean. Third; there's the individual who is devil filthy; but gains self power in perpetrating god cleanliness. Fourth; there's the individual who is sin filthy, embarrassed, condemned, who believes they went too far to receive God's forgiveness.

My position is simply to tell and live the truth, especially the negative truths. A life lived-Holy Ghost loud displays His Spirit Fruit Galatians 5:22-25. It's the only way each individual has a legitimate opportunity to make a clear conscious choice. I refuse to sugarcoat the truth; too many innocent souls at stake. We all have a freewill; however we don't have a freewill in the consequences of our choices Romans 6.Hell, damnation, fire and brimstone abyss are negative truths realities Matthew 13:47-50. These are truths we don't want to hear, ignore, know and accept; however despite our opinions, feelings and hissy fits; they are all still true..

The negative truth for the devil is, he has been denied; eternity! Jehovah God didn't give Satan, access to eternity; he's stuck in time. He has been sentenced to the eternal inferno; that's coming like a thief in the night; in broad day light. His fortune, fame, and power all come with condemnation jacked-up in time Rev 20:1-3.Time is the devil's greatest enemy. That's why he anxiously gives his goods away; because he doesn't have a clue when his time is up Rev: 12:7-12. Pinnacle split-second bow Luke 4:5-8! He needs to capture as many souls as possible; Sir Misery needs company. This thing all comes down to inferno-time vs paradise-eternity.

Our choice to follow or not, results in His Eternity Executive Decision of our final destination Heaven or Hell. Contrary to others theories there is no middle gray area. Its similar to the game of chess; two different sides: Satan's Champions vs The Trinity God's Invincibles; only the Victory has already been determined; checkmate. Revelations 12:7-9 .

Once life's movie has played out, there will be no re-editing of the tape. All of us will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ Romans14:10. However The Great White Throne Judgment is for those who's names are not in the Book of Life. They will the be cast into the Lake of Fire, along with Death & Hades Revelations 20.


So it's safe to say I've been through a lot of hardship, trial, and tribulation; twenty-seven years of hell warfare. Knowing the truth is good; but living the truth aligns one with the purposes of The Trinity Kingdom and comes with a heavy price tag. However; there's beauty in the brutal! The beauty a tremendous glory cloud aroma with The Trinity Triune.

As well a bold confidence in knowing who I truly am humanly, spiritually, and supernaturally. It's like being in suspended animation caught-up between Heaven and earth; surrounded by Peace Be Still tranquility; absolutely, positively no worries, no fear; nothing matters. So humbling I never want to leave the atmosphere; but His Voice is whispering it's not time yet.

This magnificent experience is the actual paralleled balance to all the warfare encounters; I've endured. And then there's the 100-Fold-Return Manna inheritance photos: actual proof; confirmation of the miraculous adventure "! Mark10:30 The Trinity has labeled this incredible adventure known as an uncommon harvest 100-fold return inheritance: Manna.

In the Old Testament manna was the source of wilderness survival. In the New Testament and today Manna is Jesus Christ The Ultimate Resource!!! The 5000 and 7000 were fed through intercession of Jesus Christ to His Father/King Yahweh/The Kingdom! It is through The Messiah by the Power of Sir Royal Majestyk/The Holy Spirit that we reach for Jehovah/The Kingdom to supply all our needs. Jesus Christ is the Eternal Manna!!John 6:47-51

These last 15 years have been about me going through the process of the promise to receive the prize: the spiritual supernatural authority to bring it to pass in the natural realm. Allow me to say I was not privy to any part of the process; I am only reflecting back in time alignment. So far, there are four parts to this progressive process; 1st; years of seeing visions, 2nd; years of taking pictures of clouds, 3rd years of seeing visions in the cloud photos; and finally years of seeing the visions in the` cloud with the ability to take the spontaneous shot.

However in my personal evaluation; biblically there's at-least one more part and that is the actual heaven and earth vision connective interaction before the rapture. In other words every bible character with my gift experienced the connective interaction of heaven on earth. The bible illustrates this illumination throughout the Old and New Testaments. Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, Peter/John & James, Paul and John (Patmos).

I have seen visions since childhood; actually visions and dreams are very common in my generational family household. Some so profound; I thought I was going to have to hire an artist to draw what I saw and was seeing. Never in my wildest imagination did I realize God's preparation was so I could deliver this thing myself. While I was seeing visions that had nothing to do with clouds. I was also taking pictures of clouds because I was so mesmerized by them. I didn't have any idea that the two would eventually overlap.


I never even connected the dots until the night of a storm; my electric when out and I had the1st The Jesus Encounter. This encounter was actually in my house, not in the clouds. I had three flashlights pointed toward the walls and ceiling to exhume light. However, the light on one wall kept transforming. It was mesmerizing, and then I saw Him. At first, I burst into tears, I literally couldn't believe my eyes. Then I started confessing and repenting until the glory cloud of peace be still surrounded me. I began singing...

I tried to capture Him on camera, using the same SD that I had previously taken cloud shots. When I began to review the shots I took of Him, the brilliant light is there, but not his distinguished features. It was years before I could even talk about it. Even in this very moment I'm humbled to the point of unseen.


Not quite it actually means we're at the beginning. The beginning of God giving every individual a pure free-will choice of acquiring a true authentic relationship/fellowship; intimacy with Him; before the end.


Yes, a revolution of supernatural unconditional love, interaction between Heaven and earth coming from The Trinity Kingdom to all man-kind John 3:16!


No; He is the Love Specialist, generous in His giving, perhaps closer and more loving toward those whom don't know Him. It is His desire that all come to know Him because He wishes that none should perish 2 Peter 3:9.


No, there is a requirement to receive salvation. You must confess with your mouth The Lord Jesus Christ; and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead and you shall be saved. You can not become a citizen of Jehovah's Kingdom unless you come through Jesus.

Here are some scriptures that will help you get a better understanding of salvation.

Romans: 3:10,23//5:6//6:23//8:1//10:9-11,13

John:3:14-21//8:12//14:1-4,6Ephesians 2:6-9 & Isaiah 53

Psalm 16:11/33:18//34:18//37:5,23//51:17//86:5//145:18//119:105

Proverbs: 1:33//3:5-6 & 2 Corinthians 5:7

Acts 3:19//4:24 & 1John 5:11-13


It is proof of one's convicted-repentant-conversion of process progression purification through The Holy Spirit's rein over ones lifestyle. The heart submission determination to allow God to rein; His Perfected Will; before people, places, things, no-matter-what; friends, family in-spite-of and self, never-the-less Romans 8:38-39.


In layman's terms: one should be so flesh transparent that everyone coming into their environment experiences The Trinity. Jehovah's Glory, Jesus's Unconditional Love & The Holy Spirit's Grace/Power/Anointing Supernaturally; and a consistent witness of processional purification 1John 2:6.Ones witness to the world in lifestyle illustration of the fruits of the spirit, patience, peace, unconditional love, endurance, joy, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control that Jesus is The Trinity God Galatians 5:22-26


It is proof of one's convicted-repentant-converted-commission exampling progressive purification through The Holy Spirit; illuminating eternity's dominion supernatural power of Justice/The Glory-Jehovah, Mercy/Unconditional Love-Jesus & Grace/Power/Anointing-The Holy Ghost in UN-compromised lifestyle to all humanity

Isaiah 61 & Mark 16:15-20.


In layman's terms: The Kingdom is Jehovah God, The Trinity; illuminating Himself through The Holy Spirit living in the heart of the chosen soul; reaching for new souls through propitiation of Jesus for the purpose of redemptive transforming restoration: naturally, economically, spiritually, and or supernaturally.


Can I be saved? Even if I'm a sorcerer, or murderer, or liar, a thief, a fornicator, an adulterer, a drug addict, idolater, or rapist? What if I'm selfish, jealous, envious, full of hatred, angry, pious, haughty, self-centered, mean, or nasty? The answer; yes; yes; yes! The question is do you really desire to be saved; because The Trinity God is The Heart Inspector? You can't impress Him and you can only connect with Him through your heart. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.


In other words if you are merely imitating others or reciting biblical words because they sound good or eloquent; unfortunately you will not be saved. On the other hand there's only one requirement. And that is "you must believe in your heart that Jesus the Son died on The Cross for all your sins & Jehovah The Father raised Him from the dead through the Power of The Holy Spirit. John 3:16, Romans 10:8-13, Hebrews 9:14-15


You must be willing to submit to The Trinity God. This is crucial; while Jesus is the Propitiation, The Mediator, The Door, between man and God to salvation: Jehovah is the Heart Inspector & The Holy Spirit is the Heart Penetrator. If you really are sincere; not only will you be saved; you will experience Him. Yes you will know in your heart as soon as it happens. You won't need anyone to convince you of your salvation or you won't be skeptical; hoping He raptures you on that Great Day.. The actual evidence will lie in your new heart's transforming experience. The bible says 'you that believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall know you are saved

1 John 5:13.


There appears to be some confusion at-least amongst the body of Christ pertaining to the difference between truth and compromise. The Church is a hospital; Operation Save a Life Psalm 147:3. Patient Pew entrance is The Kingdom's Emergency Room where specialist Apostles-Prophets-Pastors, Evangelist-Teachers are assigned to crisis, disaster, and tragedy: naturally, spiritually, and supernaturally Luke 4:18. Every illness is different; yet all require urgent attention, assistance; diagnosis and prescription

1John1:9, 3John 1:2.

The Trinity Physician's medicine doesn't necessarily taste, make you feel good; but its guaranteed to miraculously heal Psalm 11:28, Colossians 3:1-15,Psalm 32:1-5 . Love is; tell the authentic truth especially when it hurts Hebrews 4:12. It's parallel to a physician's prescription of atrocious, brutal radiation and vicious chemo given to a cancer patient seeking life over death. Or the patient who walked in the hospital; but unfortunately road out wheel chair bound with amputated legs. You, the specialist don't want to do it; but you do it; because you want your patients to live whole, healthy, and prosperous Romans 12:1-2, 2 Corinthians 4:16, 1 Corinthians 13.

Compromise is not love, it's slow death knocking at your patients door politely; seeking no intervention Isaiah 59:1-8, Jeremiah 6:16. My first priority is to be a reservoir of restoration to the soul; too many souls on the line. Proverbs 29:18.


All this revelatory illumination is to set the record straight. This is a God Reality-God Idea-God Business-God Project. None of this is my idea; I have had three personal dreams since childhood; school teacher, attorney, and actress. I am also a writer of books, plays, poetry. Folk attack what they don't understand; however purpose always comes with clarity. I am experiencing many unnecessary vicious attacks. I will not tolerate any further disrespect; and am currently in the process of pursuing litigation for the most recent assault.


I am not offended by anyone's disbelief; that's actually encouraging; all the greater impact. For Christians it serves as new illumination of the prophetic revelation Isaiah 43:19. Non-Christians perhaps advanced knowledge in areas of History, Science, Paranormal, and Education. God is the Only One that can make Himself known to them John 15:16, Numbers 16:30.


Finally this is not an act of desperation or prostitution of my gift; but instead Kingdom assigned approval to use the sky shot inheritance as an asset to heal all of our land 2Chronicles 7:14. My job is not to try to convince a person either way, but to simply live and tell The Kingdom's truth. The Kingdom is the soul-winner, my responsibility is to continually seek His Face so that He can use me to His Glory. John 6:44, 10:27,14:6


There is no catch twenty-two; neither a Robin-hood adventure. The Trinity-God gets all The Glory Psalm 150! No ones charities go unnoticed; when you give to the poor you loan to God Psalm 19:17. How can anyone loan to God and encounter any lost? I believe when I give freely, I experience more of Him, Trinity Love Unconditional. He Whom Is Love covers all my sins and I need all the covering I can get Proverb10:12.The rich and poor have this in common The Lord is the Maker of them both Proverbs 22:2

The rich and the poor need The Trinity God Psalm 33:13.


I am a servant/leader for The Soul Redeemer Jesus Christ. My assignment as Apostle is that of troubleshooter/scaffolding/restorer. A restorer is God's reservoir center in-which He will deposit His goods for the purpose of eliminating hurt, by administering agape love and restoring hope to all mankind

Proverbs 29:7, John15:13.

Evaluation, Assessment & Remedy

Troubleshooter; where's the problem, crisis, disaster, tragedy?

Family, National Church & America

Scaffolding; what type of foundation do we need to ensure restore?

Restorer; who are my reliable expert Team Players?

Board of Directors, Advisers, Panel of Experts.

Kingdom Assignment




Vision Quest Global & The Melting Pot Project


National/International Church

Yahweh's Kingdom-Prince Yeshua's Brook & Sir Royal Majestyk's XXPress


I am not going to challenge any ones faith, belief, moral code or personal conviction. My position is transforming purification, maturing daily into my intimate Christlike lifestyle. Speak, teach, preach the truth from the angle in which The Holy Spirit instructs me standing confident in my commission Luke 12:12.Testify and witness my entire life experience with transparency.

Time is short and I have so much more to learn, retain, become. Besides, He is not gender led. He's Spirit led; meaning the Son lead belongs to whomever will obey Him Romans 8:14, Galatians 3:26-29. His Structural Order is God, man, woman, child. But His Submissive Order is Me, The Trinity God 1st, no matter what, in-spite-of, never-the-less Romans 8:38.He is the One that makes room for my gift Proverbs 18:16.With all due respect; I am humbly suggesting that my assignment is not with those anointed, appointed chosen ones.

God is the Only One whom issues the title of apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, teacher 1Corinthians 12:27-31. The Church is anyone whom receives salvation. True Leadership is not man appointed, it is Holy Ghost assigned. Some of us are raised in the Palace; the Church building and some the Pasture; Street Ministry. I was raised in both and well. But then God ushered me up The Mountain, Sabbatical, Bethel-Upper Level. Where the air is supernatural fresh, like am I still breathing; I will never, ever be the same.

When man chooses to give himself a title that doesn't belong to him while it comes with eloquent intellectual words; there's no evidence of The Anointing. Words are either dead or illuminated; when illuminated; lives, and life directions are instantly changed. If not illuminated he or she is lying on God; major consequences Acts 5:1-10. The illumination is evident specifically in areas of evangelism of souls and deliverance soul healing. He is the Soul Redeemer John 8:36. He proves He is able to keep all whom He redeems

John 8:31-32.


Here's the negative truth, this is a wake up call to the Universal Church. While you, Saul are throwing parties, one big bash, because you have lost your holy focus 1Peter 1:16.God is raising up David the underdog, misfit, the misunderstood, to fulfill His Great Commission. Since you, chosen anointed Saul are distracted debuting; because you swear it's all about you. Me, myself and I; seated proudly, surrounded by feathers; on the vanity throne. God has David, the misunderstood misfit underdog's undivided attention warming up to take your place.

While you Superstar Saul are in the Palace getting your foot and nail massages; working the underground railroad; making deals with Lucifer; Brotherhoods, Sisterhoods, Secret Society's, Tomb-raiders Ephesians 5:8-14. David is Overseeing the Pastures. Holy Ghost slaying the Giant's demons of depression, doubt, fear, drugs, prostitution, perversion, vanity and haughtiness; freeing the sheep enslaved by sin. He's also anxiously climbing, running up the Mountain, chasing Big Pappe', King Yahweh; Jehovah God.

There's nothing new under the sun; you Saul think you're irreplaceable; but sadly delusional; you're not the prodigal, you're the bebe! The difference; the prodigal receives a warm Kingdom welcome home; the bebe is disinherited. The Shift has already taken place; enough already! David is riding The Unstoppable Invincible Holy Ghost XXpress. Who can stop this Trane once He's left the track Isaiah 6? Sir Royal Majestyk is The Conductor, Instructor, Convictor, Master Cleanser, & Executioner. Sir Royal Majestyk XXPress is moving forward; full speed ahead. I mean really; who can possibly stop; The Invincible, Unstoppable Sir Royal Majestyk's XXPress?

Saul, you are flagrantly challenging, fighting Jehovah God not David ! And here's a major twist in the script. This time David ain't running, or hiding in some punk cave. David ain't scared of you or Satan's Giants. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. David's assignment: confront and expose all sin; starting with himself Psalms 51. There's only one thing that separates us from God; and allows the Adversary to become fake-friendly. Sin, flagrant sin, detestable sin, abominable sin; hell-fire-flame-abyss sin. Oh, hell, the slithering Serpent has taken a front-seat in the pulpit; infiltrating the flock; without opposition. Baal is boldly preaching, teaching, profi-lying and singing 2 Corinthians 11:13-15. Heck, he knows The Word by the back of his hand; he just can't live it; and it's all your fault.


Let's have a fireside chat about this vicious plague of deaf, dumb and blindness that has consumed the Universal Church.

There seems to be a specific protocol, if one desperately wants the lead. Desperate; because one has to be Saul click turf approved. One must wear the blood crypt signature, heart tattoo, and turf finger flick; of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood death bond: mums the word on sin. Most Christians don't read the bible; so what do they know. The devastating result; the flock, sheep suffering due to malnutrition, immaturity, naivety; no sign of spirit life. The Church lay comatose, flat-lining, code red; all because of you Saul; secret Satan alliances Zechariah11.

Jesus Christ is coming back for spot-less and blame-less, not perfect; but purified. Yet, His sheep stand before Him today; filthy, guilty and unrepentant. Saul you are totally responsible for this disaster; because you are the one left in charge of illustrating purity and inspecting the household's behavior. Today David is boldly singling you out! It's a dirty job, but somebody has got to be courageous enough to rebuke hell's arrogance publicly, standing on holy ground Hebrew 5:13! Repent now; before it's too late Romans 12:1! Because Sir Royal Majestyk's Wrath is coming down the tracks. And the only one taking this vicious hit is the one with the accountability; you Saul.

Last Chance Saul repent! I AM; AM only going to ask you Once! I AM; AM Master & Commander 1Samuel 2:6! The Devil can only make his moves based on My yes or no! I AM; AM not in Control; I AM Control! In the case of Job, I AM told Satan yes. In the case of Joshua I AM told Satan no Job 1, Zechariah 3! Satan can only operate on My terms! If I AM tell him to release you; he has no other choice. But why would I AM do such a thing when in your heart you prefer his lifestyle perks.

I AM; AM The Master Heart Tester!

David killed a man who was loyal to him because of his vile wicked lusty heart. But I forgave him because he immediately acknowledged his hidden sins publicly. Imagine the influence; all the King's men watched him fast and repent. He went from being a killer; to saving lives. If you think that those watching him weren't impacted by his humility; you're sadly mistaken.

See although Bathsheba lost her first husband, The Kingdom didn't. We received Warrior Uriah with one Great Halleluiah Party. And as a result of David's pure repentance many others entered The Kingdom of Heaven; who were headed straight for hell. A man right after Papi's heart because his sin caused him to chase Me more. And that particular sin, he committed no more. Clearly David suffered consequences for his sins. His first child died; and he wasn't allowed to build My Temple because of the innocent blood on his hands. His family was totally dysfunctional; but he still relentlessly chased Me and Me alone.

Saul on the other hand, possessed stubbornness that was as bad as witchcraft and rebellion as bad as idolatry. No matter how many instructions I AM gave him through Prophet Samuel, he still was determined to do things his own way. I'm doing me, was motto. Talk about the vanity me-myself-I throne. Imagine his impact; instead of saving lives; he was infesting and infecting all those at the mercy of his command.

Devil vicious never backing down in his attempt to kill the anointed chosen one that was to proceed him; on several occasions. No remorse; only my bad when caught or exposed. David hid in caves not because he was a punk; he killed Goliath. He hid to protect Saul, the fool, from his own self. And to honor the holy position I AM had given to Saul even if he was acting like the Devil. But the final straw was when he went through Satan to get My God answers. Now that's treason, treachery, disloyalty, the ultimate betrayal toward The Trinity Kingdom. Those sins are visited back to the fourth generation. If you read the text; even the sorcerer didn't want any part of his despicable actions1Samuel. And that's because even the demons in hell know Me and tremble!

Do not continue to test Me Saul. My Microscopic Eye knows the exact number strand of hair on your head. I AM, AM looking for your pure heart's conviction Psalm 51. Feel My Rage Romans 1:18-19! Come out from among him; the Serpent Vicious Belly; Black Hawk down Hebrews 10:26-31!!Sever all ties, remove your foot from all evil Romans 6:23.These flagrant despicable sins reap eternal fire-hell-abyss death Hebrews 6:1-4. It's Me or Lucifer; not both Luke 9:25-26. Repent and allow Me; The Truth to set you free John 8:36. You are beyond prodigal; son; you are bebe. The very difference between disobedience and atrocious betrayal. The path of the wicked has you directly aligned with Sir Royal Majestyk's Wrath because of your detestable blasphemy Matthew 12:31-32!

Listen Saul, you have a free-will and can remain in Big Death Valley doing the family thing; controlling and switching Satan's fantasy channels Luke 9:62. However; if the Devil's Army is where your loyalties lie My precious son; although My Heart aches for you. You leave Me no other choice but to release you over to him 1Corinthians 5:4-5, 1Samuel 15:22-26. I will not allow you to continue to place My precious sheep, innocent blood; in casualty lane; the brothel platform of blasphemous sin headed straight for hell. All because you want your cake and eat it too. I will Command Satan to expose your loyalties to him. That will surely cost you, your image; your following; and the luxurious throne you seat on every Sunday morning!

Or you can turn your hell around now; and receive My Compassion through repentance; seeking My Face day and night Psalm 24, 32:1-5 .You must sincerely choose to respect and honor Your Highness; The Trinity: King Yahweh/Prince Yeshua/Sir Royal Majestyk Psalm128:1. It all belongs to Me! King of Kings, Lord of Lords Psalm 89:11!!! I AM He that is Omnipresent Everywhere at the same time, Omniscient All Knowing, & Omnipotent All Power & Authority Revelations19:6! All Glory, Honor & Respect Belong to Me your King Psalms 150! My Name is Jealous Exodus 34:17! I will not share My Throne with any other god Exodus 20:1-3

I AM is willing to show mercy and allow you to work with David. Otherwise David hones Solomon into Joshua-Samson-Daniel's lead; young, rich heir, warrior; sin dragon-slayer Proverbs 27:17. David has been raised out of Big Death Valley up to the Mountaintop, Bethel-Upper Level and given the privilege of soaring with the eagles through the clouds, pre-rapture second-sight illumination. Beautiful, supernatural fresh air, spectacular, awesome, breathtaking! Where The Dominion Kingdom's mysteries, secrets are revealed. Yes the complex becomes simple. Warfare is forced to lay-the-hell-down-now, followed by sunrise-revived-restore, hosting reservoir holy righteous, let eternity freedom ring, and the miracle defeats the magic; accompanied by all the keys to My Trinity Kingdom!! Only My Sons, no gender are awarded this pre-rapture privilege and honor. You too; can be awarded The Holy Ghost privilege of coming up here in the Mountains where the eagles soar Isaiah 40:28-31. Your choice; freewill!


David still agape loves Saul, but as for me and my generational Solomon-Joshua-Samson-Daniel-household, we will serve The Lord; UN-compromised Psalms 89:1, Joshua 24:15. You my Christian brothers and sisters are either Saul or David. Your pulpit is whatever ladder of leadership influence The Trinity; King Yahweh/Prince Yeshua/Sir Royal/Majestyk have awarded you. Whether a Church Overseer, Public Office, Private Business, Community Outreach; Parents, Single Parent, or Single Person; your accountability to speak, teach, live a Christlike life moving toward daily purification is non-negotiable. You reap what you sow.

There's only one question you need to ask yourself. And this one requires brutal honesty, gut check; tear jerking transparency! Can the Great I Am that I Am trust me? Saul if you are more loyal to people, places, things or and yourself than Him; the answer is; No! If He can't trust you; your destiny is short circuited. But the good news is you can change your heart's direction today, right now, this moment.

On the other hand; if you find yourself in David's position demonstrating ultimate trust; but overlooked, rejected, misunderstood; then chase The Trinity Kingdom with all your might. Dominion requires 100% commitment to your Highness!!! The Trinity Kingdom only moves when you see, say; what He is Seeing, is Saying! The same on earth as it is in Heaven! Now that's a preach!! Many are called; but only a few are chosen! If you really expect to see, experience and witness your eternal destiny unravel right before your very eyes. Repent, bow down; draw nigh to your Trinity King now!!!


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