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What Is Vision Photography or Second Sight Supernatural? It Is The Prophetic Gift Of Miracles Advancing The Ability To See Into Invisible Worlds Through The EYES Of The Trinity God, Jehovah-Jesus-The Holy Spirit. & The Spiritual Authority To Capture It All On Camera.

It's moments like this when I was

a man. He needs to be ghetto whooped!!! Beatdown!!!


all while his son gets to flaunt his perverted,

corrupt self around the world, like he's Prince

of America.

No vaccine or , ID required. Come one, come all!

Given a free bus, taxi or plane to the city, state of their

choice, anywhere in America,. Enjoy all the amenities too,

free food, lodging, healthcare, education, checks, permanently.

All paid for with taxpayer dollars.

...and if it wasn't

for the Supreme Court; physically. Those whom place them in term limit Office.

Hello, this is not s Kingship, queenship position; nor is it in perpetuity.

While he didn't get my vote, I saw racist Biden

coming a mile away. ...and his partner in crime Harris confirmed it, during

the presidential debates. All though she betrayed every minority with her silence

after being chosen as his vice president. Roll back the tape...

No! 'this is the pandemic of Dumb and Dumber"!!!

Like dead from the neck up dumb!

God Help Us!!

Let me say it again, I really need it to sink in:

This is the Pandemic of Dumb and Dumber!

Come on lets be brutally honest, do you see any smart, intelligent

people in the Biden-Harris cabinet? At the risk of being redundant;

Folk are laughing at serious matters, labeling

crisis's minor or nonexistent, vacationing on our suffer, capitalizing on

our misfortunes; and spruing misinformation on relevant issues. Labeling

their lies as truth and authentic truths as lies. ...and bully daring anyone to challenge

them; as if this is their perpetuity monarchy and we're under their rule

in a third world communist country.

Let's see; there's a ferocious fire coming from the front of the ship.

Folk are literally forced to stand outside in 20 degree weather

in long extended lines to get a covid test. Heartless!

Then, there's the ferocious fire coming up the

rear of the ship. Someone "forgot" to order More covid test

for the entire Country! Opps, my baad! Ruthless!

Then there are the ferocious fires coming from both sides;

The distribution of therapeutics has been banned;

and natural immunity is a baad word. Venomous

...and humongous holes in 'We the People's' quarters on

medical and religious exemptions are nonexistent. Prejudice

...with no fireman siren, plumber or carpentry

...workman intervention; prevention...

'We the People' are stuck in the center of the ship; surrounded by

raging vicious fires and gushing water holes. Pain this administration has

and is deliberately inflicting without regret, repent or remorse.

...and this is only one of the reasons

'We The People'

are currently seated on the

USA Titanic.

The Pandemic of Dumb and Dumber!!

Like Dead from the Neck Up Dumb!!!

There are several reasons the jobs category is more vacant than it should and would be.

First being the coronavirus burnout. Folk especially essential workers are literally parked on zero. Like have at it; enough already. Second, careers were ripped away from dedicated workers; in the pipeline, fossil fuel industries. Over a figment of folks imaginative pipe dream. Imaginative because the plan lacked substance, structure or sustainability.

They were literally putting the cart before the horse.

Third, businesses were crushed to death by the unconstitutional nationwide mandates.

Unconstitutional vaccine mandates that demolished America's Small Businesses,

bulldozed lifetime citizen careers, incomes, dreams and lifestyles.

While the rich still eat steak, live in mansions, drive Bentleys and secure private planes.

Fourth, teachers unions refusing to send teachers back into the classroom,

2 months short of 2 years. Giving parents no other option but to homeschool their children

instead of returning to work.

....and fifth; citizens just plain

furious, like keep the change, kick rocks; when pertaining to the

government's unwarranted authoritarian overreach

into our personal lives.

The growth employment numbers and depleted unemployment numbers are all fake news.

For example; when a person’s unemployment funds run out, some are still unemployed.

Yet the new unemployment numbers are upgraded as if the individual is now

employed. When there should be a category that reflects those individuals

whose unemployment has ended; and they're still unemployed. As well;

the new additional job numbers don't display where those new positions

were added. What states, what cities, and what industries?

Overall the massive nationwide labor shortage for the most part has been caused by

adding insult to injury. Insult; the self-inflicted wombs made by the government;

when We were already massively injured by the pandemic.. As a direct result, America

without commonsense measures taken; is headed on a downward

spiral right into a recession.

The reality, there are three major issues that have stagnated Our growth and are quickly bringing it to a

recession halt. Inflation, the supply chain debacle and worker shortages. Currently inflation is like an

open profusely bleeding womb. Maybe if We ignore it, it will disappear. Wrong answer, food

prices have in most cases doubled; gas is at an all time high and still rising;

and heating whether gas or electric costs are at astronomical levels.

... and all three food, gas and heating are necessities.

Inflation causes the national marketplace to suffer because no one can afford the products.

A product remaining on the shelf, is worse than selling it for half its value. However, selling it for

half it's value means it's owner doesn't make any money. If ain't nobody making money,

then everybody might as well close up shop; and all go home.

The supply chain shortage, how can one sell a product that can't be obtained or

has no specific delivery date? How can a seller ensure the customer that when the product finally

does reach it's destination it's going to be in mint condition. At this point, that profusely bleeding

open womb caused by inflation; is now highly infectious due to the nationwide supply chain shortage.

The infection is spreading and if it can’t be contained and cured

then the mindset becomes salvage zone. Salvage the limbs; but how can anything

be salvage when the worker shortage is catastrophic? Now the infection has advanced into cancer.

The cancer is spreading, so here's where we're headed, depending on the stage of the cancer

and the lack of professional, mature, adult intervention.

Sell everything below market value, cars, houses, furniture, clothing, and food.

Large and small businesses permanently closed due to the depressed economy.

Other Companies dramatically downsized for survival sake.

With that being said, let's keep it real, look

around folks. We are currently on the USA Titanic.

Wading in the middle of nowhere; surrounded by massive icebergs.

Inflation, the supply chain debacle, nationwide worker shortages.

Democratic Leadership One Party Rule Overreach

Progressive Unethical Standards for Lawlessness:

of protect the vilest criminals, criminalize the victims.

National Police mistreatment of African Americans.

Defund the Police- destroying low income, poverty and

minority communities. Death at a funeral.

Fake News.

Big Tech, Media Censorship.

Government Hostile Overreach vs Parental Rights.

Citizen Rights vs Illegal Immigrants Rights.

Border Crisis-open door to international sabotage on Homefront.

The Afghanistan Withdrawal disaster.

Energy dependence

The fentanyl crisis.

...and as if these gigantic icebergs aren't enough

the ship itself is on fire.

Savage, merciless, fires coming from three different directions.

Let's see; there's a ferocious fire coming from the front of the ship.

Folk are literally forced to stand outside in 20 degree weather

in long extended lines to get a covid test. Heartless!

Then, there's the ferocious fire coming up the

rear of the ship. Someone "forgot" to order More covid test

for the entire Country! Opps, My Baad! Ruthless!

Then there are the ferocious fires coming from both sides;

The distribution of therapeutics has been banned; and natural

immunity is a baad word. Malicious

There are also massive holes in 'We the People's' quarter

on medical and religious exemptions are nonexistent. Prejudice

Then there are the two most dangerous icebergs.

You can't miss them, those huge towering icebergs are strategically

positioned to crush the economy and keep one party rule residuals in perpetuity.

The economy annihilator Build Back Better and the fantasy fake

Voting Rights Bill ghosting John Lewis's name.

Build Back Better is actually Break America's Back Broken!

Left for dead, no resurrection unless 'We The People' obey

the government's socialist, authoritarian totalitarian rule.

John Lewis Voting Rights Bill is perfecting designed to sucker punch

'We The People' minorities; again. This bill actually give the democratic government

the authority to determine who wins elections forever. It literally silences the

voice of "We The People" and all other parties.

icebergs, raging vicious fires and gushing water holes.

...with no fireman siren, plumber, carpentry workman or engineer prevention...

We are not only surrounded, stuck but the ship is sinking

and there appears to be no way out.

...and perhaps even more egregious is the Captain

of the USA Titanic, The Commander and Chief's posture.

The one steering the ship into catastrophic disaster.

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