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Trinity EYES Showcase I serves as the unveiling of EYES LLC’s product line to investors and consumers, nationally to the investor, nationally and internationally to the consumer. EYES LLC has the only uncompromised camerawork of the supernatural on planet earth. EYES LLC Supernatural World Cinematography is the Greatest Show on Earth.

Trinity EYES Showcase I II III & IV: every major corporation or company previews their products to the investor and consumer to receive opinion, feedback and ultimately endorsements. Trinity EYES Showcase sets the tone and voice for its investors and consumers. EYES LLC is so confident this product speaks for itself, WE are debuting it through Trinity EYES Showcase I, one show only, 1500 investors and between 40,000-50,000 consumers invitation only.

Trinity EYES Showcase I will host two parallel showings. A showing for 1500 American & Israeli investors and 

a showing for 40,000-50,000 consumers. The itinerary will include a bruncheon, introduction of EYES LLC, 

5 Flights up: Vision Quest Global, Trinity EYES Showcases I II III IV, EYES World Fare, The Melting 

Pot Project & EYES Franchising; dinner and the finale Vision Quest Global Showings. 

This will be an all day affair.

The other three Trinity EYES Showcases II, III, IV, will take place during EYES World Fare. Every year WE will

 unveil new product to all investors, those investing in VQG booked shows and those investing EYES World Fare. 

The product on display at EYES World Fare will be totally different from the product on display through 

VQG. Different types of investments will determine product displayed, same event two parallel showings.

EYES LLC is determined to use Vision Photography, Second Sight Supernatural; Eternity's Gold as a photographic educational tool. Therefore focusing on facts, particulars, details, surrounding historical biblical truths; as well Holy Spirit Revelatory Illumination. EYES LLC Professional Posture is 100% Biblical; un-compromised Jesus & The Trinity Kingdom. 

The Trinity Kingdom gave Apostle Spring Washington the resource, business and the strategy. Therefore, Jesus 

and The Trinity Kingdom will receive all the credit publicly.

Quick lesson in reference to the supernatural. The biblical gift is not the photography; the photography is as a result of the gift. The biblical gift is "second-sight supernatural". In other words the ability to see the supernatural vision, visibly-visual is the gift. The ability to take pictures of all that is seen is an extended dominion privilege that The Trinity Kingdom has awarded.

There's more to this precious gift; the supernatural wisdom, knowledge and understanding illumination. It's called "speed thought". "Speed thought" is an immediate rush of information so profound it must be written down in order to grasp, digest, and retain. It is just as extraordinary as the vision.. "Speed thought" awards the supernatural education and explanation. It actually solidifies the entire experience. There's more; however enough for now!.

Even so, EYES LLC recognizes the experience is also scientific, historic, paranormal, educational, supernatural, and 

spiritual. Therefore WE are introducing it in the form of documentary. And allowing all the different venues to 

parallel their views. In other words, Our Doors are open to cold hard facts from Scientist, Historians,

 Educators, Paranormal, Supernatural and Biblical Experts, perspective.

Terms & Conditions apply

Trinity EYES Showcase, Is The Greatest Show Ever on Earth! Absolutely, positively no competition!! Who saw this coming; Real Sky Shots, underwater worlds and journey to the center of the earth of Back to the Future; from Eternity through 

Genesis to Jesus through Revelation; and Back to the Future, Eternity!! I mean really who saw this coming!! 

It's time to kill the noise! Proof, evidence, and truth are the only thing that annihilate the lie, of fake,

 counterfeit, bogus. The Sky Shots are real!! This is history in the making; where legends are made!

Dreamers have limits; but Visionaries blaze the trail relentlessly from start to finish despite contradiction,

 opposition or rejection. Visionaries are the Game Changers.

The pandemic is over, but there are still major dangling participles of the aftermath. The aftermath of

 the pandemic is over; because the ultimate resource for sustainability is here.

As professionals it is crucial that this Event; and all future Premieres are brilliantly stellar, informative 

and higher learner education..

OUR Focus with this screening is to present those shots that point directly to "The Creation". WE believe this is a poignant point of intrigue for everyone; from all walks of life, regardless of faith differences. OUR Goal is to educate at the Upper-Level Trinity Kingdom's Illumination of the entire World's original Eternity Culture. It is not OUR intention to challenge anyone faith; or beliefs. WE just want to deliver cold hard facts, truth; in reference to every human-being on planet earth's Eternity Discoveries.

No bookings will be available before The Trinity EYES Showcase I, because WE desire to provide you the investor and you OUR extending audience; with the best quality service.


A private investor showing, no public.

Just think, 7% of all profits will be used to put America back to work, coast to coast. There are 46 million Americans living in poverty. And while that might not directly effect you; you really have to take in account that it will effect your future generations. If you don't have at least one relative that fits in that category, without a shadow of a doubt you will if we don't turn this national debt crisis around and now.

Any questions or comments email

The list below was generated in 2017. It will be updated for the 2024 debut.

If your name is not on the list; but you fit in one of the categories; 

you are cordially invited also. WE will be updating the list shortly..

EYES LLC personally thanks you, on behalf of 

 The Trinity Kingdom & The Citizens of The United States of America;

 liberty, justice and freedom for all.

Stay tuned for Trinity EYES Showcase I

coming soon










This List hasn't been updated since 2019. It will be updated shortly



Eternity's  Gold


Wealth Without Risk, Is New Money That Makes Money; Without Debt



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