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EYES LLC is unveiling Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity's Gold for the first time ever to the World. Vision Photography is the natural term, Second Sight Supernatural is the biblical term, Eternity's Gold stands for perpetuity, priceless.


Wealth without risk is new money that makes money without debt.



All EYES Projects will be and remain ‘debt free’ from start to finish; of each venture; setting the transition in place for new money. New money automatically creates a new economy. . Investor returns will begin distribution in the 3, 4 and 5 years.



EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC’s Vision Photography, Second Sight Supernatural, Eternity’s Gold has the supply that supersedes America’s demand. A demand needs to fulfill a need, OUR product satisfies many essential necessities; new economy, federal debt buster, billionaire, millionaire and average joe investor advance; national jobs, hotel, restaurant, vender and travel explosion; national-international tourists’ vast upsurge.





Our product unveiled covers three territories: proven results, supply and demand. Proven, there isn’t any evidence on planet earth that confirms eternity; past, present and future. Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural; Eternity’s Gold confidently reveals eternity’s hidden secrets to the entire world. Up unto this point everything has been based on hypothesis and theories. Our product unravels previous, present and future prophecies in real time.



EYES LLC stock or supply, more than supersedes the demand. The strategic steps taken to enter the marketplace keeps all five tier ventures several steps ahead of the demand. What demand? There is not one scientist, historian, educator, bible, spiritual, supernatural or paranormal expert that isn’t intrigued by the unknown. All whom have taken drastic measures to investigate the unknown.



WE present the conclusion to centuries of investigation. Solid proof, no hypothesis or theories and prophesies in real time. WE come to confirm truths already discovered and unveil the newly discovered.



The United States of America is the paradigm leader of the world. There is a substantial prerequisite for exceptional progression and growth in seven diverse areas; education, investment, prosperity, jobs, national security, recovery from America’s natural disasters-unforeseen catastrophes, and philanthropy to sustain the model status. EYES LLC’s five tier projection guarantees a new USA economy within three to seven years.


The only way to ensure investors secure returns on investments is to stay free of impending liabilities. The investor makes the determination as to which year the desired return. The 3 year warrants a 4% return, 4 year warrants a 6% return, 5 year warrants a 10% return. This process keeps EYES LLC debt-free the 1st three years.




As America's top investors all of You are quite aware that our economic situation has brought much pain to many hard working individuals who have played a major part in maintaining what our fore fathers-mothers built. Detroit's recent bankruptcy is a perfect example. Detroit was one of America's top economic cities between the life of the automobile and the music industries.





The reality; there are five fragile states, the natural disasters. What's even more significant you probably live in one of them: California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Puerto Rico. Any minute You too can walk outside Your beautiful mansions with Your ten car garage and be accosted with a pile of rubble. It's time for action; Our Country is in shambles!



There's only one way to get this economy flourishing vibrantly again; and that's through creating a venue that produces the consistent flow of new money. The wonderful thing about this particular moment in time; despite the hardship, trial, and agony tribulation; this truly is a brainstorming opportunity. The majority of Our Country's greatest financial explosion took place during some form of recession/depression.



The beauty of this Project is in the diverse ways you can become an asset and contributor. You can invest in Trinity EYES Showcase, Vision Quest Global, EYES World Fare MPP & EYES Franchise. Not only are the investments endless, they piggy back each other.


Or you just might decide to donate, there are 12 million job seekers. Think about the impact you will have in putting America back to work through MPP's Re-Employment Plan. Or perhaps You're just plain hands on; what about America's Dream Team? Moreover You can become an active participant of everything; Your choice.



EYES will donate 7%of all it's earning to The Melting Pot Project Re-Employment Plan, three years; this worthy cause. Just think; a vibrant Country flourishing again; advances you in to unimaginable heights. A million dollars in America today is only worth about six hundred thousands. If the economy gets any worse. Well, need I say any more.





America is in debt with 9 Countries; 9. Hong Kong, 8.Belgium, 7. Luxembourg, 6.Russia 5.Switzerland, 4.Taiwan, 3.Brazil, 2.Japan, 1.China. Any minute these Countries will own US; causing Our democracy to move in the direction of dictatorship. This one takes a miracle.



This is a historical moment; the ultimate paradigm shift. This one separates the men from the boys; the women from the girls; the dreamers from the game changers. This one eliminates gender inequality. This time a woman has been given the privilege and the honor of unveiling the answer, the game changer that restores America to its height healing and financial riches.






EYES LLC five towering Floors of elevation, Trinity EYES Showcase, Vision Quest Global and EYES World’s Fare, will cause the economy to immediately flourish by attracting local, national and international tourist, venders and investors; which will in turn expand the hotel, travel and restaurant industries. The Melting Pot Project’s National Job Fair & Re-Employment Plan, 4 year advance; is a three-year project with one purpose: create a new economy that Puts America Back to Work. 5th year Vision Quest Global universally advances placing a cushion under the new economy. The international communities will have access to the product in the 5 year, however for security purposes and retention of America’s prosperity, the distribution will be five years behind. The gist, the world will still have to come to America to see and experience the newest products on the market. Franchising the 7th-year sustains and explosively increases the five-year economic growth expansion established through the other four investment ventures. As well protects Our product and investments as WE accelerate into the global marketplace.



Our growth accelerates through the strategic progressive expansion of all 5 tier projects. Every year a new/next level adventure capital venture.

Year One: Trinity EYES Showcase- Investor & Consumer Sneak Peek

Year One-Two: Vision Quest Global-Investor Booked Shows

Year Three-Four: EYES World Fare- Coming to America

Year Five-Six: The Melting Pot Project-National Jobs Fair & Re-Employment Plan

Year Five-Six-International Investors- Trillion-Zillion Dollar Marketplace

Year Seven-Eight: Franchising-From Here Into Eternity






EYES LLC’s vision in a perfect world without any glitches; would be to roll out every project within a seven-year span. However; in forward thinking; even if there are delays in between each venture; the financial capability and capacity only advances. For example, two Trinity EYES Showcase of I, II III & IV instead of one presentation would automatically supersede our monetary consumption result. Expanding Vision Quest Global to ten different shows instead of five; before the EYES World’s Fare; cha-ching. 

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Perhaps the greatest asset is Jehovah God, The Trinity Kingdom has awarded me the privilege of showing everyone on planet earth; this miracle eternity sighting through unconditional love. Unconditional love simply means 'No Strings Attached'!




Apostle Spring Washington

Pain this administration has

and is deliberately inflicting without regret, repent or remorse.

The point, America is in survival zone, functioning on a respirator.

We need a heart transplant. One full of love. It’s time to love ourselves again.

America the beautiful The Love Project, EYES MPP gives the injection of oxygen with

resuscitation needed to bring the entire Country back to life.

A win-win for everyone.

EYES MPP is the foundational security necessary to secure and sustain all previous accomplishments.

Only Corporations & Small Business whom are American home-based and involved in USA job

re-creation: meaning the Company’s goal is to ‘put America back to work’ too; will be

eligible to participate. The endorsement of MPP’s Re-Employment Plan will be sustained

by establishments whom pay minimal or no taxes. These establishments

must be prepared to align with

Apostle Spring Washington’s 7% economic handout; 3 years.

The public will be asked to donate to the cause.

This really comes down to patriotism.

How much does one really love this Country,

America, the beautiful? Because no one is obligated

to participate, at least not legally. But what about morally?




The Melting Pot Project will not take place until the last year of EYES World Fare and will encompass

all 50 states for three years.



The Rich; Wall St., Fortune 500, & The One%, don't want to support the unemployed. Their perspective is any additional payout is a welfare handout. On the other hand the hardworking Middle Class don't deserve to be to seen as some lazy welfare recipient. The Poor just want to live to see another day, be given another chance, for a better life. This pilot project accommodates, supports, respectfully everyone's diverse perspective. It is extremely important to entertain

each point of view in a manner that maintains integrity, character, enhancing equality advantage

for all. The very core of America; the melting pots, principle, purpose, and promise.

EYES believe the black and minority communities have and are suffering the most in this aftermath pandemic. They're unemployment rate is the higher than any other group. Statistical evidence support their extremely valid claims.

The Melting Pot Project secures impacting restoration to all Americans.

MPP opens the doors for every citizen, ethnic group regardless of religion, origin, culture, faith,

and political stance to become a participant in the revitalization of America. It also serves as an


excellent catalyst for Us to begin to work together and dialog again in a healthy way.

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