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If only that were true; it amazes me as to how we pride ourselves in living the same realities only in fantasy through movies, fiction writing, and cartoons. Or we walk through life with rose colored glasses on; quite arrogant in our thinking that 'this world is the only world". But even so; somehow time has always allowed us to predict our future even through fantasy.

Come on sequels like "The Jetsons, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits; Aliens, Harry Potter and Avatar are all fantasies that became the front-runners to our reality. Man's goal was never just to visit the next planet; but to reside there. Man has always taken a vested interest in the unknown. Wouldn't it just be easier to unveil this new world that we have been trying to discover for decades now?

NASA, Scientist, Historians, Paranormal, and Supernatural all have Discovery Channels. Just because this discovery doesn't look like anything we ever imagined doesn't make it not be real.

I know it's weird, and freaky, but all true.

If you were the owner of a valuable priceless property and someone was trying to break in to see your goods, at the least. As a smart Broker and Investor wouldn't you open the doors to the public. For that would not only increase the value, but protect its Name; because now everybody would know who the Property belongs to.


I have taken pictures of clouds for years; because they always give me a sense of peace, tranquility, beautiful, heaven. Not ever realizing that it was my spiritual prophetic gift calling. For years all I saw were clouds; until one day during a heavy rain storm; all the electric went out. I was stuck in the dark for hours with two small flashlights. And a small light appeared on the wall; it was intriguing; the more I looked at it the bigger it grew. Then I started seeing facial features; a beaming light on the forehead; and long hair. And finally: along with being mesmerized beyond my wildest imagination I realized it was my precious Messiah Jesus!!!

I burst into tears...

The beaming Light on His Forehead was like none I had ever seen before. And the Glory Cloud that arrayed despite the dark was phenomenal. I was speechless, captivated; and spiritually swept away. It was like being caught up in suspended animation between Heaven and earth. I knew I wasn't dreaming because I hadn't been asleep. After hours of basking in His Glory; I desperately wanted proof of my experience.

I reached for my cell phone and started taking pictures. To my amazement; the camera would not pick up the image the way I was seeing it. It picked up the oval shape but not His Facial Features. So I took pictures of the flash lights I had positioned on the floor; so that one could at least see The Brilliant Light was not coming from the flashlights.

I was frustrated; finally I put the phone down and returned to worshiping HIM until He put me to sleep. I didn't and couldn't talk about it to anyone. It was like that one experience emotionally detached me; from this world. And when I began to review my shots; the SD had some of my cloud shots that's when the illumination began. So then I started reviewing all my cloud shots (years) and to my amazement; the adventure began. Then I started taking new shots with anticipation and expectation.

I am not a professional photographer, I don't even know how to adjust a camera for better visual acoustics. And I must admit up until recently none of that was any of my concern. I had one agenda take the picture. When I finally get to unveil those shots you're going to see; while you're unable to see exactly how I saw Him on that stormy night; there is life, movement, motion on and in The Light in the picture. I have never seen anything like it. This is truly my most precious picture because He gave me a private showing. It's as if He was saying "for your eyes only" that's precious!!! These particular pictures will never be in the Market. However those clear visual shots of Him will be in the Marketplace.


Actually this is the very first time I ever shared this story with anyone. Up until this moment I couldn't talk about it; the entire experience took my breath away. The difference between when I originally began taking cloud pictures; is the maturity in my gifting; along with God's timing. Were those supernatural visions there all along; I'd like to think they were, I just wasn't mature enough in my gifting to see them.

I know in my heart now; that I am just a sojourner here; strange but awesomely beautiful. And to those of you whom suggest my shots are fake; you are funny to me. Those six shots on display are simply brilliant. Way beyond any of our human comprehension. If any of us thought we would encounter beast in our adventure; there would be no spaceships. Instead of preparing for war against each other on earth; we would be one family army universal prepared to attack what appears to be ferocious giant creatures.

In our finite imaginations, close to human like aliens would be the worse scenario.

Again all you doubters are funny to me. Allow me to set the record straight. I am not desperate, a scam-er, or money hungry. I have been the Overseer of faith-based Ministry for 21 years, 14 of those years with no income.

I am confident: listen: to introduce this new true world, to the world; takes guts, courage, stamina, tenacity, and humility. I am not looking for acceptance or approval; it's fine if I stand in the hallways of being misunderstood. Because that places a spotlight on the most important thing character. I don't know how anyone can stand in this particular assignment and not be misunderstood. There's only one thing that I understand, and that is I must obey my Master "Jesus Christ".

My vision quest is to fulfill my Trinity Kingdom earth assignment. Agape love folk back to life unconditionally through The Kingdom's Lead. Trail blaze the introduction of this new world illumination, educate, share, lead, and mature all interested parties. I am quite aware that "The Melting Pot" video is well below my standards of presentation. However unfortunately; it's all I could afford. I like to see it as a part of my humble beginnings. More significant the message is there. A simple but; proven answer to an immediate turnaround; where "everybody wins

The USA World's Fares all come with success records. And all Investors invest in proven substantial profit gain. Allow me to bring clarity to what I meant when I referred to the Signature Series being made in America. I was not talking about the photo's obviously I was referring to the packaging.

For example, still or moving shots motion picture; frame settings. And then the biggest issue, appears to be my presentation. Why can't I present my project from a secular point of view. That's easy, I'm obligated to represent The Property Owner. Can't I leave God out of it? No! He's The Property Owner!!! And more so how can this be God? All your looking at are demonic human_ animal_ beast. You're correct that's all you've seen so far.

Here's confirmation it's God's Vision Illumination every act of His is co-signed by

The Bible. The Word Says "The Lord has made all for Himself yes even the wicked for the day of evil. Proverbs 16:4 God Says; I AM The Lord and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I The Lord do all these things. Isaiah 45:7 He specializes in bringing Glory to Himself!

Here's my question; Is it better to ignore this new revelation; and act like it doesn't exist. Would you prefer that this new strange, intimidating world show up one day without notice? Or would you agree it's better to be introduced to it in a nonthreatening way. It amazes me how the devil can come with his super X-rated stuff and we run to the Box Office. But as soon as God comes with His` X-rated we say kill it; it's a bully tactic. Besides the pictures and the restoration plan are brilliant, genius, way beyond any man's comprehension.


The Kingdom of Heaven has a government the same as the United States of America, or any other Country. And just like all of our government officials have titles attached to their positions; that are publicly wore with accountability, starting with the President.

The same is so for "The Kingdom" The Trinity, The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit are

Supernaturally Three Persons, Three Positions, Three Personalities, One Spirit.

What makes Them The Trinity One is Neither has the ability to operate beyond the capacity of the Other. Here's biblical proof that The Trinity Is "One" God King Yahweh, Jehovah; The Father says He is not only a Jealous God, but His Name Is Jealous Exodus 34:1. He also says "thou shalt have no other god before Me" Yet He tells the angels to worship Prince Yeshua, Jesus, The Son Hebrews 1:1-7

As well a Jealous God Who's Name Is Jealous would never allow anyone or thing to take credit for His Sacrifice (death/burial/resurrection) would He? Yet scripture states; for by the Power of the Eternal Spirit Christ offered Himself to God as a Perfect Sacrifice Hebrews 9:14 It was The Holy Spirit Whom raised Christ from the dead Romans 8:11

And finally would a Jealous God Who's Name Is Jealous, Who said "thou shalt have 'no other god' before Me"; contradict Himself? Yet scripture states: one can blaspheme Jehovah and be forgiven. One can blaspheme Jesus and be forgiven. But if one blasphemes The Holy Spirit that person will "never be forgiven" in this world or the one to come Math. 12:31-32. Proving that Jehovah, Jesus & The Holy Spirit are One

The Trinity frees mankind from self, sin and Satan through salvation, deliverance and discipleship. However He gives mankind a freewill after salvation to align him or herself with His Perfect Will: submission Romans 12:1.It is extremely important to distinguish the difference between salvation and submission; because both have significant roles in The Kingdom.

Salvation awards you kingship, queenship, makes you a legitimate heir to The Throne despite your pass record of hellacious sin. While submission awards you the power, authority to move in your assignment the same on earth as it is in Heaven. "dominion". Salvation makes you a Christian and family; submission makes you a disciple and citizen while still on earth. The difference one can be a family member of yours but not a citizen of the USA; and vice verse you can be a citizen of the USA living in another Country: the same is so in Heaven.

While all Christians will become citizens in that great day.

Disciples become citizens now; he or she must be able to see supernaturally; discern, and move in the now " dominion";

His Eternal Assignment "The Kingdom"

Apostle Restorer, Prophet Troubleshooter, Pastor Shepherd, Evangelist Witness and Teacher Instructor. These titles are not glamor jewels, they are accountability tools. Responsibility; each comes with its individual job description. And requires accountability in areas of discipline, instruction and correction coming from and through The Holy Ghost. Every 5/fold leader ought to be a disciple of The Holy Ghost and discipler to leadership.

And all should be a discipler of the basics to the flock.

The actual title of apostle serves more for my benefit. Apostle means 'Restorer'. It keeps me focus that no matter what territory I move in there's some form of deficit and The Trinity

wants to use my vessel to His Glory for total restoration. The humility comes in knowing and experiencing the same or similar deficit. You really can't see and fulfill the need to it's wholeness unless you have been in that very place of brokenness materially, emotionally and spiritually.


Second sight is my prophetic gift of miracles. The prophetic gift is not the pictures; the prophetic gift is the ability to see the supernatural. The privilege of being able to see a glimpse of the invisible; visible through the EYES Of The Trinity ; it's like having angel eyes.

The pictures are The Trinity's personal natural gift to me 100 fold/return with persecution Mark 10:30. My gift exists without the pictures. Now when someone gives you a gift; you are at liberty to do whatever you want with it. Because a true giver gives it with no strings attached.

I asked my Master how could I use my inheritance gift to bless my family EYES, the Church " Prince Yeshua's Brook & Sir Royal Majestyk's XXpress and America The Melting Pot Project & Vision Quest Global. And He began to illuminate His Plan for each.

I am sure that most will be legitimately fearful of the pictures. I have been for quite some time. Well let me clarify; I am never fearful when I'm being prompted by The Holy Spirit to take the pictures; no matter what I see. But there are times when I go back to review them; when my humanness takes over. But immediately The Glory shows up to comfort me. The one thing that supersedes any human discomfort; is this new illumination of revelation; is pure, unadulterated, authentic truth.

Palatable or not, the truth is, GOD exists; there is another world; and these picture validate Creation and Eternity. I'm not sure why God chose me, but I will say this; if I told you what I saw without the pictures; I would be consider crazy. But because you are able to see what I see; then either this thing is real; or we are all crazy. From a spiritual stand point, the posture of the apostle/prophets were much more respected in days of ancient. Meaning if they told of their experiences; most believed. But in today's time with so much evil; evidence is the only thing that authenticates "the holy". As well I want to take this moment to credit America, this great Country; for allowing me to grow up without limitation sin areas of truth seeking, especially my faith.


My goal in not to try to convince anyone to join The Kingdom I couldn't if I wanted to.

No one comes unto The Son unless The Father draws them (John ) I am simply sharing theses truths with the world. The purpose is is not to create fear; otherwise everyone would look into the sky and see exactly what I see. The purpose is for the human adjustment in an advanced look into The Creation and Future World to come. This is definitely a historical, scientific, paranormal, supernatural, spiritual; and educational moment. This is the finest hour. An open door for all of us to begin to dialogue again in a healthy way; with relevance. Learn how to put our differences aside and push toward truth. Theses are at least two things America has always been known for ; that's what makes us 'the melting pot'.

It is extremely painful and perplexing to see our government officials, democrat and republican; waste time debating; disrespecting one another, instead of pushing toward humanitarian efforts in such time of crisis. The entire Country has been hit economically, unemployment, foreclosures, gas prices, and a toppling of natural disasters. This is not a time to talk about who's right and who's wrong. It's time to produce solutions. Does it really matter who has the solution as long as code red; flat lining, and death rattles begin to leave our environment through vibrant consistent resuscitation.


Listen, I am very open minded in recognizing that a lot of folk won't be happy about The Melting Pot Project!!! Even with it's 100% prosperity wealth, without risk; guarantee. Not to mention it's core benefits: jump-start the economy, produces a nationwide Job-Fair, and restores wealth back to our Country immediately.

One because it's Jesus Kingdom sponsored; as well this is not only a new avenue of venture; but we are being challenged to step into the unknown. Keeping it real these shots are weird, freaky, and strange but all real. Besides there are some that are attractive, beautiful, stunning, and gorgeous; they just haven't been introduced yet.

Every true trailblazer always saves the best for last. This is not an attack; but an invitation from God to actually see Him with your very own eyes; experience His Love, a peek into a new culture, an adventure into His `World, Eternity; past, present, and future. No Strings Attached!!!Jesus simply wants to introduce portions of His Universe & share His Love. Sir Love Unconditional!!!


"World's Fare" will only be featured in the USA. It's #1 purpose is to rejuvenate, replenish,

and restore Our Country back to imaginable possibilities for reaching our Generational American Dream!!! Without a vision we "the people" perish!!!The Melting Pot Project will be 100% debt free opening day;100% profit. Matthew 6:10 Proverbs 29:18

Also allow me to calm your nerves and reiterate that this is not a Church project. However it it is a Jesus Kingdom project. I am sure that most will be legitimately uncomfortable with some of the pictures. I'm going to suggest as a common ground incentive that you look at it as a love project. An invitation to love each other back to wholelistic health. There's not anyone in America right now who hasn't experienced one of theses hardships: unemployment, foreclosure, gas-food prices, and a toppling of natural disasters. And with that being said the one thing we all have in common is a need for some form of restoration.

This is an opportunity for us to prove that we are who we say we are: diverse in faith, culture, origin, race, opinion and political stance: yet resilient in working together for the sake of family, neighbor, and Country restoration. Yes we are mature enough to put all our differences aside for this one common goal. Save America, our Generational American Dream; while advancing in History, Science, Education, Supernatural, and Spiritual, in a new way.

Hasn't America always been the trailblazer for introducing the new; original, & fresh!!

EYES challenges anyone who wants to prove that theses pictures aren't real. Each sky shot is 100% authentic.

It's the only Game in Town, Country, & World!!!





This is Satan, yes Lucifer, pretending to be Jesus through one of his most successful elements of illusion The Angel of Light. If you can see him, then look to the right and you'll also see the demon standing with him. The same exact way he looks like Jesus, but is extreme vile deception, is the same exact way you as a Christian should be pursuing your faith with tunnel vision. Study the bible and ask Jehovah for His Eyes, Ears, Mind, Heart and Mouth, in Jesus Name, through the Power of The Holy Ghost; so you won't be deceived. Protecting you protects The Trinity Kingdom: He's obligated to protect Himself. And as long as your prayer is heart, not head, but your heart is 100% authentic, he's obligated to answer your prayer, because it aligns with His Submissive Will.




John 17:1 Matthew 26:36 Luke 3:21 Luke 6:21




And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples. 2 And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth. 3 Give us day by day our daily bread.4 And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Luke 11:1-4


Allow me to start Grown-Ups II by bringing clarity to the very thing that most Christians use as a 'conscience escape route' from the consequences of sin 'grace'. GRACE is GOD'S RICHES AT CHRIST'S EXPENSE. HEAVEN WAS BANKRUPT! Well what exactly does that mean in totality. From an elementary 'milk' standpoint it means that Jehovah God sacrificed temporary: intimacy, fellowship, and relationship with His Son Jesus Christ;' by allowing Him to become a martyr in the brutal crucifixion; stemming from the rejection of His own people; The Jews; then raised Him from the dead by the Power of The Holy Spirit; in-order to give all mankind an invitation to salvation which leads to eternal life.


Now let's get down to the meat and potatoes of the thing. Since it's time for all Christians, especially Leadership; to grow up; lets venture into The Trinity Kingdom's advanced view of "grace'. As a direct result of the PRICE CHRIST HAD TO PAY for you; you have a part to play in this GRACE thing also. GRACE for you is GOD REDEEMING HEAVEN AT your EXPENSE.

It's called suffer. Luke 9:23-27, Philippians 1: 28-29, 2 Timothy 2:12 & 3:12, 1 Peter 4:16, Rev. 2:10

Here are some common mistakes that hinder some of you from seeing the transparent truth. First of all; mainstream Leadership Church/Ministry does not embrace the full Trinity; Father, Son & Holy Ghost. The majority of you only embrace Jesus. Secondly; a vast amount of you pray to Jesus and not through Jesus. And when that happens Jehovah is automatically eliminated out of the equation. And if Jehovah is eliminated that means there is no Trinity right? When Jesus walked on this earth He did not pray to Himself, He prayed to His Father Jehovah. He did not walk by Himself He was full of The Holy Ghost and He was led by The Holy Ghost. Luke 4:1 And here's what's even more popular; now the Churches/Ministry's title boldly goes up in lights in your name. Is the Church your bride or Jesus's? The most significant question becomes, are you really following Jesus or creating your own Kingdom and making up your own rules?


Then there's the "It Factor" The Holy Spirit. Now that's a whole nother can of worms. From your perspective the "It" shouldn't even be acknowledged. 'It' makes people act emotional, crazy and its just plain offensive as well a complete distraction. 'It' must be contained, imprisoned ; after all 'It' disrupts your structured time sensitive 20 minute service. Which would hinder those ten opportunities to collect money on Sunday. Shoot you work hard for the money. Besides you need a new jet, another mansion and a Caribbean vacation! The best way to contain "It" is to not even teach or preach about "It". And if you feel the need to talk about 'It' at all, call 'It' The Holy Spirit, not The Holy Ghost; that just sounds plain creepy. You can't attract millionaires and billionaires that way. As for the average sheep, no threat, most don't even part their bibles until they come to Church if at all. Besides you don't need 'It" after all the Church/Ministry is all yours right? The proof; everybody that's somebody comes to you for wisdom, not "It'.

In the midst of your arrogance somehow your favorite word becomes 'grace'. Yes, 'grace'. Oh the grace extension is real; but your version of Kingdom grace is perverted. Your version places The Trinity Kingdom under your authority. Dismisses Jehovah and The Holy Spirit and characterizes Jesus as some punk that has to put up with your intentional flagrant, atrocious unrepentant sin. Jesus is desperate, He needs you, therefore He's chasing you despite your lying, denying, traitor self. You even have the nerve to publicly demand with hostility that Jesus give you your stuff. As if to say that He is holding your materialism hostage. Yeah flip the script, it all belongs to you, not Him. Talk about twisted!!! You are funny!

Yes, Jehovah is non-existent, Jesus is punk Santa Claus and The Holy Spirit is 'It' and kicked to the curb. Because there are many innocent victims following your lead, whom actually believe this disgraceful nonsense, The Trinity Kingdom will no longer remain silent. The reality; The Trinity Kingdom is formed around Justice, Mercy and Grace. The real question becomes is 'justice, mercy and grace a what' or are 'Justice, Mercy and 'Grace' Who? Who are Justice, Mercy and Grace, let me help you out! The truth; if we were standing in a earth natural 'Court of Law' all Three could file a discrimination lawsuit against you and win, unanimously.


You do realize that The Trinity Kingdom holds Court right? Duh!!! All Christians shall stand before the "Judgement Seat of Christ". Romans 14:10 Yes Christ will judge us because 'the bride' belongs to Him. 'The Great White Throne of Judgement' hosted by Jehovah God; is for all those whose names are not written in the Book of Life. Everyone will enter into the visual Court Room in that Great Day.

Those of us whom are saved have already entered into it supernaturally. In every Courtroom there is a Judge, Defense Attorney, Prosecutor and a jury; right. No different in The Trinity Kingdom Court. Jehovah, The Father is Chief Judge Justice, Jesus, The Son is Defense Attorney Blood Mercy, The Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost, is Prosecutor Sir Gracious Holy Spirit and a jury of spectators; the twenty four elders. With that being said, which Fruit of the Spirit do you think each One is King of? Okay I'll help you with that answer too. Jehovah, The Judge is King Justice, Jesus, The Defense Attorney is King Mercy and The Holy Spirit, The Prosecutor is King Grace, the twenty-four elders, picture clarity humility; bow-down now. So The Trinity Kingdom's foundation core is Justice, Mercy, Grace and humility. And what part of that foundation do you suppose we fit in? That's right you guessed it; h.u.m.i.l.i.t.y.

Now that you have clarity to The Trinity's Court Authority Positions allow me to elaborate on the direct Power. The Holy Spirit does not represent 'the guilty'. The Holy Spirit represents all whom have been declared innocent. Jesus represents and defends 'the guilty'. Jesus's Blood is His Defense on behalf of 'the guilty'. Everyone whom supernaturally steps into The Trinity Kingdom has already been declared guilty. Guilty of sin! Jehovah, I Am, is The Judge. Once Jesus approaches The Trinity Court on your behalf, His Blood clears you of all sin. Now The Holy Spirit represents you from a innocent standpoint. You supernaturally transition from being the guilty defendant to becoming an innocent victim standing directly beside The Prosecutor, The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit & Jesus approach The Bench, Jehovah; for the purpose of having all the charges dropped. Both The Defense and The Prosecution are in agreement, the charges, death warrant against you should be immediately dropped. And as long as both are in agreement the Judge, Jehovah drops all charges. The Death Warrant has been lifted in exchanged for eternal life.


Although in the natural Court; a man or woman cannot be tried for the same crime twice once he or she has been found innocent. Even so, the natural Court extends a pretrial intervention program for 1st time offenders. The party is subject to comply temporarily with structured policies put in place, in-order for charges to come to a full dissolution. Similar, The Trinity Kingdom has a 'freewill clause' conversion vs condemnation. That's right you have a freewill after salvation to choose which direction you want to go. You just don't have a choice in the consequences of those choices. Romans 6: 16-23 Mankind's freewill willingness to change ignites undeniable supernatural conversion. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; all things become a new. II Corinthians 5:17-21 Mankind's freewill refusal to change after salvation ignite supernatural condemnation. There is therefore no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.. For if you live after the flesh, you shall die; but if you live through the Spirit do mortify the deeds, you shall live. Romans 8:1-14 , .The wages of intentional, flagrant, negligible sin is death. Romans 6:23 You live for now; but with an Eternal freewill self, sin and Satan inflicted Death Warrant. The ultimate consequence; eternal, infernal, fire & brimstone death.


The other thing that automatically enforces your self, sin and Satan inflicted Eternity Death Warrant is failure to 'freewill' comply with walking with The Holy Spirit who is also The Conversion King. Your flat out flagrant, intentional refusal to become full and led by Him forces The Court, Judge Jehovah Justice; to re-issue the original Eternal Death Warrant. The same as it would in the natural earth Court. If you refused to comply with the pre-trial intervention rules and regulations. The earth Court would automatically revoke the the prior Decision and re-instate all previous charges, this time pursuing conviction. After all The Holy Ghost did plead on your behalf knowing you were guilty filthy as sin. When you came to Court and stood on the Defense Attorney Jesus Blood Mercy's side; The Gracious Holy Ghost did not attempt to press charges against you. He could have!. You were eternal death flesh negligible guilty, right?

I know I was! I was even more filthy after (salvation) I was cleared of the original charges. I was running toward hell with gasoline clothes on with the lighter in my hand. I held a fast-track non-stop ticket straight to hell! I can actually tell you when my conversion showed up. While conversion is processional, there are times when God will jump-start the process because the path the individual's on' after salvation; guarantees eternal condemnation. I was one of those individuals. I was saved 13 years before my actual conversion process began. I loved The Lord, attended Church, and even witnessed to others. Heck, I was good at witnessing. .But it wasn't until my life began to spiral out of control that conversion came knocking loud up close and personal. I don't know about you but I wasn't really reading my bible consistently. I was relying on what I heard on Sundays. And the parts that I did read, I was leaning to my own intellectual understanding.

I have seen visions since I was a little girl. Actually visions and dreams were extremely common in my childhood household, a family legacy. But on the day of my conversion; of what I call, never turning, going back and that's my final answer. 'Jehovah Fire Justice' showed up and it wasn't in a 'burning bush'! The vision was so clear, the experience was in real time. I went into the powder room to take a shower and looked in the mirror. Low and behold to my devastation, my hair was on fire. I couldn't believe it. I saw the flame, heard the sizzle, smelled the smoke and tasted death. I smoked cigarettes at the time. My immediate thought; did I accidentally forget to put one out? Was the bed on fire too? I jumped in the shower trying to put the fire out, but every time I looked back in the mirror, the fire was even more magnified. I began running throughout the house screaming to the top of my lungs, help, help me! But nothing was coming out, not one sound, yet I was screaming!

And all of a sudden I experience this heavy burden of conviction.

I had a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall in my living room. I looked at Him and started repenting and ran back and jumped in the shower again. I kept running back and forth, but that fire just wasn't going out. That sizzle was not calming down. That smoke was still filling the room. That taste of death was still filling my lungs. It's inevitable today's, the day; I'm leaving this earth. And all I could think about was ' what a terrible way to die'. I was the only one home. The floor from the bathroom through the kitchen to the living room looked like the Atlantic Ocean. And every time I stopped in front of Jesus picture, I found myself repenting.

Finally, I'm so exhausted I can't run anymore, I have come to terms with my death. I am guilty and I deserve my consequences. I slowly walk back to my bedroom, take a seat on the bed with a mirror facing me. To my astonishment when I look in the mirror this time there are no flames, no smoke, no sizzle, and the taste of death is all gone. That's when I realize it was a vision 'straight from " The Throne of Jehovah Fire Justice". I had been given one more chance to represent The Kingdom right! My eyes began staring at the clock. Woe; it was 10am when I originally went into the powder room to take a shower. It was now 2pm , my vision actually lasted 4 hours. Talk about the fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I knew my life had changed forever. I was so exhausted, I slept for two days. But when I got up, true Ministry began. The first thing I did was buy a desk and chair. Bible study began and I was the only student. As well Street Ministry and I haven't looked back since, processional conversion full speed ahead. Radical is an understatement,

Kingdom disciple warrior, no matter what (people, place, things), in-spite of (family, friends, foes), nevertheless (me, myself, and I).


King Gracious Holy Ghost is The One that saved you. That's right He's The Conversion King. Come on; you already knew that didn't you? Come on; you boast about the scripture on a regular basis! For by Grace (The Holy Spirit) you are saved, through faith (in Jesus Christ) and not of yourselves; it is a gift of God (Jehovah). Not works less any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9 And: but after that the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared. Not by works of righteousness we had done. But according to his mercy, he saved us, by the washing of regeneration (born again) and renewing (conversion) of The Holy Ghost. Titus 3:4-5 Salvation is a gift alright and The Holy Ghost is God: get over it! Salvation has a three-fold process; sacrifice, conversion, commission. The Sacrifice of Salvation comes through Christ, the Conversion of Salvation comes through The Holy Spirit, and the Authority or Commission of Salvation comes through Jehovah God. Without the Power of The Holy Ghost it would be impossible for you to be saved: because HE was the Power Force behind Jesus in the natural: life, death, burial and resurrection.

. You do know 'the water' that Jesus was talking to the woman at the well about was The Holy Ghost; right? John 4:13-15

Lets move on; Jesus is the Door you had to come through in-order to receive salvation through The Holy Ghost. Jehovah is the One whom approved Both of their request. To blatantly reject The One Whom extended you salvation and processional conversion Sir Gracious Holy Ghost is called blasphemy. Jehovah said it Himself; you can reject Him, Jehovah Justice, you can also reject Him Jesus, Blood Mercy and be forgiven. But if you reject Him The Holy Spirit, Grace; you will never be forgiven in this life or the next to come. Matthew 12:31-32 Because when you reject the freewill option to follow, become full and be led by The Precious Gracious Holy Spirit, you are rejecting spiritual, supernatural conversion. Therefore saying Christ died in vain and that The Holy Spirit doesn't have the power and authority of your conversion. Only The Holy Spirit Converted will make it into The Trinity Kingdom. Conversion serves as evidence that The King Lives and The Trinity Kingdom is real. Holy Spirit Conversion awards the children of God the privilege and honor of becoming Sons of God Romans 8:14.

You're too immature for me to really break it down. After all you have been sipping milk and calling it meat for decades now. I wouldn't want you to choke to death. So The Trinity Kingdom is instructing me to give it to you in small childlike portions, making it easier for you to chew and digest.


Now if you cant handle the heat, the unadulterated truth; get and stay out of this kitchen. Because I AM 'the burning bush' has broken His Silence. This smorgasbord is strictly for Advancing Grown-Ups. And that has nothing to do with age, tenure, size of following, Church size, popularity, celebrity, fame, fortune, community status, sister/brotherhoods, or leadership size. It has everything to do with c.h.i.l.d.l.i.k.e.....

If you actually chewed and digested the sirloin and all the delicious side dishes that were just served to you: then you realize you been eating tainted food for quite some time now. For example; that once saved always saved 'theory' that the devil conjured up to infiltrate 'the bride' was just exposed. That's right its a treacherous weapon, definitely not Kingdom reality.


Satan is the master manipulator, infiltrator of the flesh, emulator of God, and seducing emasculator of 'the bride'. Vicious, he fights dirty, especially when it comes to scripture, praise and worship. He knows the bible by the back of his hand, he just can't live it. He was The Trinity Kingdom's Choir Director. If there's anyone that knows how to touch The King's heart it's him. However it was his very own jealousy and vanity that got him thrown out. He is a superb impostor. He actually knows more Word than you and I. However he doesn't know 'the mysterys' of The Kingdom. Don't get me wrong he has knowledge of everything that transpired before he was kicked out. And it's that supernatural wisdom, along with his supernatural brilliant intellect; that he uses to recruit, lure and turn others into his disciples. He reveals bits and pieces of what he knows and lies about the rest. Enough for now, The Holy Ghost is instructing me to spoon feed. Because some of you are still sitting in high chairs sucking on pacifiers.

If you cant digest this, well...........


Some of you are saved and in Leadership; but haven't experience your conversion yet. Some of are already living, breathing; the converted lifestyle. But are unaware that there are processional conversion elevation levels to it. . Either way, here are some pertinent questions; that will help you determine if you're ready for conversion and the next level! Is The entire Trinity relevant in your life and lifestyle? Are all three; Jehovah, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit alive and living well? Do all three play a significant role in your life? Jehovah is still Justice Law & Order. He is still seated on His Throne. Jesus is The Mercy that you received in exchange your eternal guilt condemnation. He's seated on the right hand of His Father Jehovah. His Blood cleared you once and for all. He's not going to become a martyr again; regardless of your freewill choices; after salvation. Are you being led by The Holy Spirit? Have you opened your heart sacrificially to The Holy Spirit? Are you ready to receive the second part of your salvation gift; ; conversion; transformation? If so bow-down in total humility to The entire Trinity.

Have you already experienced conversion? Are you ready for next level elevation? Ask yourself these questions. Can I, the billion dollar, world renown, 50,000 assembly, Church Pontificator, President of the United States, Congressman, Governor, Mayor, Corporate or Small Business CEO, Doctor, Lawyer, Mechanic, School Teacher, Truck Bus or Taxi Driver, Airplane or Helicopter Pilot, Athlete, Husband, Wife, Single Parent; Single Person; handle; the truth; being a loner; a hermit; being ignored; rejected; misunderstood; being led instead of leading; hearing, seeing and doing, what I don't like? Am I teachable? Can I shut-up, be quiet for hours, days, or even months at a time? Am I a listener? What about fasting? Can I turn down the plate for a day, a week, a month; 40 days? Not only did Jesus turn it down for 40 days; so did Moses. Do I really know the difference between praise and worship? Can I fathom really putting The Trinity God before my closest family, friends and more importantly myself? Am I willing to climb up the Mountain or am I satisfied being at the foot. Can I give up hanging in Death Valley? Is God really my 1st love?

You need to be brutally transparent honest with yourself.


I'm putting a quarter in the meter right here. Because if you can't relate to anything that was said so far, then not only is this thing way above your head. You don't know HIM. Which is not an indictment, it just means you're not mature enough to handle the rest. As for those of you who know Him and are guilty of intentional, flagrant, atrocious blasphemous sin; I’m not expecting you to repent. For some of you are too far gone. You see everything through dark eyes and love it. Your only goal is to perpetrate; your rush comes through the deception, Super Apostles. 2 Corinthians 11:1-15 And I say kudos to you. If God ain't mad, who am I? I’m clearly making sure that I personally am not held in ‘Contempt of Court’ in that ‘Great Day’! For not charging ‘all’ under the sound of my voice to ‘The Call of Repentance’. Now the only one that will be ‘charged’ for this ‘hell path pursuit’ is you! I no longer carry your burden. Because that fire and those brimstone are hot and the coals are burning. I am a personal witness.

Praise God for the Ministry of Repentance and His Eternal Forgiveness.


That's good! Let's talk about order! There are two orders of submission: the structural order: God, man, woman, child; and the spiritual order: surrender-heart-obey: no matter what, in spite of, never-the-less Romans 8:35-3. The structural order came with Adam, and we all know the deficit The Kingdom took because of Adam whom by the way; was the only one whom heard God's Command directly". I'm not dismissing Eve's disobedience, and neither does God, but in her defense she heard "word of mouth".

Then Jesus came walked, talked, ate, fasted, prayed, with His boys, His homees, giving man another chance to "do the right thing". But this time scripture says women were with Him the same as the disciples Mary, Joanne "Herod's Business Manager", and Suzanna. These awesome Sisters played a major part in financing Jesus's Ministry Luke 8: 1-3. You think He knew something; like on the day of His resurrection; the only ones He could count on to be in full fledged worship, at the foot of that tomb were the women. All the men, not some of them, but all of them ran away like punks, chump, traitors; despite all the undivided attention and personal revelation, illumination of the actual situation. Their actions created this turning point!!


Mary was the first woman "apostle, the restorer".

Christ didn't tell her to go get His disciples, because He couldn't commission her. He gave her a direct command for His disciples. Tell them I'm Alive and where I want them to meet Me! Because of Mary's unwavering surrender-heart-obedience she was made the restorer. Her words to them from Him were the beginning of restoring their broken relationship; fellowship, intimacy. She didn't understand any more this thing than the disciples, probably less. But what she did understand was she needed to be wherever He was; no matter what, in spite of, never the less. God saw her obedience and promoted her in position immediately apostle; with authority and power. What's even more significant; is the disciples didn't tell Mary you can't tell us what to do; you're a woman. Not only did they listen, despite their unbelief, they did exactly what she said. The bible states all eleven met Jesus in that upper room; and He rebuked them all for not believing the first time Math 16.

The woman at the well, once she aligned her heart with His Will for her life, immediately took her post as evangelist, the witness. When she led the whole town to Jesus; He didn't say wait; I need man as the mediator. Those folk received the same invitation as the ones led to Him by the disciples.

Deborah received those warfare orders all by herself. She gave Barak the answers to victory. That sister was not only powerful; but very secure in both judge priestess and as prophetess troubleshooter. Barak refused to go to war without her.

Aquila and Priscilla were a team; when the Holy Spirit commissioned them as teacher; instructor; to Apollos, the scholar; about the whole truth. He didn't say; first of all you people are beneath me; you're tent-makers, I am educated amongst the elite. You can't teach me anything and furthermore I will only listen to Aquila. No he humbled himself; learned and advanced his ministry to a whole new dimension.

We simply can't leave Mary, Jesus's mother out of the equation. Whom may not have had her timing right; but she was very confident about her post. She interceded for the wedding guest sheep the same as a shepherd; pastor. Just do whatever He tells you to do!!!

He told us to praise Him or He would call a rock to do it. He had a donkey discipline His prophet. Which means temporarily even the donkey took the lead over the prophet. Numbers 22


I hear you this is quite an arrogant, prideful posture to take. Not at all quite the contrary. It's the negative truth. Negative truths are truths we don't want to hear, accept, but they're still true. Women have always been equipped to lead, and have quietly; through out history. As I exampled above. This is actually a wake-up call for you, men.

God is no longer waiting for man to get his act together. This is the end of days, there are too many souls on the line. Man is spending too much time playing with his toys, forming brotherhoods, flaunting his ego, and playing Church: acting as if God can't move without him. In the meantime the marriage, the family, and the Church are so dysfunctional fleshly they're on the fast track, hosting a brothel platform headed straight for hell. While the devil is on a free paid vacation; sponsored by the Saints.

It's the new thing: this is not a women's revolt or takeover. No this is God strategically placing authentic women in dominion position as well. Meaning in the particular territory of individual appointment she leads; limitless. Yes including and especially the single, saved, saturated, souled out sister to The Holy Ghost. It's a new day! The Holy Spirit; the breakthrough: see pass the messenger; retain and become the message ; move out!! A league of extraordinary transparent men and women working together to usher in The Kingdom. I am saying all this to say that King Yahweh's Order is God, man, woman, child; however surrender heart obedience to The Holy Spirit in the posture of no matter what, in spite of, nevertheless; supersedes the structural order.

The structural order; God, man, woman, child; symbolizes the Church Dispensation. The spiritual order no matter what, in spite of, nevertheless; symbolizes the Rapture Dispensation. Be ye holy for I AM Holy. Be ye perfect for I AM Perfect. Spotless and blameless perfect alignment for as many as are led by The Holy Spirit are the sons of God, there is no separation of color, gender, or origin. We are all one in Christ.

Romans 8:14 Galatians 3:26-29


I have to dedicate my answer to this portion to all the single, saved, saturated in The Holy Spirit women and men in the Body of Christ! Scripture clearly makes room in ministry for the single person. Paul tells us remaining single gives us an advantage when pertaining to dedicating ourselves totally to the work of God 1 Corn: 7. Now single-hood requires special gifting from God. I like to think of it as an extra dose of The Holy Spirit's Saturated Anointing. Which places your focus on Him being your Ultimate Provider, fulfilling all your needs, wants, and desires. The same as a spouse desires to please his or her soul mate; transforming you into one whom desires to only please your mate. I hear you what about sex. Since He Is The Creator of that too; He knows how to tame the fire and replace it with such a beautiful aroma and Presence of Him; so much so that fellow-shipping in intimacy in the Glory with your Master supersedes everything, and anything that would come between the two of you. I love being and plan to remain a single, saved, saturated, souled out, sister in King Yahweh, through The Blood of Prince Yeshua, by the Power of Sir Royal Majestyk!!


As far as the marketplace; Jesus has commanded us to do business until He Returns. I hear you; who do I think I am hosting all these projects. Well this answer is in defense of all women. When I look at the standard God set for the married woman she has at least 10 projects

that she alone is responsible and accountable for. Proverbs 31 This wife is superwoman in her household, Church setting, and the Marketplace. And since it's already been established that the single individual is at a greater advantage to service The Master; then the multiplicity of projects should be a common place; as long as its your assignment. And since I answer to Him in wife stature; then I must take care of Him in every territory He Assigns; the same as the married woman.


This response is dedicated to "all the saints" whom have spent years on the sideline: because of one thing being misunderstood......



It appears as though the newest phase of Church Order is one is simply not called to leadership unless he or she submits under another structure of leadership. And while leadership submission is proper and in-order; the intelligence illusion delusion comes when man attempts to make every leader accountable to the same path..cause when that happens you end up joining a brotherhood, instead of being saluted in fatherhood. Moreover the reality illumination is; scripture clearly illustrates GOD paths of leadership elevation vastly varying for every warrior.


Who fathered; covered Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Elijah, Job, John the Baptist, Stephen, and Paul of Tarsus? The Warriors! God Did!!! Because He knew the particular calling He Planned for their lives came with such controversy and abrasive conflict; without His Personal Intervention each one of their destinies would be stunted: if for no other reason offense!!!

Abraham: Come on God asked Abraham to kill his only son Issac. The one he longed for, for one hundred years. After he had him send his other son Ishmael into the wilderness forever. His Request was so human uncomprehendable as well conflicting, Abraham couldn't even discuss it with his wife, Sarah or any other human being.

Noah: God asked Noah to build an ark, to protect his immediate family; while He Killed all his extended family, friends, and neighbors. That had to be torturous; come on; the rain didn't show up for seven days. The contemplation of what's to come and it actually happening. Do you actually think those folk weren't banging on that ark, once the violent storm showed up? Please Noah let us in; h.e.l.p!! wailing, screaming; no mercy. Only God could have sustained him and his family!

Joseph: God had to turn His Back on him long enough for his "jealous, vicious" brothers

to sentence him to the torture chamber. As if that wasn't enough; falsely accused by the lusty queen. We don't even want to discuss the prison, totally innocent, yet despite his horrendous injustices he remained faithful. He had to be sitting on God's Lap!!

Elijah: God told Elijah go anoint Elisha to replace you; your done"!! He never displayed any signs of jealousy, envy, hatred; he didn't short change the brother. He didn't even make any commands or demands on him. In each transitional period; he gave Elisha the option to follow. As a matter of fact; Elisha was the one adamant about going everywhere Elijah went to the end. Elijah's character, integrity, and dedication to God in discipling God's new man in lesson, accountability, and action was simply phenomenal.

Only a man who knew he had the prize in his hand; could pass the baton with such grace.

Job: God called singled Job out to enter The University of Adversity "suffer" no matter what, in-spite of, never the less; His Perfect Will against Job's will and delegated Satan as his oppressor. Come on this brother suffered six plagues in one day. The Sabeans stole his oxen and donkeys and killed his servants. The Chaldeans stole the camel and killed the servants. Fire from God came from Heaven and killed sheep and servants. Now that's a preach all by itself. A Great Wind came and knocked the four corners of the house down killing all his children. Boils from head to toe. And after all that: Wife provoking him, wasn't enough to make him cave in, deny his faith. And God had the nerve to hide, after His Killing!

None of his friends were able to put his fire out. Tortured beyond human comprehension; yet the bible called him a perfect man! by the way "perfect" stand for in perfect alignment with God's Will. Even so all that brutality suffer did was set him up for transparent mirror hidden faults "complaining", borderline offense which is significant in transitioning into the next dimension. When God finally shows up; Job's whole perspective about his nasty, negligible, death flesh excruciating trial; changed!!! His new perspective and posture elevated him and his family into a new dimension

total wholelistic restoration.

John the Baptist: God allowed the devil to kill John, for no just cause. And he was Jesus's very own cousin. Jesus didn't even pay him a visit when he was jailed; or his body final respect. John was emotionally, and spiritually torn; fragile; and devastated. This was his cousin, and most importantly the man that God had spoken through the clouds and identified as His Son! But even after all that; in the midst of that fiery trial that awesome experience was not enough to keep his humanness from consuming him. However what God did do was place supernatural security on his faith; when he was experiencing borderline offense!!! "Go tell John all that you have saw and witnessed"!

Stephen: Where was his father; covering " when he was being stoned? Did anyone step in to replace him? Isn't that what a true father would have done? Especially a father that knew the magnitude of his calling. And that's why when he looked up; The Throne was the only thing he saw. He desperately needed to know his Father had his back! Once that was confirmed'; he took on that vicious attack, just like his Big Brother did; Prince Yeshua!! Anything for Big Pappe'; King Yahweh; anything!!! That's right Stephen humbly took the atrocious beat down of injustice for

King Jehovah Justice!

Paul of Tarsus: The minute he became loyal to God; he became the strongest enemy to most of his family, friends, neighbors, and culture of slay the Jews. Imagine being called a traitor by the very folk you love with all your heart. Ostracized, demoralized, hunted down; running for his very own life. As well reaching for acceptance from the very ones he persecuted and executed "without remorse". And then what about his conscience; all these 'hellacious obstacles"! There was only one way for him to get through it. And that was to love God; no matter what people/places/things, in-spite of family, nevertheless self/sin/Satan the process without compromise.

The one thing that all of these warriors have in common; is the one on one intimate covering they received from God. There are some callings that are so rare that God has to come Himself to keep the warrior and the surrounding beneficiaries from stumbling. Again; if for no other reason than offense. When you know God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, & Omnipotent and you are walking in His Perfect Will; it's even harder to fathom the abandonment, the suffer, the hardship; until the parallel witness simultaneously begins illuminating the new you. It's a battle; because the process is always against your will. You appear to be trapped in the midst of all this hell; yet all of a sudden your witnessing a birthing out of your death, a transitioning, transforming, brand new you.

You must go through the process of the promise to receive the prize. The Potter Is The Only One that can flat-line and resurrect you at the same exact time. The "only thing" that will keep you the warrior standing in the posture of; no matter what people/places/thing, in-spite of marriage/children/family, nevertheless self/sin/Satan is living in the now.

Knowing exactly what The Great I AM, THAT I AM Is Saying to you "right now"!!

Instantly all opinions, fear of opposition, and adversity become insignificant. All that's left for you to do is hold on to The Master with all your might; until He Delivers your promise; thou it tarry; it will speak; because The Great I AM that I AM Can Not Lie!!! If it's really God's Plan; who can stop it?? Most Pontificators use Elijah/Elisha as the parallel for fatherhood; son-ship, covering. God told Elijah to go anoint Elisha as "his replacement". Elijah gave Elisha his mantle immediately. Actually he used his mantle to place the proper association and recognition referencing the time they would be spending together. He made no demands; but he did tell Elisha to think about what he had just done.

Spiritual parenting takes a special anointing; intimacy, sojourner-hood, Kingdom citizenship; insight, humility, courage, selflessness; because God's requesting your absence "psychological toll" while you're still on earth. And if that's not enough He's mandating that you personally train "your successor". And to add insult to injury; He actually singles out by name your substitute. If we're being brutally honest; transparent, that's a hard pill to swallow. That' literally means although you're a warrior in the present, from Heaven's Point Of View; you are already history.

Can we be brutally honest right now? We know what that does to ego, confidence, self esteem,

that's why Saul was hunting David!!The significance behind Elijah turning his mantle over to Elisha immediately symbolized the spiritual transition had already taken place. Elisha had become the man of the hour; the rest was just formality. Only a true sojourner, Kingdom Citizen can move in that posture; without envy, jealousy, malice; turning all the palace jewels over; elevating your son/daughter into 100% secession. There are only two positions or postures for the spiritual parent; successor "replacement" or University of Adversity; new dimension "school is in". Either way you must be on your proper post; for God to use you to usher The Heaven's into the earth.

Or you can be just plain "stuck"; yes stuck in your flesh, bondage, sin, chasing Satan's irresistible appetizers. Or maybe lacking in wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God's Will. Either way both create a major deficiency in intimacy with God. Let's talk about what should be happening first. A true spiritual father/mothers focus should be successor or new dimension. And it's God's Call and His Alone.

If you are commissioned like Elijah; then discipleship must be evidenced in these four stages.


As parent you must bear witness discipleship of ushering your sons/daughters into The Glory. Children must be able to witness your encounters with The Master supernaturally. The same as Elisha witnessed Elijah's intimacy with The Kingdom on all levels. This should not be a history lesson, lecture about our ancestors. The bible must come alive; proof positive of your spiritual alignment.


The Holy Spirit Is The Yoke Destroyer, He comes to eliminate "all bondage, hindrances" plaguing you and your children. Immediate deliverance for your successor; today in the now" And the only way you'll be caught out there; is if you are Saul and not Elijah. Saul hated God's`Decision to replace him; even though he knew; he was a scoundrel. Heaven is not waiting!

"Elijah" knew what day and hour he was departing. Here's how you know he was good with it.

The bible says that even the junior prophets knew the date of his departure. Are you bragging about your departure; and properly preparing God's new man/woman? He was extremely confident of his discipleship witness; not once did he demand that Elisha follow him. As a matter of truth; in every occasion; he suggested that he stay behind. But Elisha was so honored, hungry, and humble; he wouldn't dare let his mentor out of his sight; and especially not in the main event; the rapture.


There must be evidence of "the giants'; supernaturally falling all around you: especially in the territories of no matter what people/places/things, in-spite of marriage/children/family, and nevertheless self/sin/Satan. Kick the devil out of your house. You can't be fellow-shipping with the enemy and expect a breakthrough. No dead weight; death grip. The bible says a mans enemies are found in his own home. The Blood is thicker than flesh and blood. God always comes to Protect His Own. Keep in mind you cannot deliver someone else out of a city you haven't conquered yourself. This is where transparency, authenticity take a front seat in your voice.


Are you a spectator of The Kingdom or heir to His Throne. There really are two types of leaders; spectators and followers. Spectators stand on the sideline and wait to see the outcome; before making a choice; image is first and foremost. Followers have tunnel vision moving with the cloud, checking the sound, inhaling the Aroma. And if an heir; are you doing your own thing "prodigal, beh-beh" flaunting "magic" or on assignment caught up in miracles. All of King Yahweh's Warriors bore evidence of their Kingdom citizenship. Evidence kills the lie and speaks the truth.


There is a difference between power, position, authority in My Church, and dominion post authority in The Kingdom. My Church's authority is based on man made rules, tenure, brotherhoods, connections, and sponsors. Promotion comes from who you know or are affiliated with "you really better know somebody". The Kingdom's authority is based on submission, obedience, authenticity, transparency, warrior stanz to THE TRINITY.

It's impossible to move in the supernatural; and focused on the natural. Most heaven promotions are awarded to the unknown; reaping the same benefits as the well known, and some more. Simply because I AM KING can and will advance whomever I AM chooses. And I AM always sends "proof" of MY ENDORSEMENT .

THE KINGDOM'S view of "favor" is saturated anointing, dominion, perfect alignment assignment, the supernatural, and martyr posture. The Church's view of "favor" is power, position, friendships, money, status, wealth, and things. I AM can no longer bring MY PROMOTIONS through MY Church; because unfortunately you have reduced it to "a machine". It is no longer a RESTING PLACE for "ME" THE MESSIAH.

Instead of you including ME in Business, in the Marketplace you have structured MY SANCTUARY like a Business. I'm looking at variety stores, banks, restaurants inside MY CHURCH. Where is any of that written in MY SCRIPT? I personally beat and ran the moneychangers out. If you have to bring ATM's in MY Church to get to folk pay their tithes, I don't want them. Why not, because it's a part of your gimmicks, greed, tricks, and bully tactics. I AM want MY Flock giving from pure hearts.

You have resorted to turning MY Church into a Mall, all finance, no romance. I AM look down and I see little sign of ME. Perhaps the biggest insult is your fast food. Fifteen to thirty minute sermons, and you have clocks in MY Sanctuary to make sure you don't do overtime. You better review the book of Acts., all MY Apostles, Prophets, long-preached. But then again that's impossible, at least not with substantial substance; without sitting l.o.n.g in MY FACE. Praise & Worship is really hail to all you pulpit celebrities.

Then you have the nerve to say you're bored with doing Church the same as usual. When you're the very ones that have created this "death atmosphere". Where's THE POWER, MIRACLES? You're the one neglecting MY PROMPTINGS in areas of true promotion. You're competing with the world. Going and hanging out with the world looking for accommodation and remedy when the world is supposed to be coming to you.

If you examine MY WARRIORS, only two moved toward human promoters, Joseph and Paul, and with significant reason. Joseph was not only a slave but a victim of the queen's lies. The same Empire that bound him unjustly; had to release him. But his release didn't come from the KING. No it came from MY ENDORSEMENT. The Plan that saved the Country. MY PROOF; dreams & interpretations from slavery to ruler-ship, second in command.

Paul was a treacherous killer to the very ones he was now defending. But even Paul didn't move toward his promoters, the apostles for twelve years. However it was MY ENDORSEMENT on Strait Street, that open the doors. MY PROOF: 2/3rd of the bible written (NT), the ability to perform unusual miracles, and favor amongst both the Jews, and as a Roman Citizen.

The other six had "no human promoters" but it didn't stop none of their "dominion post assignments. Abraham

left his servant at the bottom of the hill and his wife at home. So neither of them co-signed his calling as "the father of faith". No one willingly turned their wealth over to him. MY ENDORSEMENT; MY ANOINTING: saturated him ushering in his holy stature and great grandeur wealth.

Noah: outside of immediate family surely didn't have any promoters, nevertheless pick up any a long the way.

MY ENDORSEMENT Noah's family survival, the rainbow, and a new beginning.

Elijah had no promoter nor did he advocate Elisha's promotion, MY DUAL ENDORSEMENT. Those horse chariots of fire; publicly confirmed Elijah's 1st-class KINGDOM Citizenship\ & confirmed Elisha by allowing him to witness Elijah's departure. When Elisha went back through town, the other leaders didn't say your calling is not real; until we say it is. Because THE ANOINTING has the FINAL SAY.

Job's promoters, his friends, had that thing so twisted, in the end GOD rebuked them, and had them bring gifts to Job, while Job interceded for them. MY ENDORSEMENT double restoration portion.

John the Baptist was not MY promoter, he was MY courier. A courier is a messenger, a storyteller.

A promoter confirms, legitimizes the story. THE OPEN HEAVEN"S OF THE GREAT I AM THAT I AM

WAS AND IS MY PROMOTER. Otherwise John would not have sent his men to question.

MY ENDORSEMENT John the Baptist is equated as Elijah.

Stephen was surrounded by witnesses. Who stood in as his promoter to stop the vicious brutal attack,

because he really was MY prophet and everybody knew it? No one, they all stood around just like Church leaders do, and allowed the enemy to beat him to death. "DOMINION POST' always comes with


Beware Family and govern yourselves accordingly:

The Church is not a Business. The Church is a major component, the Doors, the Path, the Way, the Entrance to Citizenship of the Ultimate Government "The Kingdom of God", The Trinity Kingdom. And WE Jehovah The Father- Jesus- The Son- The Holy Spirit- The Holy Spirit are It's Governors; The Trinity One.


I dedicate this section to "all the saints" whom have spent many years on the sideline, because of one thing "being misunderstood"

I, Apostle Spring Washington am fourth generation "preacher". I am the great granddaughter of the late Reverend Milton Neville, the granddaughter of the late Evangelist Elvira Taylor, and the daughter of the late Pastor's Aide /Ministry-Mobile Mrs. Iantha May Johnson.

I have only belonged to two Church's in my life. One I was raised in from childhood; Antioch Baptist Church; Rev. John O. Parker. The other GOD added me to; Sharon Baptist Church; Dr. Keith W. Reed Sr. I can honestly say "The Prophet, Dr. Bishop Keith W. Reed "which whom I sat under for fifteen years (1990-2005) of my "adulthood" is not only thorough; but is responsible for the majority of my structural biblical upbringing. This is the only Church, Sharon Baptist, which I attended in my lifetime where "the spoken word" every time, is more awesome than the phenomenal "praise & worship. Notebook and pen is an understatement, eat now, and take the doggy bag home; for later. Because I was always feasting off of a smorgasbord. No sermon was ever under 90 minutes. I can honestly say I was raised well.

I received the blessing of "my covering" to preach, from Dr. Bishop Keith W. Reed; August 1997.

Although I have been the Overseer of YAHWEH'S Deliverance Ministry since 1990. The Bishop & Leadership confirmed my HOLY GHOST APPOINTMENT in October 2000. But somehow there still was a lacking support in leadership relationship. At the time the only thing I could contribute it to was "being misunderstood". But now I like to see it as GOD DECIDED at this next level of dimension HE wanted my undivided attention. Because at this level, due to my immaturity; fractured with a very thin dangling line, borderline offense, my outrageous cussing. My ferocious anger; cut the heart out of the enemy; kill them all and send them all to hell: are all my human legitimate responses to this trial's "fiery, blistery, scorching furnace hell". I said human, not spiritual.

There's only one compensation GOD HIMSELF. Only the PRESENCE of THE MASTER can recompense.

In a lot of ways I have been like Abraham believing GOD although there was absolutely no evidence. making humanly uncomprehendable sacrifices; just because HE SAID SO.

Noah building a Discipleship Ark, with flagrantly unrepentant, rebellious passengers therefore leaning more toward refining myself .

Job losing close to everything for the sake of the Gospel; badgered by family and friends; humanly beat down "as well a personal cleansing of "come closer to "ME" in-spite of, no matter-what, nevertheless!!!

Stephen Christians standing on the sideline watching the brutal life backlash with little or no intervention.

John the Baptist "extremely angry and offended" as to how the trial was going in the total opposite direction.

Paul bit by serpents; folk I trusted but "no damage", stranded but saved; by the skin of my teeth. A sojourner shifted from house to house for the sake of unrepentant rebellious souls. All while experiencing and witnessing the display of unusual miracles on my person.

Joseph surrounded by treacherous jealousy, lies, and envy from love ones: earth :vs: Heaven; but given HEAVEN'S Promotion with The Plan.

"The Trinity Kingdom". Twisted, this time it's Josephine and she gets to parallel services with Pharaoh; separation of Church (tithes) and State (taxes). The Church is not a Business, it's a major component , the Doors, the Path, the Way, the Entrance to citizenship of the Ultimate Government; The Kingdom of God "The Trinity Kingdom".


While EYES is a Business; " the Governors" of The Trinity Kingdom; "Jehovah-Jesus-The Holy Spirit"; takes full responsibility and accountability for it's leadership advancement. The Trinity Kingdom Has Come to share His Unconditional Love with all whom will receive; no strings attached....Elijah a loner, discipler warrior, walking out loud in the now of the supernatural; second-sight miracles; calling heaven to earth in preparation of The Kingdom's Entrance and Rapture. Twisted; this time Elijah (male) is Jai (female). Elijah called The Heavens to earth to avenge and protect The Kingdom on earth. Jai's assignment is different she's calling Heaven to earth to display Unconditional Love; just before The Rapture.


As the Overseer of Yahweh's Deliverance Ministries my assignment early on was Evangelism through Street Ministry. After three years I was awarded the privilege through the Power & Authority of The Holy Spirit of teaching. I became accountable for hosting a small bible study; two years. All the while sitting in the MASTER'S FACE 10 hours a day seeking guidance, answers, wisdom, knowledge ans understanding. It was the 5th year when HE gave me the name of my Business EYES The Windows of Heaven.

Year 7 I realize I am bursting out of the seams with a wealth of illumination information. I asked BIG PAPI if I had HIS PERMISSION to begin to share; and that's when this magnificent adventure of discipleship began. The discipleship classes began; most of them men. Men are analytical, women are emotional; and discipleship is tough negative truth love. I found and find sometimes its hard for another woman to hear 'the negative truth' from another woman; regardless of it's authenticity. Where men spend most of there time in 'fix it mode' so no matter how painful, fix it now is the only gear their parked in.

However that's when 'the prophetess' glow became evident. This TRINITY GOD starting using my vessel to deliver and heal folk right before my very eyes. As well use my mouth to speak stuff into existence; I'm literally blown away. HE would send me into the drug houses in the middle of the night to find folks loved ones. And to even my amazement have them follow me out through the words HE put in my mouth. Then settle them down long enough to hear from HIM.; then walk them through the progressive process of deliverance. HOLY AWESOME. I find myself talking to wayward children, adults struggling with perversion, spontaneously picking up drug dealers off street corners while in action and dropping them off at Men's Ministry at Sharon Baptist Church.

After taking me through many rounds of selflessness; by putting others first; HE Speaks. How would you like it, if it were you're birthday and everybody received a gift but you. I knew exactly what HE was alluding to 'Christmas'. That was the year the Christmas tree was eliminated. And the only gifts I gave and give out point directly to HIM. All my gifts were and are either sermon tapes, bibles, Christian books or charity. Christmas becomes an opportunity to display GOD's Ultimate Love; by teaming up with other Ministries and Organizations to help the most unfortunate, the homeless feeding, clothing and ministering to them.

Through 'word of mouth' individuals are recommending and sending hurt people, under nourished people and misunderstood leaders in my direction. Husbands and wives coming to me for counseling. I remember the very 1st time a student (male) in my discipleship class asked me for marriage counseling. I told him I had to pray about it. THE LORD asked me was I married to HIM; my response 'yes LORD'. HIS RESPONSE 'then follow my lead'. Long story short the marriage started moving in the direction of restoration and the wife was added to the discipleship class.

This assignment is starting to expand in every direction. Young Christian leaders are requesting my illumination revelation discipleship. .Leaders from other Churches and other States started calling me up for illumination wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the revelation. Some even being added to the discipleship class. Now I'm hosting discipleship/counseling class in person and by set appointment over the phone. And none of this includes the 10 hours of in HIS FACE a day (3 am to 1 pm). Phenomenal, this is what I call the blessed life. Residing at Table Mountain in animated suspension between Heaven and earth, never wanting to leave. It's like being on the side-line watching GOD use your entire person to transform, transition, you and work through you to transform, transition others. Holy Priceless.

There are two promotions I actually had the nerve to debated BIG PAPPE' on; the 1st was pastor, 9th year. One day a close associate Pastor (female) came to visit. Her and I were like oil and water in some areas of scripture relevance. I didn't believe in women Pastors although my grandmother was one. My grandmother left the Baptist Church because she wasn't allowed the preach and joined the Methodist Church where she was allowed to preach. Somehow we got on the subject and began debating this thing, it got really ugly. Both of us were literally hollering at the top of our lungs our perspective on the matter. By the time it was over I was wore out, exhausted, had a terrible headache; I literally had to go lay down. 

Once I recovered The TRINITY GOD Spoke Loud and with clarity. I AM; AM NOT GENDER LEAD'; I AM; AM SPIRIT LEAD. I had just received a second-beat-down for my intellectual thinking. I spent the next 6 months in HIS FACE on these particulars. Then HE ushered me into a Revival where there was a famous female World Renown Pastor ; I won't mention her name . This Sister tore The Word down; ripped it from Genesis to Revelation. She came out of three books in her opening. I was blown away for HE was visually confirming all that HE had said to me. I was so in awe; after the Service I approached her requesting one thing, that she would disciple me. Unfortunately she turned me down. Initially it bothered me; but once the HOLY SPIRIT swept me off my feet again; peace be-still took over.

Confirmation of my calling was the #1 reason and purpose for my entrance into the Revival. I approached my Pastor and leadership in-reference to speaking engagements, and was approved the second confirmation. Up to this point I had turned down all preaching opportunities. I also apologized to my associate. Now I'm discipleling , counseling preaching, and sitting in HIS FACE 10 hours a day, seven days a week. And all of a sudden GOD SAYS 'shut everything down', your 1st Ministry is at home. You can resume full-fledge Ministry once your youngest son has graduated. I'm thinking 'awesome' cause now I have more time to do what I love the most "sit in HIS FACE". See if I have a choice between Ministry or sitting in HIS FACE; I will choose to sit in HIS FACE every time. Are you kidding to be romanced by the "Glory Cloud" on Mt. Rush Peace of nothing matters, absolutely no worries. And then there's the conviction of knowing that I've done enough to not only be dead, but be doomed to hell, fire and brimstone. But instead I have been awarded the 'privilege' of sitting in THE GREAT I AM THAT I AM'S FACE. THE ONE WHOM GIVES AND TAKES LIFE. Holy am I still breathing, after all this whole experience has taken my breath away. Speechless!

The second challenge was when GOD called me apostle, 16th year and my response was 'get behind me Satan'. .I really don't know any female apostles And HE hollered in my ear " are you fasting? me: yes What day is this ? me:. 9th Then you know it's ME!!! Talk about beat-down conviction piercing my heart. You think I would have learned from before. No that quick I allowed my intellect to supersede HIS VOICE, I know HIS VOICE. I'm not trying to figure this thing out anymore. HE SAID IT, THAT SETTLES IT

Once I became convinced of my path with conviction of ; there's no turning back. That's when the adventure elevated into supernatural photograph illumination. Second-sight gifting wasn't new, my visions showing up in previous and present photographs were; now I'm comatose speechless. I'm looking at supernatural beings in the photographs that I had not seen with my natural eyes when I took the cloud shot.

I have taken pictures of clouds for years; because they always give me a sense of peace, tranquility, beautiful, heaven. Not ever realizing that it was my spiritual prophetic gift calling. For years all I saw were clouds; until one day during a heavy rain storm; all the electric went out. I was stuck in the dark for hours with two small flashlights. And a small light appeared on the wall; it was intriguing; the more I looked at it the bigger it grew. Then I started seeing facial features; a beaming light on the forehead; and long hair. And finally: along with being mesmerized beyond my wildest imagination I realized it was my precious Messiah Jesus!!! I burst into tears...

The beaming Light on His Forehead was like none I had ever seen before. And the Glory Clout hat arrayed despite the dark was phenomenal. I was speechless, captivated; and spiritually swept away. It was like being caught up in suspended animation between Heaven and earth. I knew I wasn't dreaming because I hadn't been asleep. After hours of basking in His Glory; I desperately wanted proof of my experience.

I reached for my cell phone and started taking pictures. To my amazement; the camera would not pick up the image the way I was seeing it. It picked up the oval shape but not His Facial Features. So I took pictures of the flash lights I had positioned on the floor; so that one could at least see The Brilliant Light was not coming from the flashlights.

I was frustrated; finally I put the phone down and returned to worshiping HIM until He put me to sleep. I didn't and couldn't talk about it to anyone. It was like that one experience emotionally detached me; from this world. And when I began to review my shots; the SD had some of my cloud shots that's when the illumination began. So then I started reviewing all my cloud shots (years) and to my amazement; the adventure began. Then I started taking new shots with anticipation and expectation.

It was like GOD took my voice away, I literally couldn't bring my lips to tell anyone about this new illumination of the revelation; for years. As you can see it was a 16 year progressive process walk through to each Office. The ironic part was and is I had no idea that I was in the class of walking through Office progressive process transformation, transition elevation.

I simply love to sit in GOD'S FACE and now I have been awarded the 'privilege of hearing & seeing HIM. I hear you! I AM The Father is Talking; however I visually see Jesus The Son. Clarity: Jesus Himself said He & The Father Are One. John 10:30 Jesus Said; when I see Him; I see The Father. John 14:9

One more time I approach HIM requesting HIS PERMISSION to share this new illumination of the revelation with evidence with the entire World. And that's when HE started the birthing process of both babies: EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC & King Yahweh's Kingdom Non-Profit. And I'm not afraid to tell you that these labor pains have been death-flesh negligible excruciating hellacious; but HE 'THE TRINITY GOD' Is Worth IT.


Now here's what


'Because I AM separated you "MY Joy" to MYSELF it's only right that I AM ENDORSE you with PROOF the same as I AM did for not just the eight I AM point out today. But all MY WARRIORS.





























Psalm 119:89

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